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An Icy Lesson,a message from Jennifer Hoffman,29 December, 2009

Posted on December 29, 2009 at 1:46 PM

 This week I had an auto accident and although I was unhurt, my car was badly damaged. One moment I was driving down the freeway, and then I hit an icy patch that sent my car spinning out of control. Luckily I was able to steer away from the other cars on the highway and finally ended up in a deep snowdrift and crashed against a concrete barrier. While I was upset about the accident, I quickly recognized the lesson that I was being shown, which was the string of decisions I had made that put me on that icy road, to attend an event I did not want to go to, in response to someone's request and an obligation that I felt compelled to meet because I had agreed to do something that I did not want to do or have time for.


As I was sitting in my car waiting for the police and tow truck to come, I saw the core karmic issue presented to me in a way that I could not miss. Fifteen minutes before my accident I thought about turning back because the road conditions were so bad. But when I called to suggest that alternative, the resistance I met with triggered an interesting reaction - I went ahead anyway. After all, I was not the only person driving and I had not passed any car accidents. How bad could it be? I was going to find out.


The karmic activation process starts with something simple like a request, favor, question or comment. How we respond determines what happens next. A response as simple as a 'sure, I'll do that' begins the string of events whose purpose is to show us how the karmic cycle plays out in our life. How do we know we are being triggered? A twinge of regret, resentment, anger, a sudden desire to say 'no', whispered messages from our guides that say 'caution' are all warning signs that we are in 'activation mode' and this is a time to choose our options carefully. This is a time to be aware that we are in control and need to be aware of what is happening.


Uriel reminded me that the final days of 2009 will be powerful and the learning will continue until the final moment of this year. It is so important that we release, remember our power, discover every subtle way that we manipulate energy or are manipulated by others. We have to constantly ask whether we are doing what we want to do, is it right for us, can we say 'no' and be secure in our power, no matter what others do or think? That is our core issue and we all experience one of its many variations in our struggle to be in our power. And with each realization we are one step closer to knowing our truth and finding a place for it in our life. Then we can have karmic closure and be open to new possibilities to manifest our life in new and powerful ways.


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