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Aries New Moon April 2021 Energy Vibes - Setting Sail, Sharon-Ann Riley | Sacred Healing Mandalas, 10 April 2021

Posted on April 10, 2021 at 8:55 AM

Aries New Moon April 2021 Energy Vibes - Setting Sail


Sushumna Activation - Sacred Healing Mandala


In Love and Light,



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NEW MOON UPDATE 4-9-21 Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 10 April 2021

Posted on April 10, 2021 at 8:35 AM

Dear Friends,


The New Moon in Aries is Sunday, April 11 at 8:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

This moon brings up the physical body, the condition of your health, re-evaluation of the structure of your self-care, and a reflection of what needs to change in your daily organization of life. Be sure to take some time to reflect and evaluate. The dynamic energy of this new moon will give much fuel and ignition to any changes and choices you make for improvement however it can also trigger negative reactions, impatience and irritability as you face uncomfortable truths and challenges. Don’t take your discomfort out on others and remember to be kind no matter what.


Make sure not to make decisions out of fear or being pressured by others. Take your time, check in with your own intuition and what feels right. A new moon always supports personal decisions that must include your own timing, not pressured by others.


There is a part of us during this volatile and dynamic time that wants to see justice around what was done to us and how we have suffered either personally or collectively in the past. There is potential anger and attitude towards righting the wrongs and our personalities would love to see the alleged perpetrators go up in flames. However, the responsible and mature thing to do is to forgive the past, let go of your attachment to suffering and harness this fiery, creative energy to move yourself forward in the most positive way.






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New Moon, Kate Spreckley, 9 April 2021

Posted on April 9, 2021 at 1:45 PM

We are gearing up as we move towards this month’s New Moon on the 11th. The energy of this New Moon offers a time of opening where we are guided towards something new. A transformed vision of the future is forming, and our powers of manifestation are being amplified shifting us out of any feelings of stagnation and inertia. As a result, the next few months will be a time to make new decisions, to take new directions and to let old fears, worries and concerns sink into the past.


The tides are changing, and you are being liberated from the limiting thoughts, old patterns and structures that have kept you from expressing your soul in the world. You may feel an urgent need to take action and to get things moving as the underlying focus of your life shifts from fear and limitation to freedom and expansion. As the incoming energies accelerate and the internal barriers fall it can be tempting to rush ahead. Make sure that you are not being impulsive or reactive as the underlying imbalances in your life are still being revealed. Be mindful as considered and careful movement forward is best.


This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2021 Kate Ann Spreckley

Keep Afloat, Kate Spreckley, 8 April 2021

Posted on April 8, 2021 at 2:45 PM

In our world dualistic thinking has governed our experience of life. As such our lives have been divided into opposites of light / dark, joy / sorrow, love / fear. We have had to know each side in order to explore and reestablish balance. Currently our awareness is deepening which is enabling us to clearly see and understand the root of our suffering. For some this is an extremely painful process as the depth of their pain is experienced. For others it is a liberating time of expansion as they are finally freed from the constraints of their pain.


It is fear that lies at the root of your despair and it the loss of self love, which has caused your suffering. As the darkness of fear dissolves all aspects of your self are being brought into a new state of balance. As a result, all fear based beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions are cleared which will enable you to touch the truth of your soul. There is nothing to do but to keep afloat and allow the incoming energies to carry you through this time.


This paragraph from the Hopi Elders is something that keeps coming to me and so aptly describes what many are facing now….


‘There is a river flowing very fast. It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid. They will hold on to the shore. They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly. Know that the river has its destination. The elders say that we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.’

This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2021 Kate Ann Spreckley

Aries ~ Energy of the Month, Kelly M. Beard, 8 April 2021

Posted on April 8, 2021 at 2:40 PM

As the Sun enters Aries ~ Spring Equinox Initiates a new Solar/astrological year. This is a *Universal* RE-Set Button. Clean Slate. New Beginning. This is an Annual Activation for everyone, but for the Cardinal Family, it can be a little more intense & personal … Aries Initiation ~ Libra Integration ~ Cancer/Capricorn Test/Growth. Everyone has Aries ruling some area of life and this is the area of life that gets activated at this time every year. Do you know your rhythm for this? How do you feel every Spring? Aries energy activates the instinctual draw toward change and new beginnings. Old ways no longer work and you must get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new modes of operating. It’s time to move again, shake off the sleepiness of Winter. It’s an annual Re-Birth that reminds you to honor both the Shadow and the Light, the visible work, done in the Light and often with others … as well as … the invisible work, done in the Shadows, behind the scenes, alone and hidden from view. How would you like to do things differently this year? What aspect of your life, being or environment could use some conscious focus and intentional action?


Mars rules Aries and defines your desire nature. It represents how you DO in the world, what motivates you to action and gets you fired up. Aries is the lesson of independence and courage, knowing who you are, what you want and embodying THAT! This is a Divine opportunity to discover what you’re really capable of when you match passion with vision, align your heart/mind connection and never hesitate to take heart-centered action. It is time to embody the energy that is both wild and peaceful, always alert and ready for the next adventure. Obstacles ~ that’s a detail! Delays ~ better watch out! Challenges ~ bring it on! Aries is single-minded, determined and completely focused on present moment so it is that part of us that is particularly adept at improvising with whatever is available in the here and now. (We could all use some practice there!) It’s the fire that fuels the desire driving that moment in time.


Imbalanced Aries, often manifests as Shadow Libra: indecision, people-pleasing and being other-directed. It is best for Aries energy to remain central and first priority. When Aries is balanced, it embodies courage and pure, instinctive drive ~ it gets things moving and it’s exciting to behold. In its most noble expression, Aries energy brings out a protective warrior who defends the weak and infirm. It’s very passionate (for the moment) and draws many challenges to independence and activates the courage to test the purity of the motivations and desires. It’s time for you to be more independent and self-sufficient, using what you’ve got (internally and externally) and acting in present moment with faith and conviction. As you re-connect with your instinctual Self (Aries), your interactions with other life (Libra) around you will be more harmonious because you are initiating from the purest center. When you are self-sufficient, others want to support you ~ when you’re passionate and clearly connected to your instincts (guiding your *now*), people will want to bask in the warmth of your fire. It sparks your creativity and ignites others’ and something *NEW* is born.


Aries’ animal spirit is that of the Ram, fearless, agile and determined. It’s time to find a cause or purpose larger than your small individual life otherwise, this same energy can be extremely selfish, indiscriminate when angry and one-dimensional. This energy is great for starting things, but you should also have other people or entities in place to support future growth and development. This is the energy of *Initiation* ~ getting things started ~ getting things moving in a new direction. Develop your own independent nature, cultivate a strong instinctual connection, improvise often, channel rage (paralyzing) into outrage (mobilizing), rise to the challenges as they are presented with heart and courage and gain the wisdom that is YOU! We are born on this planet with all that we need, desire and deserve coded into our DNA. Modern life has attempted to disconnect our instinctual connection to Mother Earth, however, that is impossible. We need only be still and re-member ~ re-connect with our Source – from which we come and to whom all return ~ tune into the cycles, honor them with your dedication and bountiful blessings for all will be the result. Happy New Year!


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