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Lightworkers, Adult Indigos & those pesky FOO (Family of Origin) issues! Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer, 20 February 2013

Posted on February 20, 2013 at 9:50 AM

Hello friends. If you are reading this, it might be because the title grabbed your attention and you most likely identify as a Light worker, Adult Indigo, star seed or any combination therein. If that is indeed the case, it is highly likely that your early childhood experiences and/or your Family of Origin have been a source of pain, frustration or disappointment for you. You may also take heart that you are in quite a “club” of your peers, and that this REALLY did and does serve ...

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12:12:12 Activation of Intense Karmic Relationships & Clearing Soul Contracts 333, Shekina Rose / Blue Ray, 20 September 2012

Posted on September 20, 2012 at 6:10 PM

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission"


Many of you ultra sensitive blue rays, angelicas and star beings may now encounter relationships that you were not able to before. These are karmic relationships, bonds and soul contracts bringing you deep core DNA cellular healing and higher cosmic activation templates for your ascension path of divine alignment. 13


You are now able to...

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Ancestral Lineage Clearing Channeled Meditation, Nancy Leilah Ward, 5 November 2011

Posted on November 5, 2011 at 6:55 PM

This powerful meditation came through on my Monday Channeled Meditation on Halloween and I would like to share it with you at this time of honoring our Ancestors.


We are in a time of acceleration, where waves of high vibrational frequencies are flowing through the Universe and through our Solar System, affecting our Sun, our planet and ourselves. This is helping to lift us out of 3D into higher dimensions. As we undergo this process, dense energy is being released from our ...

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An Icy Lesson,a message from Jennifer Hoffman,29 December, 2009

Posted on December 29, 2009 at 1:46 PM

 This week I had an auto accident and although I was unhurt, my car was badly damaged. One moment I was driving down the freeway, and then I hit an icy patch that sent my car spinning out of control. Luckily I was able to steer away from the other cars on the highway and finally ended up in a deep snowdrift and crashed against a concrete barrier. While I was upset about the accident, I quickly recognized the lesson that I was being shown, which was the string of decisions I had made that...

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