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Vibe Report May 10, 2017 | Nancy Leilah Ward, 17 May 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Tuning into the Vastness of Being for guidance

My question: I am viewing the planet Earth from space. What is happening on this planet? How is it that so few can control so many?


To move beyond the control requires the conscious awakening of humanity. Many are still asleep and many argue for their own suppression because they are terrified of what the truth of their reality may reveal. Many still want to be taken care of by overlords and that is what is ha...

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6th April - 25th August 2017: Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius, Sarah Varcas, 17 May 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Betraying Ourselves No More

In Sagittarius, Saturn requires a broader view of our lives, beyond our personal present. It helps us identify connections between apparently random experiences and reveals how past decisions, attitudes and behaviours have painted the picture that is our life today. If we find ourselves frustrated or struggling against opposing forces that seem set upon our demise, it suggests we seek their genesis within and consider how well or not we have previ...

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How You Got Here: Key Events Leading to Now, Selacia, 17 May 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 2:55 PM

Have you ever wondered how you happened to be born in these pivotal and auspicious times? Just as important, have you thought about the events that set in motion the fortuitous life circumstances you would have this lifetime? Continue reading to better understand how you got here, and potentials for this life set in motion a long time ago.


Time to Remember


Our world is in turmoil now, with sudden and intense happenings unfolding regularly. Simultaneously,...

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The Power of Prayer, Jamye Price, 16 May 2017

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 8:40 AM

Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is awareness that brings great force and focus to life. It is so subtle that its power is often overlooked. However, that subtlety serves your continued strengthening of your awareness.

It is your awareness that connects you with the external world and allows you to interact with it from within. You then begin to shift how the external world is affecting you and how you are affecting the ext...

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Shadow Fears, Brenda Hoffman, 16 May 2017

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 3:20 AM

Dear Ones,

Many of you are seeing your fears displayed by the media. Perhaps you were involved in similar situations in previous lives so instead of noting the flim-flammery of it, you revert to the fear and pain created by the actions of yourself or others.

Now is not yesterday nor even five minutes ago. So there is nothing to compare to the happenings now politically, globally, or personally. Even though events might bring back shadow memories of what hap...

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Inspiration for the Week - Stability in Changing Times, Shanta Gabriel, 15 May 2017

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 12:45 PM

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

It is a time of growth and renewal, a time for breakthroughs into new levels of being for each of us individually. We are in the process of creating the world that responds to the prayers of millions of heart-centered people. It is a time that has never been experienced on the Earth and is jam-packed with awesom...

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Weekly Forecast: May 14 - 20, 2017, Kelly M. Beard, 15 May 2017

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 12:35 PM

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people ...

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Mother's Day and the Karma of Motherhood, Jennifer Hoffman, 15 May 2017

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 12:35 PM

It was Mother's Day on Sunday and I had a nice time with friends, as I now live far from my mother. This can be a tough day for some, whether they are grieving the mother they love, trying to reconcile their feelings about the mother who abused them, or mourning the loss of a child, or the children they never had. While we place a lot of expectations on our mother and the concept of motherhood, at the root of all mother experiences is our karmic journey, soul group, and karmic cycles. Our mot...

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Empaths Back on the Planet: Your Role Here as Peacemaker on Gaia, Shekina Rose / Blue Ray, 15 May 201y

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 7:45 AM

Peace Makers Call into Action of service The dark serves the light

You are vital for peace on the planet to take root. There are myriad expressions of the human DNA experiment on Gaia today. Because of certain influences of the creator gods, what appear as negative aspects are being played out on the Earth plane where man’s inhumanity to man and the greater whole is still being acted out.


Many humans do not truly understand that being in service to o...

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