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Gratitude Isn't Just a Platitude, Jamye Price, 23 November 2017

Posted on November 23, 2017 at 11:10 AM

I had a funny experience with gratitude. One day I decided that I wanted to flow gratitude to my (non-physical) Guides—just a moment of deep appreciation for them. As I did that, I started feeling so much Love flowing to me that it was beginning to overwhelm me. I actually said to them, “Hey! I’m sending you gratitude!”

I received a loving response, “You cannot send gratitude without receiving it. You are in such a space of Love flow, acknowledging receipt, that you cannot stop that flow of receiving.”


Gratitude Is Love Continued


Gratitude is a powerful frequency, it is an aspect of Love. It is important for humanity at this time because we are opening to more of a sacred frequency of Love—a more conscious connection with the power of our Love.


Gratitude activates a sacred flow of Love because it creates a full circuit of connection—give and receive. This full circuit of connection is what helps you transcend duality. As you give and receive with Love, you are connecting directly with your divine nature, creating a conscious trinity. Your merkaba responds.


A current challenge for humanity is getting into a full flow of energy that creates a replenished, empowered sovereign interacting with Life. This exciting point of Ascension is opening us to fuller flow with the subtle realms, in addition to the physical focus that has been so obvious and concrete.


In order to interact effectively with the subtle realms, we must be able to let go of control and domination and do the inner work to change our personal resonance. Gratitude is a powerful doorway for this.


The Amplitude of Gratitude


When you emit gratitude, you are opening to receiving. You are vibrating, “Thank you, I acknowledge receiving with Love and appreciation,” into the field of Life.


Receiving, like inhaling, is necessary for physical survival. Receiving with Love enhances thriving. When you appreciate with Love, you are flowing healing and empowering energy into this world.


When you receive gratitude, it opens you to honoring and loving yourself more. Self-love is a powerful flow that shifts your inner realm so that you are interacting with the world from Love. Self-love is very different than an imbalanced ego that just seeks domination and external fulfillment.


Self-love creates a wellspring of Love flow within you that filters all that you experience with Love. It changes how you interact, because you are no longer needing fulfillment from the outside, yet you are receiving it fully when it comes. This changes your relationships, your creativity, your obligations—everything flows with more Love.


Gratitude Can Be Misconstrued


Gratitude isn’t always appropriate. When you need to transform your inner resonance, gratitude can either help you or harm you.


Gratitude may not feel like blissful joy in every moment. Sometimes it feels like disappointment along with understanding, the courage to say no, or appreciating challenges for the growth, even if you’re annoyed in the moment. Sometimes the best gratitude I can access in a moment is, “This, too, shall pass!” “Thank you for making me stronger!” or something similar.


One of the challenges I see for some is trying to get to gratitude before the inner healing has happened.


They intellectualize the gratitude by imposing the attitude of gratitude upon themselves.

They “understand” that a harmful situation was caused by a hurt person and impose the attitude of, “I understand, therefore I already am.”


They create a mental experience without healing, or even honoring, their emotional pain. It is a pattern of avoidance.

The tricky part? When it is truly healed, that is the experience—there is no emotional charge on a situation, the one who was harmed does “understand.” To determine this, a clear connection with your inner authenticity and courage is beneficial. Otherwise you can skip the healing process in the moment and other areas in your life will eventually start to show the effects of repression.


Your Aptitude with Gratitude


Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, repeats constantly: observe your initial, authentic reaction to something, because that is generally where you aren’t censoring yourself yet. Then remind yourself—this is just information! It doesn’t define who you are, it defines how you feel about something in a moment. This is how you discover what to shift.


Hating something does not make you a hateful person, it is a moment of clarity that you can use to refine your inner vibrational experience. Loving something doesn’t make you a loving person, it is a reaction to something external that may not be sustainable if your inner integrity is dependent on pleasant circumstances.


Being authentic offers opportunities for internal growth that creates a more flexible and strong being. Areon says when you find something you don’t like (such as hating something) celebrate it! You’ve just begun a healing process!


The process of healing often comes in steps and layers. Sometimes it reaches plateaus that feel like completion. I have a personal example of this. I bit my fingernails since I had teeth. I tried everything to stop through the years. About a year after I left home, I suddenly stopped. No deep healing focus, no trauma, just stopped.


When I was out of the stressful environment of my family, my body responded differently. Now I had other issues that came up, but the nail biting stopped and I began to grow gorgeous fingernails. Nail polish became my newbestfriend.


23 years later…yes, 23 YEARS LATER—I suddenly started biting them again. Painful, deep, compulsive nail biting. I could not stop. Nothing in my life had changed so drastically or suddenly to warrant the nail biting.


I knew a layer of something was up, but I didn’t know what it was. So I created a Light Language healing audio to stop biting my nails. I sat in the same room with it for over a month, but I couldn’t make myself listen to it. I knew I was in a pattern of avoidance.


Finally, I committed to listening. Within days I stopped biting and could see nail growth. Within a week, my issues started coming up. It wasn’t completely easy, but overall it was incredibly easy. It was way easier than the physical pain of my fingers. I’m still benefiting today from emotional and mental changes; not only in myself, but in how others interact with me.


The Latitude of Gratitude


When you reach a plateau and the issue isn’t there, relax and enjoy the progress. Because you’re aware of the situation, don’t worry. If it comes up, you’ll be able to deal with it and you’ll be supported to deal with it.


I see in sessions (and my own life) that it varies. Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s complete, or it’s obvious that it is not complete. Other times it seems complete because it is complete for now.


How do you really know when it’s complete? Drumroll please…it never comes up again. I know you wanted better news than that! But sometimes Life is growing you into trusting the process and progress of Life.


Perhaps you have found yourself saying, "I already worked on that/healed that." I've seen that shut down someone's healing many times because they won't allow the healing to continue. You'll know it's done because that issue, area of your life, or what it effects is running smoothly and has no emotional charge on it. In fact, you may even have a modicum of feeling appreciation that it occurred.


As you relax into the flow of Life you are assisting your healing, you are opening to change, and you are allowing new information to flow to you.


Your Gratitude Altitude


Sit and activate the frequency of gratitude and see how that feels. Send some gratitude to yourself for being the amazing you that you are. Send some gratitude to Gaia for providing such a beautiful Earth. Send some gratitude to animals, friends and family. If you notice any unpleasant emotional/mental or physical reaction, it’s an area to look at healing.


Can you send gratitude to some tougher things? Can you send gratitude to your government for playing its part in this game of life? Can you send gratitude to your own lessons that throw your ego out of balance? Remember, from a space of gratitude you are in that pyramid of Source Love and the government begins to align with Source energy—Love.


Can you send gratitude to gratitude itself and augment its scope and effect? I’m sending you some gratitude for spending a few moments to make a HUGE difference in this world. Shine your beautiful Divine Light! You are magnificent.


Copyright: © 2005-2017 Jamye Price All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

Tips for Shifting Energies, Selacia, 23 November 2017

Posted on November 23, 2017 at 11:05 AM

How to Navigate Holidays


Have you felt an energy shift this week? If you don't feel it yet, purposefully tune in over the next few days and notice how you feel. More favorable cosmic line-ups can translate into increased feelings of optimism, more clarity of mind, and more inspiration for taking action. Continue reading to better understand how this and other factors can influence your experience of these moments including the holidays.


Opportunity to Notice


First, an opportunity to pay attention to, from my Facebook post. "A shift in energies this week creates an opening to see something in a new way and get re-inspired about your life."


Knowing about this opportunity can help you to apply mindfulness as you access situations - both external and internal. External situations could be your work, your relationships with others, or your progress with self-expression. Internal situations could be your self-confidence, your inner conflict about something, or your general sense of inner well-being.

Key Subtleties


It takes mindfulness and presence to notice important subtleties when energies shift. A subtlety example involving self-confidence could be recognizing an early-life influence or belief system that today causes you to doubt yourself at every turn. Awareness of that subtlety is the first step in changing things.


Placing purposeful observation on subtleties helps you to know when you have deeper work to do at the DNA akashic records level. Beliefs, mostly unconscious and outside awareness, are a key influence in what you experience.


Belief and Experience


What you believe can impact how you feel about yourself and affect your life. If your life isn't going the way you want now, explore ideas you hold that are based on views of others and don't reflect your true self. Energies now support challenging these and going deeper within yourself to tap the luminosity available at your core.


What you will find in the process is that you hold many beliefs supportive of your path of light, while also holding contradictory beliefs that are based on conditioning.


Energy Cycles - Up and Down


When we go through a time of roller-coaster energy as we have now, you can feel buoyant one evening and triggered by something annoying the next day. Part of our current roller-coaster is the intensity of the Mars-Uranus-Pluto line-up. This can feel fiery, urgent, unpredictable, and deeply transformational - all at the same time. Everyone is impacted by this, so keep that in mind as you engage with others.


Navigating the Holidays


The holidays can bring great joy while also triggering old patterns you may have thought you left behind. During a visit home, for example, your mother makes her characteristic comments about how you look, your absence during the year, or your marital status. Almost immediately, you may feel your temperature rising. You may be tempted to engage with her, feeling that you must respond in some way. Of course, you know by now what happens when you react.


One of the most important things you can do at this holiday season is to show up in a conscious way and be present to the tendency of reacting to what loved ones say and do.


Have you ever noticed after a visit home for the holidays that you have more doubts about your progress and wonder how you will get fit after eating all of that delicious home-cooked food?


Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Focus on Fitness


Here are 3 reasons for focusing on fitness, despite the odds at the holidays: (1) you can use the extra time off of work to do some exercise - even if it's just a walk around the block after a holiday meal (2) you can gift yourself with a wearable activity tracker, helping with motivation (3) even if you overeat some of the days, moderating food portions other times can help prevent weight gain you'd then need to address in 2018.


Progress - Moving Forward


About the progress noted above, consider that you may be making more progress than you consciously recognize in these moments. Also, keep in mind the cyclical nature of progress - and focus on big picture.


Your forward movement is like a river. Sometimes as the water moves around the bend it encounters fallen logs or other debris that impede flow. Other times, like during a drought, the water can evaporate into the air instead of flowing ahead. Still other times, like during an unusual heavy rain, the water cannot be contained to flow where it needs to go and then it disperses outside the river banks.


There are countless things that can impede flow needed for your forward movement. Some are pretty easy to figure out, others are more difficult as the answers lie deep within your DNA akashic records.


In my 1-1 global DNA healing work, I help others discover and clear obstacles to flow. Sometimes it's a set of ancestral belief systems that need clearing. Other times, it's a mindset or habitual way of being learned early in life.


Whatever it is for you, trust that you can get to the other side of it. After all, your natural state is fluid, boundless, and vast.


Copyright 2017 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

Travelers in Time, Steve Rother, 22 November 2017

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Greetings Dear Ones. I am Merlia.

I am overjoyed to join you this day, watching your game on planet Earth changing every moment. It is such a beautiful sight for us to watch you from here. The magic has begun and I wish to tell you more of what to watch for on Earth. What we are seeing from this side of the veil is truly exciting. Yes, you have a lot of commotion going on as the feminine energy rises. You are also experiencing a major adjustment because humans are living in a world of no more secrets, and as the vibrational status rises humans can see from a higher perspective. That is happening now and will continue for a time. Indeed, it is wonderful, but also a little scary. The energy of the feminine is rising now, represented every day in headlines and events that are now making their way to the front of your awareness. For quite some time there had been an extreme imbalance of masculine/feminine and we are beginning to see it correct very quickly.


A New Awareness


Many of these are great headlines and stories that should have been shared long ago, but quite honestly the collective was not ready to hear it. Even though these stories are being told again, now they are being heard. Although many of them are taking aim at people that are usually in front of a camera or in the public eye, this time is different. The casting couch is leaving, is that not wonderful? After all these years, you have finally decided to get rid of that one and it is making headlines daily. We tell you, dear ones, this will be felt all the way down the line. People everywhere are reevaluating their past actions and there are many shaking in their boots at this moment, wondering how far down the ladder will go. That ladder will never be the same, for the collective of humanity has reached a new level of awareness. That is perfect timing because it sets the energy for the feminine to rise and balance the power on planet Earth. You have been immersed in the beautiful power vs force for so long, but now it is time to awaken from the dream and take your power. Even though so many of you have always been empathic, you had closed yourself off to protect yourselves. In the near future, as the feminine rises, it will be possible to leave your heart open when you walk down the street or even when you stand to speak your truth. That is all coming very soon.


There are major corrections taking place on your planet right now and this imbalance of the masculine/feminine is one of the largest pieces. It is a wonderful time for many of you and some have reserved your seat on Earth. As the Scientist of the Heart will talk about later, some of you have even managed to travel in time to be here now. Yes, your dreams are starting to become a reality. So, does that mean that the feminine is going to take power and the masculine will step aside? No, dear ones. In the fifth dimension, there is no need for the duality that humans have been living with. For the first time, it will be possible to balance the two energies. Although the feminine is rising now, there will also be a backlash. Do not feel discouraged when this occurs, for it is simply the way humans evolve. Know that this will never go back to where it was because there is a human awareness now that has been accepted by the collective. It is not about one person or a single event that took place. Instead, it is about the collective vibration of humanity that is ready to take responsibility for equality in a new way, which is wonderful and to be celebrated.


No More Secrets


You are living in the time of No More Secrets. Humanity is finding that out now with your internet. You are discovering that almost everything can be hacked in one way or another and wherever you hide your greatest secrets they can be found. Humans are now on the brink of discovering how much energy it takes to keep secrets. Without secrets, one has an entirely new power and that is what humanity is uncovering. There will even be a balance of masculine/feminine energy in the workplace, which currently has very high, visible levels that allow this change to take place. It is not the equality of humans that is important, but the equality of the spirits within.


The feminine aspect needs to take a stand because it is a very quiet, underlying energy. This is about harmony, not force. Now that the feminine energy is rising to awareness, there is a level of responsibility that goes with it. And we ask you all to step into taking that level of responsibility no matter what type of physical body you are inhabiting. Whether you have a masculine or feminine body, if you allow the feminine energy to rise in harmony you will discover a new fifth-dimensional tool of creation. Soon it will be critical for everyone to stand in their own truth. Yet, this is difficult to do because everyone believes there is only one truth.


When in balance, it is possible to stand in your truth while harmoniously being next to someone with a different truth than yours. Now you are playing the game of pretending to be a human. You are allowing, stepping forward into harmony with a reverence and divinity that only humans can carry. Yes, dear ones, this is the rise of the feminine balance.


The magic has begun on planet Earth. The changes are well underway and we are so incredibly excited to watch this take place. Yes, those people receiving all the attention at the highest levels of visibility are going through very difficult times right now. Some of them will feel it is unfair, incredibly challenging, and wonder why this is happening to them. Dear ones, send them your energy and thank them, for they are not your enemy. They have served an incredible purpose by bringing these secrets to the surface. It is their sacred contract to help shift into higher consciousness, and they dared to stand up and play a role that can change all of humanity. Understand that there are no good guys or bad guys anymore, for that was a tale of duality that humans loved to play. Yes, thank them for playing these roles and bringing this incredible injustice forward for everyone to see and help rebalance in their hearts and minds.


The Pendulum of Human Advancement


We tell you, this shift will change many things and it is only the beginning of the new balance. There will be swings back and forth because that is how humans evolve on Earth, the pendulum of human advancement. You move so far to one side, then it starts all over again. That is how humans advance in order to reach that next level, it would be very important for the feminine to rise and assume a foundational level of power. How does one do that? Dear ones, you focus on the ways that you are alike instead of the ways that you are separate. On your planet, right now there is such an incredible separation occurring. You are even separating masculine and feminine energy when in truth you are all spirits; you do not really have a masculine or feminine energy. You are all from Home, but you are still seeing things through the viewpoint of polarity. Now that you have stepped into the fifth dimension, you can look at the larger picture and hold your aspect of balance. It is the incredible feminine energy which has been kept in fear and under wraps for so long. We tell you, dear ones, now it is at that point of the pendulum swing when it is time to take that next jump. This is happening every day. Stand back and watch as humanity takes these next steps the same way that we do. We watch you with great pride as you move out of the old duality and polarity into harmony. Soon you will no longer have to declare one over the other.


A New Balance of Harmony


All of humanity can step forward into a new balance and we are incredibly excited about that. No matter where you go, what you do, or what happens to humanity from this point forward, you have an opportunity to master this right now. Everyone on Earth can share part of this energy in some way. Look back at your own history and actions, then simply set the intention to correct those pieces that you have misused. Work toward finding harmony instead of using force, allow things to come to you naturally. You will find that even the greatest among you has done this in some way. For a long time, women have thought they had to play like men to succeed, especially in what you call “business.” How can that be changed? How can you bring the aspect of harmony forward, using the feminine creativity that everyone is born with? How can you use that to balance the scales going forward? First, look into your own heart and consider the prejudices you have grown up with. Almost all of you have been imprinted with them in some way or another, which is not right or wrong. It is simply up for reevaluation at this point. These are the great corrections that all of humanity is starting to make right now. What an incredible time to be alive on planet Earth! You have reserved your place here and we could not be prouder of you.


Dear ones, you are the greatest angels who have ever lived and now you are changing the game every step of the way. Keep up the good work, trust that you are right on target and know that you are loved.


I am Merlia. Come up and see me some time.






Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.


Spiritual Time Travelers


I join you this day to explain something to you. Dear ones, you have been working in the illusion of time and many of you have even traveled back in time to be here at these critical transitory times of Earth. Let me start by explaining that you are part of a family, the Family of E. You can call it the Family of Empowerment, Enlightenment, or Evolution but we use that specific letter because it has a special meaning in all languages universally. On Earth, it is the most common sound in all languages. In truth, it resonates with your heart energy in the most beautiful ways to bring you all together as one. You have incarnated in different parts of the world and the universe. Whenever there is an opportunity to reach a critical mass, you incarnate and help to bring about change. The changes that are happening on Earth right now are so important, that this time many of the Family of E have even traveled back in time to plant the important seeds that are needed now. Here you are at the perfectly critical union of time and space; it is because many of you are time travelers. In truth, the reason there is such a rise of the feminine energy is because many of you brought those imprints from the future.


Spiral Time and the Orthogonal Matrix


We have spoken of time, and the Keeper of Time has talked about circular time. This occurs when events repeat repeatedly in your life cycles—usually in multiples of 7. It is not just a circle that you imprint every time it comes around, which is sort of the way it works. Actually, it is a spiral which moves forward in time that creates the illusion of linear time with a past, present and future. If you were to take that circle and look more closely, you would realize it is always in motion. If it flattens out, you would still have the circle. There would still be energy moving, but you would have points where it was very close together. And in those points, you can make portals in time, places where you can take a shortcut in time/space. We share that with you because time and space are simply two aspects of the same dimension. They are literally connected intrinsically, part of each other. When you learn to take those shortcuts, you can move from one place to the next in both time and space. Humans have had many opportunities to study space beings, your space brethren. Even the parental races that helped start your own race here on planet Earth, the physically dense forms that you currently inhabit. They did not travel 400 light years to be here. Instead, they took a shortcut, stepping through some of these time portals rather than traveling all the way around the perimeter. They took these shortcuts and were able to step through time/space. How is it done? Through what we call the orthogonal matrix, right turns. Not turning right to your right, but at a right angle or 90-degree turn. This is how it is accomplished in dimensions and when this is mastered, not only can one travel large distances throughout the universe but can also step through time portals.


Perhaps this may sound a little strange to some, or you may find it fascinating. How do you use that in your daily life? Can you teleport yourself to the grocery store when you are ready to go? Actually, you can and you are learning how to do that. You have now stepped well into the fifth dimension and are learning all these new tools that are available. They have always been available to only to very few people, who could learn how to use them in the three dimensions. You are stepping fully into the fifth dimension and have started to unwrap these new capabilities of time/space. Soon every human will see how to create these portals, then to step through them. Yes, there will be some scary times with that. Some of your greatest science fiction came from time travelers who came to plant important seeds in the collective consciousness of humanity. Yes, it is closer than you think.


5 Words in Time


We were recently speaking through the Keeper in a place called Sedona. We told him that if he shared with everyone that they could have just five simple words, they too could go back in time. They would be able to plant ideas or start events into motion, and then watch as it rippled forward into their own reality. You do not have to go very far back, dear ones. However, when you learn how to plant those seeds you can change the world around you. It is much easier than you think. All it takes is a little practice and the confidence to step forward and do it. The group that gathered at this magical place came up with five words they wished to plant as a collective: “Re-member the game, wake up.” It is time to awaken from the dream.


We also wish to address you as a family, the Family of E who has traveled many places throughout the universe to be there at critical times when you could help with the evolution. The Family of E has accomplished it over and over again; most of you have already traveled backwards in time to be here right now. Yes, you brought something special, perhaps only five words. Even though you were born on this planet, you can re-member your parents and all the things you experienced because you are that same person. What you do not re-member, are the five words you brought back. Well, maybe more than that. You may have brought back a thought, vision, or story. Now more than anything else, you have traveled backwards in time to “Be Here Now.” That is only three words, dear one.


The idea is that you have brought something very important to Earth. Although you see quite a lot of chaos everywhere, you have the ability to bring order and harmony to the chaos. You have come to find harmony, where there exists only discord. You are the masters who have traveled back in time to be here right now. You brought back something important to contribute to the game that you are playing right now. There are many of you that resonate with this and others who do not. The Family of E is rather large, with more than a million on this planet at this point. You do not need many more to do your work, for there are more than enough to reach a critical mass right now. You are moving past chaos and fear, beyond many of the negative energies that you have created in your own shadow that frighten you or that cannot see your way out of.


It is important to re-member that you also hold the light, dear ones, for the light supersedes the shadow in all instances. We ask you to dig deep within your own experiences to find that light which you have brought from the future. You already know the way home, you have only to remember it.


Backup Plans


Many of you did not comfortably fit in the families in which you incarnated. Some of you are very much in back up plans, where you simply found an opportunity to come into the game. You may have mismatches with the parents who brought you in, or perhaps they could not understand you at all. You may be in a family with three other beings who seem to fit, yet you are the odd one. Welcome Home. Welcome, to the Family of E. You have brought something important and now is the time when you are going to play those cards. Soon you will learn to open those eyes to start connecting with the perfection that you are, even though you have hidden your perfection in 11 dimensions. You start to carry the memory in as little as five words that you can bring to the planet right now. This is more than just speaking the words, dear ones, you are to live them. That is what will make the difference, the magic that will ground the light from Home right now in this beautiful Family of E in which all of you are a part. In those moments where you see chaos when you can believe that everything is going in the wrong direction, seemingly reversing all the advancements achieved, you will see fear. But you hold the love that counterbalances that fear. Dare to trust yourself. Even in the face of adversity find the ways you are alike instead of the ways you are separate. Finding those five words can strike love in the hearts of many and you will be Home. You will be re-membering the Family of E and those great traditions that you have brought forward.


It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in this way. Not to teach you anything, but to help you re-member. We ask you to treat each other with respect; you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture everyone whenever possible for you can help each other awaken from the dream and play well together.


Espavo, dear ones.


I am the Scientist of the Heart.




The Story of Amor


Greetings Dear Ones. I am the Keeper of Time.


I have come to take you back to the story of Amor, to take you through another segment of his life which is so representative of all the Earth and humanity back in the days of Mu. So, let us pick up our story when Amor is almost 16 years old, after taking his step into life but before he takes a place in society. He wished to take a journey and he chose to go all by himself rather than take a friend. Amor wanted to travel and to find his way around a bit, to see the other parts of Mu, all the incredible energies and different places he had heard so much about. He had only been in one small area of Lemuria during his time on Earth. Now keep in mind, dear ones, he is almost 16 years old. The reality is that one lived to be around 300 years old during those times. So, you have quite a long stretch of energy and he was enjoying his youth, which generally lasted the first 70 to 80 years.


In the times of Amor, he had decided to journey across Mu and experience life. There were many ways to travel back then and even ways of working with time travel. For this journey Amor wanted to travel to the mountainous areas of Mu where there were many villages. He found himself in different locations where the magnetism of Earth varied a great dealt. In some areas there were large magnetic fields, while in other areas it was smaller an considerably weaker. One was neither right nor wrong, but he felt that pull of his heart. Sometimes he would take a deep breath and feel as if he was Home, although in other areas he felt very strange and distant. He had heard that even the people were different in these areas, so that prompted his journey as he wanted to experience that. After some time, he had an opportunity to meet people and stay with them. You see, his father was very high up in the government of Mu. Things were quite different then for these were not leaders, they were public servants. These people did an incredible job; they also had connections to many of the other areas and local leaders throughout the entire area of Lemuria.


Amor’s father had sent word ahead that he was coming and asked the people to welcome him. Yes, Amor was welcomed with open arms in many places that he went. Many were overjoyed that they could see the son of this great person whom they all admired in one way or another. Of course, in Lemuria humans had a completely open heart, which means that you could communicate without the aid of any technology. You could literally could feel what another person was feeling, communicating in that way. During his trip Amor was in constant communication with his father. As he met many of these people, his father would explain a little bit about why this settlement was located over here and why these people were there, and he was able to learn much about Mu. Some people really love the feeling of the mountains and the growth they would experience there. Others preferred to live by the shore to watch the ocean as the tide came in and out. Many people enjoyed living in what you call the flatlands, the deserts. There are many specific areas of Mu and Amor got to see several of them during his travels. He was welcomed and taken care of. It was as if he became part of the tribe as he traveled between these different magnetic areas. Amor wondered to himself if it was truly the magnetism of the area of the Earth itself that causes these different personalities to gather together to make these unique tribes. Is it history? Were they all born here and evolved in that one place? He would ask his father in the evening when he was communicating with him, and his father would simply say, “Just watch, Amor. Take it all in, my son. Breathe it in and feel what they feel. Constantly look for the ways in which you are like them rather, than the ways you are different from them.” His father was a very wise man.


Amor learned that the easiest way to harmonize with the others was to find commonalities. On the advice of his father Amor would find the ways in which they were alike. “Oh, you do this the same as we do. This is nice. And we see that you do this differently. I would like to take that back with me.” Although Amor was given many gifts he could take very few with him as he ventured to different lands and places trying on different aspects of himself.


It was not long before Amor arrived at the base of a mountain and he was met by the leader who came out and told Amor that he may not like what he sees there and he may not fit. Amor was very curious of this, because it did not make sense considering what he knew of Mu. He simply did not understand yet he felt a strange magnetism at this place, almost as if the Earth had a heavy magnetism in this area. He was quite concerned about it but decided to go forward into this tribe anyway. He wanted to be part of them for the day to find out what they were about and hear what they had to say. Amor was welcomed with open arms because he looked very much like them.


It was not long before they started talking late into the evening after their evening meal. They gathered around a common fire and began talking, bringing up many of the things that they wished to change or even evolve into in their own environments. It was not long before Amor heard things he did not necessarily understand, for they seemed to be blaming certain types of people. “If only we could get rid of these people over here, we could evolve much faster. Yes, we could be who we really want to be.” Amor did not understand that, for he felt people everywhere were equal, as was the custom of Mu. In Mu, when you see at a person you are only looking at their physical being. All spirits are equal in everything. As he listened and tried to join in every once in a while, they would come to him and say, “Amor, what do you think about this? Can you not see that if only we can push these certain people away from our society that we can evolve faster? We can be better for they drag us down, they take all our resources, they are different than us in many ways.” Amor found it all very strange and did everything he could during that time to equate to them, and find the ways in which they were alike instead of different. Finally, Amor realized that he could not bring himself to join them completely because to do so he would have to agree with everything they were saying. So, he found the balance he had to keep, “Do I open my heart? Do I speak from everything I know at this point even though I am only 16 years old? Many of these are 270, 280 years old masters who have walked on this planet for a very long time saying one thing, yet I am feeling another.”


So, Amor kept quiet and he held his truth within him. It was not long before he was able to sneak away and be by himself. They fed him well and he lay in his abode that they provided. That evening he talked again to his father, asking, “Father, what is this about? I did not understand that this was even possible here. Can you tell me a little bit more about what I am experiencing? Why are these people against another aspect of Lemurians? For there are many aspects of Mu…many different colors, heights and aspects, even some who experience time differently than others.”


“We built our society on how we are alike rather than how we are different,” his father explained. “Yet there are many who cannot fully take their power and instead look for others to blame.” Amor asked, “Does it have to do with the magnetism of Earth?” His father, who is very wise, said, “No, dear one. It is the Earth that is responding to them; they gather together to gain strength. They all have a slightly different aspect than most of the rest of Mu and for that reason, they come together so they can support each other and all be somewhat alike. There is strength in numbers, so they have gathered at the base of this mountain. In truth, they have cast out themselves as did their fathers and their grandfathers. They carry generational belief systems that are not empowering. So, they gather together, Amor, in order to gain their own confidence. You see, the more that they feed on each other’s beliefs, the more they segregate the rest of the world. It is a truth that all Lemurians should know, yet the customs of Mu are quite against what they are saying.”


Amor asked, “How do you deal with this, father? You literally are here to help set the energy for all of Mu. That is your greatest job, along with the others who work with you. How do you make space for that?” His father answered, “I look at the ways in which we are alike son, instead of the ways we are different. We give them their space to find their own truth, yet we hold our own truth in harmony. We know that we have a connection to all beings everywhere, so we allow them their space to gather and bring in their energy. W only intercede at all when there is anger that erupts and turns into an action against other Lemurians. But other than that, we allow them simply to be and evolve on their own. I can also tell you that many of their fathers and grandfathers, some of which have passed on, are working with them from the other side of the veil. This can be a very difficult lesson, especially when people gather and support each other’s belief systems.”


Then Amor said, “What if I were to tell them my beliefs? What if I were to stand in my truth and tell them they are wrong?” “Well, you must understand, dear son,” his father continued, “that is not possible. You can stand in your truth but you must stand in your truth in a way that does not threaten theirs for they too are creators on Lemuria. You can only reach them by talking to them in a way that they can hear. We do not ask you to pretend to be one of them, for doing so would be against your own heart. Instead, find the ways that you can communicate and talk with them, as you even stand in your own truth or share that your beliefs are different than yours. That is the way to make these connections while honoring the god within all beings. Dear one, quite simply it is the only way to do it.”


Amor was very confused by that and had quite a restless night. He was trying to figure out what was going on, why was all this hate necessary? Why was it so important to push someone else away, to be yourselves or a group of people? The next morning, he awoke rather tired for he did not sleep well. The group’s leader once again approached him and said, “Amor, we told you this might be a bit different than you were expecting.” Then Amor asked him, “What is this about? I have never experienced this before. Why is there so much hate?” The gentleman simply said, “This is the pendulum swinging in both directions. Although sometimes it takes several hundred years for that pendulum to swing back, it has swung in the opposite direction so far. These people still carry the imprints of when they were discriminated against. This is how they feel they can take their power. I have learned that one must allow them space to do exactly that in their own time.” Yet Amor had a difficult time accepting all this, he even had a difficult time going to be with the group that next day. He found himself being very quiet at meals and not speaking much, for he was wrestling with the challenge of being different than everyone around him. Then he decided to tell a joke and everyone laughed. Amor started to find ways in which he was like the others. At one point in the conversation, one on them told a degrading joke against the people they were trying to cast out. Amor did not laugh and someone asked him, “Amor, do you not think that was funny?” and he said, “No, not really, but let me tell you this one.” And soon he found a balance that he was able to maintain. He was able to stand in his own truth without challenging or being confrontational. By doing so he was able to plant a seed that he was of a different belief system. Although he did not agree with everyone there, they could still find harmony.

Amor planted quite a few seeds in that group. The week that he was there, he learned to live among them; many listened to him or approached him, asking about his beliefs and what made him different, and they were curious why he wouldn’t laugh at certain jokes. Yes, Amor was able to plant many seeds in that time. It was not long before he left that group, making his way up the mountain to find a whole different group of people who were much more open. He felt the Earth’s energy change, the magnetism decrease, and that wonderful connection again with the planet. Once again, he asked his father, “Is it the Earth? Is it the place that does that or is it the people?” His father told him, “It is the Earth that reacts to the people, dear one. That’s what creates the magnetism on Earth. The heart of hearts, for all Lemurians are born the same. It is what they learn from that point forward that they carry with them and that they must wrestle with the rest of their lives.


Amor completed his journeys and after several months, his mother was wonderfully happy to see him return Home. She worried, as all mothers do, but he had learned so much by traveling among people with various belief systems and different ways of doing things. He became a citizen of the world instead of a citizen of Mu, and in doing so Amor carried that with him. He knew it would serve him well during his time going forward. And so it was that everything was good in the days of Mu.


Espavo, dear ones.


I am the Keeper of Time.


The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


Copyright 2000 - 2016 Lightworker. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part with the following conditions: Use of this material signifies that the user agress to the following conditions: 1. The words "Copyright 2000 - 2016 Lightworker." will be included with all published material. 2. User agrees that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain the property of Lightworker. If you translate this material we reserve the right to share that translation with credit to you as translator, on the Lightworker site to make it available to all. Further information from the Group may be found at: Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

Abraham Hicks 2017 - My life is beautiful so why is it that the relationship isn't coming

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 2:25 PM

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Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett - Your Third Chakra and Power

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 2:25 PM

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Space Weather, Mars Ice, Quake Watch | S0 News Nov.22.2017

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 2:10 PM

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Because I LOVE You on a SOUL Level, I Refuse... Lisa Transcendence Brown, 22 November 2017

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 11:55 AM

Over the years, coming to breakdown/dissolve REALities from ego-lack (root chakra) programs playing out in the human-ego-mind as true, a huge part of this process is elevating our beliefs from our root chakra to our higher heart-mind chakra (love) in order to create the FOUNDATION of all NEW EARTH REALities through purity by re-constructing all new realities through our highest consciousness, I came to understand (see) through my own Quantum Access/Existence how old unconscious programming was so deeply embedded in our every cell and played out as reality in each of our physical reality worlds. As we awaken, there is a REVERSAL that occurs, where we all come to Zero Point, which is a Choice Point for us all. It's where we must finally choose to honor our own SOUL Self over our human-lack-fear-based-programming in our head. Where we have one foot in each world, or live in a human reality more still, then we will have "moments" where we JUMP and honor our Soul, then our human head (root chakra) kicks in and fear/lack mentalities enter back in. Our human will "reverse" the act, retracting or wiping out the first choice. This "reversal" from lack to abundant existence again, is a continual process of choosing our SOUL over what our human-fear-lack-mentalities say, until we've "proven" to ourselves that we are not going to do without, or lose anything, and that it's actually quite the OPPOSITE, as this opens a portal for MORE TO COME, for our UNIVERSAL US to REWARD us for passing the test/initiation process and "Survival Level of Awakening", where we build a new relationship from within ourselves with our Universe and return to BEcoming the whole Universe again. This process means that every time we are faced with choosing, we choose to honor our Soul/Spirit as our Higher Selves, instead of "going unconscious/human" again. This "proving process" continues until our first choice is our Soul and we have REVERSED EVERYTHING and returned to full abundance and love from within ourselves again. It also means that we will never put a higher value on anything else ever again.

Along my journey, I've seen others struggle with old programming, both as the one in lack or perpetuating it. I see many "struggle" with how to explain (re-educate through highest consciousness), so I decided to write this activation & share, for all who resonate and utilize this in order to easily shift. As we go higher in vibrational existence and anchor more Heaven on Earth, human aspects are challenged with more lack, more fears, more unconscious beliefs, not realizing that beliefs, mentalities and stories create realities and that it's never about any "thing". It's the ENERGY that CREATES.... therefore, lack creates lack. Fear and "not enough" are root chakra programs that become realities because they are believed and humans "lead" with stories of lack, because they exist from their ego, which is separation from their own PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and that for the human ego it's all a program that each insists is real, until it becomes real to prove them "right". Breaking this matrix programming means establishing a new baseline through SOUL Love and Integrity, through re-connecting inside and having FAITH in that KNOWING above all. Holding fast to this faith through our words and actions anchor higher dimensional realities in. Human aspects will "sit in fear" (and lack), because it appears "safe" because they are trying to hold on, instead of stepping into their power and choosing to transcend the old limiting and fixed mentality beliefs.


I wrote this as a "reply", to those still insisting on "lack" as their reality/program, because they do not yet understand that as the Veils dissolve, then programs are blatantly visible and no longer supported by those not living in those unconscious realms of amnesia still. This is for those who are READY to break that old loop cycle of Karmic Lack finally now. Playing in the old games serves no higher purpose for any of us anymore. Seeing the created illusions of lack, we CHOOSE to not continue these distortions and polarity, because we love us all and no longer choose to support living out separation-lack-realities anymore. Humans mis-perceive our "no" because their hearts/minds are closed and they do not have full access from inside yet. Each must go inward in order to truly understand. ♥


Because I LOVE You on a SOUL Level


I refuse to cater to old unconscious matrix programs anymore


I refuse to see you as less, because you are not


Yet when you tell yourself these ego untruths, when I support this, I also reinforce this program within me AND in you


I refuse to believe you when you unconsciously say "I do not have enough" too


As it's not that you don't have enough, it's that what you do have serves separation-fear-based-lack programs instead of unity-love-respect-gratitude within you


I HEAR "My priorities are distorted and human-ego aligned, instead of higher-self-soul aligned"


and that you are not yet important enough to you to break these programs from within you


that you constantly (or still) compromise you on a SOUL level


and that you keep playing/creating unconscious karmic separation timelines to experience here


until you become conscious of the fact that this is your own program to clear from within you


and it reflects deep separation from yourself as Pure Source Light and Love that you hold still


I hear/see/feel the lack of love and respect for you and that you unconsciously keep choosing to play out lack programs because it's safe, what you used to know and keeps you from standing in your power here


I hear/see/feel how much you are not loving and respecting you every time you tell these stories


again and again and again


and that if I keep playing these lack realities out with you, then I am not only NOT loving and respecting you, but my own Soul Self too.


I, on a SOUL level SEE, that we each have to choose our own Soul over our ego-human-lack-stories and programs in order to break these karmic cycles here.


I now understand that when I say "no, I will not support old ego-lack mindsets and beliefs anymore", that I am respecting both/all of us on a Soul Level here.


I understand that when I say "no", I also assist you in important re-programming of being able to choose to love and respect yourself fully now too


because, when you choose to stop believing those untrue root-chakra lack-filled programs located in your cellular body


your heart and mind open to higher purpose and Soul-aligned truths.


I SEE, that by requiring you to choose your own Soul, that you finally get to see & understand too


That you get to break those karmic bonds, every time you choose your own Soul over your human-aspect-ego-you.


This is the GIFT that I share with you, which is the REALization of "HOW"


and that what you choose to DO with this gift of Higher-Consciousness-Knowledge-Love is totally up to you too


I RESPECT your choices for all timelines you choose to create to experience here


Because I SEE YOU, on a Soul Level, your capabilities, your power, and that this is all y/ours


I see OUR initiations, as humans, and our EVOLUTION back into Highest Consciousness Existence


I get it and I honor each of us, our Sovereignty, our Divine Essence and our chosen journeys


to returning to FULL PRESENCE as PURE SOURCE LIGHT again


by exiting the unconscious matrix programs once and for all by saying "no" to old unconscious programs that try to play out again.


Y/Our highest aspects of us are not only fully abundant, WE lack for nothing at all


Our beliefs, mentalities and inner connectedness dictate our every experience here


Unity-Love-Consciousness RETURNS US ALL to full infinite everything


Separation keeps us in the old lack stories that become EXCUSES for not standing in our POWER therefore creating an EXPERIENCE where UNIFICATION AS LOVE is unable to occur


When my heart closes, my own fears and lack re-enter that which I call reality


and I create this to again experience here


The only way to TRANSCEND these programs is to recognize them and to refuse


to keep perpetuating and supporting them with our ENERGY and reSOURCES here


Because every time I/WE do, we go back to sleep and re-enter an unconscious state of amnesia again


Each one of us are RESPONSIBLE for saying "no"


From a place of Pure Love inside


To stop supporting unconscious programs that represent separation from SOURCE LOVE here


Where I participate in lack, then it's not your program, it's mine


and I now understand that we are no longer here to enable unconscious lack mentalities anymore


For you are just an aspect of me

Showing me what I still hold inside of me


In order for all of us to return to full consciousness again.


Because I love you, I hold you to the highest state of consciousness too


Because you deserve it, even if you don't believe it yet, I do.


Because I love you.... ♥


As you are me and I am you.


BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, I reflect love back and honor your choice to finally love yourself fully too.


BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, I now allow you the full experience of fully loving you like I do... ♥


Through choosing your own SOUL FIRST and allowing your YOUniverse to support you fully too


It's not that you are not supported, it's that your heart has been closed


and you separated off from you


and I realize that by loving you from my purest state, my own Soul


I assist you in REMEMBERING this in order to re-connect with your own Soul from deep inside of you again too


It is time for all of us to REMEMBER....


Yet ALL OF OUR HEARTS and MINDS must be open fully for each of us to accomplish this. ♥


I CHOOSE to create the SPACE and I hold ALL as LOVE


I choose to anchor MORE LOVE by saying no to the old


What you choose to do is totally up to you


For your reality is yours, as is mine...


Oneness means I see you as your beautiful, Divine, Pure, Abundant and Powerful Soul,


yet I can also see where you choose to allow your own human-separation-ego


playing out self-created realities of less


until you are ready to transcend all of this energy from deep within


and as YOU ARE READY to RETURN to full love consciousness in every moment too!


As you do, you won't claim those lack mentalities anymore


Because you will also realize this was not loving to you or anyone


And that the opposite of what used to be true is now true


It's not what your head says anymore


It's your connection, on a SOUL LEVEL


and what you CHOOSE IN EVERY MOMENT here. ♥


I love you. ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

Abraham Hicks 2017 - Your Inner Being Makes Better Plans for You Than You Do

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 2:40 PM

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Abraham Hicks 2017 - You're Never Going to Please Everybody

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 2:35 PM

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M7 Earthquake, Filament Alert, Resources | S0 News Nov.20.2017

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 2:30 PM

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Inspiration for the Week - Removing Obstacles from Your Path, Shanta Gabriel, 20 November 2017

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 1:50 PM

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

Pray to Remove All Obstacles to the Source of Divine Light


Recently when I was struggling with overwhelm, I was reminded that I was acting as though I was the only one working in my business life, when in truth I have a Senior Partner — with a capital S!


My Senior Partner, who is of course, God, the Source of Divine Light, the Infinite Intelligence, who is aligned with the highest good of my Soul. All I need to do is remember I am not alone, turn over all that I am working on and allow this Divine Presence to step in to assist me.


In times of great overwhelm, it’s easy to forget the spiritual basics! So I paid attention and placed all the myriad needs on my altar. I then asked for Divine Order and Balance to be present in those situations, before offering all my work expression into the Divine Hands of my Senior Partner. What a difference it made! The overwhelming burdens I had been feeling were gracefully uplifted and the project that I was working on unfolded in miraculous ways.


I know that miracles are the ordinary unfolding of a prayer-centered life, but still I am always a little in awe when small prayerful actions change my experience in practical ways so gracefully. This is truly what I want to experience in every area of my life. I continue to ask the Source of Divine Light to work with me in my spiritual, mental, and emotional life. And this recent demonstration reminded me that my Senior Partner will always assist me with the spiritual entrepreneurship that is my work in the world. I need only to remember and ask with greater intention.

My work is the gift I have been given in order to serve God in beautiful ways. Because it is the outworking of my prayers for my Soul's mission, it is especially important that I remember to include the Divine in all aspects of my life.


Divine Presence:


Thank you for lifting the burden of overwhelm that comes from thinking I am doing any of this work in the world alone. Thank you for bringing me the creative solutions, helpful ideas, and revelations I need to expand into greater levels of loving expression in my work. I am grateful for the beautiful people who can support me as well as those who can benefit from my Soul's gifts.


Thank you for removing all obstacles to clear communication with my Higher Self and my guidance system. Once more I dedicate all that I am doing to creating more Peace and Love within me and within the hearts of all beings. I ask that all of humanity may be blessed to bring their Soul's gifts forward to serve the world in beautiful ways. Thank you God. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages Book #42

Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.


Dear One,


When you pray to remove all obstacles, you are expressing your desire for full communion with God. You are asking for all that is in the way of your connection with the Divine Presence to be removed, so that you can consciously feel your alignment with love.


God is your partner in life. Prayer is the key to remind you of this partnership. Prayer is a deep and powerful action bringing you into the right frame of mind so your life will work for you in happier ways. Prayer is a tool for opening your heart. It brings love into every situation. Love is the greatest healing energy that exists in the world, so it serves you well to bring love into your life in a conscious way through prayer.


True communion with Spirit is a state of enlightenment. It is fully loving, courageous, free, and filled with joy. It is the happy state of knowing that the Divine Presence is always there to turn to so you never feel alone.


When you achieve the conscious awareness of your oneness with God, you will look at life from a state of joy, not fear. You will feel a sense of peace within you. In this state of Divine communion, your true freedom exists.


Pray with your heart, open your mind and be willing for miraculous changes to take place in your life. You were meant to be happy and at peace. You deserve all that is good. Know that you are a beloved child of the Source of all Light.


It is possible to live in love and full communion with God. The Angels are assisting you to make this deep connection at all times. You can call upon their grace to make joy your ever-present reality.


To have more harmony within yourself today, remember this simple suggestion from Archangel Gabriel:


Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

Creation Limbo, Brenda Hoffman, 20 November 2017

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 1:45 PM

Dear Ones,

You are in a rebuilding stage. Even though you might have some plan for the final product, all you are sensing is the upheaval without a concrete idea of what to do next.


You are probably feeling overwhelmed with all that seems to need completion before you breathe a sigh of relief before you fully sparkle with the joy of knowing a job well done.


In truth, many of you are feeling you are failures in the creation game. You know what you do not want. Yet, you are not certain what you do want. And you have no idea how to create anything – much less a new life or a new world.


So it is you are questioning yourself, this transition, and anything and everything. It appears as if your diligent work is for naught, that you are where you were or perhaps in an even more precarious position.


Your immediate world might not be in shambles, but most certainly your outer world is. How and when does the rebuilding begin? Or is rebuilding a dream that will never come to fruition?


Many of you are now too exhausted to even dream of what could be.


Even though we can tell you that all is well, your immediate and outer world does not display that. Instead, it appears as if this chaos, this fear will last for decades – far longer than you feel you have the energy to circumvent it.


What you have forgotten – and given your circumstances, perhaps rightly so – is that the creative powers of new you are not like those of your previous earth existences.


In the past, you hoped, dreamed, prayed, and meditated to encourage the Universes to create what was best for you in Universal time. You felt you had no control over the timing or even the creation. Some of you moved beyond that point in 3D, but only after completing the steps required according to your belief patterns or those of someone you felt more spiritual than you.


You are now transitioning beyond those 3D belief patterns. You are allowing yourself to remember how to create in Universal terms instead of earth hopes.


You are starting a new lesson plan that you are not yet comfortable with. Similar to what you perhaps felt the first day of geometry class. You are learning, or perhaps a better term, remembering your innate creation skills.


There is a gap between what was and what is. Your obvious question is, “What hoops do I have to jump through to access my Universal creation skills?” None. You have always had them even when you allowed yourself to negate those skills while of the 3D earth.


It is not about finding your creative skills, it is believing that you have innate creation skills.


It is time to believe in yourself as much as you believed in someone outside yourself to gift you with your wishes – whether that be God, angels, Universal beings or someone in your 3D life.


You create your miracles just as you create your life. They are one and the same. Yet, most of you separate the two. You finally believe you create your life, but still cry to the heavens or others when your miracles, your dreams do not appear in the timeframe you wish – or ever.


So it is you are now in creation limbo. Half believing that you create your dreams and half believing that you only do so with the help of the Universes and special incantations of gratitude, forgiveness, and blessings to or from the Universes.


You are your own guru. Not only do you create your life, you also create your miracles, your dreams.


Perhaps you do not believe this truth – you will – just as you once did not believe you create your life. Evolving into new you is a process. And the process segment you are now in is believing that you and only you create your dreams.


For some, that concept is frightening for it is much easier to have someone to yell at and scream to when your creation does not appear. Yet, there is only you.


Perhaps that thought seems mean for those of you who prefer to have someone or something to blame. For if you are your creator – and you are – and you are your magic genie – and you are – who can you blame when your life is not going as you anticipated? More to the point, how frightening is it for those of you starting to believe you are your magic genie but nothing comes out of the magic lamp?


What are you doing wrong? What do you need to do to change your life or your hopes and dreams? Nothing. Allow yourself to flow into your new beliefs instead of forcing yourself into a fear corner. Allow yourself to be, to evolve quietly and peacefully.


Do not fret. You will remember how to create when the time is right. Most certainly before you, “crash and burn,” but not before you stop blaming the heavens, other earthlings, the earth or other entities for your tribulations.


Allow yourself to flow and all will be well. Fight against yourself and all will be well, but you will be battered and bruised unnecessarily in the process.


All is well in your world and in your life – it is time for you to believe that such is so. Just as was true for the first day of that traumatizing geometry class. Of course, you did not understand the geometry concepts the first day of class, but you grasped the rudiments as you completed your assignments.


So it is for you now. Your only assignment is to allow yourself to remember your creative skills in a peaceful, knowing understanding that you are in a class you have never taken before – Universal creation while of the earth.


Complete your assignment, and you will remember. Fight against this assignment, and you will remember – but without the peace that is your right and your Universal joy. So be it. Amen.


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