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Galactic Federation Teacher - Spiritual Consultant (Clairvoyant Psychic - Soul Guide) - ET / Alien Implant Removal - Disclosure

"Dedicated to Co-Creating a Transparent Humanity"

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Posted on August 31, 2014 at 8:00 AM


  • Supporting those that have experienced UFO and E.T / Alien visitations, abductions, intrusions, Implants and experimentations
  • Exposing Reptilan Agenda
  • UFO Disclosure
  • Cover Up Evidence
  • Military UFO Exposure Evidence
  • Govt UFO Exposure Evidence
  • UFO Investigations
  • Starseed / Starborn Support
  • Alien Abduction & Contactee Support Group
  • Galactic Heritage Disclosure / Exposure


Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador has experienced E.T. visitations and UFO encounters throughout her life. She is an incarnated Galactic Federation Ascended Master and Blue Ray Star Seed. Her role is to prepare Humanity for its galactic re-emergence.


All ancient civilizations e.g. Egypt, Atlantis and Sumeria were aware of their cosmic origins. Unfortunately Humanity's true blue print was lost through Religion, Reigns of Terror, fear codes, propaganda, Reptilian (negative ET's) programs and governments. This has left many souls vulnerable because they do not know their true identity.


Many have experienced UFO and E.T visitations, abductions, intrusions, experimentations, parasitic infestations and attachments. Due to lack of knowledge and no support many people have found it difficult to live and cope with these experiences and even shunned by society.


She understands the importance of support and acknowledgement when one is going through an experience so "societal" sensitive. The importance of this platform is to create a safe / non judgmental environment whereby all those that have witnessed or encountered are able to express themselves.


Sharon-Ann requires funding to:

Establish the The F'ing Truth About UFOS and healing centre

Cover Operating costs /expenses

To grow the network of Awareness

Establish expert panel

Establish 24 hour help line


Please contribute or share this project with your contacts so Sharon-Ann may accomplish her goal to establish the The F'ing Truth About UFOs


With Much Gratitude.

Sharon-Ann Riley and Team


All those that would like to consult with Sharon-Ann, contribute or for more info please contact Tasneem Domingo(Manager)


Contact Sharon-Ann's Manager Tasneem Domingo

Email: / Mobile: +27716398238


Contact Sharon-Ann

Email: / Mobile: +27822582732

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Thank you for your support

Contact Sharon-Ann

Email:  Mobile: +27822582732  BBM: 2651AD90 WhatsApp: +27822582732     

All services are available online (Skype) or via telephone only.

Sharon-Ann does not need to be physically with you when consulting as she connects with your energy (Higher Self) There is no time or space when working multidimensionally. 


  • "Hello my dear!!!! Hello my dear....and as you said I am a changed man. In my 43 years on this planet I never knew one person could hold on to everything past, me! I felt so h..."
    Max - Australia
    Remote Cord Cutting
  • "Hello Sharon. Thank you for consulting with me on such short notice. I know that you are very busy. Your caring heart and loving nature helped me so much. Your advice has help..."
    Himani - India
    Soul Reading

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