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New Moon & Pluto Direct, Kate Spreckley, 6 October 2021

Posted on October 6, 2021 at 11:20 AM

Today’s New Moon is greatly influenced by Pluto moving direct which has been in retrograde since April. Pluto is a powerful evolutionary planet and is known as the Lord of Time and Karma. As such it is a planet that demands transformation. In its retrograde motion we have been offered a time of deep inner transformation and release which has profoundly altered our inner self. It has been an incredibly challenging time as our inner structures and foundations have been stripped away to re...

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NEW MOON UPDATE 10-6-21, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 4 October 2021

Posted on October 4, 2021 at 12:15 PM

Dear Friends,


New Moon in Libra is Wednesday, October 6 at 5:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Be kind no matter what today and be proactive with decisions, direction and your own personal intentions around improvement, self-care and progress. This is a good day for a reset and realignment. Reflect on what has been out of step, out of integrity and out of alignment. Take some action (rather than be in reaction) to readjust. The decisions may have to do w...

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Weekly Forecast: October 3 - 9, 2021, Kelly M. Beard, 4 October 2021

Posted on October 4, 2021 at 11:55 AM

10/3 ~ Mercury (learning & mind) ~trine~ Jupiter (education & consciousness):

(2 of 3: 9/20 ~ 10/3 ~ 10/31)


This energy is great for expanding your mind, learning something new or taking a class. It’s time to plan for the future and start getting organized. However, you may feel less disciplined and more creative, which is fine in the beginning, but eventually focus & discipline will have to be engaged to ground y...

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New Moon, Kate Spreckley, 7 September 2021

Posted on September 7, 2021 at 1:35 PM

New Moons offer us the chance of a new beginning and with this New Moon in the sign of Virgo we can now place both feet firmly on the ground, which will help us to integrate and ground the many changes that have taken place in the last few months. However, the energies are still urging us inward as something new is being birthed from within. We are being encouraged to allow the incoming energy to flow through us and activate our intuition and our creativity.


You may find t...

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Weekly Forecast: September 5 - 11, 2021, Kelly M. Beard, 6 September 2021

Posted on September 6, 2021 at 2:20 PM

9/5 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):


This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. It creates very intense emotional responses and experiences with others that tends to trigger insecurities or hidden fears in one or both of you. Stability is not part of the equation at the moment, so prepare for inevitable change. You’v...

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NEW MOON UPDATE 9-6-21, Lena Stevens, 4 September 2021

Posted on September 4, 2021 at 8:55 AM

Dear Friends,


New Moon in Virgo is Monday, September 6 at 6:51PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

A new moon is always a good time for a reset and for beginning a new cycle. There is a burst of new energy and inspiration that can be harnessed as fuel for a new project, relationship or intention. This moon specifically triggers a potent energy that can be experienced either as fear and anxiety or as excitement for a positive shift as it has to do with inevitab...

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SEPTEMBER 2021 MONTHLY FORECAST, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 2 September 2021

Posted on September 2, 2021 at 1:50 PM

The main theme for September is “Time for a New Story”.

We are certainly tired of the old one and feeling restless, irritated and ready to start something new. The future, however, is still intangible and unclear. We find ourselves often floating around in the shadow, making several much-needed trips back into the underworld to deal with karma, clear our past and release the attachments to old ways. September is not an easy month as we navigate the balance betwee...

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New Moon, Kate Spreckley, 9 August 2021

Posted on August 9, 2021 at 2:25 PM

With yesterday’s New Moon we moved through the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal. The period leading up to this particularly powerful New Moon has been intense as we have oscillated between the heaviness of fear and the lightness of expansion. We have a few more days of this intensity as we head towards the closing of the Lions Gate on the August the 12th. During this final phase of the Lion’s Gate, we will be readying ourselves for a profound rebirth while processing and integ...

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NEW MOON UPDATE 8-8-21, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 5 August 2021

Posted on August 5, 2021 at 10:40 AM

Dear Friends,


New Moon in Leo is Sunday August 8 at 7:50AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a moon when the open heart is inviting us to be progressive, inclusive and self-aware. Be prepared for a bit of chaos, possible accidents, and unexpected situations as we navigate a less than stable energy. You can be inspired and excited or get anxious and go into fear. Keep a sense of humor close and your attention on evolution, improvement and new possibilit...

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AUGUST 2021 MONTHLY FORECAST, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 31 July 2021

Posted on July 31, 2021 at 2:50 PM

The main theme for August is “Managing the Shi(f)t”.

The first part of the month requires great flexibility, acceptance, compassion, and resilience to deal with unexpected and sudden changes whether in yourself or in others. It may look grim at the beginning but we are moving forward into calmer waters that will provide more stability, inspiration, rational thought and clarity as we anchor ourselves into a brighter landscape.


Old emotional and ...

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New Moon - A Welcome Change, Kate Spreckley, 10 July 2021

Posted on July 10, 2021 at 3:55 PM

It’s been a pretty chaotic few months energetically and this weekend’s New Moon is shifting the foundation of our lives yet again but in a much more positive way. The New Moon energy is supporting us in moving on from the past and offering the opportunity for a fresh start. As such this is a time of deep inner adjustment as what has surfaced over the past few weeks begins to clear. Taking time out to recharge and rebalance is vital.


The lead up to this monthR...

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