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Rising Above Thought | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 1:40 PM

This is Your Consciousness, Shelly Dressel, 21 January 2021

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 1:25 PM

In the weeks and months to come, we will hear a great deal more about consciousness. The consciousness of the world is expanding due to the shift into the fifth dimension. There will be many ways that it will change depending on people’s reactions. I believe that there will be a certain amount that will move with the collective consciousness of the ascension. However, each person has an opportunity to try to make a difference in their own lives and that of the whole if they expand their perception.


During this channel, the Goddess asked each person to consider if there was something to manifest this year. Once this was considered, she then asked everyone to open again while we were in the All That Is to see if there was anything different. I found it cool to see that where we work in the All That Is has now shifted into a higher dimension. I have noticed this before at various times and I am sure it happened now because of the ascension of Earth.


Consciousness is such a huge topic and the way that the Goddess opened things for us was to align with our soul and while in the All That Is to also align with the Central Spiritual Sun. This was very powerful and could feel how each of us was literally merging with the center of the universe. This core of love, support, compassion, and awareness boosted everyone! She then spoke of how our deeper alignment within ourselves leads to a deeper alignment with other people and places. From there, we could then learn to teleport, telepathy, and more alignments.




Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole


I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to invite you to join me in this now moment.


Here we stand again at another year on your Earth. Here we stand at a point where you can let go of a year that has been different from any other year that you have had, which will then open up to another year that will also be different than what you had, but in the totally opposite way.


2020 was a year to breakdown, expose corruption, shine the light, show people what had become of your society. Well, what had become, but also what had been in place for thousands of years and it was a time through that transparency of opening up. Most people felt as if their lives were disrupted in one way or another. For some, it led to new things that were happening to them and for others, it led to frustration, fear, turmoil in their lives.


No matter what this past year has been like for you this is an opportunity to truly step into the higher frequency. Now the last time that we were together was right on the Solstice and therefore it was very powerful energies for you to clear out, and make choices and state an intention for your life. You have the ability to do this every single day if you so choose.


However, when you tap into the energy that is coming through the Universe; that is moving throughout your Universe, your Galaxy, your Stars, your Planets, and sweeping through your own Planet you are tapping into a very intense push that can allow things to happen more quickly.


As we are moving into this year, 2021, I always find that this channel is a perfect time to put forth your intention. So, I, therefore, don’t want you to take a lot of time with it, but just ask, “What is my intention for this year?” Then as we get onto the All That Is, we will explore that more fully. It may be that things will change or it may mean that you’ll just get more insight.


Take in a deep breath once more. I remind you that your breath is essential for anything that is happening within your life. Through your breathing, you can change from one moment to the next. You can become more focused and all of that has a deep effect within you. So, as you breathe in this time create that ball of energy within your heart center, then send it down through your energy bodies letting it go into the earth.


As you move into the earth, as you align with Gaia feel your energy spread out. Take this moment as you are anchoring and open up your awareness so that you may feel Gaia’s love and balance coming within you, and then you can also send to her the love and the light of consciousness. Let that energy flow up within you, within your heart center and you send it up through your throat, through the third eye, your head center. You send it up until it allows aligns within your Higher Self.


Look around at what this place is for you. As you are looking around, open and perhaps you will take in what is happening here. If you find that there are tasks that no longer suit you, phew, clear them out. You then send the thread of your consciousness further up until it goes directly into your I AM presence.


As you merge with your Divinity open up so you may know more about what this is for you. For some you hear things, some see, some feel, and some just take it in. Others have like a blank slate; they’re not really getting any information. If this is you then put in the trust that you are linked because you followed that cord that links to your Soul. You followed it from within you all the way up into source and you are there. Then as you breathe gently and easily as if you’re opening up the door link, so that you may come further into your Divinity.


I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge into the All That Is; as we arrive within the All That Is, I want you to, first of all, have a sense of walking into this space with fresh eyes.


The frequency of the All That Is, is a result of all that is happening in the Universe and upon the Earth. So, I would like you to join me in the higher frequency rather than where we gathered even just a few weeks ago. There we go I can feel you; it is as if you are stretching out even further. As you look around at what this is, I ask you to begin to think about consciousness.


Your consciousness is that communication directly from your Soul. It is also influenced by your thoughts and your beliefs of your life. It is also influenced by the unconscious or the unaware parts of what is happening to you. So, therefore, consider what this is.


In the months to come, we will be discussing consciousness much more fully. It is through your consciousness that you align with the universal light; that you align with the multi-dimensions both on the Planet and in the Universe. It is through your consciousness that you learn about those things that as yet are unknown to you and this is the part that is coming through your unconscious.


Last year as I mentioned was very much about exposing what has been going on. When you think about it and you look at the billions of people upon the Earth. Some are completely clueless. Some are very aware. Some are aware but don’t care or don’t believe. Then some are aware. but on the fence, because that’s been unproven to them. This in turn has created quite a division. Very much so with the people in the United States, but even in other countries around the world.


Some people want to just stick with what they know, or stick to an ideal of what has been because they are stubborn; because they don’t think there can be anything different or better; and because they really don’t want to know that something that they believed in is actually inaccurate. This is why so many people in the past year have been either speaking out; have been expressing anger, frustration, fear. That cycle is coming to a close.


Therefore, the month of January probably is an overlay connected to the past year, but once this is complete, as I have said before, that fifth dimensional frequency is here. All of those things that were stuck in the 3rd dimension, or beliefs, or realities are going to be shown to be inaccurate. This is when the 5th dimensional frequency will be more solidly in place. This is when the 3rd dimension will have less of an impact and will eventually become neutralized. I heard people asking was that effective as of December 21st. In some cases, yes it was, but for others, there’s always a holdover that takes time to clear out and release.


So, let me ask you again. Okay, I will do that first. Breathe in deeply and then here within the space of the All That Is, which is your place of creation, phew, breathe out and just clear out this space. Open up your heart. Open up your consciousness. Just feel the pulsation of this higher light frequency. This is probably more like the 7th or 9th dimension and people fluctuate between that. However, there will be an easier transition of this into the 5th than what it was when you were in the 5th to the 3rd.


So, ask yourself or ask the Universe, “What do I need to know about this year 2021?” For some of you, you were able to hear a message and it may have been about things globally. I heard things are going to get better; I heard things are going to be shocking; I heard wealth will grow in an incomprehensible way; I heard communication with non-terrestrials will be very evident. These are but a few of the ideals that came through from a global level.


Many of you heard those, but then you might possibly have also heard something personal for you. If you only heard that global level then take in another breath and ask, “What do I need to know or what is my highest and best intention and this year to come?” Now, you can begin to see that for some of you, you may have gotten the same thing as when you were grounded, but perhaps coming into your life in a different way.


The consciousness of you as a human is your direct link to God Source and your Soul’s link to the Central Spiritual Sun, which is the soul of the Universe. This is becoming even more in open alignment. Have the sense of the Central Spiritual Sun as if it’s manifesting in front of this entire group. As you tap into this energy or feel this vibration or frequency, open your heart and feel the love of source. Feel compassion. Feel the joy and excitement.


The consciousness of the Universe is vast. It’s available through your Soul. It’s as if your Soul is the antenna for you to link into everything. As your energy expands receive that deep alignment and vibration that is coming from source and that is going to help you to, not only expand more fully with your consciousness but to also become more and more the experience of pure love energy. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.


There will be ways in which your expanded consciousness will assist you this year to come. As you take the time to come into the space where you are here within this limitless source of Soul and God Source, and all you need to do is open up and let that vibration flow through you as it creates its own form of transformation. This is going beyond the analytical. So most likely you will not put into words exactly what is changing for you. However, this is what will expand your senses so that you will see with your inner eyes; so that you will know with your inner knowing. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.


We will be working with consciousness in the months to come because it will be the foundation to expand your awareness so that you can begin to understand some of these changes that are coming forth. It is essential to let go of the restrictions of the past because if you do not it will keep pulling you down and holding you back and keeping you from being able to see and understand. I know, I know, I can hear several of you saying, “But I keep trying and I’ve done this for years. But I have always wanted to be more open.” What I am helping each of you to do in this now moment is to go beyond any judgment that it has never worked in the past, or question about is it accurate? Or choices about when to go into it went to go out.


This pure consciousness of which I speak is the universal God Source’ light energy and as it’s moving through you and it is opening up all the cells; it is opening up all the particles; it is opening up everything within you. As you receive that it will transform your physical, mental, emotional bodies. This is your spiritual body. This is your crystalline body. As those flow in and out through you in your everyday life, you integrate more of this conscious awareness.


Sometimes consciousness is more identified by what it is not. Expanded consciousness is a stretching out, or a pushing outward of your belief system. So, therefore, if you are holding on to what you believe in the last 10, 15, 20 years then you are holding onto something that no longer serves you. If you are seeking to expand or bring in more of your expanded consciousness, but your emotions are about being a Victim, such as; they have more money; they have it easier than I do; I am never going to get ahead; nothing is ever right for me; I have always in struggled my entire life; that is an emotion that is very prevalent in every bit of humanity and it always holds you back. So, if you have that emotion or any others that are still keeping you in the past, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, and let that go. Let it go.


As you consider your expanded consciousness the cells within your body as they transform into a more crystalline vibration will change. It has already begun and for some, it will be a year-long process and for others, it will happen quickly. If there is anything that is going on with you right now – disease, injury, aches and pains, inflammation, and your physical body is not fully supporting you then allow the vibration of the expanded consciousness to speak cell, to cell, to cell. Going into every organ, going into every joint, going into the connective tissue so that it moves throughout your entire body creating the balance that supports your expanded consciousness.


As you become more comfortable and your consciousness begins to align with other consciousnesses then you will be able to teleport as you merge with that and you dematerialize and rematerialize in another place. You may receive telepathic messages. You may see things you didn’t see before. In all be open to the flow of light and love and consciousness awareness. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.


I invite you to come back together as a group and as we are gathering your consciousness is wide open right now. So have a sense of looking around the group and pay attention to what you may notice. Perhaps you look at someone and you will see their aura; you’ll see different colors. Perhaps you will look at someone else and say oh they’re from India. Perhaps you will look at someone else and there will be information that will come to you as you are connecting. This is not information that is used as judgment, but it is information that is here to allow you to practice taking in information with your expanded consciousness. Up here within this frequency, it is easier than it will be upon Earth. However, practicing here, practicing there, will allow you to flow easily up and down through that energy.


As this group is merging person, to person, to person you see coming up within you the hologram of the Earth. I invite you to take note of the Matrix. This is the new and expanded Matrix and you can see how the light impulses move more fully through it or more easily. You send your own personal expanded consciousness into this adding light and awareness into the matrix of the Earth and as it is complete a piece goes out into the Universe and the remainder goes down into the Earth.


As that moves down you see this ball of energy that just then circles the Earth lighting up the higher vibrational Matrix. It then goes through clearing out the Collective Consciousness and clearing out whatever residual is there in the lower frequency until it then goes down into the center of the Earth. Breathe in and breathe out


As you are looking at the Earth with your expanded consciousness, align with the consciousness of Gaia and feel her heartbeat. Receive any messages that she may give to you and this is how you can work with your consciousness to create a deeper alignment.


Allow your focus to come back up within you and as you do so you send your consciousness back. You go into your Soul, look around. Perhaps see other lifetimes that you have lived. Perhaps see your Soul with all its expanded energy. Then you take that consciousness down through that stream of light. You come through your Higher Self and you let it stream down back down to you the Human.


Take a deep breath in and feel, and know that alignment with the All That Is. Through your consciousness, you can be here and there, in your Higher Self, merging with Gaia and it’s all there showing that you have access to align with anything and then you feel, see, sense, and know whatever messages that may be.


Have a sense of pulling up that energy through Gaia. It comes up through the Earth. It comes up within you and you send it out into your environment and whatever that intention was for this year just let it flow from you allowing threads of energy to just weave into all that is within and around you. Take a deep breath then and breathe out.


As we step into the higher frequency of the 5th dimension, we are stepping into a way of working with your consciousness that you have never done before and you’ve got the environment and the Universe to support you. Be open to receive.


This year of 2021 the major conversation in all levels of society and all areas of your life will be about consciousness. They may use different words. They may talk about it in a different manner. But as your consciousness grows and expands you are shining forth God’s love and light. You are shining forth all of who you are and you are a beautiful amazing person, a beautiful amazing Soul that is moving into the light frequency of the 5th dimension and that will be how you reflect the world and how you live your life.


Know that I am ever with you and within you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

How is Your Focus? Jamye Price, 20 January 2021

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 11:35 AM

Whew! A lot of ups and downs with the energy flow. So much purging going on. I've been noticing it deeply in the jaw, upper shoulders/back, and a new grounding happening.


The new grounding has been foreshadowing for awhile, but it is changing a lot now. Some of you may be noticing a lot of 2nd chakra shifting (or those resonate energies like how you relate to others or relate out into life), hips or legs.


Also the throat chakra is continuing to go through a big purge and opening. And given the energy in the US in early January, I've been hearing "release the poison" from the 2021 vision. Don't let the energies stay within you, let it move through as best you can.


Staying focused may feel a little harder with such collective challenge, so use some of your go to's like getting out in nature, music, supportive friends & family, laughter, movement, meditation, creativity, taking a bath, journaling. It is still intense times of change, so work that Focus energy to keep you in creative mode rather than reactive mode.


I hope you have a loving week!


Much Love,




Copyright: © 2005-2020 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.



Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion, Part 1 Jim Self, 20 January 2021

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 11:35 AM

Excerpt from the book: What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?


The third-dimensional chakras operate as barometers of balance or imbalance. If you know what they do, you will have an opportunity to refocus your attention and begin to realign yourself. All seven major chakras support us, but for most of us, the lower three chakras guide the life we experience.


First chakra: Survival

The first chakra’s job is to keep you safe so that you may fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. If you are threatened and it’s not the exit point of your life, the first chakra overrides everything to keep you safe. It will activate the flight or fight mechanism and cause you to jump back onto the curb before the bus hits you. The first chakra is located at the lowest tip of your spine.


Second chakra: Emotions

The second chakra deals with the lower emotions (neediness, jealousy, resentment, addictions, and grief ) plus sexuality and sensuality. This chakra is located two finger’s width below your navel and back toward the spine.


Third chakra: Power, Control, Judgment, and Resistance

If you find your solar plexus region in pain, it may not be acid indigestion. This chakra is telling you that you are out of balance, in a push-and-shove (power and control) situation. If you are resisting or judging something at a high enough degree, the third chakra area will be blocked and/or in pain.


Together, the lower three chakras support sympathy and empathy. These two third-dimensional reactions are based on past experiences. They tell you where you are in relation to your safety and to fitting in emotionally, as well as in relation to your well-being, and to how you are accepted by others. This is the job of empathy and sympathy.



Empathy is the ability to feel the emotional and physical pain others are experiencing. Many new-age lightworkers take great pride in, and are glamorized by, their ability to feel others’ pain physically. They see it as a useful way to read the energy of others and to heal them. Eventually, by continuing to choose to bring pain into your body, you will damage your health and well-being. Carrying pain will increase your aging process and wear you down.


Empathy is a second chakra, third-dimensional means of determining if the person who stands before you is safe for you to interact with. The second chakra reads the energy of the other person to determine their mood, attitude, emotional/mental stability, and to determine whether being near them is safe. It’s the job of your first chakra, not your second, to keep you and your body safe. Using your second chakra for this job (empathy) becomes a burden and interferes with your well-being and balance.



Sympathy is the internal, third-dimensional, emotional reaction to observing another’s pain. You feel sorry, concerned, sad, worried, and troubled by what they are going through. Sympathy is not feeling their pain in your body; it is a lower second chakra reaction to it, felt within your emotional body. The habit of sympathy will destroy your emotional balance and eventually your physical well-being also.


Neither sympathy nor empathy will benefit your friend in pain. The pain on their path exists for them to leverage for their own greater personal mastery. Nothing you can worry about, feel or take on for them will positively affect their journey.


This is an excerpt from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett


Universal Copyright 2020 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.

Agile, Creative & Innovative, Kate Spreckley, 20 January 2021

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 11:35 AM

These are unprecedented times where very little seems to make sense. The underlying energy is pretty volatile which is creating an impulsive and unpredictable environment. Tensions are building as global events continue to play out and we can no longer depend on what was once familiar. Now is the time for us to be agile, creative and innovative as we find our way through these unchartered waters.


At this time, you may still be acclimatising and attuning to the energy of 2021. This is perfectly normal as with the start of any new year it can take some time to adjust. After what occurred in 2020 you may be feeling uncertain and wary about what lies ahead in 2021. As a result, it may feel like this is a time of stops and starts as you begin to doubt and question what you are doing and where you are going. Have faith in yourself and trust in the changes that have and continue to occur. Be patient and remind yourself that you can take it slow.


This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2021 Kate Ann Spreckley

The Many Faces of Ego | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Posted on January 19, 2021 at 11:35 AM

Beacons of Light January 2021: House of Mirrors, Steve Rother, 19 January 2021

Posted on January 19, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Presented Live 12/19/2020


NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother


The video version of this channeling can be found here.




Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.


I join you this day because a shift of energy lies just ahead. These are opportunities for you to see each other at higher levels, and that is the energy that we’re hoping will ground over the next several months. Stepping up may not be an easy process, especially as division continues to grow.


With the recent health struggles, it has become more difficult to take those next steps up. And yet, if you can only reach out your hands to harmonize with those around you, you’ll understand how simple all of it can be. You become incredibly strong when you actually reach out in that way. Sometimes others are focused in a different way, or perhaps you don’t want to get too close physically. Remember, it’s the vibratory harmony of the human heart that is making all the difference in the world. The human heart is naturally empathic and wired for good, and it will basically speak its own language of harmony. Allow that energy to rise, for even if you are separated in other ways you will plant important seeds of light in the future.


When humans are stressed in one area of life, the spirit tends to find other ways of expression. Like the person who loses their sight and finds that their hearing sharpens, your spirit is a master adapter or you would not be here at this time. Look for the ways you can empathize with others, even if your beliefs are different. Look for the sparkle of spirit within others and celebrate them whenever possible.


The House of Mirrors

Technologies on Earth have offered people the ability to create their own self-focused reality. This has greatly added to the separation, and a mistrust in common truths and values adds even more. Yet, at some point the human heart will rise and you will see each other’s spirits.


Lightworkers on Earth have placed yourselves to be here at exact moments of time-space to complete contracts and expand the Light. Indeed, dear ones, these are the opportunities for the expansion of light. You see, there’s an entirely new level of work directly ahead. There’s a new level of life, which you don’t have to go Home to move into. This is a step up and not a reincarnation. That’s new and all eyes of the universe are on planet Earth and the game of free choice, to see what’s going to happen during these next steps. In these ways you are expanding god.


New Templates

Dear ones, only the bravest of spirits have incarnated during these times. Every one of you has a role in these next steps and you brought the blueprints with you. You’ve also re-established many of your own connections with the physical. For those of you 33 years of age or older, you most likely entered the game with the aid of a physical template. These were templates that were used to allow your spirit to adhere to a physical form. It simply made it easier for you to pretend to be a human and take a physical form. There were only 500 templates in the beginning. So, you would choose one of the templates and it would provide you a vehicle to grow into during your journey on planet Earth. You’ve done quite well with these templates and a majority still use them today. However, a little over three decades ago humans exceeded the need for the templates and many were able to release them.


The Release

Dear ones, a global release of the templates is taking place now with the aid of the virus and what it has done on this planet. The virus has allowed each and every person to loosen the physical body’s grip on the ethereal body. This is the grip of the template and humans are still in crisis mode. Even though the gifts of the virus were accomplished quite some time back, a lack of unity has allowed it to stay and grow. This makes space for frustration, anger and conspiracy theories that create further separation. Please keep in mind that this separation is only possible on the lowest vibrational levels of life. Stepping up will not resolve these issues, but it can place them in a different perspective.


Because humans no longer need any templates, it has allowed the expansion of spirit on the gameboard. More is to come, as this next step allows your spirit to walk in your own physical body every day. Can you imagine what that would be like? Most of you can. The spirit does not react in the same way that a physical being reacts. Without reaction, humans cannot be controlled in the same ways. New levels of awareness emerge as human empathy grows and spreads on Earth.


The Waves

Everything on your side of the veil is expressed in waves, which allows for the illusion of time your game is based on. So, when you experience a wave of anything your natural tendency is to resist at first, but soon integrate and then pass it on. As you start walking with your spirit a new harmony will start to emerge, because you are much more in control by carrying a higher percentage of your spirit versus your physical body. Many people are actually having physical problems that are not related to the virus. People on planet Earth are starting to rectify things that they’ve carried in their bodies for quite some time, which is to prepare for this step into the next level. By releasing the templates, the physical body can start to align for the next stage. All of these are physical adjustments, although they can take somewhat different forms.


A Trail of Light in a Field of Chaos

You’re likely to see drama behind you, eddy currents that flow to the sides and behind you. These are natural swirls of energy forming perpendicular to your movements. It could be said that these energetic currents take your essence and blend it into the surrounding fields as you move around. You are experiencing that right now, so the idea is to become aware that you are a conscious being of light traveling through a field of chaos. Although everything has order most cannot see it, because as a being walks through that energy field it is very chaotic. You leave a trail of light behind you that very few people are aware of. Now is a time to be consciously aware that every time you smile at someone, you implant as a little seed of light. Every time you give someone a compliment from the heart, empower them or offer assistance in any way, that trail becomes even brighter. Eventually it turns into a network of light that expands. As you leave a trail of light, you change the lives that touch it. Although that has probably been your purpose of consciousness for quite some time on planet Earth, right now it is so incredibly powerful.


There are several things that are coming forward and one of them, as we’ve mentioned for quite a while, is that you have moved into the time of no more secrets on planet Earth. You are starting to become aware of that and with everyday you can see that energy around you. It’s really nothing to fear, but it is change and there’s quite a lot of it going on. So, keep your eye on the ball. Above all, don’t let it distract you from the heart energy. It is the head that keeps spinning in circles, trying to figure something out. When many times the heart already knows the answer, the head is just trying to figure out which box it can fit into.


Play Your Part

You also brought a very special piece with you, and many of you already know what that is. For many of you have found your passions, your connections, and the best way to express them. One of the things that many people do is to take the big steps. You go through life planning ahead, deciding who you want to become. So, you take courses or attend workshops to become that person. You decide, for instance, that you want to practice a certain form of healing. So, you take courses to become that form of healer and consciously evolve yourself in many different ways. What we see, dear ones, is how you already have most of what you need here. We’re not discouraging you from adding these new aspects to yourself, because that will become very important and gives confidence. However, when you are called don’t wait. Answer that call, even though you may not have everything perfectly in place. Life is moving very quickly now, are you ready?


Even though most of you have been expecting these changes for quite some time, you’re about to start seeing some of the physical changes. Because these opportunities that lay ahead are actually shifts of energy, it will take quite some time to happen.


Your technologies have evolved at exponential rates. This creates difficulties, because it creates little worlds containing only people who agree with you, resulting in self-fulfilling prophecies. Those same technologies hold many of the answers that you’re searching for as a collective, to assist your moving forward in both your physical health and the health of Mother Earth. There are more viruses, as you call them, out there that are waiting to cross over from the animal kingdom to the human kingdom. Your ability to work together as a collective is critical to the future of humanity. Almost all of you have invested in many lifetimes before on Earth. You would not be here at this moment, if you did not have an important role to play.


Soon there will come a time for all to clarify their vibration. Many reading these words will activate to assist in this process. But when you are called upon, if you step back rather than step forward, you may miss the only opportunity for you to ground that light. So, these are the times to know what you stand for and what is truly important. Stand back and look at the larger picture and the connection to all beings. If you look at every aspect of that larger picture, there is never a division because you’re all connected heart to heart. It’s the veil that makes you believe you’re separate from each other, giving you the opportunity to play games that enforce separation. The magic years are directly ahead, if you allow them.



This next year is liable to be a pivotal point in your history, which is why you’re here. Welcome Home, dear ones, you made it! Your seat has been reserved and it’s had your name on it the whole time. When you’re called, stand up and step up. It’s with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. As you look in the eyes of each other, you will see god, the spirit that you knew from home. Nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well together as you create a magical new game of light.


ESPAVO, dear ones. I am Observer and I like to watch.


The group


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Hold the Vision of a Better Future, Kate Spreckley, 19 January 2021

Posted on January 19, 2021 at 11:25 AM

We are living in a profoundly transformative time where all of humanity is being called to awaken, heal and evolve. As a result, it is a chaotic and challenging time as the external world reflects the incredible transition we are moving through. Global events and circumstances are reflecting the breakdown and dissolution of the old structures, which have contained humanity’s consciousness for thousands of years. Of course it’s bound to get messy.


Everything is changing as what has been previously established dissolves. The illusions and distortions of the past are dropping away exposing the bare bones of a dying society. You may be feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and exposed as you must continually adjust to your changing environment. However, despite what you may think this is a time of great potential. As you stand in the dust of the old ask yourself how you can envision and hold the vision of a better future.


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Calm Before The Storm - Finding Peace Amidst Uncertainty, Selacia, 19 January 2021

Posted on January 19, 2021 at 11:25 AM

Navigating this first month of 2021 is bringing up apprehensions about the future and questions we have about how we personally and collectively anchor the new more positive future we seek to create. Amidst calm moments when we access our center, we instinctively know we must be prepared for storm-like conditions that will test our resolve and patience. Continue reading for a big-picture view and practical guidance for finding peace amidst uncertainty.



We knew going into 2021 that we were at a pivotal juncture - society grappling with how to restructure outmoded ways of living, and knowing that this would take time. Our linear self is impatient and doesn't want to accept that our massive overhaul won't be quick and seamless. We want it now!


This past year we've been tested in countless levels, regularly being reminded that our lives couldn't return to "normal" anytime soon, or at all - at least not the "normal" we previously had.


There's a sense of weariness as we look ahead and realize we can't plan like before. Some have called this dynamic "living without a future" - like the future was canceled. Of course, that's not the case, but it can feel like it.


Historical Context

This cycle of time is unprecedented. We have no roadmap for it, because no evolutionary quickening on this level previously occurred. And since we're sitting in the middle of things, we're needing to reinvent ourselves and our world. Being alive now means regular spiritual initiations and requires new approaches and tools to stay calm and grounded.


Planetary cycles, like the rare Pluto return America is having, are bringing to the surface the dark side of human nature. These energies were there all along, yet it takes a juxtaposition of energies to reveal what needs to be seen and healed. Over a period of several years, this shadow side of America will rise to awareness in ways that can no longer be ignored. It's messy and complex. We won't want to look at it, yet we must.


Whether you live in the US or elsewhere, the ripples of this cycle will be felt in expanding ways throughout society. This dark element of humanity is a shared global experience for our collective is interconnected across time and these things are in the mass consciousness. We've all had ancestors and/or past lives involved with these things.


Key January Planetary Energies Amplifying Things

January 20-23 is a big energy line-up that will impact all of us regardless of where we live. Mars will be in a fiery conjunction with transformative Uranus, squaring Jupiter - occurring as the US inaugurates a new president January 20.


January 28 is a full moon in Leo, accompanied by a challenging line-up with 5 planets: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus. This can stir unrest and more polarization, along with emotional outrage. While this may sound troubling, here's the good news: positives arising from this line-up could include breakthroughs in creative solutions and dialogues that can help birth new foundations and approaches to our personal-business-collective life on the Earth.


As I've often said, big evolutionary shifts within humanity typically only happen in dire moments when people have a huge nudge to come together and create solutions. Therefore, I suggest we focus our thoughts and energies on January being the nudge needed now to spark changes we must have to co-exist here on this small planet. The Earth will continue without us - but we're reaching critical mass of self-destruction as a species if we continue as is. More on these themes in my new book about 2021 coming soon!


3 Steps for More Inner Peace in January - Reflection Process

Here are 3 suggestions for what you can do now and throughout this volatile month to have more inner peace. This is a simple reflection process with action steps. It's meant to be reflected upon, then applied daily throughout January for optimal benefit.


Anxiety Reduction

Consider that you are anxious, even if you don't sense it tangibly. World events and planetary energies are catalyzing anxiety about countless things - like what will happen next, what else can possibly happen, and how to move forward with your plans with time warps and constant sudden shifts in situations beyond your control.


Step to take one of more times a day, when you feel like you can't focus or are on overload - acknowledge you have anxiety without analyzing it or focusing on it. Then take a time-out to give your mind a rest - take a walk, do some deep breathing or short meditation, turn off the news and other input.


Mind Shift

Accept the fact that you mind likely wanders, including to thoughts of troubling events and potentials. As soon as you accept this, you're more in the driver's seat of your life. No one but you is in charge of your mind but you. The good news is that you are in charge and can have a mind shift at will.


Step to take one or more times a day, when you catch yourself ruminating - acknowledge that you are caught up in overthinking and ruminating about the "what ifs" of life. Remember that you can change the "channel" of thought and dialogue inside your own head. With intention, then, stop the unproductive mind chatter by shifting your focus to something else.


Action Wheel

Accept the reality that these times have upset your usual momentum and ability to stick to your previous schedule of life and work activities. Accepting that helps you build more self-acceptance and self-compassion. Remember that you aren't alone is this dynamic - everyone around the world is feeling it in some way. Reflecting on that fact helps you build more compassion for others.


Step to take one or more times a day, when you feel stuck and are self-critical about your productivity - acknowledge the big picture of factors influencing your typical life and work flow. Then take action on something simple to accomplish, like the laundry or preparing an outline of your next project. Even creating the outline can catalyze forward movement, for you have set in motion your own inner creativity. Remember - one step at a time, allowing for the need to shift plans and timetables.


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Abraham Hicks - Feel This For Unlimited Financial Abundance

Posted on January 18, 2021 at 2:20 PM

Peace Amidst Diverse Perspectives, Ann Albers, 18 January 2021

Posted on January 18, 2021 at 2:20 PM

Hi Dear Friends,


Today the angels talk about how we can handle the diversity of expressions on the earth this week, and I'll share a few perspectives on how to express our truest self. Let us all pray for peace this week.


Love you all!


♥ Ann


Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,


You are living in exciting times upon your planet earth. Never before has the opportunity to explore other perspectives been so easy or so accessible. Never before have you been able to sample from the abundant diversity of life while sitting in your own homes. Never before have the contrasts been so vividly played out in the theater of human existence.


For some of you that is frightening. Most of you were raised to feel safe around sameness. Most of you were raised to feel right in worlds and with words that were passed down throughout generations. Many of you were raised to "keep the peace" by never disagreeing.


Now things are different. It seems that few are interested in "keeping the peace" as you once did. You're faced – in your media, your news, in your families, and on your streets – with people whose perspectives differ widely from the ones you may have been raised with. You are living in times when you're encouraged to own your truth, to speak up, to share your perspectives, and most importantly of all to seek understanding of perspectives different from your own.


As a result your world appears to be in chaos right now. There are so many perspectives! Some people present their ideas and beliefs with decency, kindness, and a respect for one another. Other people feel a need to bully, manipulate, shout, and push their perspectives upon one another. Whether in an evolved way or not, everybody's personal truth is coming to the surface.


You feel your own personal truths emerging from within. You feel the things you once tolerated but can no longer. You feel the thoughts you once pushed under the rug becoming important to you. You feel the emotions you've stuffed for decades. You see the possessions that no longer serve you and want the things you once refused to admit you wanted. It is no longer possible to avoid feeling your personal truths. The energy is just too strong.


The loving truth of each soul is rising up from within. Given an unblocked path it emerges in a loving desire to be more authentic. Given a blocked path from within, it finds unkind expression. Pray for the souls trying to express their truths in violence and anger. They are hurting and don't yet feel mature enough to share their perspectives with love. Pray for yourself to express your truth with love. In this fashion you become the light houses and beacons of hope and peace in a world where many do not yet know how to express themselves in a higher, happier, and more loving way.


This movement towards becoming more authentic – awkward, unpleasant, and scary as it might be at times – is a sign of spiritual evolution. One must go through the teenage years and find one's voice, however awkwardly, before one can reach maturity. No matter how old a person, many now are going through a phase wherein they find their truth, feel the discomfort of speaking up, and as a result, share their perspectives in an unloving way.


You need not fear. You need only stay in a vibration of love and you will be safe, secure, and protected, for in love all things are made right. In love you are guided. In love you can express your truth with only a desire to share ideas, to understand and to be understood. In love you can be you and allow others to be who they wish to be. In love you will attract light and repel the darkness of misunderstanding.


You are facing times of great growth here upon your earth. There is no need to despair. There is no need to fall into fear. It isn't the end of the world. It is, instead, a time of re birthing, a time when you stop sweeping issues that never worked to begin with, "under the rug," a time when humanity is crying for truth and integrity, freedom and justice, and all those qualities that a soul craves in their experience.


Be the ones who understand that self-expression is an expression of the True Self only when voiced with love. Be the ones who understand that truth and integrity begin within the self. Be the ones who know that the universe is completely just already, in that like vibration attracts like. Be the ones who know that you are, and always have been, free to emanate whatever energy you like.


Chaotic though it may be the players in the theater of human existence are just that. You are a beautiful being of light, as are they. You know this. Embrace this truth. You are loved. You are pure light. You are a tuner in a world of vibration and you can pick and choose the vibrations which you wish to tune into.


Dear ones, we are working with your earth very closely right now. There are countless beings of light sending love to each and every one of you. We don't judge any soul. We simply send our love, for that ultimately is the greatest expression of any being, whether on the earth or in the heavens. Receive our love daily and know you are all perfect and precious in our eyes. Do your best to realize that good will ultimately arise from the chaos. Be patient. Pray for all. You are all so very beautiful and so very loved.


God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels


Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,


As a teenager, I didn't have a huge problem sharing my opinions. In fact I was so strong about it that at times that my mom got out the wash rag and ran around the kitchen chasing me as I ducked behind counters, while she attempted to give me a good whack for mouthing off! It was humorous even at the time and we often burst out laughing! I went with classmates in high school on marches where we actually got to talk to our senators and I, in all my teenage self-righteousness, asked questions they couldn't answer. "How can you feel integrity in voting for something that you just told me you don't believe in it?" I had an angry streak.


Over the years, I've realized, sometimes the hard way, that I can't assume my way is the "right" way for anyone other than myself. When I got frustrated with my ex-husband years ago because he got a cold and wouldn't let me heal him, he told me quite honestly, "Maybe I got sick because that's the only way I'd ever let myself rest." Wow. That was an eye opener. I still thought to myself, "I'd never do that!" then proceeded, over the years, to get sick to teach myself lessons!


I went to a psychic in my early twenties who told me I'd be working in the future, in a store with plants and crystals and I remember thinking humorously, "Yeah maybe I'll own a co-op!" Within the decade I had quite working as an engineering and was psychic in the window in a store with plants and crystals.


Moral of the story – life has taught me time and again that I don't know everything. I don't know who I'll be in the future. I'm blooming and I get to choose my path along the way. So do you. I don't know what's best for anyone else (unless I'm letting the angels come through me!) and its none of my business to educate anyone who hasn't asked. I know what resonates and what doesn't and I'll stick to that with no apology, but I cannot possibly expect others to feel as I do. If I've learned one thing that has completely changed my life, it is to discern rather than judge, and to live and let live.


So as you watch this wild year of varying opinions and perspectives unfold, do your best to simply be true to yourself, and to focus on things and people and situations that resonate with you. If the news excites you, watch it. If not, turn it off. If you love sitting and meditating do so. If you love being busy, go for it.


Be unapologetically true to you – your perfect, precious, unique self – and let others do the same. In a state of inner peace, the world's chaos cannot infiltrate your consciousness. In a state of loving self-acceptance, you can lovingly express your True loving Self, in even the simplest of your daily actions. This love, this peace, is ultimately the greatest vibrational gift you can share with humanity.


Here are a few pointers how to express yourself with love...


1. Express yourself through your Being rather than words


We are most effective in "getting others to understand us" when we walk the talk and live our truth. It is of no use to preach peace while angrily making someone else wrong. Far better to do what it takes to be at peace with yourself. Challenge yourself, every time you want to make someone wrong, to make yourself right... for you, according to your desired standards instead. As Gandhi so wisely said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."


2. Express yourself through actions that are consistent with your ideals


If you want to be known as someone kind, be kind. If you want to be known as someone honest be honest with yourself. If you want to be known as someone sweet, be sweet, but most of all do these things while being authentic.


Sometimes you're not going to feel sweet. You can sweetly let people know you're upset, tired, or not able to help. You can honestly let people down with loving kindness. You can express even the tough stuff in a way that matches the ideals you wish to embody. Look for role models. Read articles Online by people you admire. Most powerfully of all, drop into your heart and ask yourself, "How would the ideal version of myself act?" Come from that place of inner guidance.


3. Express love every chance you get


Love is the highest expression of all. Wake up and thank your sheets. Appreciate your shower. Love your breakfast. Compliment people around you when they do something you admire. Thank your car for its service. An expression of love ripples good vibrations out into the cosmos.


This might be an "exciting" week as we watch the varying perspectives clash in the outer world. In our inner world, however, we get to define what kind of week we want to live, and for that matter, what kind of day we live, every day.


I wish you all peace, happiness, and of course authentic, loving expression.


Love you all!



Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,