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Comet ATLAS, Conflict Coming, SLAC Flying Blind | S0 News Apr.3.2020

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 1:35 PM

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See the Bigger Picture, Kate Spreckley, 3 April 2020

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 1:35 PM

Moving through the current shits and transformations takes us beyond the enormous belief patterns of the collective consciousness and into cosmic consciousness. This cosmic consciousness is what expands us and reconnects us with the highest levels of our soul potential. Our task now is to evolve and expand into this potential so that we may create a unified force through which a new reality of love, harmony, balance and peace may emerge.


Hidden fears are arising and you may find yourself clinging to old comforts. It is important to remember that there is no turning back now. The trajectory you are on is too strong. Your duty is to continue your path of personal growth and spiritual development so that you may access the truth of your ancient and wise soul. Take appropriate action. Focus your awareness and learn to process and release the discordant energy patterns of the past. Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self. Face life head on but endeavour to see the bigger picture and you will come to see just how connected and filled with purpose this time is.


Much love




This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley

Releasing Fear, Shelly Dressel, 3 April 2020

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 1:30 PM

This is one of the most powerful channels the Goddess has given us. It takes place during the outbreak of covid 19 or the coronavirus. During this outbreak there has been a great deal of fear disruption in people’s lives; then, in addition, the many who have experienced the virus. While there have been many different viruses that were quite virulent, this one has impacted the entire world whether it’s through quarantines, loss of revenue, disruption to plans; it goes on and on.


There is a great deal of fear that this has generated some of which is pertinent to the person, other of which is a part of the collective consciousness. While you can look at this in many different ways, ultimately this is a releasing of fear so that the earth can be more fully in the higher vibration.


The Goddess speaks at length at the beginning about the affect of this virus both on individuals and the whole. She spoke several times about Nama Sika, Venia Benya and why she gave us this phrase in the language of creation. She informed us that this virus was fast to come in and fast to leave, meaning a month or so.


In order for the crystalline vibration to be stabilized upon the earth, there needs to be a release of the old paradigm and duality. Fear is a foundation for many illnesses, dis-empowerment of people, and creates a sense of being stuck. As we clear for each person, we are clearing for the whole.




Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole


I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. Let me talk about the way in which I open up every channel.


I do this periodically as a reminder that there is a power within the energy of the words that you speak. Nama sika is from the language of creation and it means I AM the one. You are one within you, within yourself; within your I AM Presence, within the universal light. Venia benya, I AM the whole. You are a part of something that is much bigger than you as this human in this lifetime. You are a part of your divinity; you are the reflection of your divinity within this lifetime.


Your divinity is a part of the universe that the earth is within and that universe is a part of the omniverse. So you see that as you speak these words not only are you centering within yourself, you are aligning with your own divinity and you are aligning with a much bigger space.


This space is also a way of connecting everybody that is a part of this session. Is not only do people that are physically present when it is recorded it is about anyone at any time when they come within this space and participate in one of this channels. So I will say again Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the one, I AM the whole.


You can feel how that energy is already shifting and moving as a result of my words.


I’m going to speak at the beginning here about COVID 19 which is a coronavirus or a strain of the corona virus because this is something that is having an impact upon the entire world. It is also taking those words Nama sika venia Benya into another form in which you can support one another.


The earth has had viruses from the time that there have been living creatures upon the earth. These viruses at some time have wipeout whole species and sometimes it’s about clearing out something that is no longer viable for the whole.


The coronavirus itself has been around for over 100 years, it has been devastating at times and it has also been a part of what you call your common cold, so it is a part of the filtering system that everyone has within them on an ongoing basis. Therefore in the future, like if you go back and you talk about the avian flu, the Sars, the zika I mean Ebola we can go on and on and on and each of these viruses and illnesses have been devastating at the time in which they were moving through humanity. Sometimes it was a small section, sometimes it was global.


Several things come into play with this virus and several other things are different about this one that I would like to speak about, not only about the virus itself but about people’s response to this. So it can be very virulent, it can make people quite sick or people can be exposed to it and have symptoms that come in and go out very easily. This is true about every illness that moves through.


So that part is pretty much on board with the many other illnesses and viruses that move through the world. You look at the way society is reacting to this one; closing down events, closing down borders, closing down restaurants, schools, airlines, travel, in other words there is this sense of something that is blanketing the whole entire world that is kind of closing down and bringing everyone down into something that keeps not only people from being in communication with one another or physically located in groups of people but it is also about the reaction that people are having.


Some will say if this had been done during the time of Sars and the time or the avian flu perhaps there would not be as many fatalities as they had during those viruses. Indeed, it’s entirely a potential.


As we look at this one right now it is impacting people because with closing down so many, people are not having the work they would normally have and so financially it becomes something that impacts them.


Another aspect of it is the fear and much of this, well there is a twofold for this. As I stated in the blog that Shelly sent out the other day, this is about fear leaving the earth. Now fear will never, a hundred percent, leave the earth because fear can be very beneficial to you. But this is talking about fear leaving the earth that is associated with like a group consciousness or a group mentality.


In part, the media, be it social media or be it what you see on the TV and from the, you know, national level or the global level; they focus upon severity and problems and fear and amplify the fear within people, it causes some people to just act in very irrational ways.


Just as with anything, anytime that there is an illness, anytime that there’s something that’s going on, it’s always about being smart. Because there is such a rampant and how easily this is transferred it is an important time to take a step back and be smart. If you are sick, stay home. Many, many times people are sick and they would still go out and go about their business because it was no big deal. It might make other people sick, but they might or might not react to it. Because this is more severe they’re saying “if you’re sick stay home” and enforcing it.


Another thread of that is some of the reaction that people have had with overbuying at the stores, with supplies not being able to get replenished, with acting as this is an Armageddon and that they are going to be holding up in their home and not leaving for months on end it’s an over dramatization and that reaction is coming from fear that people have that they are tapping into some of that collective consciousness of what’s being spoken.


This is the type of fear that is trying to leave the earth at this time and so many people tapping into it and so many people having this response is bringing it up so that it’s right here for everyone to acknowledge. And therefore I would say to you when you feel fear this time or any other time, when you feel fear go back inside, take a deep breath in, kind of center within yourself and ask the question, “Is this a fear that is causing me to be cautious because is my higher self trying to help me and protect me or is this a fear that is generated from something that has nothing to do with me and therefore is not supporting me?”


Let us ask that last question again in regards to COVID 19 and where you are physically located; “Is this fear something that is protecting me or is it something that is part of a hysteria and therefore it does not serve me?”


Okay, okay, for all of those where it’s just part of the hysteria it does not serve you, ~whew~ clear that out, clear it out, let it go, release that energy.


Okay, now I wanted to go ahead and clear out the energy but I will respond to what I saw. There are definitely people that either have been exposed and are sick right now and there are definitely people that have that potential to become sick, so this is why it is important to be cautious and to pay attention and to make choices that will keep you safe. In all things my desire is for you to be safe, however, I could also see many, many people that were able to just let it go and recognize that it is not for them to be paranoid about this.


Okay. Alright, I can feel a much more balancing energy come in amongst everyone at this time.


I reiterate to you that my whole intention in coming into the earth plane, in working with individuals, is to help people move into a place of love. My whole intention is to help people understand that they themselves are love. You as your soul are love.


You need not prove anything, you need not do anything, you need only be that essence of yourself which is balance and expressed as love.


~ Whew~ take a deep breath in, send that anchor down into the earth and as you do so it spreads out into different directions. It’s moving through and as it does so this is anchoring you onto the earth so that you may release your consciousness so that you may tap into a much higher level; the energies of the All That Is. You therefore let that, you bring that energy of the earth back up anchoring it within you; you then send that column of light that it may go up through you, through all your energy bodies, it goes out through your head center aligning with your higher self.


As you look around from this space tap into that expanded consciousness that’s who you are. You then allow that stream of energy to go even higher.


You allow that thread of light and energy to move directly into your I AM Presence. This is your soul. This is that thread of energy that can never be severed, that constantly allows that stream of your own divinity to be within you in this lifetime.


You have the opportunity to come up here to this higher light vibration so that you may experience yourself as your soul.


Here you are; it’s as if you are reaching out or moving out in every direction. Feel the love, feel the balance, feel the peace that washes over you as you merge with your divinity.


I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to you. I embrace you amplifying your alignment with your divinity so that you may know more fully who you are.


Our energies blend and we shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around. As you look around it is amazing what this space looks like at this now moment.


As you perceive the All That Is, it is filled with light, it is filled with Angels, it is filled with the Masters that are here in support of the all of new that is moving through this time upon the earth.


I invite you to allow yourself to open up and feel this presence, feel this love and support not only as is moving through the All That Is but also allow it to come into you, that you may feel it and know that it fully supports you.


I spoke earlier about fear within the earth. Let us consider for a moment third dimensional energies. We’ve spoken about all of these aspects of the third dimension before. Third dimension is duality. Third dimension can be controlling, it can be manipulating, it can be fear. There are of course many other that’s one half of the duality, fear, control, manipulation, anger, frustration, impotent, that sense of having no power and of course the other side that is always trying to balance that was joy, happiness, success, love, compassion, of course there were many more that are in between the two but those are somewhat the extreme that represent to the third dimension.


The third dimension was heavy like you were slugging through and when you would seek to make changes it was a process. Think back just 30, 40, 50 years ago and how much of that has transitioned so immensely upon your earth.


Here you are. You now have the crystalline energies that are infusing. You now have a great deal of what was third dimension shifting up into the fourth dimension which still has the duality and some of those other energies, however, not the lowest vibration of them or the lowest aspects of them.


And here we are with this most recent virus. It is clearing out the energy of the earth that is seeming to divide the earth but in truth is bringing the earth together through a shared concern for humanity.


I invite everyone to take a moment and consider fear. Is there a fear in your life right now? It may have nothing to do with Covid 19, it may be something else totally different. However, if you have fear within your life open up that door and tap into it. Perhaps fear due to your finances, fear that there is a lack of relationships, fear that you don’t accomplish something.


For any of these things that may be very personal to you I invite you to just go inside, pull of the roots of whatever they may be, bringing all of that energy up from within you that has to do with those that are your specific fears, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it out. ~whew~ there was a second wave.


As you clear out these things that you fear in your own life, then leave that door open and feel the love not only from your divinity, but from your Angels and the support that is all around you. Let all of that love come into you filling in that space. Transform fear into love. From within love, look at what made you fearful and now shift and see if there is a new perspective when love has transitioned fear.


Okay, I immediately noticed that for a lot of people you were unable to transition the fear. So, I invite you to have a sense of seeing around you some of your Angels, some of your guides, some of the mat Masters; Jesus, Mohammed, God, Mary. Whoever it is that you like to work with hold out your hand and know that they touch you, that they are flowing their energies into you and they stand behind you with their hands upon your shoulders. Again, as you open up your heart to release fear know that you are fully supported, know that you are not alone, ~whew~ let go of fear.


Allow compassion and support to flow within you filling up every space within you. For some of these things, if there really deep seeded within you, you may need to do this multiple times. You may need to do this over a period of time. However, if you do so and every time it feels like nothing has changed and nothing is shifting then once more breathe deeply down within yourself. Truly recognize how fear no longer supports you in any way so that you may bring it up and clear it out ~whew~ there we go.


Once more feeling the love and the support of your Angels they are but amplifying what your own divinity is giving you. So therefore, let all of it flow within you and that it may also be swirling around you.


As this continues to transition, let’s sweep out what you were looking at before and once more look at your life. Is it possible that you can release fear replacing it with compassion or potential love? All of these many expressions of who you are.


This time, I saw where many, many more people were able to let go of the fear and transition that energy within their lives.


The next part that I would like to speak about is that each one of you has an innate ability to heal your life. Therefore, if there is anything that you need to heal within your life as you are here in the space of the all that is, tap into perfect health, perfect balance; whatever it may be that you are in the process of healing within your life. Open up letting the perfect balance, the perfect health, whatever it may be. Perfect is not even the best word, it’s what represents a body without disease, a body without in balance, a body that is able to be healed by finding its intrinsic balance.


Take a deep breath in and then breathe out. Disease within the body begins at a cellular structure. At a cellular level something within you divide in such a way that it is no longer the healthy cell. While here in the All That Is, tap into only balanced cells that support your body. As you do so, let those healthy, balanced cells, replace the imbalanced cells.


Breathe in perfect balance and help, breathe out imbalance.


As I could see each one of you shifting cell to cell within your physical body, finding that body that fully supports you, I could still discern fear that either A) this wouldn’t work or B) this is all useless. So, no matter what that may be, again any residual level of fear, anxiety, disquiet; let any of that come up from within you ~whew~ and clear it out. Okay, good, good.


To be in the space of balance, knowing that no matter what may occur in your life, you can find this place of balance allowing cell, to cell, to cell transition within your body. You feel that strength building within you.


All right, look around from here in the all that is and this time as you look towards the earth, take a moment to have the intention of seeing the collective consciousness and fear that is trying to leave the earth, as you look at this now from this space of balance I invite everyone to gather around. Gather around creating that circle that you normally create as we have our gatherings. We would create a ball of light that is from within each of you.


However, this time as you look towards the earth, consciously ask to see fear. Fear that is triggered from the reaction to this virus, and any other fear that may be upon the earth. We want to tap into that, we want to tap into and pull up, pulling out anything and everything to do with fear. Fear leaving the earth, dear living the consciousness, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~


Okay, so we had that sense of pulling it up this way and next what I would invite all of you to do is that as you are looking at the earth from this high vibration, now gather together as one; send it your balanced energy, you’re cleared energy into the center. So too, the Angels and the light beings are also sending their energies and this ball of light, this ball that is pure energy of love, balance, compassion it gets a bigger and bigger as everyone is sending that clear intention into this space.


As that happens, you now send a strand out into the universe creating an anchor and balance within the universe and the remainder of that is sent down at this time it goes straight down into the earth. As you connect with the collective consciousness which is like a shell that surrounds the earth it begins to move through the energies of the collective consciousness. It is almost as if you see these tiny threads of energy and light just moving through and it neutralizes the fear, it neutralizes anything that has to do with controlling or mindset that is affecting humanity.


These threads of energy and light go within. These threads of energy and light fill in every space where fear was located; clearing the collective consciousness and amplifying it with love.


We see that then moving through all of humanity. We see where it’s going from within the atmosphere, going all the way down through every human on the earth, clearing out their own fear and anxiety’s, clearing it out from within the community, clearing it out from where it is shown through the media, clearing it out from every space. So that you may see something but you do not get hooked in.


Instead, we invite every person at every layer and every level to be filled with the strength of the knowledge that they may choose, that they may choose balance, that they may choose to be strong, that they may choose to know who they are and it amplifies going into every human upon the earth. Using this opportunity where there so much wide-open fear where we clear out the fear and replace it with balance. It moves through everything.


We send it down all the way into the center of the earth. We send it down linking and anchoring just as we do with every energy that we work with in the All That Is. It goes into the center and then comes up. It comes up through the grass, the water, you; your own energies that are coming up within you from where you anchored upon the earth. It’s going up into every individual giving them an opportunity to step into a more balanced space, where they can know that they are supported, that they have the ability to heal themselves, that they have the ability to choose and choose to be empowered through their own love from their soul and of their divinity.


Feel it, it’s a wave that is moving around the world. It is moving person to person to person, community to community and all is blended in this space of balance, in this space of healing, in this place of love.


This was a virus that would come in strong and then release quickly. It is not one that will remain for years and years to come. It is a strain that may pop up from time to time, but the epidemic or the pandemic that you have right now will be about one month to two months and that it will be gone.


Trust in yourself, trust in these transformations that are taking place upon the earth. Be at peace. Be one. Be whole.


Nama sika venia benya




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

April Overview and Powerful New Template Codes, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 3 April 2020

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Powerful Light Codes have been delivered these last few days/weeks/month/year(s) (and always continue to increase/accelerate)....


The importance of all of these "higher dimensional"/Source Codes are always "understated" if you will....


To support/assist all with RETURNING to Full Heart-Mind Consciousness where each LIVES FULLY FROM PURITY/UNITY with every conscious breath, with every conscious act, with every conscious thought, with every conscious exchange....


3D worlds were dependent, divided and lived from separation, lived from fear, lived from "give my power away", lived from "need" rather than a State of Consciousness where sharing, caring, unity and peace emanated out.... instead of a space of coming together instead of finger pointing prevailed....


THESE COSMIC ENERGIES are VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENTS for all. They are to BRING ALL INTO NEW STATES OF AWARENESS, new realizations, new understandings THAT THE OLD WON'T WORK ever again. Period. There is no "finishing that sentence" with an excuse or a but or a "trying" anything.... ↓↓↓


THESE COSMIC CODES, these brilliant RAYS OF LIGHT, these REALITY CHANGING TEMPLATES ---- completely REPLACE the old.....


They OFFER IMMENSE OPPORTUNITY, immense beauty, immense peace, immense ease, immense abundance, yet in a WHOLE NEW WAY....


The NEW (Earth) Ways won't "look like before".....


No, we are not "going back".


Yes, this is a HUGE WAKE-UP CALL, an ATTENTION GETTER, if you will.


Yes, all have to SIMPLIFY. Yes, all go back to BASICS, yes all have to go deeeeeeeeeeper inside.


No, "ignorant bliss" is not an option anymore. Pure BLISS is, yet this is a completely different energy. A Sovereign One.


Yes, coming together is necessary, otherwise you'll have to "do it alone". Yet, coming together is not from lack and need, it's from inspiration, excitement and the willingness to CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES birthed/born/brought forth from DEEP WITHIN and shared with all who are truly ready, truly open, truly care to BE A PART OF SOMETHING SO BEYOND BEAUTIFUL....


These "new realities" LIGHT YOUR SOUL UP from the inside out. These "new realities" SUPPORT EVERYONE, yet your presence, your care, your love, your kindness and your own contribution is required, otherwise the "pull" creates a Gravitational Distortion, an imbalance if you will.....


THESE NEW REALITIES ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL... Yet every heart must be WIDE OPEN, COMPLETELY for each's separation/ego to dissolve....


THESE CODES PRESENT immense opportunity for all... yet to receive is different than "before"....


These codes awaken, activate, shift all to a much higher dimensional plane of existence where ONENESS LOVE PRE-VEILS and opens up so much more for all!


Every moment forward PROMISES to be powerful, pivotal and reality-shifting in every way. Every "moment" is but a vibrational return to where each functions from in every way.....


As each tune in from a much deeper level inside and connect fully to much higher dimensional/versions/realities much higher aligned, so much possibility, so much potential and the only limit is then "each".


These are "observe/review" yourself. Observe/realize and Re-Evaluate all. Observe, tune, shift completely..... Open your Heart completely and allow the old to dissipate inside, allow it to dissolve and embrace the depth of your own CONNECTION and the LIGHT OF YOUR OWN DIVINE ESSENCE/SACRED SOUL.....


As we enter "April", a massive collective Death/RE-Birth/Resurrection & Phoenix (Rise from the Ashes) Powerful Energy Month..... so very much on every dimensional level is occurring.... THIS MONTH IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY to REMEMBER your own HUMANITY, remember your own Fall, remember/Experience your own RE-Birth FULLY, through complete ego surrender and allowing your whole body/being to shift into PURE TRUST, PURE DIVINE ALIGNMENT AND PURE CONNECTION.... for your own highest, purest and Sacred Self can emerge fully from within.......


YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU is kinder, compassionate, caring, respectful and UNIFIES ALL... It's also immense COURAGE to march to the beat of your own drum and forge a path through all new.....


YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU, is you AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECT of all of your selves.... Living, breathing and BEing this fully and allowing all to vibrationally re-align while consciously aligning all yourself.


YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION LIVES NEW EARTH REALITIES... through your every moment/day life.


These LIGHT CODES activate your cellular body, your DNA, your Crystalline Grids/Structures, your Plasma LightBody and so very much more. Your whole LIFE DOES CHANGE.... it's supposed to... and it's beyond BEAUTIFUL ....


Holding onto the "old" is what creates suffering, struggle and fears..... Fear is 3D. It IS A VIRUS, an addiction and what kept all "bound" to 3D realities before..... This is an opportunity to TRANSCEND ALL OF THAT.... and usher in all new.


This is "the precipice" (we have many along the way). This is "that moment" that decides and determines all for each/us/you. This is the NEXT PHASE OF COLLECTIVE RE-BIRTH of each's HUMANITY/HUMANITARIAN ASPECTS that shift our entire planet over to all new timelines..... ♥


Embrace ALL NEW FULLY.... and be wide open for OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference, on every level, by BEING YOUR LIGHT FULLY.... and touching all as LOVE here. ♥


With the utmost kindness, care, compassion respect and love,


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

APRIL 2020 MONTHLY SUPPORT, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 2 April 2020

Posted on April 2, 2020 at 6:40 PM

The main theme for April is “CREATING THE NEW”

There are many other themes at work this month: adaptability, adjustment, acceptance, surrender, transformation, change, assimilation, deeper meaning, and others. Although we are definitely working all of these themes on a daily basis, given where we are and what we are dealing with in these times, “Creating the New” supports us to be more proactive and affective with the process instead of being at the effect of our personal and global situations.

April is a very fertile month full of opportunities even if they are not yet apparent. There is an energy that wants to manifest outwardly even if it is just in new ideas and seeding a creative foundation for a future project. Even as many of us are quarantined with insecure plans or directions and are not sure about anything especially where and when to take action, and, even as our mobility has been compromised and the structures we have come to rely on are no longer becoming viable support systems, there is always something you can do in preparing the soil for the new seeds of creativity. Making choices, clearing out the old and anything that no longer works for you is making good compost for future intentions. Focusing on creating the new instead of losing the old keeps us proactive and positive.

When a computer runs out of space and memory, it is time to shut it down, clean it up, get rid of the old files that are cluttering up the system, and add an internal upgrade. When it is rebooted, you have many more options, a learning curve for the new applications, and the kinks often need to be worked out.

If our planet is like a computer, it has now been shut down. A virus has corrupted our files and we are in the process of reworking everything. When it reboots, it will be a different operating system that will have to take some getting used to. When the computer is down, one has to use creative and alternative methods to complete tasks and communicate with others. This is a simple analogy of the bigger picture of where we are.

Creating the New requires adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness and adjustment. It also demands that we live our truth more than ever before. Authentic creation can only spring from the seed that you have within you that is connected to your own medicine, your own truth and your own purpose. We are given the opportunity to go into the void and connect with creative material we have not accessed or used before. This is not about dismantling an old structure and then rebuilding something from old materials. This is about the old structures dissolving completely and new forms emerging from deep within.

We cannot rely on the external as the external world is unstable and in the process of great change and transformation as has been predicted by many indigenous peoples, channels and prophesies. It is up to each one of us to travel inward and to connect with our own internal source of power and creativity in order to create the new for ourselves and the planet.

Old ideals that are stubbornly holding on are like fierce weeds that threaten to choke out the seedlings that are emerging. These weeds have deep roots but as any living thing, they will also die if not fed. What feeds them is fear, attachment, greed, competition and all the negative traits that have built up in our consciousness and global society over the past two thousand years. If you turn your attention away from the negative and always inward towards the void and positive creative possibilities, the weeds will weaken and die.

Another important aspect of the creative piece this month is working with the feminine and the second chakra. The second chakra holds a lot of information and is directly connected to the creative process. We are, as a global community, needing to clear and heal the feminine creative source, balance the destructive side of that coin, and open ourselves up to the power within.

The isolation through quarantine that many of us are experiencing gives us a perfect opportunity to be proactive with our time and energy. Don’t feel you have to fill up every moment with action. Contemplation, meditation, spiritual practices and simply being, with the intention of opening yourself up to your own authentic truth, creativity and medicine is always worthy and a good place to start. Then proceed with action when and as you receive clear inspiration. You have the benefit of distancing yourself from others so that your new creative ideas and inspirations have a good chance of being truly your own.

With that said, a cluttered environment is never supportive for clean, clear, and new creative ideas. Some of you may have to do some cleaning and clearing first. It is Spring after all! (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere)

Suggested and super helpful this month:

Monthly support Mp3 to work with the second chakra and access creativity (link here)

Shamanic clearing of self, stuff and space (link here)


How the month shows up:




Transformation, transformation, transformation. We have such an opportunity here to create the new and to transform our lives. Even those of you who are still working within old structures can intend that this time of change will somehow initiate the emergence of a new creative design that will eventually manifest a new form. In a way, this is a time of great discipline. Discipline to think, be positive, and keep your spirits high. Discipline to try something new. Discipline to release the old. Discipline to do your spiritual practices. Discipline to change dysfunctional, non-productive and self-destructive habits. Discipline to communicate your truth. Discipline to follow through with your creative ideas and inspirations.

This is also a month where personally we look at what is essential to us. It is curious that many areas have closed “non-essential” businesses. It gives us an opportunity to consider what is truly essential for us personally to be in our authentic joy, creativity and purpose. This will be different for each person. You may not be able to act on what is essential to you due to the restrictions we are all experiencing right at this time, but the clarity of what “essential” is to you will be there. Pay attention so that when you have the freedom to choose, you can be directed by your own truth and inner power.

You may feel like nothing is happening and you are only in a holding pattern due to the pandemic situation. Know that quite a lot is happening on a deeper level within yourself as well as in the instinctive center of the planet that will permanently change the energy patterns. What emerges will be something new. We need to keep a “don’t know mind” as we move forward into the great unknown.




This is a great time to work on your relationship with yourself. What is essential to you? What is your self-care at this time? Appreciate being with yourself without distraction, feel your feelings, deal with what is coming up. Clear, forgive, choose, improve and be disciplined. Reach out to those you are connected with that mean something to you. This time gives us an opportunity to cull the relationships that are complete, non-essential and unnecessary. It also gives us an opportunity to reach out to those that perhaps we have neglected due to time or distance constraints.

Because this is a time when we are connecting to a deeper meaning, conversations and communication can be on a deeper level of authenticity. We advise to limit endless non-essential chatter on social media and move instead to one on one conversations and sharing that will actually feed and inspire you. It is good to be informed but not useful to engage in the drama of collective negative reaction. This will undermine your creativity and inspiration.




The physical body is taking it on at this time. Whenever there is a shift in consciousness and vibration on the planet, the physical body need to adjust to new patterns of energy. Even those who are not being affected by an identifiable illness are feeling symptoms of fatigue, aches and pains, mild headaches and fog brain, fluctuations in heat, cold and energy levels, digestive issues and nausea, and a general sense of physical discomfort. One day feeling great and the next day feeling some or all of the above.

The remedy is to drink a lot of water as the kidneys and bladder are affected. The kidneys hold and process fear. We are also in a physical, mental and emotional detox requiring plenty of water, fresh air and exercise. Physical exercise and moving the body is key to good circulation. You cannot move energy through the body simply by meditating. Moving the body also gets those creative juices to flow which are super important right now. We recommend living room dance parties, long walks in nature, bicycling, running, swimming, yoga, stretching and anything that moves your body.

There are new creative patterns emerging from deep within and moving the body will help them to settle in to support whatever new form you are creating for yourself.

Find out more about the body in Jose’s Webinar coming up April 14“The Body as a Map” (link here)




We all know that many business models and businesses are going through changes right now in order to accommodate the pandemic situation and quarantine mandates. This is actually a good thing. It forces us to think creatively and come up with solutions outside the norm. If your business or projects have been affected, use this opportunity to first reflect on whether the work is truly what you want and then if so, how it can change into a new form to better support you and others.

There may not be good clarity about the details of the future as it relates to business, partnerships and projects, but there can be good clarity about how you want to feel when the big computer is finally rebooted. No one is going back to “business as usual”. We need to be inspired about what could be instead of in dread about what is no longer. This is where creativity can be most useful in projecting a strong intention for a new form that will better align with your authentic self.




It is fascinating to observe the environment leading the way in this transformational time. As we change our patterns and behavior, the environment is reflecting back to us what we are doing right. As the earth can take a deeper breath, so can we. As the water can flow clearer, so can our own circulation better support us. As the air detoxifies, so can our lungs of the grief and toxicity of our karmic habits over the last centuries. As nature is able to flourish, so can our own creativity experience growing new forms. We have the time and space to appreciate the sun, the earth and all they give us with gratitude. It is that gratitude that will feed the environment that in turn will feed and support us with a higher vibration of energy.

This is a great time to clean your own personal environment to reflect the process of the greater environment. We can’t stress enough the importance of physically and energetically clearing and cleaning what you live with on a daily basis. Those items you were reluctant to let go of in the past may finally be ready to leave your personal space. Be disciplined about this. Anything that does not serve you now will probably not serve you in the future.




April 1-7: A good time to release, release, release. Release fear, release expectations, release old attachments, release judgment, release old clothes, release despair, release non-essential time wasters, release relationships that are complete, release work that does not make you happy, release old karma, release anger and blame, release old files and unfinished projects, release criticism, release old schedules, release limiting beliefs etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. This is also the best time for cleaning and clearing both physically and energetically. In releasing and clearing you are making space. That space is an essential landing pad for the new that is coming.


April 7: Full Moon in Libra is Tuesday April 7 at 8:34PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This Full Moon is a good time to really appreciate what you have. This includes physical environment, friendships, loved ones, resources available to you, the freedoms you experience, your talents, your creativity, your wisdom and all of your experiences that no one can ever take away from you.


The kidneys are to be supported during this time as well as circulation. Get some exercise and drink a lot of water. This is also a great time for communication and networking to keep the energetic circulation of community healthy. Inspire each other instead of feeding the drama and the fear. Be creative together as a way to support the emerging new forms. Spread love not panic. Support truth and authenticity. Be neutral instead of reactive.


April 8-15: Watch for depression and despair during this time as new inspired creative forms are not yet manifest in the physical. You can focus on what is falling apart or you can focus on the possibilities and potential that will take over the new space. This is a time for dreaming outside the box. What if? There is also good support for social interaction and sharing of ideas. Much innovation can come out of this time. If you are having trouble feeling creative, remember that creativity is a mindset. You can be creative doing almost anything. Use a creative attitude when making your morning coffee or fixing a meal or making your bed or taking a walk.


Moving the body is also a great help at this time as it moves energy and creativity requires a movement of energy to take hold. Hopefully you have a clean clear space now that you can begin to dream something new for yourself. Separate from others expectations, reactions and ideas about what those dreams should be. Keep your spaces consistently energetically clean through smudging or tobacco or even using a rattle. This is the discipline. (good examples in the “clearing of self, stuff and space” online course)


April 16-22:This is a time of preparation for more action and activity coming in the next few weeks. Be careful not to redream old realities but to keep disciplined about those intentions and practices that support what is new. If you still have clearing to do, do it now before the action kicks in.

Honor the feminine, honor and acknowledge beauty, and include art, music, laughter, humor, compassion, social interaction and support in your daily experience of life. Keep yourself positive and in a high vibration as much as possible. Begin to implement anything that is ready to be manifest but be patient with what is not yet clear or ready. Gather new support and partnerships. Think cooperatively and creatively about manifesting from your authentic self. This is a crucial time of gathering power from that inner source of deeper meaning and personal medicine. Be careful what you pray for.


April 22: New Moon in Taurus is Wednesday April 22 at 8:25PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) More on this powerful New Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above, at top)


April 23-30: Our world is definitely different now. We are definitely different now. We should have a new sense of courage, justice, commitment, conviction, determination and hope. We should have some good insights about what we do not wish to recreate. We should have a better inner sense of who we are and how we wish to serve.

There is a new sense of purpose, a new patterning, a new frequency and a new vibration. This will not yet be apparent in the physical but we feel in nonetheless. Honor this time by taking action in new ways and following your creative inspiration. This can lead to a new sense of power, still to be explored. The action may simply be to stand in your truth, to turn away from limited and negative belief systems, and to discipline yourself in your own healthy spiritual and physical practices. Evolution only goes in one direction and the birth canal is dark, constricted and hugely uncomfortable.


Happy creating!

Have a great month!




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Preparing for a Quantum Leap, Kate Spreckley, 2 April 2020

Posted on April 2, 2020 at 2:45 PM

We are at a very unique point in human evolution, a transition point, which is initiating a rapid awakening across the planet. This rapid awakening is preparing us for a quantum leap in our evolutionary process that will dramatically expand our human consciousness. As a result, this is a time where many challenges are being highlighted both personally and globally. We are being called to action, to step up and to actively engage in the transformation of our world. Standing still no longer remains an option. It is time to stop passively watching and get involved.


At this time you need to be at your most inventive, intuitive and inspired. Use this intensity of this period to bring creative solutions to the challenges you now face. Having a positive attitude and view point will stimulate your creativity and bring to light the talents and gifts you carry within. Noticing and questioning your life and its purpose is a good place to start. As you free yourself from the rigidity of old routines wonderful new ideas will begin to arise. Remember to stay open to the highest and best course of action over the next few weeks as you will be challenged to abandon your old ways of being.


Much love




This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley



April 2020 Ascension Energies - Hallowed Ground, Jamye Price, 1 April 2020

Posted on April 1, 2020 at 2:45 PM

March Review

The month of March (Freedom) brought quite a bit of chaos that refocused us into dealing more directly with fear. There is nothing more fundamental to moving into more Freedom than the release and integration of fear that often will run in the background until it is at the forefront.


It is at the forefront big time.


It is not easy to focus on beneficial potentials as so many are suffering. This can be a tough pill to swallow for some, as it can stir up anger that one would dare to focus on a positive resolution to a terrible situation. Sometimes it’s the reverse – that one isn’t spiritual enough to avoid the virus or to stay positive in the midst of suffering.


Nothing could be farther from the truth, but truth is invisible because it is internal. Let your experience be yours, as it offers you growth and clarity.


Staying focused during a global crisis is a moving target. Be gentle with yourself and honor your feelings. For the sensitive ones, you are learning to strengthen so that your compassion can flow with empowered love for all, including yourself. That is always a work in progress for me (as you’ll see in the video).


There is deep transformation occurring. The natural flow of Life is improvement, even if the journey isn’t easy or the end result is unknown. Through this global virus, I’m aware of the pain and fear that is surfacing. Yet I’m also aware of the powerful compassion, kindness and support that is occurring.


As March calls us to strengthen our inner realm in order to Connect with the external from empowered love, we are being assisted to maintain our powerful focus. Which brings us to April energies.


April Energies

I was given the April energies as Hallowed Ground as we anchor more of our divinity into a conscious connection with our humanity. I just had a typo there of “halo” (now corrected), which reminds me of coronavirus being so named because of the halo around it.


From the religious context of art that showed beings with halos (like Jesus or angels), it represented the open chakras that created a glow around the head. One aspect that the coronavirus is catalyzing is releasing fearful belief implants that are mainly held in head. (Please see the video for an exercise to support this release)


We are integrating a new layer of our divinity as we are pushed and pulled to focus in a new way. The distancing and isolation to slow the spread of the virus is causing us to all deal more directly with our family, the self, connect in new ways, and certainly deal with our emotions and thoughts.


This can create a purging of discord that allows your energetic structure to form a new foundation. It seeds new potential. That potential is more of your divinity anchored and consciously directed into your human experience.


Hallowed Ground is “grounding” your divine self more consciously, directly and accessibly into your human self. When we ground, we are in our body fully. Present, focused, aware, open, strong, capable. Otherwise the electromagnetic overwhelm (thoughts and emotions) shorts the system.


We are each sacred, as is all life. To honor our divinity and allow it to ground more directly into our experience we deal with anything that inhibits it, like fear. We amplify anything that supports it, like creativity and love.


We are in an experience that is bringing more clarity to our energetic structure and offering us the opportunity to strengthen so we can hold the higher frequency power of our vast, invisible Love.


You may notice more energy surges, especially in the head. You may notice more emotional purging (can you feel the collective?) as we refine what our hearts want. You are directing your current of Love to flow more powerfully as you deal with what-is with as much grace as possible.


Honor your humanness with the unconditionality of your divinity. Honor your divinity by embracing your humanness that can feel so helpless with the vastness of pervading fear and control.


Honor your divinity by embracing your humanness that won’t give up on hope for humanity. Honor your divinity that knows Life continues to call you to more empowered Love.


It’s who, what and why you are. As you’ve always been. You are sacred, you are divine. You are the Hallowed Ground that allows Love to incarnate in human form.


Copyright: © 2005-2020 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2020, Sarah-Jane Grace, 1 April 2020

Posted on April 1, 2020 at 2:45 PM

Message for April 2020

It would be extremely challenging to write anything about the month ahead without acknowledging the current global pandemic. It would feel a little like I’m burying my head in the sand! It’s a time of great uncertainty for so many, a time of great loss and there’s a huge tsunami of fear and angst as the life we’re all used to living is upturned on its head - almost overnight. Everything we once took for granted now feels like a privilege, perhaps an important reminder for many of us as to just how lucky we truly are. This is a virus that doesn’t recognise gender, race, wealth or nationality, it’s become an equaliser of humankind.


As the cities sleep and the world retreats, there is a sense that we’re allowing the earth to breathe again. It goes without saying that this is a time for healing, from each of us individuals, as well as a collective effort. Not just to those who are sick, but to those essential workers saving lives, as well as to each other. April looks set to be a month where the momentum of connection will continue to grow stronger and brighter. Although many of us are physically disconnected, energetically and emotionally we are growing closer and more entwined.


For many the stillness is disconcerting, but it brings us a potent reminder of just how busy our lives usually are. Suddenly so many of us find ourselves with space and time, neither of which we often have in abundance. We may struggle to adjust to the changes we are now living, but it’s important to knuckle down and do everything we need to do in order to find a way through this.


Much has been said about returning to ‘normality’, but perhaps this time of retreat and quiet is an opportunity for each of us to think about the kind of normality we actually want to return to. This global shift is a chance for us to reset the balance and learn to live in harmony with one another and the earth once again. At the moment, countries, scientists, medics and businesses are coming together in unity, we now all need to do the same. We have spent so long divided and fractured, this is an opportunity to heal those wounds as to become united, not separate. Of course, we are all individuals, but surely it’s not about being European, American, Asian, Black, White, Straight, Gay…it’s about the one thing that unquestionably unites us all – being human.


April looks set to be a month where we head towards the culmination of a profound and intense journey, and although we may feel as though we are trying to navigate our way through a box of dynamite whilst carrying a lit match, there is also a growing sense of excitement rising up from deep within as we feel alive with possibility and potential. Although this virus is taking so much away from us, it’s also bringing us a great deal as well.


It is hard to articulate the true essence of this shift as it goes beyond vocabulary and understanding; we can feel, hear and taste the change, but we can’t, as yet, touch it or see it. As a result, there is an air of cautious expectation as we can sense a new path ahead, but we have no idea what’s around the corner. Intuitively we can feel the eagerness within our hearts and souls to stride forth renewed and invigorated but, at the same time, we are more than aware of the need to walk very carefully through that dynamite as every step, shake of the hand and cough matters! This feels as much spiritual, as it is physical and emotional, it’s quite profound as so much is at stake.


Dynamite has a habit of breaking down seemingly immovable objects, and whilst dropping the lit match isn’t advisable, there is a sense that we are ready now to clear the way of debris: of outdated beliefs, of false hopes and of linear thinking. It’s as though we have all been ignoring the signs for years and now the dynamite has arrived to make us all stop and think, and we realise the gravity of the situation.


Whilst trying to seek out a higher or deeper meaning for this pandemic may help some, I’m not sure it’s the wisest approach as each of us will ultimately find our own learning and wisdom from this. Whilst we’re clearly all in this together, we each have our own learning to do as well as reaching together towards unity. Many of us have spent years trying to reach a point of awakening or breakthrough; it takes courage, faith and a willingness to let go in order to clear the way, but it is ‘letting go’ that so often thwarts so many as it involves truly going into a kind of free fall which so many fear as it’s so unknowable. Yet, this freefall is upon on us and it’s now up to each of us as to how we move forward. It’s time to have faith and belief in ourselves to realise that we absolutely have what it takes to be the wonderful, beautiful and compassionate souls that we know ourselves to be.


In many ways, the dynamite and lit match represent the fear so many of us carry in connection to letting go and stepping into unchartered terrain. We hold back as it seems logical not to let the dynamite and match meet, but here we find ourselves, life has literally pushed us all together into this situation. If we all work together, we can dampen the flames and find hope. Together.


So, despite the uncertainty, this is a time for humankind to unite; to let go of the ‘them and us’ mentality and to find new ways to let love and compassion flow freely. April looks like a month of intensity, but it’s also a month for new beginnings as we shed the old and open up our hearts and souls to the ‘unknowableness’ of the moment…


As mentioned last month, we are not insular beings, we are each being pushed towards awakening fully in order to wholeheartedly acknowledge that every choice has a consequence. It’s time to connect consciously to the world and to channel love and compassion to everywhere it is needed. The time is now…


I wish you all kinds of wonderful.


With love,







April looks set to be a month for bringing your focus firmly into the present moment in order to live more consciously and in more connected ways. It’s time to make some important decisions about what’s truly valuable in your life. You have been on fast-forward for such a long time, so it’s been easy for you to be focused on keeping on keeping on, dealing with quantity rather than quality as you’ve worked so hard to be everything to everyone. You have always had a strong sense of self, as well as a clear sense of direction and purpose in life, whilst you have had times when confused has blurred the edges, when you’ve taken a deep breath, you’ve found your centre once again. This is special time for you to acknowledge any ripples or undercurrents of discontentment in the areas of your life that you know are out of kilter; you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, even when it means self-sacrificing your own needs and freedom.


Whilst you are a giving, compassionate and loving soul, it is important that you work towards achieving more balance in your life as you cannot keep on self-sacrificing and giving without ending up feeling depleted and under-resourced. You have always tried to do your best and to be the best, but there is a strong sense of ‘ought’ in this mix, that you feel somehow obligated to be the person you feel you are expected to be. It’s time to remember that you are vibrant, passionate and a free spirit, and this side of you is longing to dance freely in life once again. So, have a good think about your life and the ways in which you can restore some balance, as this is your time to start a new chapter in your life…





Life is unpredictable and unknowable at the best of times, now so even more. Yet, your resourcefulness and open-mindedness allow you to more readily accept the inevitability of change than most, and this means you are more willing to ride the ebb and flow of the currents in life with courage and determination. In many ways, you are so used to navigating the unchartered waters of change that you have not only learnt how to sail, but you have also mastered the art of surfing! In short, little truly fazes you as your resolve allows you to find acceptance in change and strength from challenge. You know only too well that change isn’t always positive, sweet and rosy, sometimes it can be arduous, stormy and wild. Whilst this can be unnerving and unsettling, you seem confident to find ways to thrive even when there is no solid ground beneath your feet.


Obviously, it’s important to rest and take stock whenever you can, but you seem to thrive when the going gets tough. Yet, despite the uncertainty and unpredictability, a strength is rising up within you allowing you to walk more consciously through life and embrace the moment more mindfully than ever before. This takes courage and self-belief, and whilst you do have your moments when you doubt yourself, it’s important to realise just how magnificent you truly are. This isn’t about ego, it’s about acknowledging just how much you contribute to life. At the same time, the more you let go of the desire to try to control or resist change, the more you are able to make the most of every moment and stop worrying about what may, or may not, lie ahead. It’s time to trust your wisdom and to let your heart and soul guide you; live in the moment and remember to ‘be here now’...





There are times in your life when a plethora of different pathways, memories, experiences and thought processes merge together into a more cohesive whole, and such moments allow you to distil and condense these experiences into wisdom and learning. Sometimes these moments of coming together move gracefully and align in perfect harmony, but sometimes they collide like icebergs, crashing together with great force and power. Of course, most of the time, they are so subtle that you don’t even notice them. However, lately you cannot help but notice there have been lots of icebergs in your line of sight on the horizon heading in your general direction. As a result, there is an air of anticipation rising up from deep within your being, a sense of challenging times ahead but, at the same time, there is also a sense of inner knowing; a feeling that everything is as it should be.


Even when change is big and carrying the force of those icebergs, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing; you are a great procrastinator and often spend your time hovering on the periphery waiting for the right moment to jump in, but sometimes you need more force behind you to gently ‘encourage’ you to step from where you are to where you intuitively know you need to be. It’s time to let your truth find its own way and to realise your true worth. You are ready to live wholeheartedly and more in accordance to your beliefs and ideals. You have spent so long trying to be the person you felt you ought to be, but it’s time now to be the person you truly are. You’ve let go of so much and allowed your true self the space to emerge freely without expectation or judgement. It’s time now to be you…





There is a stillness that resides at the heart of your being, it’s the force the brings you balance, guidance and hope. This stillness is a place to rest and a place to seek guidance, a place to contemplate and a place to make plans. Most of the time, this stillness lives quietly in the corner of your soul; it doesn’t advertise its presence, it just waits, unnoticed and unacknowledged for you to notice it. It never leaves you, but when your life gets hectic, you can forget its existence. It doesn’t ask much of you, it just is a part of you. It therefore seems a shame that you so often overlook your inner stillness as this is a powerful way for you to re-align your life and to re-define your dreams. The stillness may look empty, but it’s in the quietness where true riches reside, as it’s the lack of distraction and clutter (things to do, people to see and places to go) that allows you to see clearly.


Even though your life may feel anything other than still or quiet, April is a month for you to consciously reconnect to this inner stillness in order to find a new way of living and being. As your priorities shift and you begin to re-think what you truly want from life, it’s the stillness that holds the answers, for it isn’t empty, it’s full of colour, energy and life. It’s only when you slow down, pause and take a breath that inspiration comes to you; the rest of time you are running on fast forward, keeping on keeping on. You have reached a new crossroads and it’s time now to let go of the distractions and to breathe deeply in order to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out...





You have spent a great deal of time trying to unravel and unpick the knots and tangles within your heart and soul. You have been on many a personal quest to find the end of that inner ball of string, trying to find out why things are the way they are, and wanting to know the true meaning of your life. There have been times when the focus has been so intense, you have lost sight of the daily humdrum pedestrian nature of life as layer upon layer has been peeled back, exposing your true essence and being. In some ways, you have stepped beyond the ordinary into a new layer of consciousness as nothing seems the same anymore. It’s as though the things that once seemed so important now fall into the background as new dreams and passions surface. The pace of shift is rapid and there are moments when you feel as though you’ve been knocked off of your feet, but whilst it’s been challenging at times, intuitively you know the need for this process as you are ready to live your life in more enriching and positive ways.


It can be hard to lovingly accept yourself: quirks, complexities and imperfections included, but you know it’s the only path to self-liberation. Of course, the more tangles and knots you unpick, and the more layers you peel back, the more complexities and imperfections you discover, but you are beginning to love these wholeheartedly as they are the things that make you special and unique, talented and effervescent. Life is rarely straightforward, but you are well prepared to navigate the many twists and turns you’ve faced. It’s important to remember that you’re not on a quest for perfection, it’s a desire to understand yourself more deeply. This is a time for you to love yourself wholeheartedly exactly as you are…





This is a time to take stock of your meanderings in life, to contemplate more deeply the choices you’ve made, as well as the one’s you haven’t. There is a sense that you are acknowledging the worth and value of going ‘off map’ where you have wandered away from your plans and found yourself in unchartered terrain. Whilst you are wise enough to know that you can never always be sure of what lies around each corner, at the same time, you are still most content in familiar territory as you can find change disruptive on every level of your being. Of course, you know that change is an inevitable part of life, but you still prefer to keep things as smooth and balanced and possible as the disequilibrium you experience runs far deeper than most could even begin to comprehend. It’s not that you’re resistant to change, far from it in fact, it’s just that you are very finely tuned so change can upset the apple cart of your life relatively easily.


Whilst you are usually quite robust, it is important not to ignore any inner imbalance as taking care of yourself is vital for your well-being. At the same time, try not to be concerned when you deviate away from your ‘grand plan’ of life, as it’s often the unchartered terrain where the true gifts reside. It’s time to start allowing the waves of anticipation and hope to flow freely as you approach a new chapter in your life. Allow yourself to feel lighter and more expansive as you are being given a powerful opportunity to re-think your goals and priorities. You’ve moved beyond the need to get life ‘right’, and feel able to set yourself free as you allow your intuitive, creative free spirit more room to wiggle, wriggle and dance…





As you continue to find ways to make peace with your inner nature, you are beginning to accept that the whirring busy-ness in your mind is a part of your ‘normal’. You are one of life’s thinkers and your thoughts are often way ahead of others as thinking ‘outside of the box’ is how you flourish and thrive. This can be challenging as you’re frequently on a different wavelength to most of those around you; and this can leave you feeling a little alienated or feeling as though you are on the edge rather than at the heart of things. However, intuitively you know that this is exactly how things are supposed to be as you know that everything comes together when needed. It’s time to trust your gifts more and to realise that the things that make you ‘different’ are actually the things that ultimately build bridges and open up new doorways of opportunity for you.


You have now reached a time to take a big deep breath in order to take stock of the path you have walked, the path you are walking and the path you hope to walk. It’s time to stretch out your arms towards something new as you turn head-on to face the powerful period of change heading in your direction. As your awareness expands and your mind starts to re-shape and re-define the experience, you will slowly begin to find ways to articulate the essence of this shift, but for now, it’s important to trust your intuition and to take each day as it comes. Although your curiosity wants to know more, you can feel the wisdom in allowing this change to unfold in its own time and in its own way. This isn’t about quietening your mind, it’s about becoming one with it and allowing it to re-tune in perfect harmony with your body and soul…





April looks set to bring you some powerful revelations in connection to your creativity and intuition, and how you can use them more effectively in your life. Whilst you have always been intuitive, there is a sense that you are growing increasingly more aware of all aspects of yourself and your life; it’s as though you are somehow more awake and in-tune, more connected and open-hearted. Of course, there have been many times in your life when you’ve felt a distinct absence of your intuition, particularly when you’ve been busy, challenged or stressed, but every time you’ve paused and taken a deep breath, your intuition has re-surfaced, shining a light to guide you forwards. You have found yourself increasingly busy lately with things to do, people to see and places to go, and this distraction has left you feeling even more disconnected from your inner self, but you are now entering a time where it’s really important to be more centred and balanced in order to make some pivotal choices as to your path ahead.


Although there will still be plenty of distractions, you need to ask yourself if they’re really essential or if they’re there just as a way to occupy your time or to keep you away from looking more deeply at yourself and your life. It’s time to be honest with yourself as you are now entering a chapter of your life where you need to be sure of your motivations in order to make some important choices as to what you truly want from your life. Distractions can sometimes make for a quieter and easier life, but your creative essence is chomping at the bit to have some freedom. It’s time to throw open the doors to your soul in order to face your true essence and to listen to your phenomenal intuition to guide you...





Contemplating the bigger picture of your life has enabled you to see both yourself and your life from a new perspective. When you gaze into the mirror, you no longer see the same person smiling back at you, as you’ve shifted into a completely different space. Things that once seemed important have now drifted out of your consciousness allowing you to focus on your true priorities. April looks set to be a time to continue to de-clutter your life, as well as letting go of a great deal of the ‘trappings’ that have come to form a part of your everyday. What once seemed important really doesn’t seem to matter so much as it’s the simpler things you long for, whether it’s being with those you love or listening to a bird in song. This shift looks set to echo into most areas of your life as you begin to make some big decisions as to how you want to live, breathe and be.


In truth, you have been waiting for quite some time to have the energy and momentum to make changes, so you seem more than ready. However, wanting change and then implementing it are quite different! It’s important that you’re clear as to what you want to achieve as it’s the clarity of your vision that will help you shape and define your path ahead. Your inner world is undergoing great shift, including your creativity, your emotions and your spirituality, and this is leading to some profound inner revelations and self-discovery. That rut you’ve been stuck in for so long suddenly seems to have vanished, but it may take you a short while to realise that you no longer need to pull against the current as you are now riding on the crest on the wave. This is your time to shine…





You have spent a great deal of your life bending and flexing with the winds of change in other people’s lives. At the same time, you have mastered the art of trying to do the ‘right’ thing by accommodating the wants, needs and wishes of others, frequently sacrificing your own wishes in the process. As a result, you have become very focused on the business of keeping on keeping on, as life has become a ‘to do’ list rather than a ‘let’s live life to the fullest’ list. Of course, you may feel that living life to the fullest is indulgent and a fantasy, yet does it have to be? Take a moment to breathe through that practical layer of bluster that allows you to get things done, but prevents you from listening to your own intuition. You bluster because that’s how you manage to juggle so much for so many, and you bluster because you’re used to doing it. So, pause, breathe deeply and reconnect to the passion that resides within your heart and soul.


You are so frequently focused on others that you can forget to check in with yourself and your inner world, and whilst being everything to everyone is admirable, it really is time for you to start being everything to yourself as well. You matter! Life doesn’t have to be ‘all work and no play’, it can be an enriching blend of experiences that both enhance and nurture you, as well as those around you. Life isn’t just about others, it’s about you too. Try not taking life so seriously for a while, ease up on the pressure you place on your shoulders to do more, be more and achieve more and learn how to cultivate the essence of self-compassion as this is your time to bend and flex in tune with your own beautiful and magnificent orchestra…





As you continue to embrace the concept of acceptance, there is a sense that you are beginning to focus more wholeheartedly on the present moment rather than constantly pushing yourself to achieve perfection in all areas of your life. Whilst perfection inspires you, it can also leave you frozen in a state of imperfection as there’s a risk that nothing you do ever feels like it’s enough. This has to stop! It’s time to let go of the high expectations and instead replace them with a growing sense of acceptance of where you are in the here and now. This isn’t a sign of ‘giving up’, it’s a willingness to live more consciously in each and every moment. It doesn’t stop you from having dreams, it simply re-focuses you to be loving and kind towards yourself and acknowledging your many different gifts and talents. If you always keep your focus on the horizon, how can you ever know how you’re doing now?


Having a pedestal to aspire to sit on is all well and good, but when you keep pushing the seat up higher and higher, how are you ever going to reach it? In other words, stop pushing yourself so hard and start showing yourself some compassion. For an enlightened soul, you so find it hard to use that wisdom on yourself! Sometimes trying to push ahead can become a brick wall preventing you from moving and it’s only when you step back with compassion that you can see a new pathway to follow. It seems clear that you need some breathing space in order to re-shape and re-define your life, but you also need to re-shape and re-define the expectations you have of yourself as you are a vibrant and creative soul, and being free is the best gift you can give yourself now…





It seems you have been wrestling with a storm that’s been raging at the core of your soul, you have been caught up in the howling winds and the torrential rain, leaving you feel disorientated and overwhelmed. There have been times when you’ve felt as though there is no respite from the storm as it hasn’t abated, and this has consumed you with a sense of confusion and bewilderment as to what to do. Although you’re standing in the rain, caught up in the storm of your everyday life, it’s easy to miss the shelter that’s behind you, offering you dry, warmth, and comfort. It’s not that you particularly want to get wet, it’s just that events have overtaken you and it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. This is understandable as you are deeply empathic, so you are inadvertently ‘sucking up’ a great deal of angst from other sources, however, there comes a time when standing in the storm serves no real purpose other than leaving you to get wet. In other words, why stand outside when there’s a perfectly good shelter to rest in?


These are tumultuous times, but life doesn’t have to feel cold and inhospitable, as there is warmth and love beside you, and within you. Of course, this storm has whipped up a great deal, so you are understandably feeling somewhat overcome with it all, but this is also a time to find new ways to live your life. The storm is only partly due to world events, it’s mainly due to you reaching the end of a chapter in your life. You are ready now to cuddle up in the warmth of your soul and find sustenance from within. It’s time to channel your energy, creativity and passion into a new direction now as you lovingly accept your gifts and your true essence…


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The Divine Pause - April 2020 Energy Forecast, Emmanuel Dagher, 1 April 2020

Posted on April 1, 2020 at 2:40 PM

Hi my friend,


Thank you for being an essential part of the awakening taking place within humanity right now. It’s because of all the personal growth, inner work, and healing you have been so diligently practicing, that the world is changing at an accelerated speed.


A Powerful Realignment

As we move through the current season of our personal and collective journey, the Earth, all of humanity, all Earthly systems, and everything in between are experiencing a core realignment.


This core realignment is bringing to the surface and allowing us to address all that is going on in our lives, including all that is no longer serving humanity as a whole.


A new timeline has begun that is bringing humanity together in ways that many way-showers, empaths, healers, and other spiritual seekers may have only gotten small glimpses of.


With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to get caught up in the noise and collective fear that feels to be front and center now.


Because this new expansion is also causing a great deal of confusion and chaos for many, it’s important to remember that this is absolutely a normal part of the awakening process.


Just as many who are already awakened had to go through their own journey to get to the expanded awareness they have today, it’s important to honor the journey of those who are just now beginning to awaken, no matter how challenging that may feel at times.


We are currently on a unique, once-in-a-lifetime timeline that is giving us the opportunity to create a completely different reality. A reality founded on principles that benefit all of humanity, instead of only a select few.


These principles include kindness, respect for all life and our Earth, compassion, peace, fairness, community, unity, and prosperity for all.


The key to helping the mind to be on board with this new reality, is to simply let it know that it’s not going to lose anything by embracing it—rather, that it will gain a great deal.


The mind often finds comfort in reverting to learned habits of doubt, worry, and fear as forms of self-protection.


Because of this, whenever a new perspective is presented to the mind that asks it to move out of its comfort zone, it has the tendency to go into protection mode.


Being gentle on the mind, and thanking it for trying to protect us in the best way it knows how, is a wonderful approach for helping the mind feel safe, acknowledged, and loved.


When the mind feels safe, honored, and loved, it is much more open and willing to embrace the new perspectives, insights, behaviors, and habits it once deemed uncomfortable.


Being gentle with the mind, when practiced long enough, will help us transcend any previous resistance to our mind’s reactions.


As we show up as a loving and compassionate presence for the mind, it will eventually show up in the same way for us. It just needs to learn how to do that first, and desires that we lead by example.


As we use this gentle approach of being loving, compassionate, and caring, the mind begins to get on board with new ideas, insights, habits, and ways of being that align with a new reality—one that flows easily with the most expanded version of ourselves.


A Time of Healing for Mother Earth

One of the bigger themes coming forward on this new timeline, is a greater focus on the well-being of Mother Earth.


Mother Earth is speaking loudly to us, leaving no room to second-guess her messages and feedback.


She is letting us, her children, know that forcing things that go against the natural rhythm and flow of life can no longer be tolerated.


As humanity gets off the hamster wheel of the survival-fueled life, Mother Earth is breathing a big sigh of relief, and is using this time for healing herself.


Those who are sensitive to energy are also mirroring the same sigh of relief, as we heal our own body and mental energies. As more and more of us relax into deep healing now, more and more of our sisters and brothers who were not yet fully aware of what’s happening will also awaken and enter states of deep healing, peace, and transformation.


It’s from this space of a deep and nourishing healing of the collective that new solutions, inventions, and holistic remedies for global unity, peace, and wholeness will emerge.


The world is waking up at a rate that can no longer be ignored or denied, even by the most cynical. This is the time that so many way-showers, and those dedicated to their spiritual paths, have been working so hard to bring forth into the collective experience.


The comfort we used to find by ignoring, hiding, and denying inner discomfort will now increasingly shift and dissolve.


There is a level of comfort that comes with looking the other way, when it comes to things that may compromise our preference for feeling safe and keeping the status quo.


Yet by looking the other way, we’ve allowed a select few to make decisions for us all regarding how we experience our lives.


This has GREATLY compromised our well-being, and there is no longer any false comfort to be found in our giving our power away.


What we are seeing right now in the world is a clear indicator that the old patriarchal systems—which are based on fear, control, separation, survival, and hierarchy—are no longer able to continue as they have in the past.


Here are just a few confirmations that this shift is occurring:


Humanity is awakening to the truth of who we really are, as we connect more with ourselves and one another on a heart-to-heart level.


Humanity is realizing that whatever background, culture, or social or economic class people come from, there really is no separation between us. That was just an illusion. The current situation we are in is highlighting this tremendously.


Industries and corporations operating from a lack of integrity are losing steam and influence, and will find they must either close or evolve.


Humanity is becoming more conscious of our unhealthy relationship with Mother Earth, and we are taking action towards healing that relationship.


Humanity is becoming more conscious of the state of our relationship with ourselves and with one another, and we are also taking action towards healing those relationships.


Humanity is becoming increasingly aware of where our food is sourced from, and we are taking action to bring that far more into alignment with the natural rhythms of our body, mind, and the Earth.


The power pendulum is swinging from the select few back to the collective masses.


Conscious businesses and alternative, integrity-based media are becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.


Alternative natural medicine and holistic healing therapies and practices are proving to be just as if not more effective than the Western medicine approach.


Humanity is realizing that obsessing over the material world is not as important as supporting and loving one another in ways only our distant ancestors may have known.


And much more!


A Time of Completion

Now is the time to release the belief that we are “just small Earth beings,” and to remember fully that we are vast, powerful Universal beings.


Over the next several months, we’ll notice that choosing to play “small” will begin to feel impossible.


This is our Spirit saying to us, “I can no longer be confined by the belief that I/You are anything less than holy, powerful, and the Universe Itself in physical form.”


Prior to entering the third dimensional experience, many of us signed up to help usher in the great shift that began decades ago.


Through this energy agreement, many of us took on specific obligations, to ensure that the great shift would come to fruition.


We knew that those agreements were not for the faint of heart. Yet out of love for Earth and her people, we volunteered to take them on, knowing we could handle them.


And we’re doing exactly that.


Now we have reached the expiration date on those agreements. They are becoming null and void in this new consciousness we have manifested.


We now have true freedom—the freedom to choose everything that aligns us with our deepest and most authentic joy!


Difficult conditions and limitations are no longer necessary. If you’ve felt that there was some type of resistant force at work in your life, even though you were diligently doing your inner spiritual and re-connective work, now you know why.


It was never personal; it was simply an old agreement that needed to run its course before it could be completed.


The Divine Pause

Since fear and worry are a projection into the future, and grief and suffering are a form of dwelling in the past, when we align with the Present, we are able to tap into the Divine Pause occurring all around the planet at this time.


A Divine Pause is a stillness that washes over all of humanity at the same time, opening up space in our heart and mind, so that higher wisdom, awareness, and healing can emerge.


This Divine Pause is also allowing the Earth to heal in ways that it could not before now, due to the old habits and behaviors of humans.


If we are present and still, we will notice the following showing up a bit more during this Divine Pause:


The occasional ringing in the ear that so many hear has reached an even higher pitch.


A sense of complete peace and ease is more readily available when we are fully present.


Our dream state has become more vivid and clear as that consciousness integrates with our waking state.


We think of and then hear from people who have not been in our lives for a while.


We feel waves of energy moving through us, sometimes feeling like electric currents running through our body.


Our senses feel more heightened, including the extra-sensory ones.


We notice synchronicity occurring more and more.We crave foods that nurture and support the vitality of our body.


We crave time with nature.


We receive clarity of purpose, and ways to align with and fulfill this purpose.


A Divine Pause like the one the collective is currently experiencing also allows the mind to hear and align with our Spirit more clearly. This leads us into a state of flow.


When our mind is aligned with our Spirit, mountains move, old worlds dissolve, and new realities are birthed.


As the mind and Spirit align, we have the ability to create Heaven on Earth.


This is an unprecedented time in our collective experience, in which creating a world that works well for everyone is achievable, realistic, and palpable.


As always, please take great care of yourself, my friend, and know that I am thinking of you and our global family at this time.


We are in extraordinary times, and it’s such an honor to be able to share this journey with you!


Till next time,


Miraculously yours,




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Look Beyond the Darkness, Kate Spreckley, 1 April 2020

Posted on April 1, 2020 at 2:40 PM

Our world has shifted and will continue to do so as all of humanity is being drawn into a time uncertainty. There is much speculation surrounding this time of extreme change and transformation. We are all feeling the intensity of this process which is greatly affecting the collective consciousness. As a result, our collective awakening is being amplified, deepening our connection to our soul and birthing a new level of human consciousness into the world. The energy of this month guarantees more personal transformation and collective reform as more and more souls awaken.


At this time powerful surges of light energy are constantly moving to purge and purifying the world. As you enter into this new month you may be feeling a deep sense of unease and uncertainty. This may feel like a challenging time but you are being offered profound insights and valuable knowledge. Use this time to accomplish deep soul work you and shift, change and realign your life with your deepest knowing. Face your fears and look beyond the darkness for the light of your soul. You are being shown the way to creating a safer, less destructive and more sustainable world.


Much love




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