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What Does Peace Mean to You? Brenda Hoffman, 18 February 2020

Posted on February 18, 2020 at 3:10 AM

Dear Ones,

While it is true you have shifted far beyond your expectations before entering the earth in this lifetime, you want to know more. Yet when we provide you with answers, you do not fully understand the meaning. A bit like playing peek-a-boo with young toddlers. Most often, toddlers do not understand you are behind a blanket. They believe you have disappeared. Such fun for you and such a tease for the toddler. You giggle. They question.

We, of the Universes, are not giggling or playing peek-a-boo with you. Instead, we are providing information that fits within the context of your knowledge base.

You have heard the phrase, climate change. With your knowledge, that phrase does not sound good. But since you have not experienced a similar catastrophe in this lifetime, you can only imagine what it might be like. Such imagining does not necessarily mean you will move away from the coast or that you will build a survival shelter, it merely means you are aware something terrible might happen.

So it is for living in a world of love and peace. That phrase likely produces images of white flowing gowns and fluffy clouds. For you have not taken a great deal of time to conjure up your perfect, or more to the point for this example, peaceful life. For a peaceful life for some might be riding a motorcycle in the desert. While for others, it might be sleeping on a hammock in the backyard or designing an office building.

What does peace mean to you? Not what should peace mean, but what does peace mean to you personally? That is now the image you need to project on your personal screens morning, noon, and night. Such is how you build a new world, one life at a time.

Indeed, some might wish to build a large hospital that cares for all, while others might want hospital care to be nonexistent.

How can those wishing for a new hospital and those wishing to end the need for hospitals live in peace in the same community? Easily if you allow yourself to shift away from the current power structures built from the top down. Just as everyone does not learn concepts the same way, so is it that not everyone heals the same way. You have accepted group thought for so many eons you likely cannot yet conceptualize that group thought is no longer valid.

Let us use the hospital example. Those who need technology to feel better will live a more peaceful life, knowing that such is available. While those who disdain technology will live a more peaceful life without it. So it is both treatment methods will be appropriate instead of the either/or you have lived for eons.

The same will be true for education and every other structure that limits your choices through social dictates. Once you allow yourself to dream beyond social dictates, you will discover a new world of possibilities.

You cannot envision a world that is open to all. Just as you cannot envision a world in which all religions and no religion co-exist peacefully. A concept we, of the Universes, have tried to describe in so many ways from the phrase, “You’re all one.” to “Love thy neighbor.” Inclusive phrases. Yet humans, until this point, have used those phrases to declare those within their belief systems are good and true. But those out there, whether a different religion, race, gender, political or sexual preference, age, and on and on, are not part of the chosen group.

Your new world is not about right and wrong. It is about right and right within the context of who you are.

You allow yourself to move from community to community, knowing some communities feel more right for you than others. Perhaps it is climate, economics, racial or gender-mix, academic levels, or all or none of those characteristics. But you do have the freedom to choose, and no one thinks such a choice is odd. So it will be for your life and the lives of all. No longer will you determine that only your group is right. Your new world is about all is right. It is just that some aspects are more right for you than others.

There will not be a need to feel better or worse than others for each is discovering what a peaceful life means. For some, work will be important. For others, reading, attending classes, producing a movie, or painting. It does not matter. For instead of needing to declare you are right and others wrong, your new being will understand that all are earth angels exploring that which gives them joy.

So it is no option is wrong. And any choice is only right for those who find joy with that option.

Those of you reading this material will breathe a sigh of relief intellectually, understanding how you are one. But emotionally, it is likely you will continue to believe such acceptance is not possible in this lifetime. So we return you to the game of peek-a-boo. For we of the Universes know what is available, what is true. And you forerunners are just beginning to realize that we, of the Universes, are not disappearing, that “You’re one” is not only possible, it is the only direction probable the next few months or years.

“You’re one” is not a phrase to be taken lightly, any more than was, “You’re your own guru.” The difference is, “You’re one” will not require a generation to achieve. Such is your goal and your dream. It is now time to make it your reality. So you will, as you have every step throughout this amazing transition.

“You’re one” is primed and ready to implement. So change your focus and your dream from what is possible in 3D to what seems almost improbable now. When has the impossible stopped you? Know that creating such is no longer a miracle, but a given. A new understanding of peek-a-boo. You are now mature enough to know we are not disappearing, and neither is your dream of peace and joy. So be it. Amen.

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Mercury Retrograde, Kate Spreckley, 18 February 2020

Posted on February 18, 2020 at 3:10 AM

We have now entered into the first Mercury retrograde season of 2020. This retrograde lasts until the 9th / 10th of March and will offer us the opportunity to realign our motivations with the clarity and truth of our soul. This time calls us to take note of the details so that we may consciously work with the universal laws of balance to create a stable and secure foundation for our lives. Anything in ourselves and in our lives that may be out of balance, inauthentic or dishonest is brought to our awareness to be amended.


At this time you are being called to travel deeply inward to seek new levels of wisdom and guidance. Your consciousness is being infused with new purpose, new perceptions, new understandings and new insights which are needed for the next phase of your awakening, healing and growth. Work with the incoming energy and use this Mercury retrograde time to move inward to reflect, review and reconsidered where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. Take thoughtful steps forward towards the new potentials arising and the many new opportunities being presented. Gather the seeds of new possibilities but do your research before you plant those seeds. Work with the universal laws of balance and you will know exactly what steps you need to take now.


Much love




This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley



Weekly Forecast: February 16 - 22, 2020, Kelly M. Beard

Posted on February 18, 2020 at 3:10 AM

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.


*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.


Weekly Forecast: February 16 – 22, 2020

Note from Kelly:


This is a potent week, energetically, and I have some additional thoughts on how to navigate the energies that will prepare you for new energies coming soon.


Everything is “in preparation for” … If you have set your intentions for the year, you should be preparing AS IF they have already manifested. If you have been working on your individual foundation (for life), you should be preparing for the expansion to come.


This year (2020) brings a Venus + Mars Retrograde in the same year, which is relatively rare, they try to take turns so we’re not overwhelmed. This is a complete overhaul of our Inner Feminine & Masculine. Our values & priorities are changing and therefore our choices & actions that follow will naturally change as well. We have intense transformation going on socially & collectively, but individually, we also have access to a rare inner stability that we can fortify and build on going forward … if we navigate consciously and alert. That means consciously recalibrating your own internal Feminine/Masculine balance this year so that 2021 is easier to navigate.


The first thing that comes to mind for me is that 2012 was the last time Venus Retrograded in GEMINI, so I checked on Mars and sure enough, that Retro happened in VIRGO. This time, we have Venus in Gemini again but Mars is going to linger in its home sign of ARIES which also lends more weight to the value of doing your own individual healing, education and soul work. Theoretically, the CANCER North Node has helped activate the need and value of personal self-care and I would venture to say that most of us have been reminded that if our bodies do not feel well, we are not as effective in the world. The natural outgrowth of that work, is going to be choosing New Ideas to act on going forward. The recalibration of your internal Feminine/Masculine dynamic is going to free up new energy & ideas, customized just for you.


2/16 ~ Mercury Retrograde in PISCES:


Throughout the year (2020), you want to consider the Venus & Mars Retrogrades as backdrop to some very important decisions & interactions that you will have to navigate this year, no matter what the planets are up to! So now we dive into Mercury! This is just a reminder that we get 3-4 chances a year to do a conscious data-dump and give the Mental Body some much-needed rest & restoration. Yes, it can be frustrating to try to move ‘n shake in the world, technology tends to go wonky, cars breakdown, communication & travel can go haywire. But it can also be magical, enlightening & restorative. This is when delays are Divine and you can carve out a little extra time and space to do your own processing of what’s going on in your individual life. Check in with your own ideas, thoughts, concepts, do some research, finish projects & develop your ideas behind the scenes. New connections may be made, but more often old connections circle back to complete something. It is the *Sacred Pause* before you decide or choose something really important this Spring. Take advantage of this one to clarify where you are and where you are heading and keep in mind the power of the Imagination & Spirit (Pisces). If you imagine doom & gloom, it is more likely to manifest. If you imagine breakthroughs with relationships & resources then you will create more of that. This time in Pisces is going to have its own additional caveats. Your intuition & imagination will be involved, for better or worse, so try to connect fluid language with vivid imagery – the Pisces-way. Keep in mind nothing is linear or logical about Mercury in Pisces, this is All-Spirit or Other-Worldly. So any spiritual healing work is tremendously supported by this retrograde. It is a test to fortify your intuition, and you have to work your intuition like a muscle so that you can learn to rely on it. Check in with your own beliefs, dreams & fears. And make time to be in Nature, under the Sky, that always gives the Monkey Mind a break, but especially during Pisces time, each year, we are supposed to be dreaming up the action plan that we will execute throughout Aries/Taurus time. And don’t forget the best thing about this Retrograde is that it is totally easier to commune with your Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides and they are even more available when in PISCES, like now. If you are at some kind of crossroads, my Astro/Tarot Reading is excellent for getting to the heart of one issue or simply checking in with your own cycles and getting support for wherever you are at this time. It’s the best time for Divinations and consulting with your personal Council to find out what will be supported throughout this year (2020).


2/16 ~ Mars Enters CAPRICORN (until March 30, 2020):


This adds some fuel & energy to the current Capricorn Stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto + Pallas) and it also makes it more personal. Plus, as I said before, Mars is making its way toward a Retrograde which only happens every 2-years. We are navigating the months leading up to it so there may be some *clues* along the way. This energy will generate the energy to focus and get very serious about your responsibilities, obligations, work, career, status and/or reputation. You may want to work tirelessly, hopefully on something magnificently creative and powerfully transforming for both you and those you choose to share your time, energy & gifts with. However, be mindful of your physical body and how much it can really handle, and still keep you operating at optimal levels. You may work better alone at this time and, if you can, this may allow you to be so productive or create something the world really needs that you are drawn into the public because of it. Either way, some form of recognition for your choices & actions may also happen at this time. Time to be practical and get organized, avoid petty distractions & disputes. This can be a very creative time as you will feel more dedicated and tend to be more disciplined than usual. This energy is as challenging as it is powerful and tends to make or break you. It is time to take a serious inventory of Self. Do you like what you find? Is there more work to be done? What have you mastered that you want or need to share with the world?


2/20 ~ Jupiter (Consciousness & Belief Systems) ~sextile~ Neptune (Faith & Connection to Spirit):

(1 of 3: 2/20 ~ 7/27 ~ 10/12)


This is an opportunity to connect to miracles, if you believe in them. It may be miracles, but it may also be the alignment between your Heart & Soul, that part of you that trusts your intuition and believes in a higher power or Source or Universal presence. There are a couple of expressions of this energy. This is a time where your spiritual beliefs expand, taking on a more broad, Universal feel. You may feel the urge to work with those less fortunate (never a bad idea) or you may meet someone that expands your thinking, opening you to new concepts of faith. Under this influence, you may feel more optimistic & philosophical than usual, about your life. It can be a fabulous energy to connect to, because when you are optimistic & faithful, as well as truly connected to the whole, you can manifest almost instantly. However, keep in mind that there are probably some very real challenges that you are facing, which require tangible efforts to resolve. Stay focused on the possibilities, while still doing what needs to be done to facilitate the highest possible outcome. The only challenge with this energy is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, is getting together with Neptune, the planet of no boundaries, so be mindful of any excesses – of any kind. Remember, all things in balance, it is rare that excess serves the higher good.


2/21 ~ Mars (courage & passion) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):


This is a powerful combo, however, it has to be integrated and consciously expressed to yield the best results, otherwise you may miss an opportunity for a major personal breakthrough. Mars gives you the courage and Uranus awakens new possibilities within. This is an easy alignment of your actions and your individual brilliance. You may even discover some new gift or talent that has been dormant for a while, but is now beginning to come back to life. This energy pushes you to try something new that liberates you in some way that you may have previously felt daunted by in the past. Because of the easy angle too, this new evolution to the next level should not entail you having to annihilate any other aspect of your life, you will just intuitively know it is time to change. It won’t matter what others think or say either, because the prompting for change comes from within so take advantage of this time to experiment. You never know where it will lead.


2/22 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~sextile~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):


This activation will help you access a deeper sense of authenticity as everyday routine events may be enlightening this week. Anytime Uranus is involved ‘ah-ha moments’ are available, those sudden inspirations or the surprising clarity that changes everything is bubbling near the surface, you need but invite it in (to your conscious mind to be useful). Eventually, you will have to ground these breakthroughs in some physical form, but this energy supports the exploration of possibilities. Where can you use a dose of freedom & liberation? This energy also promotes ‘authentic living’ – you won’t be able to be phony, nor tolerate it in others this week. Just remember that truth sometimes rattles those who would rather play ‘nice’ (keep up appearances/status quo) than face the facts, so watch out for rebelliousness, if not in you then in others. This is not a disruptive energy, except to those who resist change. Don’t fight it – embrace it! Change is good, it means you are growing!


Copyright © 2000-2020 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

Beacons of Light February 2020: Trailing Light Steve Rother, 18 February 2020

Posted on February 18, 2020 at 3:10 AM

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother


The video version of this channeling can be found here.




Greetings from Home, dear ones.


We join you this day having to catch up, because you are moving so incredibly fast now. It’s almost as if a new timeline has been adopted on Earth and it’s very exciting for us to watch because what is taking place is astounding. We know that you see this differently, mostly as challenges, difficulties, roadblocks, et cetera. We also tell you this is much deeper than that. You are building energy to open a new door, one which we have been telling you about for some time. What’s interesting is that the energy on the other side of that door is now starting to grow on its own. It is almost as if you’ve created a space to step into and it is preparing itself for you. It’s wonderful to see now how you are starting to interact in new ways to hold energy in your heart, matching it up with your own actions. What you speak and what you believe now become incredibly important for every step that you take.


You’re carrying the light from home. Please don’t ever forget that, no matter what you do, even when you run into difficulties. Yes, all of you will experience challenges. You’re on planet Earth and that’s what you signed up for, of course. When you hit those challenges, you can walk through them easily. Look back at your life for a moment and you’ll re-member the different areas of your life, especially the epiphanies that you’ve had along the way. Almost all of them were brought to you by a challenge. The time on planet Earth is now starting to settle a bit and you’ll see the human heart rise in a new way. Instead of always playing follow the leader, people are starting to open their eyes in a different way. Much will change, including your relationship with planet Earth and that part we celebrate for it will be a joy for all.


Enjoy the journey, dear ones. It is time for everyone to step together and make a new world, creating something very magical right here and now. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another. Play well together. Espavo, dear ones. ESPAVO!




Greetings from Home, dear ones, I am Merlia.


I join you this day with great joy. We see the other side of your entire existence by looking at it from what we call Home, the essence of everything. We see a huge energy that is building, for there’s a major transition occurring on several different levels on planet Earth.You’ve been aware of the challenges associated with natural disasters throughout the world. The loss of life and devastation has caused an impression in the fabric of the Universal Energy. There’s a dip in the energetics of everything at this moment, because of the huge number of animals, plants, and everything else that has transitioned in such a short period of time. Dear ones, this difficult imprint is temporary and will resolve in time. However, in the interim let us share with you a different view.


One of the beautiful aspects about planet Earth is the richness of plant and animal life. If you venture into a forest, stand still and simply observe without being a threat, you’ll see all sorts of things trying to get your attention. Trees attempt to speak to you, birds fly by, and the beautiful energy of the ever changing ecosystem itself will try to get your attention. Long before you notice anything the forest and all of her inhabitants are very much aware of you, for they are connected in ways that Humans have forgotten. These are the divas of the forest.


Just like your own spirit, the spirits themselves are not visible as you walk around every day. But it is the radiance seen in your smile and the way your eyes light up. Dear ones, that’s your spirit shining through your body. The same is true with the animals and the forest divas, who are basically what you would call the higher selves of the trees and the plants. Of course, the animals have a spirit just like you do. In truth everything does, although higher vibrations limit vision so for most it’s hard to see.


New Focus on Animals

The recent impression on the fabric of the Universal energy is calling, and you’re starting to see it now.Many of the conversations on planet Earth will be about animals, as the natural balancing nature of the universe is drawing the collective attention in that area. And this is as it should be, for these are the times of mastery dear ones. This gift provides every human a new opportunity to master the heart connection between animal and human spirits. Even if you are not a typical animal lover, pay close attention. After all, humans are defined as part of the animal kingdom. Yes, that is the physical part, but we are looking much deeply at the human spirit connecting to the spirit of the animals. Mastery of that connection leads to a much deeper understanding of the universe around you.


Trails of Light

On several levels, there are large gatherings coming together right now. One could say that these are teams on the other side of the veil that are gathering to help. Many will be called home early to be on the other side and become a part of this very important team. This is happening on many levels, including throughout the entire animal kingdom.


We ask you to honor the plants and animals with your love, for they have given everything. When you hear about a tragedy where many people are drawn Home, know that this also leaves an opening in the universal energy for others to find their way Home. The heroes are the first responders, including some incredibly brave doctors, and all humans should applaud them. But also give thanks to all of those in the animal kingdom who have returned Home, as they have left a trail of light for others to follow. Many are gathering to help from the other side, and for them it is a re-birth so keep that in mind. There is joy coming that we can barely describe to you, because it is so immense that it does not fit into your world. We tell you the magic is here, it’s well underway.


As you connect to the animal kingdom, you’ll find many different ways to do it.Please do not allow the differences to separate you. Humans have difficulty with that.Right now,unity can be achieved with other animals easier than with other levels of life, although those will come soon. There is a huge shift on planet Earth,and you have the perfect seat from which to observe.In time, you will come to know that you’re there to guide it. You’ll re-member every step because you came with that information. Dear ones, it’s simply a matter of remembering who you truly are.


The greatest joys are arriving quickly now, for you’ve already accomplished the most difficult aspects. We ask you all to come together, setting your intention to collectively focus your light in a single area for just a moment. This now has more of an effect than ever before.


A New Balance

Let us speak of the timeline merge that occurred a few months ago. We want to tell you how well you are doing grounding the feminine energy. This will change everything moving forward and it has already made a huge shift. Yes, there are a lot of things that must catch up. People who think they control power will not give it up easily. Although things don’t change overnight, the direction has started to shift. So we ask you to keep your eyes open, pay attention and give thanks. The feminine light is growing brighter in many ways now. It is a quiet power but it has landed. Importantly, it is being used as the natural balancing is underway.


Dear ones, we are overjoyed to see you all in place for the work that is ahead. Each of you have your own part of the puzzle that is quite unique, and we honor you for carrying it. We honor you for even remembering that you had it and now, being willing to step out and make a difference. The time is now. You’ve made it. What you don’t know is that you’ve already won the game, so keep that in mind.


We will share more with you as we go forward. The feminine energy is blending in a way that benefits everyone everywhere, which has never happened before. It is with honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together as you step into this new game.


I am Merlia and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.




Copyright 2000 – 2019


This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part. Please credit:


Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

2020 Starseed Light Connect: New Cosmic Love Octave Operating System, Shekina Rose / Blue Ray, 14 February 2020

Posted on February 14, 2020 at 12:05 PM

Starseeds, your codes are being awakened by a higher octave cosmic frequency, a language of light Love code activating dormant DNA, your Galactic Angelic cells of light—the Divine Original Blueprint.


The Angels, Devas, fairies, fae crystals and tree spirits are atoning you to the forgotten tone frequencies of Mother Earth Gaia’s Heart song of LOVE - it’s time to hear - You are the Light.


The Starseed Lightworkers

Blue Ray and Indigo Starseeds, your empathic higher sensory awareness activates the holy codes of life, your ultra-sensitive soul came in this way. Your destiny is to serve a higher purpose, transmuting the DNA manipulations to enlighten the genetic code of humanity, raising God consciousness on Mother Earth Gaia.


Starseed, you are a Light Connector. You were called by the heart of Mother Earth Gaia (Tara). As the light sent out a signal call and you received it, you volunteered. That awakened in you a mission to help Earth and all humanity to refrain from harming itself and return to whole health, serve a higher plan of Light for the Universe. You came from the Source, the Light, and you are this Light.


You are the priestess who has returned, restoring the intuitive divine power from the sacred divine feminine to the connections and rhythms of the Earth, Nature and the Universe. The divine mother lives in your heart as you are her holy temple and unique expression holding the sacred space for all humankind.


You are the Starseed reclaiming your cosmic heritage and truth, free from manipulation, lack and control, to spiritual freedom that illuminates a higher human expression in the ascension service of love and light.


You are the sacred masculine Light warrior who redefines the priest, sage, king and twin flame. Your power originates from the heart, spiritually centered in your true authentic self of Love and compassion. Healing the wounded masculine, you are birthing a new heart-based leadership of upliftment on Earth.


You are the Earth Angel, an anchor of God’s love on the planet, serving in a humanitarian capacity, kind, helpful and considerate of others’ feelings. You are awakening the angelic race and are guardians of humanity who have forgotten their true essence.


You are the Lightworker awakening amongst a sleeping world to enlighten humanity while quietly attracting and radiating as much light as possible in every given moment to peace, love and healing energy. You empower the light energy of balance for the planet, anchoring a higher frequency presence for the global community for all Lightworkers.


You are now expanding to these many expressions of the Lightworker and Starseed and you are even more.


You are powerful in the Unity of Light, the frequency of Love. It’s why you are here: to turn on the light in your cells from your vehicle of Soul Love. THIS IS A TRUE POWER, a higher spiritual love—your new operating system.


Love is an awareness, a frequency contained and awakened in the light of your cells. Your body vehicle is a receptor of Light frequency, “sound” responding to the signals of the Cosmic Source throughout all life.


You seek that unity, that connection, from where you came, and it’s here in each other and on the Earth. And as you transcend the trauma, pain, lower density of humanity, as an awakened Starseed, Lightworker, frequency holder, new forerunner and Angel, you rise and are able to connect the light frequency here on the Earth with that above.


You are Light; you are this Love. Bravo, beloved Lightworker, Starseed, Angelic and Fairy, phase one is completed, you are awakened!


The stars have been singing your song the whole time you have been here. It is time to expand with the Cosmic Source Love to ignite other Starseeds. You empower the light and activate the Home LOVE frequency. Starseeds connect. You are the Light.


The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker. “Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process.


BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.


Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose of - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

Magical Awakenings, Kate Spreckley, 14 February 2020``

Posted on February 14, 2020 at 12:05 PM

Our inner world is currently being electrified burning away any remaining attachments which hinder our ability to fully embrace our destiny. Patterns of denial and deceit are falling away both individually and collectively revealing the truth of what is actually occurring. People, things and life experiences which no longer serve us are dropping away clearing our path for greater good to come.


At your deepest core something magical is awakening supporting the dissolution of any energetic and emotional blockages. As a result, a greater awareness is arising assisting you in navigating the vast terrain of your soul. Consciously connecting with the subtle energetic currents of your soul will gift you with a deeper understanding of your truth. Thus, a deeper understanding of what you offer in service to the world emerges. Synchronicities and opportunities are arising to assist you in consciously aligning with your purpose. When you are in conscious alignment with your purpose, your destiny naturally unfolds exposing new ideas and paths to follow.


Much love




This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley

You Are Love! Shelly Dressel, 14 February 2020

Posted on February 14, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Happy day of love. This channel was just before Valentine’s Day so the Goddess of Creation wanted to work with the vibration of love. I know we speak often about love and the many, many ways in which you can experience its vibration. This channel is really amazing as a means of integrating love. Throughout the channel the Goddess speaks of the many different ways in which love affects you in life.


In the beginning the Goddess worked with us about understanding who we are as soul. Our soul is who we truly are in this lifetime and all time. It was interesting that as she asked about love and how people looked at it; most were looking outwards towards their relationships. Therefore, the first step to any relationship of love is opening to and allowing the energy of self-love. This channel will help you to understand that it’s not just about opening to self, it’s about actually allowing it to become part of your life.


Once you are solidly within the flow of self-love, you can then look outward. Your life is filled with relationships. There are those that you consider your love relationships and those that might be work or casual. As you allow the flow of love to a part of you, it will allow you to interpret every other relationship in a new way. The crystalline energy has its foundation in love. Therefore, if you are love, you are strengthening your life and all relationships. This will create amazing changes!




Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole


I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in your everyday life. You are here present. You are the one living your life, having these experiences, being in this now moment. As you do so I invite you to just periodically bring your focus back within.


Society upon the earth is very focus driven, or shall we say is very focused. Most people are taught from a young age to have goals within their life, to always have a purpose, to always be working towards something. In fact, not always is it acceptable to have that time of being quiet, or being in what you might call a down moment.


The other thing that goes along with that is that frequently there are so many distractions that are coming into you. It becomes very challenging to turn them off. You have your social media. You have your news. You have your shows on TV. You have all of these various ways in which you can gather information.


Your phone is always with you. Your phone is always giving you the updates on things and what that is doing is that it is always stimulating a part of your Consciousness, which is also tapping into that focused awareness or being always turned on so-to-speak. I therefore would like to take a part of this evening to talk about the importance for just turning things off, for just sitting quietly, for just being in nature; for listening to yourself if you choose not to do anything in a day.


I can hear some of you say, “Ahh that’s hard”. Indeed, it may be hard to make a change in your life, however, this is something that might actually nurture you and give you greater energy and focus when you go back to whatever it is that you may need to do. So, food for thought.


If your body or your mind is telling you take a break, back off, slow it down, then give yourself the permission to do so. And if there are certain things that you cannot let go off, or you have to get done, then open up the door and ask, “How can I still find some pockets where I can rest and relax”. Indeed, this is but a way of nurturing yourself.


Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe in follow that breath, light and energy that moves in through your nose. It goes down through your heart center and then from there it goes all the way through and down into the earth.


As you align with Gaia open up your senses that you may feel the pulsation and the heartbeat of the Earth. This heartbeat is ever present, sometimes quite dim, other times massive. This is a wonderful way that you may calm your energies and ground all of your consciousness within you. Allow that vibration of Gaia to come back up through you. You then send your focus and your awareness up into your upper energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head until you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self.


People will ask us, “How do I know I’m linking to my Higher Self? How is it different than my everyday self? What is my Higher Self? Why does it even matter?” You as your Soul are a very high vibration. You as the Human vibrate at earthly levels and dimensions. Therefore, the blend that is your Divinity and your Personality from this lifetime creates a place in which it comes together and this is your Higher Self.


This is why when you allow your focus and your energy to go up into that space you have that bigger perspective that comes from Soul. You also have that energy and blend that supports you in your everyday life. So, all that you need to do is send your focus and your consciousness up. It may feel to you as if it is exactly you in your Earthly existence however that intention of linking with that higher vibration does shift you upwards and it does give you that expanded reality.


You then move beyond your Higher Self. There is a stream of light, a stream of energy, that takes you all the way up in to your Soul energy. I call it the Soul Plane because it’s a dimension or a vibration in which many of the people from the Earth’s energies find that part of their Soul is available to them.


So, within the Soul Plane as your Consciousness moves into this space you feel that sense of blending or merging with your Divinity and as you move within open to feel the love. Open to feel that sense of coming home. Open to know that this is you and that you are a magnificent soul essence with unlimited potential. This is your number one fan so to speak, because it is you with the knowledge that you can have that light that you are seeking to have. You have the ability to learn, or do, or experience anything that you so choose.


When your Human self is in a space of limitation your Soul steps in to say “Yes you got this. Yes, you will succeed. Yes, all is well.” Take a moment and just feel as if the flow, and the vibration, and the essence moves through.


I the Goddess walk into this space. I reach out to each one of you, I embrace you. Our energies merge and as they do so it transforms into the space of the All That Is. As you feel the All That Is allow your Consciousness to stretch out in every direction.


When last we got together, (speaking of the teleconference Integrating Your Senses, January 19, 2020) I had created a sense of a bubble so that you could really focus your perception. This time as we stretch your Consciousness out in every direction take a moment and just open up all of your senses. As you do so is there a perception that you pick up with your inner eyes. That you may feel. That you may know or that you may hear. Within the space of the All That Is the energies are amplified in such a way that you have the potential to experience the finer nuances or the more global reality. Coming within this space I invite you to open to love.


Upon Earth as you are coming up to Valentine’s Day there is a lot that people speak about love. You have your cards. You have the candy, the flowers. You have people talking about their relationships with one another. As always, I think this is a great time to speak about your first relationship which is within you.


Consider your life, consider love. It makes me smile, because when I say that intrinsically people look at their partners, their family, their friends. There are some of you that look inward and this is where I wish to begin. As you look inward if your first instinct when I asked about love was to look outwards, then I invite you to go in within your thoughts, within your consciousness.


As you do so open to love. Open to love that comes from your Divinity and as I speak of this how does that impact your life? Very good, interesting. What I saw in people as I said that was that some of you had that wide-open column of light that just beamed down upon you. However, I saw many of you as if you were sipping through a straw. Just this tiny thin stream of love coming down from your Divinity.


I invite you to open up to that visual as if you are standing under this shower or beam of light which is your Divinity sending you unconditional love. I even have the sense that the energy of that love becomes golden, rosy, pink, magenta. These various colors that resonate with each individual.


As this flows within and around you, I invite you to ask yourself a question, “Am I open to receive love from my Divinity and self-love for the person I am in this life”. For some I could hear this YES. For others I could hear maybe yes, maybe no. If there is anything at all within you that is keeping you from receiving love, both from your human perspective and your divine, I invite you to let that come up within you, bringing it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and let that go.


Limitation of any sort within your life will impact every part of your life. If you feel that you are limited in your potentials for what you can accomplish that limited vibration seeps also into receiving and expressing love. If you feel that you are limited in your relationships, then that limitation also flows over into the opportunities that you may have. Therefore, we just cleared so I would like to ask each one of you if you can just open the door to all that beautiful multi colored sparkling light, and I ask you to be open to receive. Give yourself permission to receive love in your life.


Most often if you are critical that is criticism against yourself. Therefore, if there is something that you feel that is unworthy of love within you take that aspect of yourself, that experience that you may have had, that belief system whatever it may be and simply open up and receive the love into that moment. If there is that sense of not being good enough open up and receive love into that belief system. If you have done something within your life that you keep carrying around as a burden open up and receive love. You need not prove anything when it comes to love, you need only receive. Love is the game changer.


As you feel that all of this moves within you, I now invite you to look outwards. Consider the relationships you have within your life and then consider love. In any of these relationships is there a sense of having to prove yourself or to act in a particular way. If so, send love into that moment. Shift that sense of having to prove yourself into a space of being. As you do so this strengthens you giving you the ability to then share that outward into any relationship.


Another aspect that is coming through in people is that sense of imbalance in their relationships. Like perhaps you put more into the relationship, you’re putting yourself out there, your initiating things and then the other individual just receives. The perception to you is that it is imbalanced. From within this perception you flow love and let love be the equalizer between you and that other individual and that relationship. There may be particular times and which it is imbalanced, but on the whole, it is in a state of balance.


If you have particular relationships that you find are bringing you down. Say you spend time with that individual and the whole time you feel yourself just kind of sinking. You’re not laughing, there’s not joy, there’s not a sense of community with that individual, then perhaps it is time to let it go. You can absolutely take a moment, or several, and then bring you and that individual into this space of love seeing if there’s a way to clear out energies; to clear out the past; to clear out anything that no longer serves and then perhaps that relationship will change.


If there is a relationship in which you feel love for another individual. It’s something that really nurtures you, and it’s a mutual relationship where your love nurtures them and their love nurtures you, then let the vibration of that flow through you in this now moment. Allow yourself to feel the expansion that takes place within you. Let this vibration shift to some of these other experiences, because the vibration in one part of your life affects the vibration in other parts of your life.


Indeed, I invite you to have the intention that you allow the vibration of love to actually move through you into that signature cell within you. That space which is your core. That space where cell upon cell upon cell is regenerated again and again and again. Infuse it with love and you may find that love is already very much a part of that cellular structure. However, we are infusing it with a conscious love.


The conscious love that is unconditional and through this unconditional love you feel compassion, awareness, strength, empowerment, the ability to manifest anything within your life, because your foundation is love. As we amplify that it is as if you are loving and nurturing those cells and then it moves from cell, to cell, to cell as if it begins to circulate throughout your entire body. The vibration of love goes within every muscle within you, every organ within you. Every part of what makes you human is infused with the vibration of love.


Through this you also have that sense that there is an easy alignment that comes with love and allow that alignment with love to be within you, and let it move outward to every relationship. Let it move outward into your perspective on life. Let it move outward so that all may have the love and compassion that comes from you. Can you feel yourself growing? Can you feel how this is anchoring you in a new way within your life?


Love is the foundation for a life that enriches every aspect of who you are.


I invite you to gather together as a group. I could see with this vibration that many of you went way out into the further reaches of the All That Is. So perhaps you wish to stay and continue with whatever you were working on. For the rest, gather together as a group. I invite you to have a sense of creating a circle. As you tap into all of that energy and vibration of love, first and foremost within you and then with your relationship with others, let that come up from within your consciousness and it is as if you create this ball if energy that we have been speaking about from within your consciousness. Then you send that into the center of the group and everyone’s intentions, and the flow of everyone’s love, creates its own ball of light. Again, I see those beautiful colors. I see sparkles.


There is a pulsation that represents the vibration. Within this energy is love as a foundation for life, and with that as your foundation it’s also about love and communication with others. Love and acceptance and compassion. Love in all the forms that you may experience it in life.


Whoof there was a surge with that and as this ball continues to expand, we consciously send a flow of it that moves out into the Universe so that it may anchor within the aspects of you that are out and within the Universe, but the other planets in the stars. The rest of it goes down into the Earth and as it moves through the Collective Consciousness it is clearing out anything that is of a lesser vibration so that the remainder literally go through the Earth, the Consciousness, and then it anchors within Gaia.


As this solid, solid, solid formation of love is anchored within the Earth it strengthens Gaia, it strengthens that pulsation of the heart beat that you felt at the beginning. It then moves up through all the various levels of the Earth. You’ve fed the Collective Consciousness from the outside so you’re clearing it from the inside so that love is all that moves through.


Allow your own energy of love to come up within you. It comes up through Gaia and then you bring the remainder of your Consciousness back. It comes back through your Divinity. It comes back through your Higher Self and as you breathe deeply you bring it all back within you, anchoring it within you. I invite you to just sit quietly with this energy.


Feel the pulsation of Gaia. Know that you are anchoring love within Gaia. Feel the remainder of your own Divinity coming back within you and as your Consciousness comes from within. Consider the way in which you anchor love into every cell within your body, and then sit with this heartbeat a little longer and consciously send the pulsation of love and light through every relationship in your life, and for those as yet to be created.


This is anchoring you in love. This is creating a new beginning of love from here forth. Take a deep breath in and be open to receive.


As we bring this evening to a close we invite you to once again as we’re moving into this time of Valentine’s upon the Earth; open to the love within you from a cellular level moving outward through every part of your consciousness, be love, be all that you seek to be and have and experience in your life. Send that outwards into all of your relationships. Send love into all that you do. Because you as your core are love.


Know that I am always with you and within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

Do Not Give up Hope, Kate Spreckley, 13 February 2020

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 1:45 AM

The intensity of 2020 does not seem to be letting up as the flow of incoming energies moves to dramatically shift us. As a result, our process of growth, healing and evoltuion are accelerating. New paths, directions and opportunitites are slowly being revealed but it is up to us to embrace these new possiblities. We may choose to continue our path of growth and shift our reality or we can remain stagnant and unchanged the choice is ours.


As you venture forth from the past clarity will emerge to reveal a variety of truths which will bring you the freedom of choice and a deeper understanding of the changes needed. This will lead you to a profound experience of acceptance that will enable your soul path to gently unfold before you. Inner harmony will result and your faith in the previsionary power of the universe will increase. Continue on your journey until you are able to see with clarity where you are going. Do not give up hope. Move through the challenges before you with grace knowing that all is well.


Much love




This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley

New Moon in Pisces, Feb 23rd - Dare to Dream, Bracha Goldsmith, 13 February 2020

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 1:45 AM

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Pleiadian Message for New Moon in Pisces, Bracha Goldsmith, 13 February 2020

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 1:40 AM

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Villains are as Important as You, Brenda Hoffman, 11 February 2020

Posted on February 11, 2020 at 1:10 AM

Dear Ones,

We wish to address your need to be right – and others wrong. Both of you are correct in your personal context. For just as you cannot be wrong, neither can anyone.

Of course, that concept seems inappropriate now for surely 3D activists are wrong.

ThreeD activists are only wrong for you. For their role of dismantling outdated 3D structures is as important as you creating new structures. Their rashness, meanness, uncomfortable comments, and activities are calling you and others to action.

What you are observing daily is the opposite of love. It is, in a sense, a declaration of war on humanity and the environment. A war that has become so obvious it is painful enough for you and those following to declare, “No more!”

But then, those 3D activists are as productive as you in building a new society of love and joy. For their antics are explosions of that which has been beneath the surface for eons.

Of course, 3D actions and statements are unpleasant. Actions and statements that call your new humane and environmental interests to the forefront.

Many of you proclaimed your love of humanity and the environment before this time of chaos. Yet, you did little to create new structures or avenues of compatibility. Instead, you pooh-poohed the nastiness, injustice, and pain created by you and others in your 3D world. Such was uncomfortable, perhaps even reprehensible, but certainly not something you changed your life to address.

So it is many of those now in power are taking those uncomfortable positions to the extreme, so you and others of the light finally address those positions instead of covering them with band-aids.

Until now, most of you proclaimed that political leaders, corporate executives, religious, social service, academic, and community leaders, were responsible for resolving your discomfort. Those “so-called” leaders were your moral compass. And, the injustices were not painful enough for you to do something about them.

Now you are angry at those designated leaders, those society doers who allowed you to live in 3D peace physically and emotionally.

Those designated leaders are becoming society punching bags with thoughts of, “All of this is their fault.” Yet you are as much to blame as any leader. For leaders can only be leaders if there are followers. It is time for you to do your internal reckoning. What is important to you, and why? And if something is important, what are you doing about it?

This is not the time of blame, it is the time of change.

Most of you in the past few years or months have lit the path for those following. Now your needs, directions, and actions are beginning to shift in ways you cannot yet fully understand. For you are either becoming or have been angry at specific leaders. Anger that fuels your current and future action steps.

What you do not yet fully acknowledge is that those leaders who seem mean or inappropriate for this new world are more friend than foe. For they are pushing you into your new being role.

Just as will be or is true for you, those leaders have claimed their new earth role. They are pushing and shoving you to see the entirety of global inhumanity and environmental blocks.

This new earth restructuring is not minor. It is more significant than any previous shift, including the Renaissance and the industrial revolution. And it is happening at warp speed.

So it is that the villains of this new earth play must be absolute villains, not allowing you wiggle room for deniability. The villains are playing as significant a role as you in transitioning earth from fear to love. They are merely playing an unpopular role. A role they accepted despite knowing they would be hunted and haunted for eons.

You get to swoop in and create love. Their role is to destroy and be vilified. Perhaps you cannot yet grasp the discomfort of their role. But know that they are doing as much to shift earth from fear to love as are you.

So do not waste time being angry with them unless you feel the need to create a new structure from the ashes of what was. And if you are to create new structures, realize that your precious skills were saved from the “dirty work” by the people you are now angry with.

They are destroyers. You are creators. And both of you are completing your roles admirably. The difference is that destruction must come before rebuilding. Those now destroying are doing so with flashing colors and laughing faces. For just as will be true for you, they are completing their tasks valiantly, ceaselessly, and carefully.

Future generations will glorify you and villainize those who promoted fear during this time.

Despite your beliefs to the contrary, the road of destruction is more arduous than that of rebuilding. Those destroying are now applauded by many. But, as time goes on and love, becomes more fully part of the earth, the destroyers will be villainized.

In contrast, even though your initial transition phases were difficult, the road is now smooth and straight. You only need is to recognize and follow your joy. And in future eons, you will be lauded and thanked.

So allow those you are now angry with to explore their paths of destruction. Just as you allow yourself to explore your path of rebuilding from fear to love. So be it. Amen.

Copyright 2009-2020, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc. But PLEASE maintain this blog’s integrity by including the author/channel’s name: Brenda Hoffman and source website link:


Weekly Forecast: February 9 - 15, 2020, Kelly M. Beard

Posted on February 10, 2020 at 12:45 PM

Note from Kelly: This is one of those rare weeks with NO Activations! However, that does not mean that there are no energies to navigate, a Super/Full Moon definitely qualifies!


2/9 ~ LEO Super/Full Moon:


The Leo Full Moon often illuminates the discrepancies between who you are, who you think you are and who you are perceived to be. Because it is a Super Moon, you may feel these lunar energies more intensely. The Leo Full Moon reveals any Self-Love/Self-Value issues and shows where you have been operating from the Outside-In, when Inside-Out would be more effective. It may also expose where your ego has gone unchecked and/or where your Inner Child has been neglected and is now *cranky*. Play is part of being Human and something many have forgotten how to do on the most basic levels because of the system we were born into but we must practice integrating joy & play into our daily lives! It is more fun & interesting to use the Super/Full Moon energies to play with a variety of creative ideas and/or possible roles of who you are evolving into (or would like to over the next 6-12 months), as well as your place of service within any chosen Community. In what capacity can you shine and share your Light going forward? This is one-year later after Leo/Aquarius Eclipses really helped to release negative patterns, as well as your old self or old desire of the heart so that a new, evolved version of YOU could be birthed to bless the world. It’s time to do what you love and love what you do. It’s time to release anything that doesn’t truly express your authentic self so that the *real* you can shine brighter!


2/15 ~ Scorpio Last Qtr Moon:


The Scorpio Last Qtr Moon Illuminates your Soul needs and challenges you to accommodate both your body and soul, your inner and outer responsibilities. Superficial never works when Scorpio is kicking and, in this case, we are really facing where permanent changes must be made in practical ways. It is also a reminder to go to the ROOT – no more half-stepping on your individual healing process. There is a deepening of dedication to your own evolution at this time, but the Methods for getting things done vary widely and all require Trust on much deeper levels. It is also time to consider what you *Initiated* with the Aquarius New Moon (1/24) and what you released on the Leo Super/Full Moon (2/9) and now, the Last Qtr Moon helps you put the final touches on your intentions before we shift from the stabilizing forces of Fixed energy, to the more flexible, fluid energy of Pisces and close the astrological year dreaming up what we will birth come Aries/Springtime.


Copyright © 2000-2020 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

Living Lemuria and the Blue People, Magenta Pixie, 10 February 2020

Posted on February 10, 2020 at 12:40 PM

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2020 Special Alignments, Kelly M. Beard, 7 February 2020

Posted on February 7, 2020 at 11:55 AM

1/12 ~ Saturn (structures, definitions & reality) ~conjunct~ Pluto (death, rebirth & transformation):


Here we have a Social (Saturn) and Collective (Pluto) planet creating a potent initiation that will likely have long-term influence on your personal life in many ways that only become clear a few years from now. This is an evolutionary process and those with Cancer/Capricorn & Aries/Libra are the ones with karmic ties to this combo. This is not a good versus bad thing, this is just a major Reality Check. I did a little digging and the last time Saturn conjuncted Pluto in Capricorn was 1518 and the last time they Initiated a new cycle was in 1982 in Libra. So they connect every 30-years or so thanks to Saturn’s pattern but Pluto makes it hard to connect in the same sign, so when they do, it symbolizes much more global effects. One thing that jumped out to me was that in the 1400’s it looks like lots of countries around the world wanted to be sovereign and be their own individual country and now we are living in a time when we realize how unrealistic or impractical human created borders can be. This is a time when we know we are all connected and we know that Earth’s resources have to sustain us all.


Saturn is here, in Capricorn, to ensure that this initiation is guided by the Council of Grandmothers who help us feminize the individual evolutionary process and collective revolutionary process. What does that mean? It means it is time to lead with honoring Nature, dealing with what is (not our illusions or delusions) and living in harmony with the Life/Death/Life Cycle. Both Saturn & Pluto do not allow things to live beyond their true usefulness. If all is energy, and certain energy is locked up or blocked so it cannot flow, that creates an unnatural death. If we simply honor that something is dead or done and clear it to bring in the new consciously, then we save ourselves a lot of heartache & trouble. We know that humans have lived in harmony with the Earth for millennia (I didn’t say with each other but they respected Nature) and in a few generations, our industrialization & colonization has created a crisis that we ALL have to address on some level if we are to survive. These two bring up these very real, very heavy-duty subjects and asks us all to face that which we’ve ignored overlong and finally clean it up and free up that energy to move.


An initiation catalyzes the NEW and you will know where your individual focus needs to be by the breakdowns going on in your life at this time. What no longer works for you? What is no longer real for you? And what has gotten so real that you have to rearrange your life to accommodate it? How are your containers supporting & protecting you? Where are the energy leaks? What shortcuts have you taken that will not work this time?


Ultimately, we are living through the ultimate transformation of our reality here on Earth. This is a chance to claim your vision of balance & harmony for Mother Earth, the waters and the soil that we cannot survive without. This year, you can co-create with this activation by simplifying your life, redefining your terms and renegotiating your contracts across the board. What have you agreed to in your heart and on paper that may have run its course by now and requires an upgrade or a new agreement altogether?


Note: This activation is joined by Ceres/The Mother – yet another indication of initiating new ways of nourishing ourselves and nurturing others that is up for renewal. In Capricorn, Ceres says it is time to be completely responsible for your footprint on this planet and it is time to look beyond your Self to see what you are actually contributing to the planet at this time. It really is a delicious opportunity for us ALL to start fresh, with new structures in place that honor everyone’s true purpose on Earth.


2/20 ~ Jupiter (Consciousness & Belief Systems) ~sextile~ Neptune (Faith & Connection to Spirit):

(1 of 3: 2/20 ~ 7/27 ~ 10/12)


This is an opportunity to connect to miracles, if you believe in them. It may be miracles, but it may also be the alignment between your Heart & Soul, that part of you that trusts your intuition and believes in a higher power or Source or Universal presence. There are a couple of expressions of this energy. This is a time where your spiritual beliefs expand, taking on a more broad, Universal feel. You may feel the urge to work with those less fortunate (never a bad idea) or you may meet someone that expands your thinking, opening you to new concepts of faith. Under this influence, you may feel more optimistic & philosophical than usual, about your life. It can be a fabulous energy to connect to, because when you are optimistic & faithful, as well as truly connected to the whole, you can manifest almost instantly. However, keep in mind that there are probably some very real challenges that you are facing, which require tangible efforts to resolve. Stay focused on the possibilities, while still doing what needs to be done to facilitate the highest possible outcome. The only challenge with this energy is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, is getting together with Neptune, the planet of no boundaries, so be mindful of any excesses of any kind. Remember, all things in balance, it is rare that excess serves the higher good.


3/21 ~ Saturn Enters AQUARIUS:


We are in an unprecedented Seed Time for our personal, social & collective lives. Think of Saturn as a Teacher/Guide. Think of Aries thru Pisces as the Lessons that we all have to learn and just like any other education, some things will be naturally easier & naturally harder, according to your individual blueprint. During Capricorn, the Lessons have to do with personal responsibility & accountability in a myriad of ways, as well as how we structure our lives and if they support/protect us (or not). Capricorn is one of Saturn’s favorite subjects to teach and you can see, it’s also an underlying theme that he carries throughout all twelve lessons because of Saturn’s natural inclinations.


We just spent the last 2+ years, in Capricorn, learning about being responsible for ourselves as individuals but also as a collective. Saturn moving through your Capricorn House was to check for stability & instability, strength & weakness – as well as the essential & the truly non-essential so that it can eliminate, fortify & upgrade to something more appropriate to here & now. Now, until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius too so we may see an evolution of the themes already on the table. Sovereignty and the inner authority of the individual has evolved and so have the outer authorities like governments & all institutions, as well as those they were intended to serve.


So moving through Aquarius, we will learn about self-sovereignty as well as local & global communities. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius ~ when we get to be our individual selves with full conscious awareness that we are an intricate piece of the whole at the same time. Saturn’s sojourn through any sign will first dig up the weaknesses and unstable aspects so that it can reorganize with the values and priorities of NOW. We are literally ending an era when government elite got to run everything and now humanity is going to shift and learn how to be self-governed and self-contained within the communities in which we actually live and function.


It’s time to dream up a new way to function on this ever-evolving – as well as living, breathing planet! I think we will also have some technological breakthroughs that actually help instead of harm the Earth. We will discover a kinship with our fellow beings that finally makes it okay and even welcome to be a unique, thinking, feeling, breathing individual. We are not cookie-cutter creatures, we are vastly different and we all have something unique to offer, just like every species of plant, mineral or animal. We are from the same family but we each bring our own particular Medicine to the mix! We are going to celebrate that … once we stabilize a new way of socializing and functioning together, rather than the old patriarchal ways of divide & conquer. Volunteering and working as a unit is going to blossom and we’ll be connecting with folks across the globe as if we are old friends or long lost relatives.


4/4 ~ Jupiter (consciousness, learning & belief systems) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

(1 of 3: 4/4 ~ 6/30 ~ 11/12)


The highest possible expression of this energy is channeling your very passionate, intense energy into your Highest vision – Highest ideal – deepest personal Truth and receiving the fruits of such hard labor. There is power behind the current expansion and you are in a unique position to create your greatest vision or deepest fear. Both these planets force you to improve your Self, your life, your environment, usually stripping you of misconceptions and excess baggage along the way. This is a 13yr cycle, how did your life completely shift 13 years ago? This is your time to choose to co-create, to cultivate & commit to expressing your infinite potential. Dig deeper, there is more to you than you give your Self credit for being. This is your chance to completely redefine your Truth & Purpose. The worst possible expression of this energy is to become obsessed by a belief, try to force others to your way of thinking, blow things way out of proportion, magnify the darkness and prolong your trip through the Underworld. Jupiter insists we learn from such excavations of the Soul. Your deepest Truth is surfacing at this time, is it based in fear or faith? Under pressure, whatever is inside, comes out. It’s time to decide if you are going to believe in positive outcomes and the ability to turn your deepest wounds into your most trusted, earned wisdom.


12/21 ~ Jupiter (Your Truth & Story) ~conjunct~ Saturn (Your Purpose & Reality):


This is a potent initiation of a New Truth & Purpose for everyone, and because of it being at Zero Aquarius, it really is reset that is available for “everyone” – it is time for all life, especially humanity, to rise into a new evolutionary Truth & Story that we can be responsible for and sustain in our physical reality here on this planet, this lifetime. This is a 20-year cycle that asks us to follow our Truth & Purpose and revise it as we go. A really deep sidebar is that the US Constitution was originally designed to be revised every 20-years. Just imagine what kind of society we would have if that had happened. BUT – we can’t go back so looking forward and recognizing the value of upgrading your life contracts, especially the long-term ones, every 20-years in a very special way that asks you to initiate on faith that all that you’ve learned over the last 12-20 years will support & protect you as you embark on a new journey.


These two get together like this every 20-years but it has been centuries since it happened in Aquarius so it is very special for anyone with Leo/Aquarius or Taurus/Scorpio to consciously co-create with. It last happened in Taurus in 2000 and before that, in Libra in 1980-81. That’s both Venus-ruled Signs suggesting we’ve been getting our education on the value & worth of the Sacred Feminine in all its forms, starting with Mother Earth, our Source of all. This activation is so good to break the chains of the past or anything that has historically held you back. Often, whatever life structures that you have relied upon begin to crumble forcing you into a new job, new location or new living situation of some kind. It can be disruptive but Jupiter is a benefactor that always brings blessings, so eventually things will work out for the best. Right now, you have to be authentic, trust your instincts and be more forward-thinking as you cultivate a New Story & New Reality that reflects how you have evolved over the last 20+ years.


This is a Zero Point activation that is going to happen again three more times in Aquarius (every 60-years). This is a reality check that asks you to dig a little deeper and really define your terms around what is really possible for you. It’s time to think bigger or Higher, consider you the individual and then extend it out to all life.


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Integrating Your Senses, Shelly Dressel, 7 February 2020

Posted on February 7, 2020 at 11:50 AM

As the vibration of the earth and collective consciousness continues to rise, it is essential that we align as well. This channel began with some video glitches at the beginning. As always, it gets to be so frustrating!! Once cleared, the meditation began. Therefore, at the beginning, there is talk of what it is like to be in the flow and getting frustrated when things are not going well. Before we even expanded our consciousness, there was a clearing of frustration and things not working in life.


Once we arrived within the All That Is, the Goddess created a bubble around each one of us so as to have a sense of perspective. For people who were already expanded and balanced, they did not necessarily stay within the bubble. She then started with opening our inner vision. There was an expansion of how to see from within and she then created greater opening of the energy pathway. From there, the Goddess worked on audio, feeling, taste and touch. We are already using all our senses, so this expansion and integration truly strengthens your abilities. Once we rebalanced these, the crystalline energy then integrated more deeply.


We are also working more fully with the expanded ball of light. This is a higher vibration that is without the limitation of the hologram. We will use it more fully in the future as a means of supporting humanity.




Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole


I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment whenever that now moment may be for you. Here we are in your time space reality. Here we are shifting your focus and your awareness so that you may experience all that is here for you.


These times in which we gather together are times in which you can not only align with the people around you, but you may also align with I the Goddess and any of the other light beings that share this space with you.


As you live your life there is a constant change and transformation that is taking place, moment to moment, day-to-day, year-to-year. There are times in with that change, in which that change or transformation may seem very slow at times in which things pass in an instant.


I am here to give you this opportunity to create clarity within your life and assist you with the choices that you make for yourself.


Let us consider for a moment all of these changes in things that take place around you. The technical glitches that come up with consistency and for you in your life it may be technical glitches, it may be things that have to do with your living, your job, your friendships, your family. It may seem as if there are issues or problems that come up again and again and again.


The key in this situation is to remember and ground yourself and then open up your consciousness that you may feel that greater flow of your own divinity and that support that is there from your higher self.


Indeed I can hear Shelly chattering in the back saying, “That doesn’t always take care of the problem, I might still be looking for answers”. You know there’s always a laundry list not only from Shelly but from humanity about why things don’t work and about why you try something and then it doesn’t work and you think “See, I am not in the right vibration. I’m not in the right place at the right time. Everything always happens for its right timing”. These are your thoughts and your beliefs and that statement, each one of those statements is absolutely true.


However, as humanity when you make statements like that you don’t make them objectively you make them with an energy of judgment. An energy that says, “Things happen at the right time, yes, that is absolutely true, however, I’m mad that the right time is not right now. I’m mad that I have to wait longer or seek something or do something different” and then it creates that sense of “I am not good enough because I’m not doing it right”.


I’m laughing in the background because, this it all triggered from the glitches this evening? Perhaps and perhaps it is just something that you as humanity need to hear. I would ask you that when you make a statement such as “It must not be right timing” or “It must not be the best time for this to take place” that you can do so with a heart that is open, with a heart that is without any judgment, with a heart and consciousness aligning in such a way that you can let go any unconscious or underlying judgment about you and whatever the situation may be.


In everything that we do my intention for you and all situations is that you are in a place of love; that within this space of love you are at peace, you are empowered, you recognize the strength that is intrinsic within you.


This is my intention for every single human upon the earth, and if you are listening to this or watching, may you feel the love from my heart to yours at this moment and any other time that you think about me and my energies because at the end of the day love is enough, love is the stabilizer, love is the anchor; …. love is.


I can feel how everyone is now just calm and quiet and linked into one another. Indeed, the majority of this was to assist Shelly, however, I also recognize that each one of you all have been in situations exactly the same and I hope that this is a tool that you may use going forward.


Take a moment to send that energy from within your heart down through your physical body so that it may move into the energies of the earth and Gaia.


As you send this down into the earth it spreads out into different directions and it anchors you as you begin to feel the vibration of Gaia as it flows upward into you.


As you are anchoring this vibration within you, you then send the stream of light that goes up through the top of your head, it goes out through your head center and you immediately align with the space of your higher self.


Within the space of your higher self look around at what is here present within this energy.


As you do so perhaps there are little nuggets or experiences that are here in support of you. Reach out to take it into your consciousness in this now moment.


If you are looking around and it’s as if it’s very crowded and tightly congested ~whew~ clear out the space. Let it go, let go the old energy, let go the moment, let go those situations which no longer serve you.


You then let your consciousness flow even higher; it follows that stream of energy that takes you back into your divinity. As you follow that thread of consciousness and stream of light as you merge with your divinity, it is as if you come into a space and the doors just open up and you are here in all the love, in all the light, in all the opportunity that is your soul, that is you in all of your unique self-formation; howsoever you consider it. It is you. Allow that energy to flow. Allow that energy to move through you. Feel it and know what it is.


There you go, as I said this, I could see how so many of you were actually having a deeper alignment with the various aspects of your life.


I the Goddess walk into this space. As I do so I walk up to each one of you. I reach out to embrace you, you as your divinity, you as the soul consciousness of this lifetime. As our energies merge we shift into the space of the All That Is.


Feel how you expand even further as you move through this. ~whew~ there we go.


I ask you to take the moment to create a space for yourself because I would like in this now moment for each one of you to have a sense of a bubble or something that gives you a sense of boundary.


As you do so I wish to begin by working with each one of your senses. As you, perhaps close your eyes, perhaps you just allow your focus to go within your consciousness; I invite you to look with your inner eyes as you consider sight. We are here in this bubble but you can make it as large or small as you so choose and I ask you to pay attention to your sight.


I’m injecting various colors and patterns into the space around you, so as you look perhaps with your physical eyes closed and as you have the intention of seeing with your inner eyes take a moment to consider colors and perhaps patterns that are here within this space. For some it may be as if you just have a blank wall, for others it’s very vivid and once you tap into those energies create whatever it is that resonates with you.


My focus at the moment though, are for people that say they would like to see more. So I would like to work with your energy body, working within your consciousness, be it to activate waves of light or vibration so that you may see what is around you.


If you still have a sense of blankness then I ask you to go within your belief system and if there is a belief system that says you cannot see energy or you cannot see with your inner eyes, no matter what that may be reach down within you into a belief system that no longer supports you and bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.


As you clear that belief as if you are opening up your inner eyes ask to see. The perception I see taking place is that now some people see very faint light colors. They see perhaps a wave of movement.


I continue to work with you, strengthening those threads of energy and vibration that move from your physical to your third eye into your pineal gland and into anything that allows you to be able to see with your inner eye. And once you begin to see it will almost immediately begin to flow giving you shapes and images. For some people it’s as if it all happens in an instant for others, it’s a very gradual increase. Release any judgment that it will look a particular way or you will experience a particular or an exact situation.


I clear out this bubble. Let us work on hearing.


Ah, as soon as I said that for many of you it was like you are in a very crowded room and you heard multiple, multiple angels, physical beings, nonphysical beings that were all in the general area, so let me clear that out, let me transition whatever that may be so that as you are here within this bubble that helps to give it some intensity for it to assist you open up to hear a message from me, from your divinity, from your angels or guides.


Okay, okay, I’m hearing people say “But I don’t hear anything, that’s a problem for me”. So again, just as with the other I send impulses of light that move through your ear canal, many people have a ringing in their ears and that’s very distracting so let us pullout and release any of that ringing. Let us make a clear intention that perhaps you hear tones at first and as you consider what it is to hear tones within your ear open up, open up as if you are adjusting the radio so that it becomes louder and it’s something that you can then here. Of course if it’s too loud you tone it down.


There we go. I could feel a shift as a good many of you began to hear tones or whispers or sound. We are then going to shift the energy a little bit and ask you, what are you feeling? I heard many of you say, neutral. So as we clear out the space I infuse into that space around each one of you an energy that you may interpret howsoever you choose and if people are saying, I don’t feel anything, it’s the same as it was before and again I clear out your energy body ~whew~ and I invite you to feel.


For this one more than the other two, there is a very dramatic impulse of energy that began to go into people’s consciousness and for many it was overwhelming so again we tone this down.


There we go, it’s like there is this wave.


I invite you now to have a sense of putting those threes senses together. Okay, let us clear out your bubble or your space and I’m now going to actually expand everyone’s to a little bit bigger, which everyone was the strongest for you let that come in first.


And you take a moment as if you are tuning and strengthening that within you, then take in the second, whichever that was for you and then you take in the third so that as you consciously bring in these three forms that are predominantly used on earth for people to sense and expand their consciousness. I’m going to send in an image, this one is as if you are looking out over a mountain range and there is an eagle that is flying by so you can hear the sound of the eagle. There are breezes that are blowing through the trees and you can hear the sound of the trees. As you are looking with your inner eye look at the eagle and anything else that may come to your awareness.


As you breathe in this experience, as you feel the energies, does it amplify what you see? Does it amplify what you hear? Does it give you greater detail about your other two senses?


Some may also feel as if they are physically touching, some may taste; whatsoever works for you in this now moment I ask you to amplify so that you are reconfiguring your energy body and your consciousness to adjust and expand your senses and abilities.


I now bring in the crystalline light body. The crystalline vibration as you know is that which is of the omniverse that is assisting all of the vibrations upon the earth rise up into the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions, therefore, as I infuse the crystalline energy of expanded consciousness into you within this space have a sense of just letting everything expand as it rises into a higher dimension and then feel it as it integrates more and more deeply within you. They all work simultaneously helping you to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to know; all that is happening in this now moment and there was another wave that went through. And there was another wave that went through.


Take a moment and as if you are embracing all of this knowledge and awareness have a sense of just bringing all of it back within you, within your consciousness, within this space that you have been working within.


As you do that, I now clear away those bubbles that were created around each one of you and here in the space of the All That Is there are many angels, light beings, the other people upon this journey. So with that clear intention that others don’t come into or influence you, take a moment and open up your inner eyes looking around at the All That Is. Each one of you have a different perspective of what this space looks like, so whatever comes to your consciousness is the truth for you or the reality for you.


Is there anything that you can hear? A tone or a vibration, perhaps those voices from before? What does this feel like to you? If you were to reach out, do you have a sense of touching, a sense of smell, a sense of taste? Everything works together as a creation for where you are.


As you are looking out with your inner eyes and as you integrate more and more of the crystalline energies, look around you. Notice if anything comes to your awareness that you perhaps had not really noticed at the beginning.


Indeed, I heard several of you saying, “Well everything is much sharper, the colors are much brighter, there’s more detail in whatever I see”. Some are still looking at the eagle and the ridge; others are in completely different scenarios of whatever might be happening in their life, which takes us to the next space.


As you fully integrate all of your senses and as I send impulse and impulse through you, let it open up, realign, expand and blend so that all works in conjunction with one another so as to smoothly and easily assist you.


Then look at your life. If you have something going on in your life look at it now that you may understand. Breathe in and breathe out.


So much is taking place within you. Allow that understanding to move into all that you see within your life. Just let it move through you.


When you find yourself in situations in your everyday life come back to this moment, where you create a space that you know is safe, secure, understandable to you and then consciously go through; my inner vision, my inner hearing, my inner cognizance, my smell, my touch, my feel. Let yourself almost as if you have a checklist tap into this moment, where you can consciously open up all of your senses and you can make sure that everything is working in alignment within you and then once more look at the situations that you may have in your life.


You may find that certain things you can just let go. They’re done, they’re over. You move on. Other things, you may have a new perspective of looking at that situation. Whatever it may be take this opportunity and experience you as you.


Ultimately in these journeys, this is what is happening with you; is that you are getting to know yourself as your most authentic and real self. You’re working here in the All That Is directly from your soul essence; in particular this evening you are opening up attuning, adjusting, accelerating all of your senses. Feel what that does for you.


Some of you may choose to stay and continue to practice with this. I would suggest to you, I use the image of the mountain and trees and eagle. Perhaps create a different scenario, perhaps something in a valley, something with the ocean, perhaps swimming whatever it is that works for you, come to this space, create the scenario and then practice looking, listening, touching, feeling, tasting all that your senses have to give to you because they in essence are the ways in which your consciousness is able to gather information and then transfer it outward into your life.


I invite everyone to come back together as a group and as you do so I do still see it kind of as a circular group, of course there’s up, down, in, out, but I invite each one of you to consciously work with your senses to create that ball of energy. It perhaps is filled with color, whatever it may be, let this be your own expansion and integration set into this little energy ball that you send into the center and all of that together in addition to what I the Goddess and the other light beings are transferring into this intention it begins to create this massive ball of light.


This is amplifying your own energies, it is amplifying the universal energies and then it seems to go out, it expands out going in both directions or up and down it goes in every direction, all at once and then you can have a sense of following. You follow that thread of energy. Okay, okay, I saw some of you following streaming your consciousness back down within you, however, with this intention have a sense of looking towards the earth and as all of this energy moves through it goes through the collective consciousness of the earth intentionally clearing things out in every direction. It goes down into the earth, into the center of the earth. As it does so everything swirls around, it integrates and it begins to expand outward.


As this, as you are looking at the earth, as you are looking at that energy, as you are using all of your senses you see that within the center of the earth, it’s finding its balance and it’s anchor with Gaia and then as is moving outward there is that blend and it’s going in and out at the same time the collective consciousness gets cleared out of any lower vibrations and it activates within this space the high light expansion of your senses, expansion of the consciousness and the integration of the crystalline energies.


I now invite you, if you have not done so to follow that own, your own stream of energy and light. You move through your soul, you come back down through your higher self and then you let that flow of energy come back down so that it may anchor within you.


As you feel your consciousness come back within your physical reality take a moment to look, listen, feel, touch with all your inner senses and see if you can feel that transformation that just took place. Feel what it is to you, feel your own acceleration of your gifts and your ability to use them. ~whew~ Come back within yourself.


As you are living your life in your physical everyday reality understand that you have not only the senses that you’re used to working with every day but you also have that inner vision, the inner sensitivity, the inner hearing and then the crystalline vibration.


Allow the wave upon wave of this expanded energy to come within you. Recognize that through this journey I was weaving together an alignment so that everything blends together within you. Be open to experience a new way of looking at the world or experiencing the world. Be aware that there are always potentials around you.


Know always that I am ever with you and within you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:



Powerful Full Moon Weekend Ahead, Kate Spreckley, 7 February 2020

Posted on February 7, 2020 at 11:50 AM

We are in a cycle of enormous transformation which has triggered the very depths of our soul and brought to light that which we need to heal, release and integrate. The current cosmic alignments are bringing a sense of completion to this cycle. With the Full Moon this weekend we have some powerful energies coming in that will continue to push, prod and challenge us to move beyond our past history and detach from the old.


While processing and integrating the current energies you may encounter a range of different experiences, emotions and feelings that will challenge you to shift and expand your perspective. As this process unfolds it may produce some uncomfortable emotional and physical symptoms - emotional outbursts, stiffness, back and neck pain, skin rashes, digestion issues, headaches and exhaustion. As uncomfortable as these symptoms are, they are a good indication that you are releasing, realigning and rebalancing your entire being. Make sure to get the support you need to ease this process. You don't have to do it alone!


Much love




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