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Quotes Hello dear Sharon. Are you well. Thank you for the healing. I feel so light and happy. The heaviness has definitely lifted. Meditation is much easier and the experience more vivid! I'm so grateful. Chat soon, Maeve Quotes
Spiritual Healing

Quotes My life journey has started; at 75. I came to Sharon believing an illusion of the old world...a complex mesh of religious and states of power ideas; gripping fear in Humanity. Those projections and ideas settled on me for some time but I always knew that it was not of me. I then come across Miss Riley :-) and we met and the atmosphere is very relaxed. We spoke about my life and how I can bring about change within, very candidly and honestly. I knew Sharon was a Galactic teacher; but I did not expect to feel the Cosmic Energy through our conversation; it was like her voice guided me out of the dark yet I knew that it was all me. You need to meet Sharon to understand what I mean lol!! I will never forget that experience because everyday to me is like finding my true - self. I cannot express in human words what I felt. I am 75. Full of knowing. Full of unconditional love. Ready to change the world 1 minute at a time. Good Journey to All! Quotes
Understanding my soul purpose at 75

Quotes Sharon how are you darlin'? So you left me thinking, wondering, meditating and then some more thinking. :-) I do not think I have ever used my brain so much....period. Seriously, you helped me review my whole life, and this is hard for me to write on here but most of the people that I have known have projected, lived through and told me whats good for me...always ending with the line "it comes from a good place". Ha! I no longer let that happen. I make sure I protect my energy (thank you for showing me how...and making it easy for me), I live in the now and do not seek confirmation outside of myself. I know who is good for me and well my past zombie procurement has been quashed! I like the new energy its more honest and sexy :-) I know you have said before that I am my own inspiration but let me say it here that you are truly a great person inside and out and I admire the work you are doing. BE WELL! I really enjoy the soul library!! Quotes
Ethan - USA
Intuitive Counselling with a twist of Cosmos

Quotes Hi Everyone and Sharon, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how great Sharon is! I was in a place in my life where I needed guidance and I was not sure at first, but after speaking to Sharon, I have found where and what I need to do in order for me to fall in love with myself and in order for me to help others with what I have had. my mission is to share with the world, the problems with parents and how every child needs that affection and love that parents should give to their children, because it does affect them long term and most parents don't realize that... Wish me luck and I will keep everyone posted on my journey ahead! Thanks Again Sharon for helping me make that step! Quotes
Happy go Lucky

Quotes Sharon thank you so much for offering this amazing gift to the world. As an abductee I could not talk to anyone about this (childhood and adulthood.) I am so happy we connected. You have really helped me release and connect to my authentic body, I feel my sovereign power. It quite strange to see the world through my own "eyes", but I'm loving it. Thank you for your kindness and support. Much love to you! So happy!!!! Quotes
Gia - South Africa
Alien Implant Removal

Quotes Was a great experience. So excited! Highly recommend this to those on the journey :-) Sharon exceeded my expectations! Love and Light Rick Quotes
Rick - South Africa
Galactic Activation

Quotes Dear Sharon, When you right you right! :-) I went in this totally skeptical. You of all people know what I've been through. As an empath, I had taken so much on board, forgetting myself in the process. The Karmic Enslavement DNA codes were with me in many this lifetime I chose to release it....because I am an abundant being of the New Earth...quote..unquote Miss Riley :-) The whole experience was chilled...I felt so comfortable from the get go...the knowledge that I gained is priceless. It was the catalyst to activate my internal divine almanac :-) Like a energy is a work in progress...but I determine it through MY choices now! Take care Shar....have great news when we connect for the follow up ;-) Quotes
Removing old DNA slave / karmic implant codes

Quotes Hi Sharon, I hope you are well. I appreciate the amazing healing I have received from you. I feel so whole being is a is such a surreal feeling knowing that I'm in my truth. I have the tools to protect my energy. You were right...I'm looking forward to my abundant unknown story. Sharon....thank you again for being there for me... you are THE Galactic Ambassador!!! :-) Quotes
Psychic Energy Harvesting Implant Removal

Quotes Dear Sharon, Thank you for helping me through a challenging period of my life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. The time, patience and unconditional support that you gave me was outstanding. It's taken a few weeks for me to process everything (as you said) but I finally have myself back. Thank you again.....I will let you know how everything goes....p.s I'm in my bliss Quotes
E.T Implant Removal

Quotes Dearest Sharon. I want to thank you for helping me find myself. I had my doubts at first, mostly about myself, however, as the weeks passed I started to notice things. A change in myself. Confidence, awareness, love. Things I never knew existed. I'm getting carried haha! You have been very kind and supportive during this amazing and sacred transition. I am even going for my Masters....which I never thought I could. Thank you and I promise I won't be afraid to hide my light. Love Josh Quotes
Galactic Activation
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Sharon-Ann does not need to be physically with you when consulting as she connects with your energy (Higher Self) There is no time or space when working multidimensionally. 

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Client Compliments

  • "Hello dear Sharon. Are you well. Thank you for the healing. I feel so light and happy. The heaviness has definitely lifted. Meditation is much easier and the experience more v..."
    Spiritual Healing
  • "My life journey has started; at 75. I came to Sharon believing an illusion of the old world...a complex mesh of religious and states of power ideas; gripping fear in Humanity. ..."
    Understanding my soul purpose at 75

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