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Powerful LightBody Activations & Upgrades for the Physical Body, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 15 August 2018

Posted on August 15, 2018 at 3:40 PM

We've Opened up with a BIG BANG!

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

The Eclipse started us off with a COSMIC BANG that went for 2 solid days! These accelerations are working through everything and re-wiring our bio-electrical circuitry systems each day since. Today was another Gateway opening...


Body flushes, heating up (SOULar/consciousness expansion), clearing deep programming in the body, just a small part of these huge upgrades that continue to work through everything on a Quantum Level. I saw many posts on many fainting/passing out/going unconscious to awaken/expand "fast". This is how I did my early years, until I "learned" to slow everything down, to be very present and completely surrender to this very important process, with my whole body/being, until all was "complete". Sometimes an hour, sometimes all day... each time different, so be patient and honor your body, as it "works hard" on a cellular/Quantum/multi-dimensional level for you. Meteor showers accelerated star particles activating in our bodies/under our skin, and many other things, as crystals/our crystalline systems activate as well.

While the whole body receives, these went straight for our gut. Vomiting was a common experience for many, as our bodies flooded with Cosmic RAYs (radiation), delivering a PUNCH for sure. I got whammied for several hours, posting for others who might not have been aware of what was going on. Regardless of each's LightBody phase, our Energetic Body becomes more prevalent as we all go.


Some notice their physical reality, others their physical body, some having a blast, in JOY and happy, noticing nothing at all, as our ability to connect on a cellular/DNA level occurs as we tune-in on an energetic level to all.


For those deep into gridwork, we tend to experience very differently than those externally focused or with a more carbon-based anatomy. My early phases were beyond intense. (I'll be sharing this in the new email series when it's ready for all). ♥

Yesterday, a day of deep integration, working in beautiful simplicity and silence, I captured a little bit of beauty to share here with you.

Grasshoppers/katydids (my Quantum Jump symbol), and the playful red-crested Cardinals in the back yard, Shama Birds singing, Dragonflies fluttering about, while Solaris shines to deliver even more Light Codes for us all. Breathing with the Universal breath of Gaia (wind) and high singing frequencies/symphonics, in unison with the birds, all make for beautiful energies to accompany supporting our LightBodies, so that we can focus and accomplish through pure gratitude, appreciation, deep inner-connection, and immense peace with greater ease.

Today, uber high frequency, bio-electrical energy continues to be very strong. These are not only for super-quantum-activating the Higher Dimensional templates, grids and systems within Gaia and atmosphere's, they are simultaneously doing the same within our body's circuitry systems too.

In early LightBody phases, some may experience shooting electrical current in their back, spine, brains, heart and tingling, as their Light body awakens inside. Neural pathways firing off, pineal glands activating/opening up more (light blasts or flickers), as well as physical pain or emotions surfacing "seemingly" out of "nowhere", as your body wakes up. The body's processing rates, nervous systems and immune (defense) and support systems (organs, back, legs, feet), are all being re-worked. The more linear, the denser the body, the more each's LIGHT will short circuit, especially when the physical body is over-stimulated/overwhelmed and there's not enough down-time, relax time, rest time "allowed".

Dense particle matter (carbon based bodies) have a more immense (program) break-down process to go through. As we each clear our own heavy density (emotions, beliefs, attachments and more), our body's density will start to Lighten (expand), yet this does not mean it weighs less. Often quite the opposite for awhile, as there's "more space inside" for our photonic LightBody (Consciousness) to expand and contract, it will continually activate, push out, rework our "innards", which gets a bit weird and challenging for awhile. Every bit of ego has to go for this part, otherwise through our own resistance and old programmed beliefs, we make it "worse" on ourselves. Our bodies will get heavier, lighter (gravity shifts and a re-balancing of our own electromagnetic fields), often sluggish/lethargic, then massive amounts of energy, then kaput. Learning to MANAGE YOUR OWN ENERGY and all of your realities, without stressing your body, is a part of our Mastery here.

What each's fills their field with, this will contribute, so it's important to take great care in your surroundings, how long you subject yourself to certain external stimuli that does not vibrationally support, uplift, elevate, inspire and "takes" your energy in a way that's not creating what you desire to experience here.

It's going to be very important for all to really take a look at their lives and see where y/our energy goes... This means everything, as depletion will become more "intense" for the old 3D/4D timelines, as they dissolve and break down (in each's body matrix), therefore the external too. As each's senses are exponentially enhanced, our human aspect doesn't quite grasp what all is going on yet. Our consciousness awakening and expanding from inside of our body out... makes everything "loud", as photonic light amplifies everything, which is why distortions are so loud/scream... it's all ENERGETIC. This is how Purity is FELT, how we FEEL our realities. We SEE (read Light Encoded data) through our own electromagnetic Unified Field of (Super) Consciousness.



The beauty, is that these energies are off-the-charts beautiful, magical and so PURE, delivering vibrational responses constantly to what each has been, (and is currently) "putting out". They continue to accelerate, requiring more focus on immediate and full integration by each. Much higher timelines are always available, as each is truly ready to step up and step forth. First we must "learn" (allow ourselves) to play like an innocent child and inJOY through Divine Presence, a pure re-connection with self and Gaia, to contribute to elevating the Consciousness of hUmaNITY, through every exchange, through combining reSOURCEs, efforts and sharing, supporting and caring, in all new ways.


Remember, the ego aspect is harsh, imposing, pulling (needing), latches on/hangs on, is a victim, manipulates, attempts to control, passive aggressive, lacks consideration/respect and more. Your Divine aspects are soft, kind, respectful, considerate and beyond powerful as LOVE. Your purest you, your highest self/soul, can't be controlled, manipulated or threatened anymore. You see the BS that this is, and you choose to no longer allow/participate in this old matrix, understanding that it's just a karmic timeline (part of your akash), that you can resolve/dissolve and shift into a much higher vibrational one, from deep within yourself.


Everything is either Duality or Unity. One comes from a place of fear & lack and the other pure Peace and Inner-connectedness. Whatever we still hold within us, will appear in our physical reality to observe and "deal". In the beginning, we just let alot of stuff go. We don't engage, we don't care. It's a part of our own ego dissolving from within. Eventually, we see, understand and hold the POWER to align realities if they get out of alignment in any way. For awhile, all we do is align, align, align, re-align... until we bring everything into full alignment or it aligns for us, then we just keep there!


Through your own Divine Presence, you will naturally be able to bring all into Unity yourself. If you created a Duality Reality or one presents in your reality to "deal", you'll get to choose kindness and respect first. If that doesn't work, because the timeline is heavily unconscious/karmic, then more "energetic force" is often required to break the program, yet always from Love. We don't need to engage, argue, defend or point the finger. We just hold the highest everything in place and we allow all others to step up, if they care to have any type of relationship/reality/exchange. If Sacred Respect is lacking, then then duality and ego are at play.

It's important to take care in observing any walls of protection around your own heart, where your mind is closed, fixed/set/insistent on something, where you are/are not adaptable to shifting vibrationally, from within each moment that presents. Open your heart as wide as you can, and keep it open. Observing your own ego/programming (without judgment), gives you the POWER to resolve/dissolve all through kindness, love and respect, yourself. Our ascended aspects do not allow unconscious programs to play out in our own realities very long. We observe and see the purposes, deciding what actions are appropriate and we deal with everything, from our highest state of consciousness our selves. We each have the ability to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness, if all of our hearts are open to doing this.

I've not had a chance to complete any of the newest vast Light Encodements/writings yet. They are quite in-depth, because there is so much to cover and share. I'll make these available as they are ready. ♥


Keep embracing and making Magic! Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

Let Go! Brenda Hoffman, 14 August 2018

Posted on August 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Dear Ones,

Many of you are questioning the validity of our assertion a few days ago that you merely need to walk through the door when you are ready, and you will be in joy. Such is so for your life has not yet expressed itself in sparkling joy. In truth, your life may feel cumbersome, even painful.


Let go.


If you feel as described, you are hanging onto your 3D comforts or knowingness with your fingernails – afraid to let go and yet not able to climb back into 3D. You are in a void of beingness. Let go.


You will not harm yourself. You will not fail. Let go.


Many of you are proclaiming that you have let go. We beg to differ. If you feel fear, anger, pain or any emotion other than joyful anticipation, you continue your 3D efforts.


You protest that last statement by reminding us that fear, pain, and anger remain part of your paint palette – true. But this is not the time to explore those elements. In 3D, you were almost uncomfortable with sparkling joy. Even though you felt joy perhaps even bliss, your overriding 3D emotion was fear.


You have transitioned beyond overriding fear to minimal fear. Your fear now is as joy once was.


We have attempted numerous techniques to expedite your joy emotions from sending joyful love energies to reminding you of your true being. All of which have encouraged you to ALMOST let go of your 3D being.


Let go. For as we stated just a few days ago, millions are awakening. It is time to start your role, so those awakening have something or someone to guide them.


Perhaps you believe you completed your transition with minimal help and those following can do the same. Ah. That is where we disagree. You are the Olympic stars who exposed your hidden agenda when you began your transition. The same is not necessarily true for those following. Even though some are second level Olympic champions, the majority are novices without prior preparation or knowledge.


They know they feel different. They know they want to experience love and joy because they are tired of fear, but they are not necessarily driven or tuned-in as was true for you.


So it is they are wondering in the desert waiting for someone to tap their new needs not knowing how to do so on their own. Your role is to lead them to the light. Not by commanding or insisting, but just by being of the light.


Once you fully let go and fall into joy, your sparkle, your radiance will encourage others to do the same. This encouragement is much different from what is true of some of your 3D salespersons. It is not about sales, but instead, display. Similar to someone walking past a display window and realizing they want what is displayed in that window.


Your role is not sales, it is being in joy and love.


Of course, such appears difficult or maybe even uncomfortable now for you continue to hold on by your fingernails to what was. It is past time to let go and display your true being.


How many friends, relatives, or acquaintances do you know currently displaying their true joy without fear or anger? So it is that you are not alone in holding on as long as you can to that 3D ledge.


But you and your star travel buddies are not of the earth to continue 3D fear. Your role is to fully display 5D or beyond joy and love. Such cannot happen as long as you feel the need to be of 3D in even the most minimal way.


You will know if you are one of those holding on if you felt even a twinge of anger the past few days. Anger is not terrible or bad just not where you wish to be now.


Let go. You will not fail or fall to your destruction. Instead, you will blossom into your role.


Many of you are waiting for a bolt of lightning or a Universal message telling you who you should be. You decided who you wanted to be in this lifetime eons ago and have been practicing since. Once you let go, you will merely fall onto your cloud, your mattress, your star of joy. You will guide yourself to your role after you do for it is so deeply ingrained within you that no one but you can determine who you are now – not yesterday, nor tomorrow – now.


Perhaps you question that thought for you have no idea who you are. You know that love and joy are paramount, but not how those emotions will play out in your life. Neither do we. Are you a gardener expressing love in natural beauty or a creator of new forms of government? Only you know and will display once you let go.


You will not break or be ostracized. You will not negate or leave your current life unless you now have an overriding need to do so. You will merely claim true you in love and joy. Allow fear to shift into your background for a time so you can fully experience and yes, trust that joy is now your key component. And once you do others will follow gladly.


Given the choice of sparkly joy or deep fear, which would you choose? So do so. Let go and let yourself be. Others will follow for earth beings, as a whole, are tired of fear. They merely need displays of joy to jump on the joy bandwagon. You are that display. So be it. Amen.


Copyright 2009-2018, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

Riding the Waves of the Sacred Spiral, Kara Schallock, 14 August 2018

Posted on August 14, 2018 at 1:55 PM

Completely shifting to being New is not what we thought it would be. When the word Transformation has been used, did we think it would mean a complete upheaval of what we've come to count on? It's easy to intellectualize everything and yet, it's not appropriate, as the mind has little to do with Transformation. If you ponder the Transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly, you understand the caterpillar does not merely sprout wings while keeping its body. No; the caterpillar dissolves completely and a new DNA is formed, as are its cells. It then builds its new form from this recalibrated goo. We are the same. Many of us can relate to being goo; nothing is familiar, many of our closest people have fled, our bodies and minds don't work the same and the beat continues.

It is difficult to comprehend that there is no end to this evolution, yet it's important to embrace...that ascension is ongoing and infinite. With a human and limited mind, we always think if there's a beginning, there must be an end. There simply is no end. Ascension is a spiral that goes on infinitely. You reach one wave and there is another that takes you farther, then another wave arrives; you ride that wave till another appears and so on. Human conditioning can't quite grasp this. We think for sure there is an end goal. This is the New. We don't get to take our human conditioning with us! We can try, yet it simply doesn't work. Many are still in the old linear conditioning that says this point leads to that point; it's only logical. Nothing is logical. There is no linear way of being. We are on a spiral. We ebb and flow.


The best we can do is to relax and observe without expecting things to be a certain way. It's why many feel they have to have even one thing that is how they arrange their day, how they recluse themselves, how and what they eat or how they interract with others. Many of us are learning an opposite way of living. How we used to do things has or is shifting. I often think of George Costanza of the Seinfeld Show. In one episode, he decides to do the opposite of how he has usually done things. He figures out that it works for him. It greatly helps to have at least one thing that you can count on while you shift to the New, where everything seems to be so very different. Being in Nature also greatly helps, as does daily meditation.


We are seemingly forced to do things differently. For instance, if you have waited for someone else to show the way (this includes guides), you may discover that by making a choice yourself, magic happens. This is just one shift of many. You see, we are sovereign beings. It is all up to us. One time my guides walked away from me, saying it was time to work with my own Soul. I felt I wasn't ready, yet it wouldn't have happened unless I was. This was over thirty years ago. Life has not been the same since. However, with the latest Lion's Gate and eclipse and many other phenomenon urging us to be more, it seems like a huge leap forward to work only with our Souls. It's essential to be fully immersed as Soul.


I use the term “Lion's Gate” because most are familiar with that term; however, labels are not used in the New; they limit. Let us just say it's another big wave on the spiral we are traveling. We are reminded not so gently to stay in the Moment, for it is only in the Moment we can ride the wave of energy pulling us along. We can use the momentum of this wave to release more of the lower energies like anger and unforgiveness; these hold us back; stopping the flow. You are not in the Moment when you experience lower emotions. These lower emotions are of the past; let them go when they surface and reroot yourself in the Moment. What do you feel when you're fully in the Moment?


We are still in the energy of both the “Lion's Gate” and all of the eclipses. All of these together accentuate the energy. Gaia is experiencing this as well. Look at the fires of Transmutation! Yes, all is very intense now, which is affecting us clear down to our cells. Oh my, aren't we exhausted?!? Lots is going on; yet there are new beginnings and insights, which lead to an upgrade of consciousness. We have more Divine Wisdom as the Light Codes from our own Original Home infuse us with their Love. Our new DNA is activated and we accelerate our personal and spiritual evolution. With this acceleration, manifestation of wherever we put our attention occurs.


We are being profoundly affected. Our Hearts are expanding, which also expands our Courage and Expression. This energy also likely brings up old energies; all those things that hold us back in the old. If you feel anxious, angry, impatient and/or lethargic, these are all brought forth by the intense energies. Don't allow them to rule your life; observe them and then step into the Moment. Meditate so that not only will you stay in the Moment, you also align yourself with the energies that are flowing; and you more easily and consciously become One with and as your Soul; your Authentic Self.


Stay grounded and focused on your Heart's intentions, meditate and be in Nature often. Honor your Integrity and laugh. As you do, you heal and whole your deep wounds and expand your Heart and 3rd Eye chakras. As your Heart opens wider, you receive many blessings, especially from the Blue Beings of Sirius.


On Facebook, I mentioned a chakra that is located in the cerebellum at the base of the skull. It is being activated and upgraded for many; those who are ready for it. This upgrade includes higher Sensitivity to energies. So if you feel some energy there or if it's a bit sore, this might help you understand it more. Also it is connected to the Crown chakra by many tiny chakras, often referred to as the “string of pearls.” Pearls hold essences of Purity and Wisdom. This chakra in the cerebellum is referred to as the “Mouth of God,” which is further enhanced when you speak your Truth. I have been told it also holds past lives and is called (if you choose to have a name for it) the Ascension Chakra. While it's not considered to be a major chakra, it feels to me like it's quite important for us at this time.


Love is a word that has been bandied about often. Love is Source; it is who we are. As Love, we are loving. This means that we accept all, even though we don't necessarily have relationships with all of whom we love We still choose to be with those we resonate with; yet we love and accept all even while there are differences. When we open our Hearts to all of life, we create the New Earth. Sometimes being loving is letting go of certain people and loving first and then releasing patterns that limit us. Love is recognizing there is no separation.


As we evolve, we also see the illusions folks project as a way to protect themselves from evolving. The more you are honest and in your Integrity, the more these same folks may push you away, as their separate ego has them adhere to their old patterns and judgments and you pose a risk to their comfort zone. You need not take this personally, as all have a choice. Be sure to take care of yourself. One way to do this is to not chase after others who choose not to be close to you in order to heal or fix the relationship. Let go and let be gracefully. Allow yourself the space and time to heal and whole. Life is on a continuum. It is not black and/or white; it ebbs and flows.


Be sure not to let the world's events distract you. Choose what you focus on. As you focus on the positive things that surround you, you evolve and attract more of the same. There are many who are doing positive things for life. How are you contributing? It can be as small as feeding birds, composting, recycling, donating time and/or money...there are so many ways in which you add to the Beauty of life. Whatever you choose to focus on grows. Be in Appreciation and Gratitude for all in your life, whether big or small, flowing or challenging. There is plenty of drama in the world and yet, you have a choice as to whether you join in the drama or choose a different path. Choose those things that make your Heart swell and enhance your Joy.


Be in Discernment always. Do not take folks' words as Truth, for Truth is within you. If something resonates, your Heart expands; if something doesn't feel right, pay attention to your own feelings. This shifts as you evolve.


As our DNA upgrades, realize that our entire bodies are affected. Our Lightbody (Soul) is descending to merge as us. This brings many changes. I won't go into them, as the energies affect each of us uniquely. You may want to sequester yourself or scream or cry or laugh. Whatever you do is helping you acclimate to being New. Breathe deeply. Breathe into anything you are experiencing. The breath is Light. Remind yourself of who you are. You are nothing short of a miraculous unfolding of Divine Love.


Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

Your Illuminated Thoughts are Needed Now, Shanta Gabriel, 13 August 2018

Posted on August 13, 2018 at 12:35 PM

One of the most dramatic and sad experiences I have had as a native Californian is watching huge forests and towns in California burn. There has never been a moment like this in history.

We have been born into unprecedented change. It is taking a major focus of awareness for most of us to remember that we chose to be born in this time to help hold the frequencies of higher consciousness for the Earth in the midst of its transformation.

Especially when smoke fills the air and it is difficult to breathe, it is becoming essential for me to place my hand on my heart and remember there is a Peace within me. When I acknowledge this inner Temple where Wellbeing is my only reality, my energy system becomes more radiant with Light. From this place I hold healing frequencies and can radiate hope.

Until September 5, we will continue to be in the unique eclipse portal where massive change is the norm. Our intentions, prayers and focus of thought can create a unified field of Harmony and Inner Peace or add to the chaos. It is a choice and a powerful focus of moment to moment attention. Our energy as a focused heart-centered group is unlimited!


Our thoughts and emotions are both radiant and magnetic, as we know. This is a time of potent spiritual practice as we do our best moment to moment to keep our prayers, our thoughts and especially our emotional states in a balanced place ~ for ourselves, for all beings, and especially for the Earth in this expanding energy. For this we were born.


And now a message from Archangel Gabriel:

Dear Ones,


The gifts and blessing you send out to the world have a ten-fold return. This includes your thoughts.

This is a time of new vision on the Earth. The exalted, expansive, illuminated thoughts that you have as a part of your energy body are needed right now to lift up the world.


There is a part of you that knows you can bring your dreams into fruition. These dreams are an aspect of you that is receiving so much Love that it is transforming your emotional body by filling it with the Light of Infinite Intelligence. There is a transfiguration occurring throughout this month. The Light of true healing is enfolding you. It is empowering your energy system from the inside out through your heart chakra.


These are the exalted gifts and feelings that we want you to tune into. There is not a part of you that is not loved and cared for beyond your conception. Let this truth empower you and bring the Light of Healing into your mind and heart right now.


The world is dense and heavy, filled with gravitas. You know that, but you don’t need to dwell on it. There are violent activities happening in many places, but it need not fill your thoughts with fear and loathing. There is healing required in many people’s lives, and so you can send love and healing light to them.


The actions of other souls as they work through their lives are often confusing to those who know Harmony and Beauty and want Peace to prevail within all things. Dwelling with thoughts that let your emotions carry you into the lower frequencies will bog you down, not assist the process of the Earth’s evolution.


We ask you to shift your thoughts into Beauty, Grandeur and Well-being. Let these be the frequencies that illuminate your thoughts. It is a spiritual practice to find these energies in the midst of the world’s seeming chaos, it is much easier to let yourself sink. But you are here to seed new life awakening on the Earth. It is your vision of Peace on Earth that will assist the birthing of evolved consciousness.

You are a multi-dimensional being. You can dwell where you choose. It is not bad to turn away from what is not functioning in the Higher Frequencies; in fact, it is your Soul Purpose to turn your attention to a more exalted viewpoint. Peace and Good Will cannot prevail until the consciousness of those who hold the Light of higher dimensional thought and activity allow themselves to dwell in the Truth that exists beyond appearances.


Take a stand for what your Soul came to do on the Earth. You are the catalyst for change. You are here to be a Light Bearer of Heart-centered consciousness. You are here to hold the higher frequencies for all humanity and shine forth the Light of Transformation. And so it is.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

Weekly Forecast: August 12 - 18, 2018, Kelly M. Beard, 13 August 2018

Posted on August 13, 2018 at 12:35 PM

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Weekly Forecast: August 12 – 18, 2018

8/12 ~ Mars Retro Re-Enters Capricorn (until 9/10):

Mars Retro is special because it only happens every 2-years but because of its regularity, we too can benefit from a review of our personal desires every 2-years. Consider how your nature has evolved over the last 2-years specifically. What do you want now that you maybe weren’t even aware of then? Or what do you no longer desire that was really important 2-years ago? As Mars lingers on the line between Capricorn & Aquarius, we are investing extra time & energy in a single area that relates directly to our freedom & responsibilities. It’s time to renegotiate with those who matter and let folks know what you truly want at this time. Mars goes Direct 8/27 and your energy will slowly pick up speed and move on from this point. Be sure you have clarified what you want so the Universe can respond. I always say a Mars Retro allows us to make a 6-8 month investment for 18-month return. If you have planets in either Fixed or Cardinal Signs, you are being directly affected by this Mars Retro and now is the time to check in and set your intentions.

8/18 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~sextile~ Venus (art & beauty):


This energy turns your thoughts and ideas toward how you feel, what inspires you with love and beauty. This is a great time to be particularly creative or do something related to the arts. It is best to keep it light and let go of your mundane burdens just for a time. Pleasure reading, walk on the beach, a play or museum are all good things to do at some point this week.


8/18 ~ Mercury Direct at 11* LEO:


You’ve now had a review and hopefully, a reconnection with your own Heart so that you are expressing your unique creativity and sharing your authentic self with others. It is time to clear out the thought patterns that debilitate you with fear & self-doubt. You are more supported than ever to think for yourself and offer your gifts to a community of like-hearted Souls. As Mercury moves on and into Virgo, you will begin to weave these new ideas into the fabric of your everyday life.


Copyright © 2000-2018 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

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Angel Messages for Obedience with Elizabeth Harper, 12 August 2018

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Coronal Hole, Arkstorm, Satellite Risk | S0 News Aug.12.2018

Posted on August 12, 2018 at 3:00 PM

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Intention for Healing, Jamye Price, 10 August 2018

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 2:35 PM

I get a lot of requests for the intention that I have a client or group set before I do energy healing, so I want to share that with you for you to use if you like. I even use it when I am doing healing work on myself.

I was guided to do this intention by my non-physical guides so that the person(s) is taking part in their healing more, and we are both making an agreement of our healthy boundaries. It has a deep meaning that helps to broadly shape the experience, which I will detail below.


We are in a unique time of so much clearing and activation as we reform our physicality into a higher density interaction. The healing intent that I use during sessions assists the readjustment of our communication, or agreement, with the subtle realms and each other for greater empowerment.

Sacred Agreement

Energy healing is a sacred agreement to me. It requires trust from a client for someone to work in their energy field, and I take that very seriously. It is important for any healer to heal ego imbalances that create push/pull between people so that the healing agreement is not influenced by unhealthy needs or desires.


While this healing intent won’t bypass any lessons the Higher Self deems necessary, it is designed to help the client open their energy field and hold healthy boundaries at the same time.

Free Will Intention

Your intention is a powerful flow of energy. It is a subtle energy, meaning not physical in this sense, but it is powerful.

Intention is the frequency, or the FULL information of your electromagnetic emanation.


Areon, the Lyran Council of Time call our thoughts and emotions our “subtle bridge.” It is how we communicate directly with the subtle realm. Our thoughts and emotions are part of our intent, but there is more to it.


Your intent contains your beliefs structures, your desires, your fears—the totality of your vibrational information.


To set intention before a focus of energy healing helps to open your flow to release and activate what is more attuned to your current needs and desires.


Release and Activation

The dual flow of release and activation is a vital part of moving beyond the separation of duality into connection. In this physical expression, when ever you release you are activating a new resonance. When ever you activate, you are releasing discordant resonance. It is a natural flow of the push/pull engine of creation in this realm.


Why not just focus in one direction then, wouldn’t they both occur? To a certain extent, yes. However, as our free will intent is amplified with our clear direction (though that need not be perfection), we magnify our transformation.


This dual focus helps one move past avoidance of the negative by only wanting to focus on “activating” when they will benefit more directly by releasing in a moment.


You also don’t need to get bogged down in releasing, focusing only on the negative. If it comes up and needs observance, glean the lesson from it. If it doesn’t need your attention, that’s fine, too.


In essence, the focus on release and activation enhances your openness to the middle road expanding out to include both polarities—your expansion into connection. This is the core of our Ascension process, more conscious connection.


The Healing Intent

I’m going to give the intent, then clarify its deeper meaning. While I’ll be detailing it, don’t allow that to create rigidity about the words needing to be perfect or else. The universe speaks in totality. While clarity is important, your intent is also creating a broad, powerful flow.

The healing intent is:

“I now release all that is blocking my highest good. I activate and understand all that I need to move forward on my path with grace and ease.”


The Details

I – Your unique focus. You are igniting your intent, just like an ember sparking into a flame.


Now – I’ve often thought, why do we need to say now, it’s implied. Areon says this to magnify our deeper understanding about the circular nature of Time and that all time is now.


Release – In the current duality of our physical expression, this is the key component of our agreement to change. We have a lot of history around “letting go.” It is an agreement to change that contains courage within it. It’s important.


All that is blocking – Bad news first. Even though you say “All,” it won’t magically release every single challenge, misinformation or block. If that is for your highest good, yes it would.


But most of us are “becoming” in this physical form. We move through the informational field that contains an overall governing of the rules of the game. Like levitating in full physical form of this density. Outside of the rules for most.


It will release any inhibiting energies that are appropriate now. The universe knows what that means. It is a vibrational “drag” on your frequency of Love. This is in-built into the healing intent. You want to improve your Loving frequency.


My – MY is very important here. It amplifies self-love, which is ultimately honoring the sacredness of All Life, through the only vehicle of interaction you have in this realm—yourself.


Highest good – The highest good for you is also always the highest good for All Life, which I often state as “all involved.” This can be confusing sometimes, like saying “no” to something or disappointing someone (or even yourself). We have a lot of unconscious beliefs and fears wrapped into expected outcomes, so this is about the balance of surrender to the best flow and action with the best flow. Paradox, indeed.


I activate – Taking it back to the person that is “receiving” the healing as the one that is truly “doing” the healing. The healer only facilitates focus and knowing of the deep potential of Love to transform.


And understand – This is a soothing support, reinforcing the infinite wise nature that is in-built into the biomechanism and available more and more with any focus toward loving empowerment.


All that I need – Again, “all” is relative to what is perfect for your path. “Need” is also not the energy of desperation that some have confused with the neutrality of need. You need to breathe air to survive. Just a fact of the physical experience. There are conditions in the physical realm, when you are neutral to the conditions, you expand beyond resistance and into greater connection.


To move forward on my path – In the physical realm, movement is constant. This is why we experience the flow of time. If you do not move with the flow of time, decay is the result. While decay often inspires resistance, it is just a natural process of physicality. As we release unnecessary/unhealthy resistance (not all resistance is “bad”;), we flow better. A big part of Ascension is becoming well with change.


With grace and ease – While this doesn’t obliterate all challenge, it echoes how lack of resistance/neutrality supports the constant change of the physical realm. When the water hits the rock, it meets resistance. What then does the water do? It keeps flowing with a deep knowing that life shapes to the best flow, even if it seems like the rock is impenetrable, time smooths the rock by the water’s willingness to continue flowing. Are you the rock or the water? Perhaps both? Paradox again.


“I now release all that is blocking my highest good. I activate and understand all that I need to move forward on my path with grace and ease.”




Copyright: © 2005-2018 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

Accelerating Timelines for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 10 August 2018

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 2:25 PM

"New" Cosmic Timetables have become visible/available for us to see and start to activate through our own consciousness, and intentionally participate in anchoring within each one of us, as well as our entire physical reality here too.

These accelerations are to "complete" energetic re-gridding processes, along with Universal Gaia's Cosmic LightBody and template building, simultaneously, on a "Cosmic Timetable" for TEMPLATE COMPLETION to occur.


These will be accomplished, yet each's ability to exist in these timelines fully, will be dependent on each's own Higher Consciousness Soul Embodiment processes and overall vibration, so the body, the physical reality, our focus, priorities, energy... all is beyond important here.


Time-tables are not put out to create a competition or fear anything. They are to provide guidelines, if you will, visibility, for what is available to us all here. Not limits... possibilities... for what each can achieve within themselves and for their entire physical reality experience as well.


Time = Vibration... so understanding, none of this is linear, it's all Quantum and that the "higher" we go vibrationally, the faster time speeds up/slows down/ceases to exist at all...


Human (E-GO) aspects still living by/within linear time "constraints", will experience all speeding up to the point that this energy dissipates/breaks.... to come to a space of "Zero Point", where everything collapses/is created from...


Non-Linears (Quantum LightBodies) function differently, from WITHIN A SPACE, not bound by linear time constructs anymore. For us to re-learn how to function, live, exist this "new way", with our bodies, is learning to re-vamp our entire lives to accommodate a whole new existence here.


To be able to EXPAND BEYOND TIME and Exist from this SPACE, function from this place, from within all and beyond all simultaneously, takes full Consciousness here. In our fully expanded state, walking, living, breathing, working, inner-acting, is very different than before. As we release the conditions, restraints, constraints, limits, needs and all we were disconnected from before, we open up to all new everything and are able to see it, activate it, call it forth and create it to arrive in our physical as we integrate PURE SOURCE LIGHT to vibrate into that reality simultaneously. Maintaining this is what Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers & Embodiers do. We hold this from our CORE everything and it's "how" we are.... all of the time. We don't go in and out of consciousness (contract back down) anymore.


Time is only to observe, to "fit" all of our creations into, to adhere to in order to show up for something that supports all of our higher purposes here.... it's not a limit... it's an observation, an awareness to maneuver around/through with ease, love and grace. ♥


Now, these "timeline tables" are to assist others with "seeing" too. What will become available, as each activates/awakens/achieves the vibration of each higher consciousness and holds it for their own bodies to re-code, re-calibrate, re-everything.... These are to assist others with UNDERSTANDING the IMPORTANCE OF ALL OF THIS.... the "reality" of our Multi-Dimensional Earth and "what's really going on"... on a Cosmic Level here.


To understand, these acceleration codes will "push" our human to step it up even more, to hold more light, to integrate more light, to share more light to BE more Light and anchor more light... constantly and continually... always becoming capable to DO and BE MORE than our little human aspect was. Our bodies go through immense upgrades and re-calibrating processes, so we have to honor, love, respect and "learn" to do everything differently.... it's ALL NEW WAYS here.


To understand that the "higher we go", the more the higher dimensional timelines and templates become available to be brought/come online, then the "faster" the lower frequency bandwidths/dimensions collapse/dis-integrate/dissipate/dissolve... from within each and outside too. "How" is relative to how conscious each is and actively participating with this process.


Our human aspect will get excited and say yes! Then when their reality has to be re-worked through higher consciousness, resistance and fear enters in. This is called "separation/duality/unconscious programming"... and it means realizing that your human does not have one ounce of control in how any of this works here. Your Soul/Higher Self is the one "in charge"... as is our Gaia/Universe, which you will merge with/become as well.


These "time-tables" are "from this moment right here" of what's "scheduled" vibrationally to be brought online... on a multi-dimensional level.... available to each truly ready, embracing and making this a priority too. As new templates are complete, all previous templates will become obsolete, allowed to play out as long as each's body can sustain this. Physical death is the "end of the 3rd/4th Dimensional experience for that human. The 5th Dimension, a physical reality, is where the body goes through emotional, mental, physical "death" over "time", for the body to be able to TRANSITION and cross that 'RAINBOW BRIDGE' intact. Every cell of the body has to be re-worked (density dropped) for this to occur for each. Collective Physical Body Ascensions increase substantially as we go. As does physical body death, for all who chose not to transition with their bodies and return to the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS as ONE ENERGY SOURCE. ♥


So, open up for more NEW as our Multi-Dimensional Earth(ly) Bodies continue to re-shape, re-form, re-code and re-grid at an even "higher" acceleration rate than before.


This last week we completed the 9th Dimensional NEW Earth Templates and now we enter the 12th Dimensional LightBody Template for Collectives, Individual and Multi-Dimensional Earth.


We are currently "scheduled":


To integrate these 12th Dimensional Codes through the December 2018 Gateway, which takes a while to complete the entire re-gridding process. The 12th Dimensional Template Codes are being released with this Lion's Gate Passageway. Integration to be completed in/through January 2019.

Our September Equinox month will release/activate the next set of Codes for the next phase of this process. Every moment/month/gateway, star-gate opening (every couple of days right now), will activate/increase these codes for all.

The December Gateway/Passageway will release the "final set" of 12th Dimensional Codes for integrating, re-coding, re-calibrating to occur, carrying us through full template integration January 2019. It will also release the 13th(then 14th) Dimensional Christed Template Codes for Universal Earth Gaia's template to be fully brought online, as well as each individual Soul honoring their own Embodiment processes here. These templates are Collective Templates. Each individual can achieve this themselves, not bound by the collective templates... Collective Templates affect the whole earth differently. Intentional Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers achieve this "first", as the anchor points for these new templates/grids and by holding this fully, the entire template is completed. This is why y/our roles are so important to honor, as we ARE the template holders of this multi-dimensional experience here. All of us. ♥

The 1/1/19 Gateway will unearth/bring through/release the next level of codes to be anchored in by each one of us and within Gaia too. Our God/Galactic/Avatar Consciousness Codes will be enhanced with the next "level" of these codes, which will release within Gaia at that "time" too. The 15-16th+ and 18-19th then 20-21st Dimensional Templates will activate to start coming online the entire linear year of 2018, to reach a "crescendo point" for Avatar/Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes (2222 Codes/22nd Dimension), with collective templates scheduled to come online by 2020, as set forth before any of our incarnating/walking in here.

I'll be sharing more on these/all of this, later as we go.

This "timetable" is a VIBRATIONAL reference point, a way to "see" what possible by/for each one of us, ready and available to each one of us... as each is truly ready for and fully embracing this.


Old Earth timelines will continue to play themselves out for each as long as the vibrations support, which will "shorten" as we go, considerably, because those timelines have already dissolved/collapsed, presenting the opportUNITY for each to transition to higher frequency bandwidth/dimensional existence, as soon as those programs/density are able to clear the physical body fully. Many are fulfilling very important roles in those old timelines still. Respect is important for this. As each no longer desires the EXPERIENCES of those lower frequency bandwidths as "home" anymore, then a new "home" is available.... one where we all exist as love, through Unity and live the brilliance of our NEW Earth too! ♥

p.s. This is not "set in stone", as multi-dimensional existence is not linear in any way. It's all vibrational and energetic, so each will "accomplish" according to their own chosen experience here. Many will come through "after", with forerunners, pioneers, gatekeepers, gridkeepers opening the Portals/Gateways, completing the initiatory Gateways (coming through/out on "the other side" of each), stabilizing and holding these new templates in place with our own bodies and physical realities too.


Focus on you, your own vibration, your experience, your roles... and show others, as love, share with others, from love, hold LIGHT, transmit LIGHT (codes) and honor all for their own chosen journey here. There are always all new timelines available for each. If you get caught up in the "old", you shut down your own "access" to "your new"... it's a part of learning to re-focus our own energy and be totally response-able for what we are creating with our OWN FOCUSED ENERGY here.


I love you! Let's get ready to rock out more awesomeness here! Happy Lion's Gate and open up to all new codes for expansion, integration and implementation/applying to your own life and through your own Vibrational Existence here! We've still got more coming through! ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


p.s. Those holding higher consciousness (different levels do different things, this is how it works), don't "wait" to integrate these codes within our templates "later" or "then", we are already doing this continually to reach the point when our own entire template process is complete, which is often long before the collective template is (days/weeks/months/years). We link up to Gaia/Universe/Galaxies/StarGate Systems and activate/anchor/integrate constantly, to "achieve" as an important part of the collective template "prior", so that the collective template can be brought on-line for all with greater ease. Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers are always on a different timeline than various collectives are. ♥


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

Mind Re-Association: An Early Part of Higher Mind Consciousness Lisa, Transcendence Brown, 9 August 2018

Posted on August 9, 2018 at 3:45 PM

In observing mindsets, we start to re-map our entire belief systems, non-linearly... all vibrational and based upon all new realizations and seeing what we could not see before... ENERGETICALLY. This means we are starting to shift our own perceptions, in many ways and start to create a "new networking system" within us... by way of SEEING how things are connected, affected, support, contribute, create... on an energetic level (a Quantum one), instead of a linear one, like before (3rd/4th Dimensional bodies).

Your "new" body, your Light Body, operates and functions very different than your carbon-based human body does/did. Through Light, through Presence, through your deep-inner-connection, you hear/see/feel/know on a whole new level.... another dimension, another version of "reality", alternate ones.... where what is not visible to the human eye (yet), is visible from deep deep deep inside, (where your Soul/Light Lives).


Accessing the "other dimensions", takes focus, presence and requires you to maintain that connection in order to truly see, feel, know and understand. Part of this process, is by way of PHOTONIC LIGHT, working through your body and re-coding, re-configuring, re-structuring everything completely differently than it was. You are a very important part of this process, because the more you tune-in (are in-tune), the more you get to participate, consciously and work in unison with your body, for this very important evolutionary process that occurs from within you.... all day every day now.


Re-Association with your own mind, means observing the "lines" that used to connect and re-working these to be "different" understandings than you had before. By looking at a "picture" from inside, you can see the "picture" of how things "work", which means that you can start to see on a Quantum Level, instead of an old limited, fixed, attached and unconscious one.


For example, how you spend your money. You used to "think" you were buying a product, when in essence, you were receiving a physical thing that you deemed important, and you placed importance on this thing, which then placed a value on this thing, where you then decided to spend your money, that you place value on, on that thing, because you value what?


Used to be, you spent money to buy a thing, yet in evolving our consciousness, we see that we are not buying a thing, we are receiving a physical thing in EXCHANGE for a physical thing we place value on/in, to receive something that then affects our physical vibration.


With this scenario, we get to SEE, that it's not about the money, it about who/what we are supporting when we spend that money, the purpose of the thing we are "exchanging something for", this case "physical money", to gain/acquire/achieve a "thing" that we place value on, and in essence, we've purchased physical matter that represents a vibration, our priorities, what we care about and so many other things we could not see before....


All of a sudden, we have NEW AWARENESS, of what our priorities are, what our perceptions are, why we do the things we do and where we come from when we "support", how we "support, "who" we support..... ourselves, each other, old earth/unconsciousness/fear/lack or New Earth, ourselves, each other, love/Unity/Consciousness/our BE-Loved-d Gaia/Earth, our LightBodies, our Souls or something else....


How we spend our money matters. Our human doesn't take this into consideration, because it's fixated on "the thing", what they are getting, without a clue of what all VIBRATIONALLY MEANS.


On a Quantum Level, how we receive matters too. Why something is given or offered, if there are expectations, hidden agendas, attachments, then we don't "take" those things, as they are not PURE.


When we see/get to the higher dimensional realities, we start to understand, yes EVERYTHING IS FREE, yet not in the way it once was. It's "given" or "exchanged" freely, as a means of appreciation, gratitude, respect, support, contribution, caring and a way to accomplish the work we came here to do... it's nothing like it was when we were unconscious before. Everything has a vibration....


I used "money" for this example, because this is what many focus on, or what gets "attention", what matters to humans and one of the first questions many want to know. How to make more "money".... MONEY IS ENERGY, it's a RESPONSE to our own Vibration, it has a PURPOSE and SUPPORTS OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE.... just like anything else. Money is not the "issue" here, our ENERGY IS..... Our priorities, what we truly care about, what we support with it, what we create with it, how we share it and utilize it to make a difference too.


As our PERCEPTIONS CHANGE, our energy changes, our mentalities change, where we come from changes, what we value changes, what inspires us changes, what matters changes, the importance we place on "things" changes and how/what/when we receive changes too, as all is VIBRATIONAL and ENERGY here. Everything is relative to our energy, how much "energy" we put into "things", how open we are, how much we share and how much karmic/unconscious programming we still carry within us that still has to be cleared.


We have to reverse and re-identify all.... we shift our perceptions, our consciousness off of the physical and onto the VIBRATION and ENERGY of all. We see the lack, the cords, the attachment, the need, the manipulation, the mis-use of power, the words that are masked with "untruths" and we choose not to participate in this behavior anymore.


There are REALities that are based upon FREE, where everything is FREE.... yet our human doesn't understand what FREE means... because it focuses on the "thing", instead of the "things" are an ENERGETIC REPRESENTATION of what we hold inside, how much we share, reciprocate, how much we contribute, care... nothing like the Old Earth, where we worked hard for a thing... as what we receive, when we receive, how we receive in completely non-linear.... it comes "out of nowhere", just like "magic", from every direction and multiple SOURCES... as we achieve, hit that vibration, portals open and "things come through those portals".... how cool is that?!!!


We do EVERYTHING THIS WAY... we look at the ENERGY OF ALL, the VIBRATION OF ALL and we determine if "that" is aligned on a Soul Level, is it PURE, does it support fully, is it FREE OF ATTACHMENTS AND CORDS.... does it serve the highest purposes vibrationaly or is it of "the old".... and this is how we make decisions.... regarding everything.


Every thing in our lives... is about the VIBRATION AND ENERGY and is that open, pure, free and highest aligned? Is it there to contribute, support, share or is there a lack/need/hidden agenda there? Is IT PURE, or does it come from the "root chakra" of lack, survival/just get by/me mode ... is it truly FREE?


When we first come into consciousness and see the higher dimensional realms, we do see that everything is supposed to be free, and at some point it will be, as we all come to function from a deep sacred place of connection, caring, support, respect and realize that we all have to contribute, we all have to step-up, we all have to Unite to share what we have access to, for all of hUmaNITY, yet not like humans "think" we do.


There's no supporting or feeding lack/give to me/do for me ENERGY...there is providing the opportUNITY for each to CHOOSE, to be re-educated on a SOUL LEVEL for what is appropriate ENERGETICALLY and what is not. Kindness, consideration, respect and opening the DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY for each to CHOOSE a different way... this is how all of our Universes work and as we all become the UNIVERSE (and more), these are the ROLES we play here too... as each other's higher selves, as another UNIVERSE.... opening portals of opportUNITY, sharing ideas, inspiring, creating and uplifting and CARING....


We utilize our re-SOURCES, our gifts (natural abilities), our higher consciousness knowledge/everything to assist, guide and SHOW (WayShowers), allowing each to come to learn to respect, appreciate and step up/forth to contribute, share, be a part of OUR NEW EARTH too.... when they are READY... when their ENERGY SHOWS UP READY... not their human mind in lack/selfish/control mode.... as the answer will be "no" every time, until that energy shifts, that heart opens and they are truly ready to "tow the line", just like we all did... There's no coddling or doing the work for others, there is opening up the door of opportUNITY and leaving it open (or closing it if that timeline has played itself out).....


Re-associating in our MIND is a necessary part of this process for us all. To sit, observe and see the ENERGY of what we are creating, supporting, allowing.... and CHOOSE to SEE differently than before.


Here we care about each other, our planet earth and every sentient being, yet we can also see THE DIMENSION we are in, when there is an exchange and determine if that reality is an old unconscious one to clear an old program (say no/shift the vibration/bring all into full consciousness) and to shift all into into a much higher vibrational one ourselves.... all of us together, or us, if the "others" are not in a place for this yet (vibrational)....


We have no attachment to any realities, to no "thing".... we have love, kindness, respect, integrity and we care. We can also see the cords of attachment that unconsciousness transmits out, how much lack there is, how much need and how "short term" the exchange needs to be, based upon unconsciousness, or "long term" based upon full consciousness, being in-tune and having common/similar Soul Purposes and Roles to play out together, as long as that TIMELINE remains intact. The moment the vibration changes, the timeline changes too. If there is any duality/unconsciousness, the timeline dissolves/disintegrates/collapses/closes out, unless each is ready to bring all into full consciousness WITHIN THEMSELVES and then together too. The amount of energy this takes, will be relative to each's consciousness/unconsciousness/programming still held. The more "time" we spend on something, the more energy it takes, the more invested we are in it.... which correlates to physical everything.


For humans, their SOUL is not a tangible thing, it's not important or valued... their LIGHT is not important, because they do not understand, that their LIGHT feeds their body, keeps it alive, transmits out into the entire external "reality" to "play" a "Virtual-turned-physical" Experience out, from the programs held inside, the beliefs, the frequencies transmitted out.... which is how the external becomes "solid"....


So the question is... Is YOUR SOUL A TANGIBLE THING? Follow the light, the energy, observe and see as far/as much as you can see... to realize more of what you could not yet see before.


What we focus on matters to us, therefore activating "matter" to take form. It is that easy... Yet, for humans they can't focus their energy/Consciousness and "affect" the physical at-will, because there are so many other programs transmitting from their body... a WIDE RANGE OF CONFUSION.... so the outside doesn't have a clear signal of "what to do".... The energies/transmissions of fear, hesitation, lack, not sure or a focus on the physical first, anchor the physical body in an unconscious dimension to play all of those doubts, fear, lack of inner-connectedness-power out.....


Re-mapping/re-associating is KEY for each one of us.... to look at/observe EVERYTHING on an ENERGETIC LEVEL FIRST...... observe "that relationship" or "that job/business", that home or that Exchange... See the ENERGY, the attachment, the cords, the lack, the need, the purity, the kindness, the respect, the INVESTED ENERGY of each and where there are ENERGETIC IMBALANCES too. See everything..... See that Job that you do, the JOY, the Bliss, the opportUNITIES to make a difference, touch lives, show others how important they are too, how much you care (without lack/needing anything), see how much TIME YOU SPEND ON "THAT"... do you realize that TIME IS ENERGY and all is YOUR INVESTMENT, which EQUATES to your own phsyical reality and everything you call ABUNDANCE here?


The amount of TIME you put into everything, the amount of ENERGY... this is your INVESTMENT, this is your creation of what you VIBRATIONALLY EXPERIENCE here. Do you value others, their TIME/ENERGY too? Do you reciprocate or take take take for you? Do you only show up when YOU want something (human/ego/unconscious programming) or do you SHOW UP to offer, support, contribute and become the NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES, INFRASTRUCTURES here?


Are you fully INVESTED IN YOUR OWN SOUL here, the SOULS of others, not from a place of lack, yet from a space of love, kindness, support, respect? Are you FULLY INVESTED in your NEW Earth realities, with your precious TIME/ENERGY/BREATH too... do you realize your breath, your chi, your energy, this is your SOUL LIGHT.... that you are either nourishing or depleting, honoring or wasting... as is the ENERGY of all others... do you hold RESPECT for the ENERGY (TIME) OF others, do you VALUE THIS?


Do you love and respect your bodies for all the "work they do" to carry your SOUL LIGHT here? Our bodies go through an IMMENSE PROCESS of repairing and fixing everything we've done for our whole human existence here. Those muscles, organs, cells..... all have to UNDO everything we did and clear the separation/linear/unconscious/karmic/every existence codes held inside and re-code with all new ones.... breaking down y/our old mindsets on a cellular level... breaking down those linear constructs on a cellular level, breaking down all of those fixed mentalities, programs and beliefs, all of those limits, that hidden fear, lack of love/self respect/integrity, so that it can LINK UP TO NEW EARTH FULLY.... so that your whole body can vibrate at a frequency high enough to shift into a whole new frequency bandwidth, as that density clears... it's all that programming....


As you re-map, as your neural pathways open up, as your heart walls dissipate/come down, as your UNIVERSAL MIND comes online, your Universal Heart, Your Gaia's Heart, Your Cosmic Heart, Higher Selves Hearts.... your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine Child, Pure Source Creator aspects awaken from INSIDE OF YOUR BODY, as a part of your Soul.... Sitting and observing and remapping your own associations with how you correlate reality, this is an important part of the process for us all, in order to open up Universal Corridors, Universal Consciousness, which will expand into other consciousnesses, where all ego/separation/duality/distortions are resolved/dissolved for full UNIFICATION to occur.


We been in OverSoul Consciousness/Avatar Consciousness these last years. Yesterday, new codes came through... new Avatar Codes, which will be activated within each, as their body reaches the vibration for these to be activated inside of each's physical body, until then, they float around in each's field of Consciousness, for each to expand their consciousness into. Holding this expanded state continually, for the body to re-work itself/re-code itself and for the entire Physical reality to be re-tuned/re-coded for the physical dimension to take new shape to MATCH THIS NEW OVERALL VIBRATION... is up to each one of us... to accomplish/hold/be/do here. There were many different codes activated/released/made available, all relative to wherever each one of us "currently are" vibrationally... each will "receive"/activate these new codes for themselves, as their own consciousness expands from their hearts and out into the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS for each to hold this space/this state in every exchange here. Embodiment is through Purity, a level of purity that can't be "given" by another... it's a purification process by EACH AS A SOUL, of each's own human ego programs still held within the body, which each must do themselves.


Those of us who do "this"/what we do, we hold/provide/transmit/intentionally activate the Key Codes (Light Encoded Information) to assist each with embracing/choosing/utilizing this. We expand our fields out to connect with yours and when you TUNE IN to RECEIVE... you activate these codes within yourselves "easier", consciously, instead of having to "wait" until "one day" or after a bazillion experiences to "teach you" what we've already "learned" and share with all of hUmaNITY as a part of our own higher purposes/missions/roles here. Every word we write, every exchange, every class we teach... is important, serves a purpose and assists humanity on multi-dimensional levels... as do you. ♥


Honor your body, how it's shifting vibration, reversing eon's of existences on a cellular level, as well as building more of your own PURE SOURCE LIGHT from inside. Your Divine Essence, your PURE BREATH.... as you VALUE THIS, you come to VALUE THIS IN OTHERS and you birth a whole new respect, appreciation and connection from within you, to yourself, each other, all of us here... and your whole REALity changes too!


I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Codes pouring in since "my" yesterday afternoon, the next phase of this Lion's Gateway is preparing to open, as the grids charge and we get ready to rock and roll more awesomeness!


p.s. Pay attention to your resistance/your body/your muscles/your heart/your mind... how open/closed you are, how defensive you are, how quick you are to "assume" or blame or "think you know"... how much you trust/don't trust... live from survival/just get by mode... how much you "take advantage" of others, how much you "take" and don't reciprocate, where you have an attachment to an outcome before you will trust, listen, do .... where your ego "needs to know first", before you will listen/honor/do... Pay attention to what inspires you, where you focus your own energy and choose to contribute/don't, what "matters" to you, what your own priorities are, as these are very visible energetically and on a Quantum Level.... what/where you focus your attention, your thoughts, your energy... this is what you keep re-creating/creating to experience in your own reality here.


KEYCODE: Take your focus off the "thing" and focus on your energy, the energy of "that", the vibration it represents and then FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on INTENTIONALLY CREATING, so that all you truly need, desire and "deserve" (on a very different level), can come to you easily too! ♥


p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Our LightBodies (Gamma Bodies/Photonic Bodies/Soul Bodies), give us the ability to focus Gamma Energy/Rays with precision and like a tractor beam "pull" realities here. As a Light BEing, you can PULL all into a higher state of consciousness (each other), yet it gets exhausting if you spend all your precious energy "pulling" others who's hearts/minds are closed and their BODIES are in "resistance" mode, pushing back or hearts closed/walls up... blocking/stopping/not wanting to hear/see/feel/own/shift/deal.... You start realizing that your precious energy can be ore productive creating, sharing, inspiring.... both alone and with others holding/possessing this ENERGY too, this excitement, this openness, this SHARING, SHARING and CONTRIBUTING ENERGY too... This is where we Unite from... as the Light Councils here... as PURE SOURCE LIGHT CREATORS... ready to come together to create/share/expand more....


These recent codes (and all upcoming ones) are activating the EMBODIED UNIFIED COUNCILS OF LIGHT, in physical form here. Ready to step-up/forth and unite in all new ways... to fulfill much higher purposes as Soul-Star-Light BEings here. ♦


We now move into 12D Earth Template ... another immense re-gridding, re-structuring, re-coding and re-calibration process for us all, in conjunction with Gaia, as she does this too. All of us as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Emmisaries/Ambassadors, Guardians, Ancients are doing work on every dimensional level constantly, as well as our walking/waking state here. Keep it up! It's important for us all. I love and appreciate all that you do as LOVE too! ♥


Remember, re-associate EVERYTHING... nothing is as you once "thought" it was. There's a Quantum Reality that's very different and works completely differently too. NEW Earth is a whole new Value System, being re-worked from inside of each one of us/me/you/all here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

NEW MOON UPDATE 8-11-18, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 9 August 2018

Posted on August 9, 2018 at 3:40 PM

A Super New Moon with a partial solar eclipse (the last one of three eclipses) is Saturday, August 11 at 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This New Moon bookends this rare eclipse trio that has given us such an opportunity for change, growth and maturity despite the discomfort and challenge that we may have also experienced. The theme of this new moon is “new directions”. With new insights, hard lessons and a creative outlook, you can use this New Moon to consider a new direction in some area of life.


Take some time to ask these questions: ”What am I completing? What do I need to complete? What truth is allowing me to shift priorities? What truth is supporting me to cut something loose? How is this making space for a new direction? How can I support my creativity to take advantage of the opportunity?


This eclipse (as the last two were also) is surrounded by intensity, unpredictability and irritability. The suggestion on the August forecast to “stay in your own lane and not get distracted by other peoples drama” is in full force as we navigate around the next few days. Be assertive about your truth and your new direction without being reactive to any judgments or negativity from others. This is your time. Celebrate it by honoring the sun’s energy, your own will, creativity, and ability to manifest a new direction for yourself.






Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at [email protected]


Leo New Moon


Sun and Moon in Leo ~ 18º Partial Solar Eclipse


Saturday, August 11, 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time


(Saturday, August 11, 9:57 AM Greenwich Mean Time)


Turn your attention to the most powerful body in the sky ~ The Sun. You are now aligned with the ruler of Leo. Draw that energy down into the part of the body ruled by Leo ~ The Heart. Filling your heart with the Sun let it radiate light, warmth, and energy throughout your body, deep into your bones and experience the vitality and chi available to you. When you are brimming over with this powerful resource, radiate it out all around you. Give this gift freely and generously as it is given to you. Our hearts will be renewed as the Sun and Moon meet in New Moon Leo.


We close the rarefied eclipse season with a partial solar eclipse in Leo visible best in Russia, but also NE Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, northern China, and Korea. All eclipses whether total or partial have a magnifying effect on the energies present. It allows for the releasing of old adaptations and unconscious habit, and with the space created, allows new energies to infuse our bodies, psyches, and planet and move us in new directions. Eclipses occur because of alignment of the Sun and Moon with the Nodes. The Nodes represent the point of our growth/our life task this lifetime (North) and point of release/surrender of what no longer serves (South).


Eclipse season is an intensified time for you to experience with clarity the releasing of unconscious habits of the past – and it may feel like your comforts are being rudely grabbed out of your hands because of the circumstances you find yourself in. In a very real way, the question is, are you willing to surrender comforts with little benefit to you for what is new and vital? If you find yourself in resistance and lacking surrender and trust to something greater than yourself, you won’t have any movement in your life. Eclipse season is here to help us make leaps forward on our path of evolution. Feeling the intensity of this time? Let the excitement of growth into new arenas be your guide. Feel more, resist less.


Looking at the New Moon more closely, Pallas Athena is within one degree of the Sun/Moon gifting us with access to our creative intelligence. She is the queen of the ability of the mind to create reality by reaching up into the cosmic realms and pulling down to Earth visions, guidance or solutions of what to create. Pallas Athena has gifts to offer you at many levels. She can access cosmic intelligence, she rules the energetic healing systems of the body where acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral work, sound and color, etc. work their healing magic, she uses her high frequency intelligence to think strategically, invite justice, wield truth, and she is patroness of arts and crafts that sustain and develop culture. A true powerhouse of gifts that we all hold and are reminded to strengthen at this eclipse time with her prominent position.


Mercury in retrograde is also in this tight Leonine group of Sun/Moon/Pallas, so as you can see, the mental, thinking and perceiving functions are opened and poised for a reset and a download of new inspiring, high frequency energy when paired with Pallas and rocket fueled by the Sun and Moon in Leo.


Jupiter in Scorpio 14º squares the ‘Leonine group’ suggesting the power signs (fixed) can precipitate crisis or unexpected behind the scenes opportunities to gather power. Despite Jupiter’s (think Zeus, The King) challenging confrontation with the Sun/Moon group, it is also trining Neptune (15º Pisces retro) for the second of three times ~ Notably big medicine of the spiritual, imaginal and artistic type. Leo is about our radiant hearts, courage to sing our own song, and be the leader and focus of attention when called on, but it is equally about our ego selves and how we act out our needs for love, recognition and attention. Jupiter is empowering us to ask the big questions of our Leonine aspect. Namely, are you strong enough to keep your ego in service to your wide-open heart? Or, is your ego compelled to get love and recognition in all the wrong places? Self-aggrandizement, vanity, pride (camouflaging your true needs). Jupiter’s trine to Neptune is our opening to draw down our most compassionate, loving, conscious, and fluid self into our emotional circuits from a soul level. Can you hold more courage and more love?


Mars at 0º Aquarius (retrograde) has it’s own questions to ask. Mars is our warrior energy and likes to have a task or mission to accomplish. Out of bounds and retrograde is an odd predicament for Mars who likes to ‘only go straight’ and doesn’t get into this situation very frequently. Ask yourself, “Just why did I choose to incarnate in these challenging transitioning times? What are my gifts? What am I here to do? What is my mission?” And since you chose to accept the assignment, get on with it! Avoid getting distracted by the drama that surrounds you. We are all spiritual warriors for the good of the whole now.

With Black Moon Lilith at the exact same degree as Mars, 0º Aquarius, forces working at the subliminal levels, the hidden and mysterious, are finding a voice through Mars. With Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and now Uranus all retrograde, we are being called deeply inward. Perhaps we are to heed Black Moon Lilith’s feminine beaconing to seek what is below words and images, to tap into our body wisdom, our centeredness, our wildness. Mars and Black Moon Lilith meet now at this eclipse at the exact degree of the potent conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Solstice in December 2020 triggering our preparation for that shift point in our collective soul.


Leo is our natural inner leader, performer, and guide to pure joy and pleasure, ruler of our inner child and free expression of who we are in our divine essence, and teacher of generosity and sharing and ruler of the heart that most magnificent center of our beings. Use this medicine to guide you through this last eclipse of a truly potent season of transformation and call to be all we can be.


All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)


08/18 Mercury direct at 11º Leo until 11/16


08/22 Sun enters Virgo 10:08 PM MDT


08/26 Pisces Full Moon 3º 5:57 AM MDT


08/27 Mars direct 28º Capricorn until 9/2020


09/09 Virgo New Moon 17º 12:02 PM


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at [email protected]


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