Sharon-Ann Riley - Galactic Ambassador

Galactic Federation Teacher - Spiritual Consultant (Psychic - Clairvoyant - Fifth Dimensional Medium - Soul Guide) - ET / Alien Implant Removal - UFO Disclosure

"Dedicated to Co-Creating a Transparent Humanity"

The Planet Therapy Project


The Planet Therapy Project is a service offered through the Galactic Federation and Cosmic Beings of Light.  This service is facilitated through Sharon-Ann Riley - Galactic Ambassador.

Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador and team’s core mission is to offer Galactic / Spiritual Aid, Healing, Knowledge and Empowerment to World Leaders.

The Earth’s future is undefined; however it cannot exist if genocide, human trafficking, wars and environmental neglect are ignored.  It is time to explore different avenues.

Sharon-Ann offers world leaders assistance and a galactic perspective. She has practiced as a spiritual teacher / master for 10 years and it is imperative that the leaders and decision-makers have unconditional spiritual support.  She is here to restore the balance to the planet.  It is not enough that you only concentrate on green living or being Eco-conscious when the decision-makers of the world are enduring internal turmoil. It is their decisions that ultimately determine whether there is a planet or not. She is here to assist them. 

Sharon-Ann and team will go to the front-lines where Human and Environmental aid is required; to offer healing, support, renewal of the spirit and innovative alternatives to projects and governments. 

 Consulting Services:

Spiritual Counsel 

Environmental Awareness Insight

Humanitarian Awareness Insight 

Issues of State (Counsel)


Heads of State,  Celebrities, Governments and Spiritual Leaders that would like to consult with Sharon-Ann please Email the Planet Therapy Project



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