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NEW MOON UPDATE 4-18-15, Lena Stevens, 18 April 2015

Posted on April 18, 2015 at 6:55 PM

Dear Friends,


The New Moon is Saturday April 18 at 12:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

It is fiery time, very action oriented, a bit restless, and calls us to move into our next step, whatever that is, with power and energy. Make sure not to focus so much on what is leaving your life unless you are doing a real completion process. Focus instead on the new that is manifesting and anchor it in some way.


There is a deciduous oak tree that grows in Northern New Mexico that holds on to its dead leaves until spring when the new leaves push the dead ones out with their growth. I always hold on to that image as it illustrates how putting energy into the new growth will automatically and without effort push out the old.


Watch for impulsive reactions on this day especially if they are negative ones that may pull you into argument or conflict. Refocus as quickly as possible on the passion of creating your next step and planting the seeds of your creative ideas. If you are around others during this time intend that it will be nothing but a very supportive experience.








Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at


Aries New Moon


Sun and Moon in Aries ~ 28º


Saturday, April 18, 12:56 PM Mountain Time


(6:56 PM Greenwich Mean Time)


Sun and Moon in Aries, The Initiator, arouses risk taking and adventure and striking out in new directions with curiosity and enthusiasm, beginning anew on a fresh path, not looking back. Ruled by masculine and fiery Mars, we bring Spirit right down to earth and burn a new portal into our lives. After the enormous challenge and upgrade in energy brought to us by the Equinox and eclipse window of the last weeks, many have blasted through issues that have been dragging on their entire lives. Because New Moon occurs at 28º, the last few degrees of Aries, we are at the tail end of the conflict-engaging, head-butting lessons of the sign of the Ram. Aries is the energy of the light masculine that brings forth our courage, independence and confidence. As the first sign of the unfolding zodiac, Aries’ task is to develop awareness of the self. The quest is to answer the question ’who am I?’ and to stand in the knowledge of ‘I am who I am’ with deep love for the self, this unique one.


With Mars in peaceful and persistent Taurus, we can be most productive now. Bring in your resourcefulness and get practical. Deliberate, persistent attention to what you want to manifest is the best channel for Mars’ abundant energy.


Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, is also influential here having just turned retrograde on April 16 leading us into the underworld until September 24 and slowing ascending by January, 2016 at 15-13º Capricorn. Plutonian issues of how well we balance and use our personal power are up. If you are dreaming up lessons of victimization or powerlessness, you are being given an opportunity to engage your regenerative ability. Surrender to irreversible change may be on your menu. The invisible planes are issuing you an invitation to the feast where shaman, wizards and medicine women dine and deep elimination and transformation release the shadow energy to morph into new vitality, clarity and purpose. When Pluto and Mars work together as they do here, we are being offered a bid for power. Your daily spiritual practices are the martial tools to sharpen for this dance of power.


Neptune and asteroid Vesta are conjunct at 9º Pisces and sitting at the apex of a Finger of God. Neptune is the higher octave or expression of Venus. Venus denotes love, Neptune broadens that to compassion ~ unconditional love for all of life. Vesta represents our personal inner temple and sanctuary where we honor the path we are committed to, where we transmute our sexual energies into devotional and service energies. Stephanie Austin reminds us ‘these bodies have not been together in Pisces since 1852-59’. So we welcome in the higher frequencies of unconditional love and transpersonal connection to show us the way forward. Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, calls in the influence of those keepers of vast amounts of wisdom and soul memory, Whale.


On April 20, two days after New Moon, the Sun moves into earthy Taurus for more grounding of the expansive, shifting energies we are calling in. Beauty, art, nature, feminine proclivities and sensuous physical appreciation are Taurus’ medicines. Prosperity and productivity are yours for the making.


04/20 Sun enters Taurus at 3:31 AM Mountain Time


05/03 Scorpio Full Moon 13º 9:43 PM Mountain Time


05/17 Taurus New Moon 27º, 10:14 PM Mountain Time


05/18 Mercury retrograde 13º Gemini until 6/11


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

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