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NEW MOON UPDATE 7-23-17, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 22 July 2017

Posted on July 22, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Sunday, July 23 at 3:46 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

A good time to reflect on balance, your body, what has happened or is happening in your life and get as neutral as you can about it all. This is a day that you could either feel greatly empowered (and should) or you can feel beaten down by recent events and disempowered by something that has happened or current happening in your life. The key word is “empowerment” so see if you can become empowered in some way even with life’s challenges. What is the power to be harnessed in your current situation?


Use the energy of a reset, always available at the New Moon time, to turn this disempowered state into one of actively turning crisis into opportunity. On the other hand, if you are feeling greatly empowered by what you have managed to “do”, use this New Moon as an anchor point for gratitude, anchoring some new intentions and making a commitment to being seen in new and more powerful ways.





Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at [email protected]

Leo New Moon

Sun and Moon in Leo ~ 0º 44’


Sunday, July 23, 3:46 AM Mountain Daylight Time


(Sunday, July 23, 9:45 AM Greenwich Mean Time)


We are blessed with TWO New Moons in Leo. One is now in the first degree of Leo and one in the last degree of Leo on August 21st. That’s a lot of Leo; just the way Leo likes it! This is BIG ENERGY as we enter the eclipse window bracketed by a lunar eclipse at next Full Moon, August 7 and the much awaited New Moon Total Solar eclipse on August 21 at 29º Leo traversing the good ole USA and visible from Oregon to South Carolina.


Opening season begins with The Sun itself moving from Moon-ruled Cancer to Sun-blessed Leo on Saturday, July 22 with 0º New Moon following in less than a day. A Leo New Moon brings us in contact with our full radiance that emanates from our hearts. We are feeling our individual, sovereign selves to the fullest. We want to be seen and appreciated for our magnificence and our generosity. Creativity, expression, leadership, courage and joy are the codes that unlock the heart of Leo. With this regal, fixed-fire power sign ruling the heart and the spine, draw down the power of the Sun’s rays into your heart to strengthen your vitality and enthusiasm and illuminate your self at your best. Leo is known for stamina, loyalty, and possessing a strong will. Their ruler, the Sun gives them access to the third chakra and decisive action, strong recuperative powers, and the ability to lead, and take the public stage (or the royal center), while Leo itself gives courage, trust worthiness, and dignity with optimism and a playful, dramatic, sometimes flamboyant nature. Leo or the Leo part of you can have a tendency to take on too much work and get out of balance. Let Leo give you the courage to step out, let out a loud roar to back up any obstructing energy and marking a clear boundary, then take that risk of loving yourself enough to aggressively go after your heart’s desire. These are not the emotional waters of Cancer or the mental arenas of Virgo; this is the instinctual power of the King of Beasts


Mars has also just entered Leo; Mercury’s there too. New Moon is significant for impassioned Mars riding within 1º of the Sun and Moon conjunction! That’s hot. But, actually when Mars is so close to the Sun, it is made invisible and actually weakened by this proximity. Mars stays in the shadow of the Sun’s brilliance until early September, so we can expect a burst of energy then as Mars asserts independence at that time. Nonetheless, Mars gives the courage to vanquish the fears that arise as we tread new, uncharted waters and the energy and passion to make changes. Expect fear and excitement to be mingled as you let go of the old when you remodel, reconstruct, revamp your way of being in the world. And that’s what this LEO period is demanding of us all. The coming Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius is about tear it down, move on, relinquish your attachments to the way it has been. Use it! Prepare for it! You know what’s not working in your life.


This chart has a preponderance of masculine energy. Mars is weakened. Uranus in Aries squares the Sun-Moon-Mars trio ~ shift, change, awakening is afoot. A square is a Crisis/Opportunity situation. We receive this Uranian influence from the deep cosmic intelligence beyond the thinking, rational mind. . Uranus has no qualms about letting the dragons of change loose on your life, perhaps because you can’t see how great it can be on the other side. Chiron in Pisces is bringing in feminine intuition and wholistic healing energy to bring us back into balance in its aspect of grace toward masculine Leo Sun, Moon, Mars. What’s being shattered? What’s being healed in the next month as we enter this sacred portal of change and reset during the eclipse cycle?


Eclipses are created by the Nodes ~ North and South that describe the point of intersection of the paths of the Sun, Moon and Earth. When twice a year, we get a solar and lunar pair of eclipses, we know that the Earth is aligned precisely with the Sun and Moon. We have only recently (May, 2017) entered the eighteen-month period of the North Node being in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. A powerful new trajectory of growth (North Node) and release (South Node) is unfolding in the next month and will shape our 18 month journey of lessons coming from the Leo/Aquarius axis: asserting our individuality from the mainstream, releasing our masks covering the authentic heart-felt self, letting ourselves be used as vessels for our divine essence and our purpose in this lifetime, radiating our confidence and delight in our power to create a magnificent life, courageously standing up for the kingdom and community we want to live in, releasing our inner child to play, create, express, and becoming champions of love and awakening.


The asteroid goddess influence is significant. Pallas Athena (our creative intelligence and strategist), Vesta (our commitment to ourselves and our ideals) and Juno (our commitment to empowering partnership) are all aligned in the earth signs creating a Grand Trine to facilitate us all in bringing this powerful Leo energy down to the physical level to manifest it in abundance, relationship and the dance of true creative living. Bless them all for their gifts of the feminine as background to this powerful masculine time. Ceres in Cancer (our Nourisher, midwife, and Mother) supporting the Grant Trine to support us in our self worth as a feeling, loving being deeply caring for the Earth and all living, growing beings.


Heads up! Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde in the middle of the eclipse window on August 12. August appears to be THE major portal of shift and change for the year with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all changing direction (that intensifies their energy and influences) plus two eclipses. Our security-needing habitual selves will feel the impact of letting more love and energy into our lives, but it’s clear, we have been preparing for this growth for many months.


All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)


08/07 Lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius 15º 12:11 PM


Visible in Africa Asia, Middle East and Australia


08/12 Mercury retrograde 11º Virgo until 9/5


08/21 Solar eclipse/New Moon in Leo 29º 12:30 pm


Visible across the USA Oregon to South Carolina


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at [email protected]


© All rights reserved.


You may make copies of this writing and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it or alter it in any way. You must credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. While the text may be shared, no audio files including lectures, music and/or sound meditations may be posted on any site for any reason without written permission from the Power Path.

Heavenletter #6079 Choose Peace, Gloria Wendroff, 21 July 2017

Posted on July 21, 2017 at 1:40 PM

When you are in tumult and you feel an urgency, consider saying: “I’d like to think this through and get back to you this afternoon.” How about responding rather than reacting?

When you react, you are in what is sometimes referred to as a “Godawful hurry!”


When you are in a panic -- panic always has the better of you -- give yourself some of this imagined time to withdraw. Take a walk. Go into the woods. Give your heartbeat a chance to slow down.


Thank God, panic, which is a form of self-pandemonium, doesn’t last forever. Panic backs away. It goes somewhere. You may think that panic is a natural reaction. Natural carries a different connotation to Me.


Natural is more like catching your breath. Give panic a chance to reduce itself. Does panic come from adrenalin soaking in? No matter how masterful panic may be, a state of panic doesn’t last forever. Panic is like the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf at your door. Don’t let the big bad wolf in.


Is the antonym of panic Peace?


Peace likes itself. Peace unto you. Peace is a cool mist. Peace settles. Peace is like a comforter that wraps you with its warmth at the very time it cools you down. You do understand how panic is hot and cold at the same time? What a constraint panic can be. A sense of panic cannot see beyond its nose.


In the relative world, there are opposites. If panic exists in the world, its opposite also exists. Peace is the other side of the coin. Peace is worth paying attention to. Bow down to Peace, and panic will fizzle out.


Pull the soft blanket of Peace up to your chin. Panic is some kind of fire going on within you. Outside you, this fire is named war. Panic is like a firearm. Ah, it is a fire alarm going off.


When you were in school and there were fire drills, you were to exit at a steady pace with grace. Peace has grace. Panic is too busy panicking. In an emergency, even an appearance of calm calms you down. Even in panic, you can exhibit poise.


In rough times, you are told to use your head. Anything is better than panic to use. As it happens, somehow your mind already instructed you that this is a good time for you to panic. It seems to Me that there is no good time to panic. Panic is a deer caught in headlights.


Panic is an attitude. A less rash attitude other than panic is in order.


You don’t have to jump out of your skin. You do not have to sentence yourself to even an hour at the end of your rope. How can panic be helpful? What does panic do for you except to excuse you from Peace. Choose Peace over panic. Why not? Panic is pretty dramatic. Why choose drama over Peace?


When you are in a panic, by some unidentified means, you have given yourself a high sign to panic. This really isn’t the way to get off a wild ride.


Is it Love that encourages you to panic? Is it even survival? Theories may be given to explain and excuse panic, yet, at what expense? How can panic be worth anything at all? You don’t usually like to overpay. Whatever you pay for panic, you are overpaying.


Choose a good buy instead.


What pandemonium of the heart and breath panic causes. What state does panic get you into? What rate of speed? If panic blocks you from Peace, how does panic serve you? Panic doesn’t take you where you want to go. It takes you away from your good.


A flood of panic isn’t better than a dry desert.


Anyway, choose Peace.


Copyright © 1999-Now Heavenletters™


Although Heavenletters are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, use as a signature, make bumper stickers, skywrite with them – whatever you like, and please include the Source! And, of course, do not charge for them!

Evolving on a Soul Level, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 21 July 2017

Posted on July 21, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Awakening from separation/human/ego (masculine & feminine) realities is confusing at first, as the outside (and inside) don't make sense for awhile.... Where emphasis used to be placed on the outside world first, this shifts, changes, as you do.... as we all do... as inside awakens (our Spirit/Soul), on a cellular level we are unaware. We do not yet have access to all of the information and to the infinite reasons as to why we are truly here.

This access is granted through a deep cleansing and purification process, that occurs as WE RECONNECT from inside again. How the outside correlates, this takes awhile, as we acclimate (and open up to) our own highest vibrational existences here. The "higher realms" challenge our human aspects. They are supposed to. As humans we are unaware. Our hearts and minds have to open fully for our energy to relax enough to surrender our human to our own Universe/Higher Selves that "need" to move into (many call this walk-ins, as it can appear to happen overnight/all of a sudden, yet this is perception too). This is a constant merging/integration process where we EMERGE as higher selves, where we BECOME the whole Universe again, as our higher consciousness DNA constantly activates inside of our Earthly Physical Bodies, under our skin, in our bones, blood, organs.... every fiber & part(icle) of us awakening to RELEASE all that is no longer true, is not love/not completely PURE, on a whole new level that we had no idea/didn't have a clue. It's important to understand that what is no longer true for each once, so it's important not to judge. This binds one to duality programs still. All realities are real/not real and each will come to understand and respect this fully as multi-dimensional access is achieved by each again.

Our worthiness, our associations, our perspectives "limited" by our own human'ness and separation we hold/held within. As we ascend in the physical, we descend AS higher selves and we merge within our physical forms, which is a massively huge/mind-blowing process of evolution that cannot be fit into a linear box of anything .... we must go beyond the limits of our minds and open up fully to even start to CONCEIVE what is not only possible, but actually already occurring on an atomic and molecular level.... Each are BECOMING GALACTICS (human's call these ET's & aliens, old matrix program words of disassociation/externalizing). We are BECOMING Christed/Crystalline/God Source Prime Creator BEings in form.... with amazing gifts, abilities and knowledge, BEYOND what any of our human aspects could comprehend. AS MULTI-DIMENSIONALS, we ARE Ascended, Alchemists and Masters, we ARE Angels in form, we ARE all of those things we separated off from and used to be embarrassed to claim because we judged and tried to fit (shape-shift) into a human reality before.... yet not here....


Transitioning from ego/separated/asleep human timelines, moving beyond the veils and amnesia/fog, moving beyond duality/unconscious programs/programming to a UNIFIED/UNIVERSAL existence is a huge process of dissolving/resolving all that we once aligned to human mentalities/focuses/beliefs, and re-aligning all on a Soul Level (Highest Vibrational Everything). Universal corridors must open in the brain/neural pathways to grant access again, as the pineal gland evolves into a multi-faceted Diamond to restore multi-faceted, multiple-frame vision through holographic existence where the physical is finally understood.


As human aspects, we don't/didn't trust the "invisible" (energy), that which we cannot hold in our hands/see with our human eyes/prove... this entire process is a "proving process" to shift each from this to BELIEVING again and LEARNING how to trust, by proving to yourself that you can be trusted to BE THE ONE that holds the highest regard/honor/love/integrity ALL of the time.... this is NOT A SMALL FEAT... this takes everything that you are on a Soul Level, as each experience is you facing/working through all of your unconscious programs and realizing how they correlate (translate), so that you can fully understand in order to choose to shift intentionally to the absolute highest vibrational everything yourself. Your human did not have this capability. Your SOUL you does... and every moment will be FOR THIS, until this is your NATURAL existence, until it's easy, simple and full alignment has been achieved and held from within you, all of the time, and you've intentionally re-aligned your physical/everything to be of this highest vibration too... A PURE GALACTIC SOUL LEVEL EXPERIENCE.... Heaven on Earth... all around you... because this is where you function from/live from/exist from and you no longer compromise your own SOUL (and those around you) ever again through unconscious programs that you hold/held.... It's up to you to see/recognize/choose and work through these yourself. You will have the support you need, in the physical/energetically, yet some things, your human must do yourself, releasing dependence, excuses and dis-empowered beliefs/states where your human programming was to place blame/hold others accountable instead of owning it and shifting to/BEing your Highest Self. There is absolutely none of this here.


At first, through external focus, your human established worthiness through others/things, identities and attachment, with external value dictating internal value.... which is the opposite of what is pure/real/true.... As a human, you/we all valued ourselves by how things looked, by external beauty, by physical form, through the acquisition things, collecting acknowledgement of your worthiness in physical form too (pieces of paper, words/actions of others, things) to prove to yourself you were worthy/of value/important, because you didn't yet hold this for yourself (which is a part of the process). Even when your gifts start to "arrive"/come forth, your human (ego) will still do this for awhile, as each builds a whole new value system, from the inside out. Eventually separation/identities/valuing yourself based upon old mentalities and beliefs, external everything, by others/judgments/comparison/things... will also dissolve as you establish your full WORTH through each phase... moving from the external focus to your self, beginning to fully love/respect/honor and hold kindness, compassion, respect and integrity to you, while "learning" how to do this for all that you connect with/come into contact with/all around you too... as it's a process of working through all that you held in separation/unconsciousness before....


As you do this, you will shift the focus off of yourself and expand your consciousness to INCLUDE the outside world and really start to finally see how all is a physical materialization of your own vibrations that you hold inside and how your entire physical reality is your own vibrational match, with vibrational mis-matches occurring all along the way, as the physical constantly re-calibrates and re-structures itself with every huge dimensional timeline shift after each huge integration of high photonic light within.


Your worthiness will shift with each phase too, as you evolve back into your own SOUL. Your whole reality being re-vamped as you do, as you learn to truly care and connect with everyone and everything on a SOUL level again. As you fulfill your SOUL purposes here, your relationship with all shifts/changes too. The physical is a resource, tool, opportUNITY, GIFT, response, a materialization in physical form that which we hold inside and HOW CONNECTED WE ARE INSIDE --- AS OUR OWN SOUL....


Y/Our NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS with each other/everything is very different. Our relationships evolve as we do. Our highest timelines play out for us AS WE truly care about each other, as we open up to share the depths of who we truly are, from OUR OWN PUREST PLACE INSIDE, from the depths/core of our entire essence/being.... REALIZING our relationships are as PURE as we are... and that we are here to BE our Pure Selves together, in order to EXPERIENCE HEAVEN ON EARTH together again.


We realize along the way, that we are cosmic/galactic/higher everything portals and that when our fields connect we can SHARE THIS AMAZING VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCE for as long as we each can maintain this highest vibration of love, purity, sharing, support, contribution, kindness, consideration in every exchange that we have. We realize that we can SHARE our FIELD (and new physical realities too) with others without compromising or taking their lack upon ourselves, yet our field can only sustain for us for so long (the same for our physical/Earthly bodies) if we are subjecting ourselves to linear/lack-filled/opposite spin/resistance vibrational energies that interrupt the UNIFIED FIELD of EXQUISITENESS and infinite abundance....


The denser the physical body (not weight, but packed density), the more it transmits out unconscious programs on its own. Each must be able to override physical matter through full consciousness to vibrate/expand onto a higher dimensional plane, and IF there is still too much held in the physical body, this will not be able to sustain for long periods, unless each are truly ready to intentionally expand their own heart/mind/energy constantly, through their human operating in a constant "learning/listening/willingness/surrendered state" where they don't separate off (ego) and go fully unconscious again, which creates an unconscious reality to play out until all of that energy/density has been cleared, so that the physical body can vibrate at a higher/faster spin rate, activating one's field (StarGate System). We are here to SEE any unconscious separation and dissolve it the moment it presents.....


Each's focus dictates this and this will change all along the way.... what is important will change too, dependent on the phase one is oscillating at/in. Technically, each must go through every process, every phase and each are in all of these already, yet one's own consciousness dictates the experience, and how much deeply embedded programming exists....


Transitioning from worthiness being about "external", where humans define themselves by judgments and fixed limited beliefs, instead of being open and willing to inner-act on a SOUL level.... which is another "why" all was separated across different dimensions/space/time/frames.... Moving from unconscious to semi-conscious to fully conscious is a process that is dictated by many things... physical body density and closed pathways that must be opened before each can comprehend on a whole new level (from a whole new SPACE - INSIDE).... and the physical body must undergo immense neural remapping, rewiring, re-configuring to create a new network inside that functions as a cohesive and intelligent system linked up to each's Universe, StarGate System, Galaxies and more.


To shift your perceptions of worthiness off of "human" ways to YOU, so that you can come to love, respect, be kind, not measure/compare, minimize yourself and still hold lack is an infinite process within itself. As you come to fully love, respect, hold kindness, integrity, understanding, compassion, purity... and all of the other energies of highest dimensional existence from within, THEN you are able to do this for/with others, with each other, and your external can take new form for you. Those you used to call forth (materialized form) represented your own lack of love, integrity, sacred connection, worthiness that you held when you were unconscious before. Every new REALIZATION that "that is no longer true for you" will allow you to shift into a higher dimensional timeline, as you hold MORE LOVE, MORE POWER, MORE INTEGRITY/HONOR, KINDNESS AND RESPECT from inside.... in all that you do/are....


You will crave for awhile to experience deep soul connections, from what used to be distant & far off star systems and celestial realms, and this will lack for awhile in your world, as you shift/transition, because there are still circumstances where you compromise you/your soul due to your own inter relationship with external representations. Until you can SEE/CONNECT beyond the physical form, it will represent where you hold separation instead of unity-love inside still, which will play out as a lack in some way in your own reality world.


YOU are the one that must connect with THE ENERGY of all things, with the ENERGY/SOUL/CONSCIOUSNESS of everything, which occurs naturally as you do this with yourself. This gives you the capability to connect on an Energetic Soul level with you are the one that creates this, you are the one that holds the power to come together again..... You are the one that placed value on something other than PURE CONNECTIONS, both inside and outside too. You are the one that didn't hold this capability before... they represented you, your aspects, your current vibration, your highest aspects (and lowest too). They were here to show you what you could not see before about you and to assist you with transcending all of this TO RETURN to YOUR highest state of consciousness here.


Now, humans can't understand or see how vibrational realities work. This is because they are non-linear, and the human's body was linear when it was anchored in the 3rd/4th-dimensional bandwidths of existence still. As each's body re-codes now, with these mega-high non-linear encodements/codes, new geometrics override old programming faster, re-shaping realities faster than the human aspect can hold on. These new geometrics are located in each individual cell/molecule of all physical matter and in the previously invisible atmosphere too. The energy of all unifying faster now, dissolving the old at an expedited rate so that all can take new form constantly now.


The more unified each is, the more love, the more wholeness and purity, the easier all of this is. In the beginning, none of us had these capabilities like we do now. To UNITE on a Soul Level in the physical and not base our worthiness on physical anything anymore. To realize that AS we allow ourselves to WALK AS SOULS IN EARTHLY BODIES/FORM, everything is simple and easy again. Materialization is not only fast, it's instant and it's pure too. Our connectedness with each other dictated by each one of us... and what we do/don't allow, what we transmit out/hold from within our own selves....


To SEE the beauty in each other, to connect with each's SOUL, to merge our fields in a way that is pure, a uniting on a level that transcends anything physical.... each one of us.... A UNION SO PURE that tears of gratitude fill our hearts, that familiarity and understanding returns, that inspiration ignites and a freedom comes through too. Judgment gone, our existence is pure, our sharing with each other, supporting each other and respecting each other above all is completely pure too. This can only occur as each of us HOLD THIS inside... and in the beginning, we could not, because we had too many distorted beliefs/mentalities/expectations and programming still. We were not ready for THIS AMAZING EXPERIENCE yet. WE were the ones that forgot, were asleep and disconnected before.... we were the ones that held separation within, that were not ready, held back/held on to old everything before..... and as we are truly ready for the most pristine, powerful, amazing, rewarding, exquisite, pure and infinitely abundance realities, we open up and our cells can re-structure themselves so that the external can do this for us too....


As each steps forth ON A SOUL LEVEL, everything changes and all is RETURNED.... what we receive is a response to what we hold.... what we experience is too.


This August Harmonic Re-Alignment is huge for all of us, all on the Earthly plane.... for re-setting harmonics, new resonances to allow for HIGHER UNION RELATIONSHIPS here.


Our capacity to fulfill our own Soul's purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles are up-shifting huge, as we enter a phase of SOUL UNIONS like never before. As awakened Souls and StarSeeds REMEMBER like never before. As each's heart opens so very much more to CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION from inside to out/across the entire Universe & Galaxies & Inner Earth too. All new understandings THROUGH EXPERIENCING the other dimensions AS REAL have activated on a collective level like never before.... so that we all step further into fulfilling why we even incarnated/walked in/agreed to be on this Multi-Dimensional Earth....


Many who resisted before, this resistance diminishes at an increased rate to move many into "seeking mode" and actually wanting to understand/know.... many holding back before, now moving into dissolving fears and stepping further into their higher purposes/roles... Intentional Guardians, Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers move further into more roles too.... WE all do and it takes us all uniting/coming together in order to accomplish all of the amazing, beautiful and magnificent things we came here to do....


Our existence CAN BE EASY and beyond infinitely exquisite in every way. We are the ones that have to allow this to occur by being ready to come together/unify inside so that we can "outside" too. WE are the ones that SHARE the VASTNESS of what is truly available and actually now real. We create the opportUNITY for each we connect with here. We are the ones that check to see what is a representation of our previous unconscious state or a materialization of our highest so that we can choose which timeline experience we desire to play out vibrationally here. The purer our heart/soul is, the more opportUNITY there is for this to be the foundation/base of our new realizes (NEW Earth). Our openness, our inner-connected essence connections with each other, how we communicate with, how we treat each other, how we share ourselves, how we care.... if we go human/are still human/have unconscious programs, then this will play out for us.... if we are able to hold PURITY in our exchanges, then this is what we can experience and share here.


Your vibrations, programs, cells, consciousness leads the way, opens the door/portal/gateway....


This highest vibrational timeliness is like "mind over matter", yet it's CONSCIOUSNESS OVER MATTER.... for our own expanded & super expanded consciousness dictates how all comes/materializes into form...


The EMPHASIS is now on Y/OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH Everyone & EVERY THING... on a SOUL Level.... which starts with you with your own Soul Self and expands out from within. ♥


You can only receive what you are willing to invest in yourself. This includes everything that you are/have/hold in your own everything world. A connection and allowing so vast that you allow the physical to reshape magically for you and you get your human resistance out of the way yourself. Allow yourself the magnificence of what's already available by opening up fully to FEEL and EXPERIENCE complete appreciation and gratitude for every gift you've received thus far and see how you benefited by everything on a Soul Level and how when kindness, generosity and reciprocation become natural for you, an every moment expression as love, you will have activated the most amazing realities to start to materialize all around you.... for the air is magnetized electromagnetic particle energy just waiting to take form for you too. It's not empty space.... it's a holographic field filled with geometrics re-shaping continually and your new abilities give you access to this fully too! ♦


My Soul me loves your Soul you. ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

Abraham Hicks - Instant manifestations

Posted on July 21, 2017 at 4:55 AM

The Love Choice - Prepare for Rebirth, Selacia, 20 July 2017

Posted on July 20, 2017 at 12:05 PM

As a divine changemaker, you are hard-wired to dream big and persist when others have given up. Even in the most challenging times, deep within your bones is a knowing that somehow things will be okay. A part of you remembers that love is your true nature and that it will prevail even in the darkest of times. Continue reading to understand how to thrive by invoking the love choice in everyday life.

Energy Background


Current energies may be challenging you on a number of levels. Most likely you are feeling more on edge and perhaps more stressed even if you don't realize it day to day. Old patterns and unconscious tendencies are being stirred by these energies. If you stay present and grounded, it will be easier to identify the old stuff and connect the dots between that and your current life situation.


Example: you may have a dream that's difficult to understand. If after waking up with the dream you get grounded and inquire within about the dream, your consciousness can begin to reveal meanings. Presence and patience is required, as this type of dream work is a process rather than a linear moment of investigating. Avoid overthinking and demanding an instant understanding. Instead, let go and open yourself to the wisdom within you.


These are excellent moments to update your view of yourself, your life direction, and how you get your needs met in life. The New Moon this weekend can help you with this in a substantial way!


Two Phases of Rebirth


This New Moon offers a significant personal rebirth, as well as an initiation of a new cycle of higher consciousness for humanity. The next phase of rebirth occurs in August - when we have a powerful eclipse cycle including the rare total solar eclipse over the USA at the August 21 New Moon.


Working with the energies of this cycle can help prepare you for August. How do you do that? First is to remain aware of the energies and their potential to help you make a mega shift in your life. Second is to give yourself moments of reflection to better understand what you really want, why, and how you achieve it. If you think you already have these things sorted out, I suggest you look deeper to allow for spirit's higher view. Third is what I'm calling the "love choice," outlined below.


The Love Choice


The third preparation for your rebirth involves the love choice. This means living authentically from the love residing at your core. It means being love as you relate to yourself and others. This love is the energy you naturally house at your core. It is the energy that you want feeding you as you live your life.


You obviously acknowledge this. You naturally want this love energy in your life and to see it expressed within humanity. It goes without saying that you want to live in a world filled with love.


The challenge all of us face is being able to rise above our fear-based conditioning and unconscious motivations when we interact with ourselves and the world.


The love is definitely there at our core - it's steady, stable and eternal in fact.


Consistently choosing and acting from that love, however, is not automatic. We must become actively involved and present to ourselves. Only in this state can we regularly choose love as our response.


From a spiritual perspective, the rebirth needed now is undoubtedly one that is honoring of what you as a soul are here now to express. That expression must be rooted in love for you to progress in the highest way.


Know that each challenge you have, including those arising in this unique cycle of time, can be a helpful catalyst for your mastery of the love choice.


Walk gently, then, with yourself and others. Be kind like you would be to a young child learning to walk.


Trust that with each step is progress towards the inevitable of being the enlightened divine changemaker you are destined to be. Know that you are loved and that your love lights up the world.


Copyright 2017 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon! Sarah Varcas, 20 July 2017

Posted on July 20, 2017 at 12:05 PM

How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon!

The next black moon cycle begins on 23rd July 2017 with the actual black moon occurring on 21st / 22nd August 2017, which is also a solar eclipse.


Most people have heard of a blue moon but black moons tend to get less attention, despite their equal significance. Just as a blue moon is the second full moon in a solar month, a black moon is the second new moon in a solar month. This means that during the sun’s passage through one zodiac sign the moon is new twice, with the second of those moons designated a black moon. Because a new moon occurs when the moon is in the same zodiac degree as the sun, both of these new moons occur in the same sign as each other. Black moons occur roughly every two and a half to three years and are always preceded a month earlier by a new moon in the first one or two degrees of the same zodiac sign.


Is a black moon connected to Black Moon Lilith? No, a black moon has nothing to do with Black Moon Lilith, the latter being the point on the moon’s orbit furthest from the earth (known as lunar apogee).

So What’s The Significance of a Black Moon?


Ordinarily, and in general terms, a new moon is a time of fresh starts: the silence from which new beginnings are born. In the darkness of a new moon we can instinctively sense the stirring of new life and prepare to facilitate its arrival. If we’re anticipating a new start or a process of change in some area of our life, contemplating its development at a new moon can be most productive. Action is not called for at this time, but instead a quiet turning within to contemplate and nurture the roots of our burgeoning creations. These roots may take many forms from material resources to significant relationships; from a well thought-through plan to faith in a process whose outcome remains unclear. Indeed, we may need all of these and more to prepare for our next step.


The seductive darkness of a new moon invites us inward to draw from our own wisdom. Our energy levels may be relatively low and it is often best to avoid commitments that require great investments of physical energy. The natural tendency in darkness is to retreat, hibernate and rest, ready for the gradual return of the light as the moon waxes towards full. The beginnings heralded by a new moon may have gestated over days, weeks, months or years. Every new moon bears personal significance for each individual, alongside its collective influence and meaning.


A black moon is a particularly powerful new moon which augurs a significant new phase. We can use its energy to prepare for shifts in our inner and outer worlds so powerful they may change the very course of our life. Each black moon signals the beginning of a new cycle which lasts until the next black moon, two and a half to three years later, so these are powerful moments in time which can markedly influence the coming years. It is therefore wise to use their energy well!


How Do We Use The Energy of a Black Moon Well?


We begin with the first of the two new moons – a month prior to the black moon – which helps us discern how to best use the black moon energy. This first moon is a time of intense quiet, to be spent as still as possible. A time to listen, not speak; to reflect, not act; to go within, not be drawn without. This moon invites us deep within to discover there the entire universe and know our self as a microcosm of the macrocosm – a thread woven through time and space by the unfolding of life in, through and around us. This moon prepares us to ignite, at the black moon, the sparks of creativity, wisdom, patience, fortitude and commitment which fuel the engine of a life fulfilled.


New opportunities occurring just prior to or at this first moon may falter before they’ve begun. A much-anticipated new start may fast lose its shine leaving us discouraged and disoriented. This is a common experience at the beginning of a black moon cycle, so there’s no need for panic! The first of the two new moons is simply paving the way for the real fresh start at the black moon itself, highlighting where final adjustments may be needed and plans require a final review. We then have a month to instigate any necessary alterations before the black moon arrives and a new phase is born. Whether we sense the coming change as a gentle breeze or a mighty storm, this initial new moon encourages us to embrace the approaching unknown, allowing it to trickle or flood through our life as it must and will. We are on the brink of profound change and commitments made now will be potentised a month later by the black moon.


It can be especially difficult to open our heart to unwanted change: the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or a much-loved home, illness, death… So many things impose themselves against our will. If this is our lot at the beginning of a black moon cycle we can best use the energy of the first moon to invite faith, courage and hope into our lives, even as they feel so far from us. Remembering that we don’t have to feel courageous to be it can be very helpful now! Simply dragging ourselves out of bed to face another lonely day may be the most courageous act in our lives. Likewise, boundless faith is not required to be faithful: merely trusting that the next breath will come, the next heartbeat, can be an act of faith when all hope is lost. And hope is not about Pollyanna happiness and positive thinking but a recognition that life moves in cycles, fluctuating within them as it goes. Everything changes, no matter how stuck and intransigent things may feel. At such times, hope simply whispers a quiet reassurance that nothing remains the same. Even the darkest, longest night eventually turns to day.


Once the black moon arrives, a shift in the fabric of the universe is underway, often manifesting as a new life theme that develops and matures across the coming two to three years. Our attention may shift to new interests and/or occupations. We may meet new people or drift from old ones. What once seemed so important to our well-being loses its appeal and we find deep inner shifts reflected in changes we once could never have contemplated. This is no ordinary new moon but the birth of a whole new phase in our life, which will unfold in ways that can be hard to predict at first, but which, in retrospect, makes perfect sense when reviewed from a vantage point of garnered wisdom in a year or so’s time. Then we can see where we were, where we are and where we’re heading in relation to the themes of the defining black moon.


So How Do We Identify and Work With The Themes of a Black Moon?


Each black moon occurs in the same zodiac sign as the new moon that precedes it and its themes are largely dictated by the qualities of that sign. The next black moon occurs on 21st / 22nd August 2017, with the first new moon occurring on 23rd July. This black moon is also a total solar eclipse, giving it even greater power. This is a VERY important and influential moon! Its cycle continues until the next black moon cycle in Cancer, beginning in June/July 2020.


The 2017 black moon and solar eclipse occur in the sign of Leo, highlighting the following issues for our reflection:


How deeply do I dare to love myself?

How readily do I express love and appreciation and to whom?

How intensely am I prepared to engage with others?

How honest am I (with myself & others) about my strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges?

How well do I make room for others in my life?

How much attention do I demand from others and do I offer the same level of attention to them?

How well do I recognise my contributions to the lives of others and their contributions to my life?

Do I recognise the benefits I receive from raising others up or do I demand the limelight for myself alone?

Who am I when I’m alone? Who am I when I’m in company?

When I seek to lead is it because I know the terrain and can guide others with wisdom and grace, or because I need to be in a position of control?

How do I open my heart to life and how can I open it wider?

How do I use my divine authority? How do I respond to the divine authority of others?

In what ways can I inspire others to be their authentic self?

How deeply do I respect myself even when things are not going to plan?

Does my life glorify ego or illuminate the divine?

How well do I comfort myself in times of rejection?

If you’re familiar with your birth chart you can work with a black moon more specifically by observing where both new moons fall within it. The affairs of the house or houses in question will be of great importance during the month framed by these moons. And the house of the black moon specifically shows where in your life its themes will develop in the following two to three years. As a backdrop to this, the house in your chart ruled by the moon (that is the house with Cancer on its cusp or contained entirely within it), reveals another key area of burgeoning growth.


Furthermore, the expression of any planets within the zodiac sign in question will be both tested and amplified during the month between the two moons, revealing some of their most potent issues which will then be worked out more deeply in the ensuing two to three years. Likewise, planets aspected by the moon as it journeys from its first point of newness to its second will be triggered and potentised by the energy of a black moon cycle. This may result in some challenging moments for sure, but within those challenges profound insights await revelation, leading to the potential for significant change.


To Sum Up


Black moons are relatively rare but precious, events which augur the birth of a significant new life cycle. Considerably more potent than your ‘average’ new moon, this cycle is a defining one in terms of our future direction and the change it augurs in our lives. A black moon comes in two parts: the first new moon which provides an opportunity to contemplate coming changes and make any necessary adjustments in current plans, and the actual black moon a month later, which signifies the birth of new beginnings and an important fresh start. If we are thirsty for change in our life, eager to discard old and tired ways to make room for new life, a black moon is our unfailing ally, providing the impetus and focus to embrace and bring about effective and long-lasting change. If on the other hand, we fear unavoidable change, this moon holds our hand and places iron in our soul, assuring us we have what it takes to navigate difficult terrain ahead and find, in due course, more solid and fertile ground. Either way, a black moon is to be honoured, respected and embraced for the bountiful gifts and opportunities it brings.


© Sarah Varcas 2017 All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.

Experiencing the Totality of Your Own Reality, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 19 July 2017

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 2:50 PM

What does this mean?


This means that vibrationally, all that you hold inside... plays out all around you... it's YOUR reality that you see/experience, it's your creation, your fears, your connected/disconnected state and the exact experience that you CHOSE to experience here.


The programming inside creates the program/play out there. When you hide from yourself and hold back your light, separate off (maintain separation), instead of allowing yourself to experience the MAGIC OF NEW EARTH and the amazingness that is available to you....


But your heart must be open, your mind must be open, you must allow yourself the experience, instead of trying to control, insist, inner-fear and maintain old beliefs that no longer apply here.


Your body holds all.... so if you are ignoring listening and honoring, then you are shutting the portal/door to an experience the brilliance and amazingness that is available here.....


Your light.... must be integrated fully, within your physical form and radiated OUT from within you.... you must MERGE with your field by expanding your consciousness and HOLDING IT YOURSELF....


IMMENSE LOVE.... this beautiful, profound, exquisite love.... will emerge and bellow out. Your heart will burst wide open and pour and ooze love.... your Divine essence will touch all who come into your FIELD of SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS.... by you being aware of what you are transmitting out.... all of the time....


Peace... BEYOND.... the feeling of HOME.... PURE SOURCE LIGHT activating and filling your entire cellular body.... is deeply, sacredly powerful and profound... and so subtle at first.... an experience that words cannot describe... and every-time you hold this within you, you embody it more and more and more... until this becomes your NEW WAY OF BEING.... no matter what goes on "out there"....for THAT OUT THERE realigns and re-calibrates for you/in response to you.... as you do....


INTENTIONAL ALIGNMENT is quicker.... your realities will re-align easier as you realize that you hold all yourself. As you BECOME the EXAMPLE, the WAYSHOWER the ONE that holds higher dimensional realms/timelines within you... you will start to see what is truly available and realize the only way that materialization can occur is if YOU ARE this VIBRATION.... just seeing the possibilities is not enough... you have to BELIEVE, KNOW AND DO SOMETHING ..... from the beautiful space of honor, integrity, unity love....


Your Christed State is powerful, your God State is too...there is no ego here.... for these cannot exist within the same space, so you have to choose.... see your ego/human'ness/separation and choose to dissolve it yourself, choose to let it go, choose to move on and BECOME that which judgment cannot access....


Your limits.... these will play out for you.... your excuses... these will too..... Your mentalities... these determine your own realities here...... When your HIGHEST MIND CONSCIOUSNESS AND HEART UNIFY.... everything is available again.....


Your visions, your gifts, your exquisiteness lead the way and you open portals, walk through gateways, travel the passages and work through the initiatory phases and any resistance/separation energy you still hold within.....


Your presence... your openness.... your challenging your human self....your letting go of the old constructs that kept you bound and embracing/re-creating all new realities built on LOVE.... PURITY and a CARING/KINDNESS for yourself and all you come into contact with, regardless of their capABILITY YET....


Your "job" is to EXPOSE OTHERS TO NEW EARTH, so that they can experience too, so that they can know it's REAL..... if you can't do this, then how are you supposed to live here fully again?


Your "job" (responsibility) is to OPEN UP FULLY TO REMEMBER AGAIN.... to hold ALL OF YOUR LIGHT in all that you do/say/are.... to share your light so bright that it blinds everyone around you (and pushes their own stuff up too), to radiate SO MUCH LOVE that nothing of the OLD UNCONSCIOUSNESS can get through.... This is your POWER....


LOVE ♦ UNITY ♦ KINDNESS ♦ CARE ♦ Others have to FEEL you, so that they feel safe to FEEL too.


If you can't open up, you can't connect up fully to our Crystalline/Christed/Unity/NEW Earth Grid.... to EACH OTHER as ONE and PURE DIVINE LOVE here.... If you hold back, keep telling yourself the old stories and believing "less" still.... you are shorting yourself from the most magnificent, amazing, magical and EASY SIMPLE experience here. If you are not ready... this will play out in YOUR OWN UNIVERSE/REALITY/WORLD.... until all of that separation energy is gone and you choose to allow yourself to VIBRATE BACK INTO YOUR OWN NEW EARTH EXISTENCE HERE....


NEW EARTH is all around you.... it's in the crystalline air you breathe, it's in the plasma energy atmosphere and the high electromagnetic energy dancing all around you (and within you), filled with geometrics and high-frequency magic ready to TAKE FORM for you to see too...... Your heart/mind/energy must be WIDE OPEN though...... It has to be important to you, you have to actually care, you have to choose......


Which Earth do you want to live on? Old version or NEW? Your consciousness activates the cells of your body to re-structure themselves and dial the codes of new realities to materialize all around you as you vibrate/transport/teleport from one reality to another.... It's a fast as you allow... or as slow as dense consciousness creates....


The veils continue to dissolve, the amnesia continues to lift, exiting any linear constraints expedites and new everything takes the place of a sleeping unconsciousness existence that no longer has to play out....... if you are truly ready to embrace the "unknown" (you do know inside, yet you are learning to trust again).


Surround yourself with love, with the highest vibrational everything, utilize the gifts available to you, yet realize that the "take take take" will end, as it's time for you to "give back", to pay it forward, to be the supporter, the contributor, the benevolent one that shares through your own deep inner-connection with all as one again.....


THIS IS YOUR CREATION.... and when your breath of love goes out to inspire, to ignite, to support, to awaken, to affect all.... you will REMEMBER FULLY.... what PURE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is.... and you will realize that nothing can hold form if you are not holding the CONSCIOUSNESS of this fully from within.....


Your entire physical reality is FORM..... it is particles, frequencies, matter.... all coming together to MATERIALIZE REALITIES for you to experience...... You affect matter, the vibration that it IS.... your physical matter reality is a match to your own consciousness/energy.... all that you hold/are/allow....


Your perceptions matter.... your actions matter.... (notice the word "matter")..... Your reality is what matters to you... you affect matter through your own full presence and choosing the vibration that you transmit out in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you are and do... ♥


Different vibrational timelines mean different physical existences.... Your NEW REALITY is vibrational.... and your presence determines everything here. ♥


I love you. Get ready. We've got more awesomeness to BE and DO together as LOVE and UNIFIED BEINGS ---- WALKING IN HEAVEN ON EARTH... not just talking about it... that's an old program ..... ∞


NEW EARTH ENERGIES..... kindness, compassion, respect, integrity, honor, love, unity, peace, consideration, sharing, abundance, supporting, harmony, beauty, magic, exquisiteness, BEing, creating, embodying, expanding, touching everything through PURITY - ON A SOUL LEVEL.... PURE SOURCE LIGHT, HOME FREQUENCIES..... holding this/being this... this is what returns y/our POWER and connects us all as the Crystalline/Unity Gridwork of Our Galactic NEW Earth here. ♥


Each is to completely dismantle the old and reconstruct all from within... in accordance with HIGHEST LIGHT INTELLIGENCE AND CONSCIOUSNESS available to all who are truly ready here. ♫


The limits of your experience are your own now.... the vastness of infinite everything is too....


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

A Call to Re-member ~ Awakening Your Perfect Self, Steve Rother, 19 July 2017

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 2:40 PM

Greetings, dear ones, I am Elrah of rhythmic service.

I have not addressed you lately because, quite honestly, a lot of you have been way too serious. Well, it is time to laugh a little bit and bring some of the energy back so that you can see things from a different perspective. Yes, we know, you have to get past your grieving process. Often when you discover something new, it takes a little while to adjust not only in your mind but your heart as well. You have been involved in this since the very beginning, yet now we have the opportunity to take you a little further than ever before. Know that one of the most important pieces that everyone can start working with right now is to start stepping into their perfect self.


Your Perfect Self


Because you live on this planet of imperfection, you have had to divide up into 11 different rays to survive. Perhaps it will help to think of it as hitting a prism with a light, then having different shadows and light fractions cast on the surface. Well, you do the same thing. To us you are perfect beings. You are hiding your perfection so that you can play this game pretending to be human. Re-member that because it is very important. Oh yes, we know, a lot of you think it is not really a game. It seems way too serious to be a game, but oh just wait until you get Home. You will have the laugh of your lifetime and it will take you weeks and weeks to stop laughing. Why? Because it is so incredibly beautiful and so are you when you re-visit that beautiful sacred energy of the laugh. In truth, I was going to write a book, and the title was going to be, Smile Your Way Home. Yes, that is really how it starts for all of you so we hope you re-member that stepping forward. Now, what about this imperfection thing? None of you feels imperfect, at least not in the spiritual aspect. Sure, when you look in the mirror you can see all sorts of physical imperfections. When you look back in your, sometimes you think that you now more imperfect than you thought you were. Those are only distractions, dear ones, for all of you have the imprints of the perfect self. If you start stepping into that, you can let go of a lot of the third-dimensional realities that are keeping you bound into this very challenging world.


We also told you there would be four major waves of energy coming in this year. Ah yes, you have felt them all and now you are starting to feel even more because the last one is coming in soon. These are opportunities to step into that perfect self. If you start viewing it from that perspective, rather than being a wave that completely overwhelms you, soon you will be surfing the wave taking advantage of it, and using it to reach the next levels yourself. You have all stepped into the fifth dimension and are now well into it. The problem is that you do not realize that, so a lot of people still try to use the third-dimensional rules in the fifth dimension and that simply does not work. I am not talking about the dimensions that you divide yourself up into, but about the dimensional realities which all humans have the opportunity to live in and share. Usually, it takes several hundred years to catch up, when someone steps through a dimensional reality but you are going to do it much quicker because of your history.


You Hold the Solution


You may feel a lot of tension on the planet right now because so much energy is squishing together to make space for what is coming. Yes, many people are overreacting and acting out because they do not know what else to do. Re-member, you hold the key to a lot of this. You are actually taking in a lot of this energy, bringing it through you and filtering it out. Many of you are carrying that tension within yourself. Of course, you are human so you are going to feel the inconsistencies in the energetics and think it is somehow your fault. It is not your fault, dear ones, but importantly you hold the solution. Before you spread it all over the place, what we want you to do is to find that perfection—the imprints of your perfect self—in you. You cannot forget or lose it, although you are surrounded by all this evidence that you are not perfect. Know that it does not truly make any difference because you still hold that beautiful perfection deep within your spirit. So, we are working to bring people in touch with that. Over the next couple of months especially, we want you to start feeling that with every breath that you take. Every time you open your eyes and see beauty, take a closer look around to discover what energies are around you. You can start working on some of this within in yourself to re-member the perfection that you truly are.


Now, I wish to share with you a little bit about some of the games that are going to be unfolding during these transitionary times. Some of the greatest angels that have ever lived are in the perfect place to make these transitions much easier than you can understand. We could not be prouder of the work you are doing. First, know that you are not alone, ever. We hope that once in a while, you take the time to laugh a little bit, to brighten up your own day and anyone else’s around you as well. Trust that you are loved beyond description; open your heart and receive that energy right now. Know that I am sending it to you in these strange rhythms, for that is how it works—you will find out a lot more about this and how to use it yourself in the days ahead. For now, keep smiling. Know that you re-member the way Home, and that deep within you have your perfect self that you are going to bring forward right now. It is time and above all, enjoy the ride.


It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another whenever possible and play this beautiful game together well.


Espavo, dear ones.


I am Elrah of rhythmic service.




Greetings, dear ones.


I am the Keeper of Time and I have come to join you in in this moment. Can you imagine for just a short time that you have a purpose? Even those of you who have done healing work stepped into your teaching and your own abilities, may not know how much is coming. All of you now have opportunities to ground your light in a new way, and it simply takes the willingness to stand there. Does it mean that you must stand on the street corner and shout your truth loudly—louder than the next person? No, that never worked. Rather, you will draw in the light and share with those who wish to learn how to be a part of the new energy. There is so much now that needs to be passed on and to filter into the different levels of humanity. You are a bandwidth of humanity, dear ones. We have spoken of this many times, that all of you will ascend as one with the exception of those who consciously choose to stay. First of all, please do not judge because there will be many who choose not to ascend, those who do not move as quickly as you. It does not mean that you must reach every single person on your planet, simply that you are a very bright light.


Stepping Forward to Be the Light


Sometimes that bright light will frighten others; whether you are standing there as a source of light or a reflector of light makes no difference. You have abilities or you would not be here listening to these words right now. Some of you are very much aware of that and can see the evidence of this in the work that you are currently doing. However, others cannot. Over the next several months you will see much of the veil being pulled aside in different ways. The fourth wave will begin to arrive on planet Earth, which has been your Home as you have been playing a game of pretending to be separate. Now you are stepping forward to be the light, so even if the rain falls all around you. If the buildings start to crumble for some reason, know that you will be there safe and in the midst of it all. There is a reason for that, for you have chosen to carry light to Earth; the light is the love is the opposite of fear. Re-member, fear is part of the wave, dear ones. As a wave of love comes washes over your planet, the recessional wave that hits before it is full of fear. But you hold the answers to that because you can stand there and be the light for many in the midst of all the chaos. You are the ones that have chosen to step into that.


Being Orange in a Gray World


Many years ago, we gave a channel as a collective called Being Orange in a Gray World. Are you willing to be different, to follow that which you know in your heart even though you are hearing so many things that seem to oppose it? Do you need that confidence to know that you are right in order to bring your channel and your heart energy there? Now you can bring it forward in new ways, although it will be heard not by all since not everyone will choose to listen. Please do not judge yourself by the number of people you reach, or by the traditional ways of looking at yourself and humanity. Know that all of you have a very sacred purpose. What is taking place, dear ones, is that finally most of the difficulties are somewhat out of the way for many of you. Oh yes, we know, there is still much to go through for some. But do not concern yourself with that because these are not your difficulties. They are simply challenges you put in your path to gain something, take that next step, gain the confidence to step forward and look at it in a different light. That is what lies ahead. You have chosen to put yourselves in these transitionary times because you hold answers, whether you know it or not. These are the times when you can start coming together and share those answers with others to be able to gain that confidence of who you truly are. Then you can step forward knowing that you are creating the path, just before your foot hits the ground. Well, it is not quite that easy. In your humanness, you wish to see the path laid out exactly beforehand before you take that first step. That was the old way, how you knew you were on the right path. There is no right path but there is one energy which all of you will deal with from time to time, whether it be yours or someone else’s, the wave of fear. All the energies coming in can also create density. You are feeling this density, a new energy compressing time and space, and receiving more energy into your own physical being in two or three weeks than you normally would in a lifetime.


You Hold the Answer to the Recessional Waves of Fear


The new wave of energies is starting to arrive and land upon Earth this next month. Do not fear it, welcome it. Re-member, watch for the fear beforehand because that is the recessional part of the wave. It is the part that goes out before the big wave, making room for it to come in. Sometimes people get hung up on thinking it is all about them, but it is not. This is a natural feeling so do not judge yourself. f If you become anxious or fearful, know that you not only hold the answers for yourself but for many others as well. You have the ability to bring your light into the Earth so others can experience it, even if they do not see or talk with you. You create the energy that everyone can live in comfortably, which then enables them to move to that next level. Now is the time to gain that confidence. So practice and step forward in this energy because there is much work to do. The waves of fear have previously been used in ways you would not think of. Consider that it is not always the act of terrorism itself that creates the problem, but the overreaction of trying to protect yourself from it. That can hold many humans back by confusing people as they are stepping forward into the light about who they truly are. Know that you hold these answers as well, and with a little journey you can bring them out into the light.


Experts of this Transition of Worlds


Dear ones, many times people have overreacted to waves of fear. We are watching, dear ones, and you do not have to lose anything. You are not only safe, but you are on a beautiful road. Oh yes, you can look at the difficult side of this and some of the challenges that may be there. Sure, you can blow it out of proportion and think you are in danger. But you are safe, for you have done this before. Dear ones, you only have to re-member and you will start using that energy in a whole new way. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived on Earth or anywhere. You are a collective of transition experts. Not just a transition of birth and death, but the transition of worlds and forms of life. You are here watching as the greatest transitions start to take place in a new way. You are an integral part of it.


Know that as the days go forward, all of you will have opportunities to find that confidence within yourself of who you are and what you have to work with. You can use it then turn around and give it to someone else, sharing with them the ability to see themselves in a way that would give them the confidence to speak their truth. It is safe. You are in a new world, where the light from Home can be seen in an entirely new way. These are the magical times that you have predicted in so many ways. Oh yes, there are all sorts of writings about times toward the end of the Earth and the challenges that people will experience. But you do not have to experience any of that; you can step out, which you are practicing now. You are learning the tools to step into a new dimensional reality. Now, you will turn and teach those tools to those that are ready to listen. Do not judge those who are not ready, for it is the judgments that get the spirit pretending to be a human into difficulties. Know that you have a wide variety of information that can help many people in various aspects of life. Your own work is touching the souls of thousands of beings no matter who you are. Trust that. Know that you have so much more to give. You are the greatest of angels that have ever lived and you hold the answers to the wave of fear, which can cause much damage and setback on Earth. You know it; you are it.


Give that love freely. As a human you will go through ups and downs, your own emotions, fears, and love, but do not judge that either. That is part of the human experience you wanted to work. Know that you are here by choice, dear ones, and it is yours to explore even further. Over the next several months, watch as doors begin to open doors that you did not know were there. The end of this year will bring an opening for many to celebrate. Be there. Trust it and allow yourself to just BE.


It is with the greatest honor that we address you in these ways. Know that your light can be seen from Home and we adore it. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play the new game well together.


Espavo, dear ones.


I am the Keeper of Time.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting: “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


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Light Beacon or Battering Ram? Jennifer Hoffman, 17 July 2017

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 12:45 PM

The more we expand our 3D paradigms to create space for the new 5D energies the more we seek participation from everyone we know. We want them to experience the light as we know it and while some will, others will not and this becomes a big question for us. How far does our ‘light work’ extend and what is our role in the fulfillment of this mission? How far do we go to ensure that everyone embraces the light so we stick around until they do? If so, our light beacon turns into a light battering ram and we stand still instead of moving forward on our own path. A choice for the light becomes a light imperative and that is not what our light mission is about at all.

Contrary to what some believe or teach, we are not here to spoon feed light transformation to the world. Instead, we are here to shine the light brightly and let everyone make their choice. Our fear that this ascension cycle is going to crash and burn, like many others, compels us to make sure we address the needs of every naysayer and straggler. Our fear that we will ‘leave people behind’ is based on a belief that the ones who stray will be the undoing of all of our work and we simply cannot risk that. No one who has been engaged in this level of light work wants to start over from the beginning once again.


What is really happening here is the final meeting of soul mates and the completion of soul promises and karmic cycles. We are rejoining with our most challenging soul partners to make a final effort to ‘bring them to the light’ and they are resisting our efforts with everything they have. When we believe that it is our life purpose to ensure that they embrace the light, we engage in a battle that we cannot win, although we believe that we must win it for the light, for Source, and for the completion of the ascension cycle.


And while this final connection is important, its true purpose and potential is to show us that our own ascension is not and has never been dependent on anyone else’s actions. We can complete our ascension cycle any time we want to and right now this is what we must do because when we abandon our fight to ensure that everyone embraces the light we move forward and set up the new 5D paradigms. This is where we get stuck on the 4D bridge. On one hand we long to embrace the joy of the 5D energy of ‘home’ and on the other the belief that the stragglers are going to create mischief for us and for everyone.


But that is simply not true, as the completion of ascension does not require total participation at the same level by everyone. It takes one person to be a light beacon that everyone can be inspired by. We must also acknowledge that for some, a bright light is irritating and not inspiring, and not something they want to engage with. And if that light beacon is used as a light battering ram, we will make more enemies than friends and will keep ourselves on the 4D bridge, instead of using each step of our own ascension journey to be a source of inspiration to everyone around us.


I know this is easy to do until the person you have to allow to choose their own darkness instead of the shared light is your partner, friend, or family. Then the desire to have them join you in the light can override your ability to accept their choices. It helps to remember that even the darkness and density are different levels of light and eventually everyone does what is right and best for them. There is no need to feel guilty or ineffective, we do what we can and the rest is a choice that everyone must make.


Move forward now, with confidence and shine your light brightly. If you’re ready to fully step into your 5D paradigm, do so with joy and know that the greater your joy you create on your path the more brightly your light shines for everyone. We have no obligation to those who reject the light other than to remain steadfast on our own light beacon mission and accept their choices. Take heart, their numbers are not large and they grow smaller every day. Meanwhile, the brightest lights attract the most attention to shine on, be in joy, and live your life through your intention for peace, joy, love, and prosperity for yourself so you create that energetic imprint for the earth and for humanity.


Copyright (c) 2017 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to

Ongoing Upgrades, Kara Schallock, 18 July 2017

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 12:40 PM

So much is happening! Our cells, DNA and all that we are is accelerating. This brings up all that is not Love. These can be attachments to the old, to others and anything that you think is true, yet isn't. (Illusions.) Our physical bodies are especially feeling this upgrade. This, of course, is absolutely aligned with all we have released mentally and emotionally, as all our bodies are one unit. When experiencing something in the physical, many may label this as “illness;” yet it is important to shift focus from illness to Wholeness. We are wholing and not healing. We are not fixing what is broken; we are evolving all our bodies to be congruent with our Souls. We are not merely restructuring; we are creating anew. Restructuring indicates that we are re-turning to something. We are not returning; we are creating. We are much like the Butterfly. The Butterfly isn't just a caterpillar with wings. In the chrysalis (Christ Consciousness) stage, the entire caterpillar is broken down and from this mush state, new DNA is created. This new DNA thus manifests the Butterfly. And isn't this what we've been doing?

Pay attention to the details while you also honor the big picture. This requires you to stay present. It is only when your attention is not in the Now Moment that details get lost. While you take care of the details (taking care of what is in life to take care of), life is smoother and allows you to focus on the Truth, which is Love, Joy, Ease, Peace and all the Soul Essences. As we focus on the greater Truth, we create the New World, along with creating our New Selves; for what is the New World? It is an expression of us.


Many may feel as though receiving attunements by others handles everything so they can just sit back and let someone else be responsible. We are sovereign beings. Being sovereign means it is up to each one of us to rise in consciousness in our own way, as guided. It takes doing our own work and agreeing to receive our own attunements from Soul/Source. No-one can do this for us. You may also feel as though what you've always tried and what used to work, no longer does. I speak of different modalities or tools or practices that use to serve, yet you have transcended many of them (if not all). Let go of what you have known in the past, even if it means you remain empty for a while. Focus on an Essence you want to feel (Joy, Love, Peace, Wholeness, Abundance, etc.). Pay attention to your own Inspiration/Guidance. Take full Responsibility for your choices; be in your Power as a creative being of Light.


We are each evolving into and as a new phase of Ascension (whatever you're ready for). Much in your life will feel so old and so removed from who you are now. Do not try to fit the old you into the New you. It just doesn't work. In fact, it will feel quite uncomfortable. You simply do not belong in the old. You may not be quite in the New either; yet, let it be O.K. to be in the chrysalis stage of birth.


This new phase of Ascension is a new level of mastery as a powerful creator. Ask this question: “Who am I as I evolve and what am I creating?” (Remember that if there is any darkness or old still within, it will emerge.) Know and trust that you always have a choice as to what to let go of and what you choose to create. Review your current life to see if there are some themes still in place. Remember that there is always a gift of Awareness in even the most painful circumstance (of course, pain is a perception). How do you want to feel? Let go of what, where, who, how and when. In what life event does Joy bubble up from within you?


What is the difference between judging and choosing? Judging separates; choosing is an Awareness that a person or belief does not resonate with you any longer. Sometimes choosing may feel like judging. If this occurs, go within and ask your Highest Self what is true. We can accept others as they are and still choose not to be in their world. The choice is always ours.

Is there a difference between Inspiration and Guidance? No. It comes from your same Highest Self/Source.


We are conceived of Love. I speak not necessarily of our Earth parents or ancestors, but of Source. We are conceived by Source Love. Our Earthly parents and ancestors merely brought us through to experience life. They chose to do this, as we chose them as parents. They helped us evolve by infusing us with the lessons we chose to transform in any given life. We are Divine; this is truly who we are. As we Know this with every breath and heartbeat, we realize that no-one outside of ourselves can love and approve of us more than our true parent: Source/God/Soul.


I have shared before how we have one download of high vibrational energy after the other. This trend continues. Right when we have finished one powerful phase, we are prepped for the next one. While many speak of the upcoming Earth changes; I have no idea; for I stay in the Moment. As we go, so goes the Earth. As we honor and allow our own Ascension, the Earth follows, for Gaia is an expression of us. The Blue Beings of Sirius, generally speaking, are guiding us through this next phase of Ascension...They basically are holding the doors open for us. I love working with them, although they are quite serious. I sometimes call them the Serious Sirians, and then we all laugh. They are much more serious than the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, who are so much fun and light. It doesn't matter who you resonate with; yet do know that your main guide is your Soul; you! If you do choose to work with a group of high dimensional beings, please know they must be invited; for those of the higher dimensions are not allowed to interfere with our Free Will.


As we observe our lives without attachment, we see so much is transforming (death and birth). This includes ideas we have had and concepts we have held dear. Make room for the New; if something indicates it doesn't belong anymore, let it go. Let Love take its place. Love has its own ideas as to what forms will present themselves. We cannot control this, yet we can choose how we want to feel. Let yourself be in a Void of Faith; empty, yet full of potential. When the forms arrive, don't attach to them, for once again, they will shift; just as we continue to shift. As our consciousness evolves so the forms shift. As our High Heart and High Mind become One, we continue to evolve and the shifts continue. This is truly a wild ride and it takes one who is willing to detach and flow to be O.K. with all of this. In the old, we had certain structures to hold onto; it's just the opposite in the New!


Creating the New (yes, we are the ones doing this) takes being aware so that each choice we make is congruent with our Integrity, Guidance and Knowing. It takes being aware when we get pulled back into the old so we can adjust our sails. Allow any emotion to come up, for this purifies you and then after the tears, focus on how you want to feel. State: “I AM Love;” “I AM Peace;” “I AM Trust;” “I AM Whole,” etc. Allow yourself to be guided by where you resonate. It can be as subtle as smelling a flower or as big an an Aha! about something in your life. Keep your eyes and Heart open and you will receive. We create through choosing and a choice is always a step that leads to another step that leads to another step and so forth. As a friend told me once, “It's like Frank Sinatra: do-be-do-be-do. Of course, Being comes first and then the doing. When we are Being, we receive Guidance/Inspiration and then we take a step.


You may wonder if you're not rooted in 3D, how can you be grounded? Think of grounding as being held between Heaven and Earth. As Earth ascends, Heaven is on Earth. Nature grounds us, because Heaven is in Nature. You can be grounded in your Heart as well and you can be grounded to Source/Soul. When you focus on a Soul Essence, you are grounded. You ground that essence within you. Think of grounding as Integration. Yes, we are the conduits of Heaven and Earth. Heaven is not a place; it is consciousness.


Trust that you are supported in all your choices. You are loved beyond any expectations you might have, for you are Love!


Note: I am about to go in for a major oral surgery, so I will be with you when I can.


Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

Weekly Forecast: July 16 - 22, 2017, Kelly M. Beard, 17 July 2017

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 3:15 PM

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning into the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.


Weekly Forecast: July 16 - 22, 2017


7/17 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~square~ Neptune (illusions & delusions):


This energy is great for creative flow. If you are artistically inclined in any way, you will have access to an energy that will allow you to create something amazing. Dig deep and allow your Self to free-flow! This energy can also challenge relationships (personal or professional) to 'keep it real' in some way and ones which are not on a true, solid foundation are likely to dissolve under this influence. When Neptune is involved, we see life through a completely different kind of lens, often seeing the potential rather than the reality of the situation. Detach & Trust. This activation is just helping you align your true values & priorities with the vision in your mind & heart, but you will have to expand your consciousness in some way, follow your inner compass and take practical steps going forward.


7/17 ~ Mars (action) ~square~ Uranus (freedom):


This is the "Rebel" energy - what's your "cause"? If you are clear about your own authentic Truth & Purpose, then this energy is refreshing and uplifting. You acknowledge that change is necessary (and inevitable) and you co-create with this energy to transform your current life. This is a rebirth energy too and being "reborn" is never easy. Worth it - but not easy. However, if you are NOT clear about who you are and what you're capable of, this energy shines a light on that aspect of your life which you instinctively already know needs an overhaul but for whatever reason you are still holding on to the old habits/patterns. Unwilling or unable to embrace change at this time, you only increase the feeling of being restricted by external energies. Your life is a direct reflection of what's going on inside you. How's it lookin'? Check your ego, recommit to your Truth and remember that change is GOOD! And if you don't go voluntarily (read: consciously), then you'll get dragged to the new level, kicking and screaming and you'll be so exhausted when you get there that you may miss the beauty in evolving to the next level. (This IS what you've been working toward, correct?) Remember, conscious, effective action creates freedom.


7/18 ~ Venus (socialize) ~trine~ Jupiter (optimism & travel):


This is usually a pleasant energy, although short lived. This is a good time to enjoy some kind of social activity. No pressure - just easy, laid-back fun. It can make you prone to laziness or excess, but only if you're already prone to it. Otherwise, if you are typically busy and constantly on the go, this energy gives you permission to kick back a little and release the usual pressures to produce. Take some time out to "smell the roses" or at least reflect on all that you have accomplished and give your Self due credit for coming this far. This is a good time to travel, go on a vacation or take a short trip. This energy tends to bring forth earned blessings. Take a moment to give thanks to the powers that be which brought you to this point!


7/19 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Saturn (stability & endurance):


This is a smooth, easy energy that you can work with consciously and yield incredible, even tangible, results. It's a good time to define your terms where relationships are concerned because you are clear about your values & priorities. Based on your past choices & efforts, positive benefits & rewards are forthcoming. If you've avoided responsibility in your own relationships (public or private), then this energy can help get you back on track, with less pain & suffering than usual (when Saturn's involved). If you can be practical about your own limits and realistic about what others bring to the table, then this energy also supports discussing forward movement, development or spiraling to a new, higher level in some way, as a team. Strategizing about the future, clarifying the vision of what will support & protect all involved and honoring the essence of life that runs throughout is deeply supported by these two getting together in an easy angle. Venus is also the energy of love & money, so it's a good time to be objective and somewhat conservative where both your relationships & finances are concerned. With this interaction with Saturn, I would suggest outlining a reasonable relationship or financial goals for the next 3 - 6 - 12 months.


7/20 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~square~ Uranus (awakening & radical shift):


As with any Uranus activation, this one disrupts the normal flow to facilitate a 'break to realign' moment. While sometimes disruptive & challenging, the ultimate result is refreshing in some way. Consider the energy that thickens, gathering for a severe thunderstorm, then releasing buckets of rain, for hours, you sleep deeply and awaken to a bright sunny morning with birds chirping unusually loud outside your window. Got the visual? ; -)) This activation is the necessary challenge that gets your attention that something better is available, if you're willing to improvise and think on your feet. If you've been unusually restricted in some way, you may feel restless. Rather than being reactive to the unexpected shift (within or without), it's best to take a pause for the cause, step back and try to gain some perspective. Remember to be present, too far in the past can be depressing and too far into the future, and you cause your Self unnecessary anxiety. Breathe, be under the sky, invite clarity about the next step and trust your gut. This energy, while sometimes uncomfortable and often sudden, is very necessary to disrupt any illusions/delusions you may be holding on to. It's time to express your Self in new ways.


Copyright © 2000-2017 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

Inspiration for the Week - Wings of Angels are Enfolding You in Light, Shanta Gabriel, 17 July 2017

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 3:10 PM

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

Call on us often and picture the Wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.


In this message from Archangel Gabriel, we are being reminded that we have assistance to call upon in every situation in our daily lives. If we are receptive to it, we can imagine ourselves wrapped in Wings of Light, and we can feel that energetically. You may even notice your heart feels softer when you open in this way.

In a time of rampant change and acceleration, many feel alone and alienated from their inner spirit. A recurring theme from the Angelic Dimensions has been their commitment to our awakening process. And when I allow myself to receive, there is an instant awareness of comfort and love.


At times I have truly felt as though I am being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love. When I do this my heart feels more at peace. As expansive as I allow myself to grow, there is a sense of support working with me that I have opened to receive. Since I allowed more connection with the Angelic Dimensions, any sense of being alone has vanished from my life.


I have a friend who finds white feathers whenever she questions whether Angels really exist. I was with her for a walk one day when she let me know her process. Secretly I suspect she really does embrace the wisdom that Angels are working with her, but she just enjoys having a sign. Sure enough, within seconds of telling me her story, she found a beautiful white feather. It had never occurred to me to ask for a sign, so I also said I wanted proof that the Angels were working in my life. Almost immediately I discovered a beautiful white fluffy feather on the ground at my feet. I have kept it on my altar as a reminder that I only need to ask.


It is easy to close our hearts and look at what is missing in our lives, but it does not make us happy or add to our sense of Well-being. The Angels are very invested in our conscious evolution, so they have come to let us know they are available for real life support. Whenever we invite them to enter our lives, changes occur in miraculous ways.


There are Angels overseeing every project, opening doors and connecting us with people and circumstances that will fulfill our dreams. There is a special Angel watching over each of our relationships. We can call these Beings of Light into our conversations and interactions so that Harmony and Divine Order will prevail for the highest good of all concerned.


When we turn our attention to feeling supported and nourished in everyday situations, it can feel as though we are being uplifted on Wings of Pure Light. From that place, all is truly well.


Divine Presence and Beings of Light and Love,


I am inviting the Angel of each of my relationships to guide me into a place of Harmony and Love within them. I ask to receive a deeper connection to my Highest Self so I can trust my intuition in greater ways. I call upon Creative Solutions to fill all my interactions with others for the highest good of all concerned. May this empowered energy bless all of humanity now and always.


In all my projects and ideas, I invite the over-lighting Angel of Light to intervene. May I remember I am not alone. May I allow the support and guidance I require for the fulfillment of my dreams. Please uplift me and show me the way.


I gratefully receive all the Love and Support the Universe has to give me now.


Thank you God and so it is.

The Gabriel Messages #22


Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.


Dear One,


To call on the Angels does not symbolize weakness, it shows strength. It takes great courage to ask for assistance. There is a thought-form in your society that says you must "do it alone" if you are to be considered responsible and mature. This, however, creates a great burden for you in your world because there is so much to deal with in worldly life. It is not easy to live in an earth body, so assistance is necessary in order to live in a happier, more harmonious way.

You cannot look for answers to life's challenges in the world around you. The answers and the way through are in the higher frequencies available in the light of Truth and Wisdom. This is the light of God's love and it is the comfort offered by the Angels. When you ask for assistance, Light and Love flow to you immediately. This expands your conscious awareness so you can see the greater truth in any situation. This receptivity gives you freedom to act in ways that you know are in your highest good.


You are provided with guardian Angels who are with you throughout your life. They are always available for you to call upon, to ask questions of, and to provide the depth of companionship for which your soul longs. Human companions are not capable of giving you the depth, wisdom and strength that the Angels can give you.


If this level of relationship is something you desire, call on your Angelic friends now. There has never been a time when the Angels were so closely available as they are at this time. Presently, the veils are very thin between the worlds. This means that you can pray and take the time to call in the presence of your guiding Angels and they will be there for you. You can ask for signs of proof. You can ask to bask in their loving light. All this will occur. But your desire for a personal relationship is necessary to bring the Angels into your conscious awareness. This is easy for you to do. Use the power of your imagination and allow your mind to soar in expansive ways.


Release now the burden of having to do it alone. Call on the Angels often. Ask for help in every situation. You will be held in comforting wings of loving light and your way will be cleared.


This is an Angelic promise to you. We love you and bless you always. Remember:


Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

You've Catapulted Yourself, Brenda Hoffman, 17 July 2017

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 3:10 PM

Dear Ones,

You are discovering you can no longer hold onto that which you have hidden from yourself for so long.


Perhaps you think that such is as it has been since you initiated your transition – one clearing after another. While that statement has a bit of truth in it, what is happening to most of you now is a deep cleansing that neither you nor we thought possible before you started your current earth journey. For you had much more on your earth ‘to do’ list than a deep cleansing.


You shifted your being and all others who wished to join you from 3D to the dimension in which you now feel comfortable. You helped the earth shift in a similar fashion. Those tasks were more than anyone, least of all you, expected to complete in one earth lifetime.


You are now going beyond to cleanse personal issues that did not affect your transition from 3D, but will most certainly expand your capabilities in 5D and beyond.


It is as if you all started a foot march to new you and have subsequently claimed a much larger world than you thought possible. You are as unbelievable in your personal and earth achievements as was Alexander the Great.


Those labeled Baby Boomers merely planned to create a bridge to the new world. Instead, you built the bridge, crossed it, and are now creating new worlds and ideas not believed possible a few years ago. Those of you born after the Baby Boomers are achieving similar feats of wonderment.


Even so, the most important element to you is that you are in the midst of an amazing journey that has taken you far beyond your original parameters of possibilities.


You are claiming pieces of yourself that no one – least of all you – thought possible a few months ago. You are digging deep within yourself to clear that which would limit your personal and global explorations.


A bit like the inventors of the first personal computers dreaming of possibilities without fully realizing what an amazing world they would create including cell phones, tablets, lap tops, and the ability to instantly communicate with any part of the world.


What you have achieved is amazing. What you will achieve following the clearings of the past few days will catapult you far beyond what anyone imagined possible.


All most of you remember is that you have cleared, cleared, and cleared some more. At some point, you will understand that you cleared more than expected. And because of your in-depth clearing, your creative skills are much more honed to creating joy for you and therefore, earth.


Perhaps you think that we are holding a carrot in front of you so you will continue to believe you can create what you want at some point in the future.


That future is now.


You cleared these last pieces because you discovered how fun it is to loosen pieces hiding in the corners. In truth, you have completed this last clearing in joy.


Of course, such was difficult for you to know when you were in the midst of this last clearing, but there will be a time in the near future when you will look back and sing praises to yourself for daring to do so despite your need to create at the same time.


A bit like your first computer gurus creating new products even though their initial product was selling well – creating for the future.


Even though you would be a historical entity of amazing capabilities without this most recent cleansing, you wanted more, and so you created the safety zone you needed to clear these last pieces.


Will you clear more? Only you know for the energies floating about during this time are that of self-love leading to creation. You have taken those energies far beyond what you or we expected.


You are a creator of the tenth degree, and so your creations as a result of this latest cleansing will be more amazing than anything now thought possible.


Will you go further? No one knows for you transitioned beyond what we can help you with a few weeks ago. You have now taken a few steps beyond that.


En masse, you wish to create a life of gigantic proportions which would not have been possible if you had taken the expected route. You are on a path that has never before been explored. A path that is widening and extending even as you read this because of your adventuresome spirit.


More and more, what you are creating is beyond the imagination of those of us of the ethers. We watch in amazement as you master one step after another without rest. You en masse are like a genius who reads books by the age of two and is in college by age ten.


You have amazed yourself. More surprisingly, you have amazed us. Your talents are so far beyond what we know that we watch in amazement as you continue your journey of creation. A journey that is now that of legends or science fiction.


Nothing has stopped you despite your anger, fears, discomforts, or loneliness. Now you have gone beyond that and more.


We cannot predict what you will create. We only know that your need to live in joy far out reaches any fear you have of the future.


You have transitioned far beyond your original assignment – so far that we no longer have directions or directives for you. We can merely send love energies and so we are – more and more daily.


You, the student, have out-achieved your teachers.


So it is that we watch in amazement sending our support for you and your new life through energies of love that you consume daily. We cannot possibly praise you enough for all you have been through and all you are starting to create.


Allow that to be knowing that you are giants of creation far beyond what was once thought possible. So be it. Amen.


Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

Become Your Authentic Self, Shelly Dressel, 15 July 2017

Posted on July 15, 2017 at 5:35 AM

Who are you? As you consider that question, you begin to realize that you are the person in this life, you are your soul, you are the reflection of your experiences and so much more. People become used to looking at life on the surface; just the day to day realities. The key here is to realize that not only are you more than this life; you have a much greater strength that comes from within you.

During this channel, while in the All That Is, the Goddess asked us to look at 3 different experiences that we had in our lives. It was easy to look, talk about, analyze them and that did give us an understanding. Some of the experiences were choices you made, times you were really hard on yourself, times you felt out of control, times that had old energy you were still hooked into. Once we cleared things, the Goddess then asked us to look through the eyes of soul. We then had a chance to see ourselves with compassion, with a greater awareness for our strengths and we had a chance to shift our perspective.


She then helped us to realize just what our life has been. We can change our reality which in turn will change the perception; or vice versa! She ended with discussing ways in which people disempowered and how they can take back their power or stand in the presence of who they are without a need to change or control. This is a very powerful channel for expanding and understanding who you truly are in ALL aspects of your life.




Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole


I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever you are in this now moment.


The amazing aspect of energy is that you need not be physically present in order to be in alignment with other people. Your intention will bring this entire group together. You may live in any place around the world, you may tune into this at any given time; and yet everyone is together in this now moment.


Nama Sika – I AM the one. Each one of you as you listen to that phrase, or say it to yourself, you are bringing in your expanded self and you are focusing within yourself. Venia benya – I AM the whole. You are a part of the whole and as each part becomes the whole the whole expands.


So much energy, so much transformation and the wonderful part about all of this is that you may participate in it as much or as little as you so choose.


There are times when I tap into other people’s consciousness in terms of as people come into this group, gathering, I’ll tap into what people are thinking or what they consider. The topic that seems to come up again and again is that sense that through channeling you are listening to either I the Goddess, the Angels, the Archangels, the Star Beings, the Light Workers, the Reiki Masters, the other Ancient One’s, the Great White Brotherhood, the list is massive that people have the opportunity to connect with and communicate.


The sense that we, the group just mentioned, are somewhere out in the very distant future, past, present, but in a very different time space reality. You may consider that difference a dimension, a different dimension, because yes we are in a higher vibration. You may consider the energies of the Universe as quite different from the energies of the Earth because yes they are. But here is a very important fact or piece of information, and that is, that no matter where you are there is always a bond or a link that is available to you.


You the person living in your everyday life are the human with the physicality, with thoughts and beliefs, with emotions that you feel, with a Soul that creates all of you in this lifetime. The culmination of all of that has become the unique individual that you are. An important part of this is for you to know that through your spirit through, through your soul, there is a direct link that takes you into your soul, meaning the soul that is all of you not just the person in this lifetime.


Sometimes the question arises what is most important, the human living your life or your soul connection that is ever present. It’s really not about one being more important than the other it’s about the realization that you would not be human without that stream or link to your divinity; therefore that is a key part of who you are. But you also wouldn’t be the individual you are without having lived your life and have the experiences that you have had, made the decisions that you have made, had the relationships that you had. All of that has created who you are in this now moment.


It is through your alignment to the divine that you are on a more even vibrational alignment with all the energies we spoke of earlier. So that becomes the conduit that allows you to expand into new beginnings, be it through your divinity and your higher self, or through your everyday reality. Everything that has created you the human keeps you within that which you call your Ego. Any change or anything new coming into your life comes in through your right brain and your soul, or your spirit. They then form that integration or that balance within you the Human.


Take a moment to look around and as you do so breathe deeply breathing all the way down into the earth. As you become consciously aware of your physical reality and where you are right now there will also be a part anchoring you into the Earth. From there that energy comes back up through you and you send it out through the top of your head. It just naturally streams into the space of your higher self.


The more that we speak about that flow and the more that you practice allowing your consciousness to move into that space, the easier it becomes for you so that it is just happening in the background without you even thinking about it.


Here within your Higher Self look around. Does it look the same as a location that you took a moment to pay attention too, or does it look completely different? You are expanding your consciousness into this space. This is where you blend and you communicate with your angels and your guides. So too it is where you come and practice those things that you like to manifest in your life. So just take a deep breath and let yourself be present within the space. As you do so feel, or see, or sense what is here for you. It may be that there are certain things that you release that are no longer important for you to have within your life so you let it go. You will find that everything that you have released creates a new beginning for something else to come into your life.


Expand your consciousness even further. This time you just follow that column of light, or that stream, or that thread of energy that is linking you the human with your divinity. As you follow this you will just gently find yourself nudging up against a ball of energy. It may seem to you as if it is a cloud you are bumping into. Some people have a sense of it shaped like a human. Some people hear tones or see colors. This is your divinity. This is your spirit. This is your soul. This is your God source. This is your home.


Allow yourself to merge. All you have to do is just have that sense of merging into these energies and the other aspects of you that have lived in other lifetimes, or have evolved through different situations are here embracing you; welcoming you into the space. As you look around perhaps certain things will come to your awareness, perhaps they will be indistinct.


I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to you. I reach out to embrace you the person in this lifetime that is choosing to consciously be here, but I also embrace all of who you are that your divinity is illuminating for you so you may know what that means. As our energies merge into one we shift into the space of the All That Is.


I love coming to this area with all of you. I love feeling the vibration that emanates from the pure creativity that each one of you are stepping into. I love feeling you as your soul and you as your human. As we look around this can be a very busy place. Many of your Angels and Light Beings are waiting here for you so that they may work with you. Take a moment to feel what this is or see.


There is so much that I wish to speak with you about or work with you upon. I’m considering various ways in which to begin. I ask you a question. Who are you? I can tell those of you who have been in a journey similar to this before and those of you that this may be your very first time. Indeed some who have been in here many times before or continue to have the similar response as others.


When I asked that question there was a much larger number that stated to me I AM That I AM. Meaning I am my Soul, I am the person I incarnated as in this lifetime and I am the All That Is. Well you didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was the intention. I also heard people saying I am my Soul, ever-changing, living again and again through experiences upon the Earth. Okay I just heard you say and out in the universe.


I did hear people beginning to list the things that they do in their life; such as I am the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the boss, the employee, the friend. So for that group may I suggest to you those are the tasks or the experiences of this life? Take a step away from that and go inside almost as if you are breathing and you are finding that energy of going inside your heart or into the center of your consciousness once more and ask who am I? This time allow that response to come up from within you from that space of your Soul. There we go.


The reason that it is important for you to know this is because you as the Soul that lives on forever and ever is truly who you are. Allow that to just move up and down through your consciousness going into every layer and every level within you. As you do so, feel the expansion of your heart. Feel the love. Feel and experience all that is you.


I invite you to now to have a sense of shifting your focus or looking in a different direction, and as we shift your focus let us begin to consider your life. I invite you to consider this in a couple of different ways. Some see it in a linear fashion as if you are where you are and you are going backwards in time. Others see it and it is a linear fashion spread out in front of them. It matters not what technique you use, but what I would like for you to do in this now moment is consider your life and consider at least three things that just stand out to you, or just come into your awareness whenever you say, “What stands out in my life.” Indeed most people have a lot more than 3 and this is why it can become confusing.


Let us take that first thing that came to your mind. As you think about that you see it illuminating in front of you. Was this traumatic? Was it a happy occasion? Look around at the people that were around you during the situation. Is this a time that you felt very supported in your life? Okay I heard some people say no. So breathe down inside of you, within you, within your consciousness and if there are any hooks, or any trauma left over from this situation, whatever it was let’s just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up; ~whew~ let it go.


There are fireworks outside the window. So we said let it go and the fireworks exploded with the sound. Look at this situation once more and if it was a very warm loving supporting time in your life then let yourself once more bask and their energy and we will shift it to the side.


Consider the second thing that had come up for you as you think about your life. Was this perhaps a turning point? Was it a time when you needed to make decisions? As you consider past decisions that you have made take yourself back into that moment. Instead of looking backwards at it take yourself back into that moment when you were having to make these decisions. Once more let yourself be in those energies.


Who you were at that time was the culmination of your life experiences. You made the choice that was to the best of your abilities at that time, and I hear a number of you saying, “I knew I was making the wrong decision, but I made it anyway.” Okay, take this moment, looking at the decisions that were made, and if you need to forgive yourself for the many, many times that you beat yourself up over that decision do it right now. Once again breathe down inside of your consciousness and inside of yourself and if you need to forgive yourself, or if you have been giving yourself a hard time about certain decisions, then now is the time to let that go. So you bring it up bring it up bring it up ~whew~, and let that go.


For all of you that are considering the decisions you made and how they positively impacted in your life let all of that consciousness and all of that support once more flow through you, as if you once more bask in the vibration and the energy of the decision that supported you, perhaps took you in a new direction, but it allowed you to expand who you are. I find that most of these are blend of both. Things that supported yourself you and things that did not or that pulled you down.


Let us now shift. We allow all of that to go to the side again and let us look at a third situation. In this situation….. I am trying to read everyone’s energy and consider the words to us, but in truth what I am asking you to do is to consider a situation in your life that was significant to you and then just look at it objectively. We looked at one that was someone in your past. We looked at one that was someone at a crossroads and the decision-making that was involved in it, but perhaps look at something that was significant in your life, but perhaps it didn’t involve a dramatic change. Perhaps it was important to you or significant to you, but it was just an awareness.


No I am hearing from more people that the three things that came to them created change in their life, so we will separate this into a couple of different things. If there was something that was just important to you, but it didn’t really change your reality, you take that in and you allow it to be within your space.


For those that are showing me that this was another situation that created a new reality for you, then consider what led up to that decision or what led up to the relationships, taking into your awareness that it was an experience. Perhaps it felt divinely guided like this is exactly what I needed to doing. Perhaps it felt as if I have arrived it what I wanted and now where am I going to go. Perhaps another scenario was, I am still waiting and I have tried this, and I have tried this, but I am still waiting.


So as you can see, there many different situations that can cause significant events to take place in your life and we just looked at 3, maybe 4, maybe 5. Ha ha I’m laughing because you said 3, but I added a few more in there. My intention though is for you to just be aware of your life and some of the hills and valleys, and some of those things that had a great impact upon you, so that you can just look at them now with the eyes of your divinity.


So be it that any of those three that we have consciously discussed, or be at something else in your unconscious. I invite you to let go any feelings that you have against yourself, when you have been harsh, when you have been critical, when you’ve been judgmental. If there are any situations in your life, and it may be that they just kind of pop up and you don’t need to look at them, but anytime at all in which you are harsh, critical, judgmental or you give yourself a hard time allow that to come up within you. Bring it up bring it up bring it up. ~whew~ let it go.


I invite you to consider your life in a different way. When you are looking at your life in the way we did it was coming through your mental body and your left brain. You were looking at it, analyzing it, considering it and it is what I asked you to do. This is all being filtered through your life experiences and that through your life experiences and that filter can be skewed or it can be crystal clear. But it is what it is. It is the expression of you in your life as you take in, perceiving not only yourself but everyone else around you.


Now if you can consciously shift over into more of that right brain aspect of you, which is your divinity or your God source that you are standing within right now. So without analyzing these experiences just allow yourself to be in their presence from the perspective of the divinity. It may take you a time or two to practice tuning off your mental body, but take this moment and be in the presence from the perspective of Soul. It is quite different is it not?


Those times when you were hard on yourself there is only unconditional love and it is like there is a bigger and bigger and bigger wave that was there and available to you, and you turned your back upon yourself and you ignored it, or you just allowed a little bit to come in. This is not set with criticism or judgement it is said with perception.


There is other situations when your soul or your divinity is looking at you saying Bravo, way to go. Now you see just how powerful and how strong you are, and you can see it because you are seeing it through the eyes of soul and you know that it is you and that it is your ability. Allow all of that to wash through you. Just let go. Feel the integration of your soul.


As you think about your life I invite you to look at it or consider it through the eyes of love. Love is the foundation of your divinity and if you can therefore look at every single situation with an open heart and with love, then you are looking at your entire life with the eyes of compassion, through the eyes of forgiveness, through the eyes of acceptance. If those were the primacy adjectives to think about when you consider your life how different would that be.


It will raise you up. It will lift you into a higher vibration. It will give you a new opportunity to express yourself. It will fill you with laughter, with joy and it changes everything. You can still go back into those situations, perhaps relationships, perhaps your job, perhaps those things that you were in the process of transitioning. You go back into them looking or sensing with the eyes of love, compassion, joy. You may see things completely different. You may sense opportunities that were there all along, but you missed them because you were instead focusing in a different direction.


In everything you do there are options available and in any decision that you make is the decision made in that now moment and it is what it is. If you don’t like it you turn a corner make a new decision. If you don’t like that turn another corner and you make a new decision. It is you. These are opportunities and if you find that you are having to make change upon change upon a change, then clear it all out, rebalance or re-center your alignment to your Soul, and then listen to your Soul. Because from that higher perspective you can see, sense, feel, know things that the human cannot always see, sense or know. So listen to that inner voice. Listen to that the emotions that a guiding you through joy, through laughter, true happiness, true excitement. Those are your guiding forces in your life.


Take a moment. Take a step back and as you look again at your life do you find that some of the things have dissolved and are no longer within your consciousness. So too do you find that some of those other experiences have transitioned and you see them with new eyes. Do you perhaps also see some opportunities around you? Maybe to go in a completely different direction, do something you have never done before. Start now. Take those steps. Begin to move down that path and as you do so your spirit will continue to give you new opportunities and potentials that you may step into.


There we go. I can feel it just kind of settling into you. Your life is something that you choose to experience therefore choose in a way that feels good. Choose the laughter. Choose the excitement. Choose your divinity.


As I made that last statement I could hear other people saying, ‘but I am married and my spouse and I have to make decisions together. But I work for a company and it is not up to me to make those decisions. But I am incapacitated I can’t help myself’. So these are but a few of the reasons of why people feel that they cannot respond from Soul.


You are making decisions with others, but the more that you are centered and balanced as you communicate with those other people as the decisions are being made you are bringing the highest potential, or the highest vibration, into the discussion. What that will do is give that other person that opportunity to shift into the higher vibration of their divinity also. For that person that it says, “I’m just here I don’t make a decision I don’t have anything to do with it”. You do have something to do with it, because as you sit or stand or express yourself from your divinity you will respond in one way or another to the situations in which you find yourself.


You may not make the decisions or make the rules, but you can choose to say ‘well I may not like it but I am choosing to live today, or work this job, or have this experience for whatever the reason. Therefore I still remain in balance with my divinity’. You may say, “Well I’m in balance with my divinity and I’m listening to these voices and I can therefore no longer support the situation and it is my time to leave”. So begin to look around for something that does support you.


For the person that felt incapacitated and having no power of their own, then open up, feel the flow, allow for all of that to move into you, be it conscious or unconscious, because it will begin to give you a new perspective. You are in the direct flow and alignment from your divinity, whether you know it or not. A feeling of being incapacitated or completely out of control is because you are not feeling the strength of your divinity. So open up that alignment, open up that flow. We need not choose anything to do with it, just open it up and allow it to fill you up. It may be tiny, tiny pieces, but you will get stronger and empowered before you know it.


So these were just three situations where people felt disempowered within themselves or as if someone else had the control and the power in the situation. You take back your power by becoming that alignment and the expression of your divinity. When someone is in the power of who they are you need not control anybody else. You need not control any situation. You need only be who you are. Your strength, your balance, your awareness will trickle out from you and as a magnet draws to you potentials that represent a balance similar to yours.


I see you. I see you expanding. I see you realizing that you do have options and you do have potentials. Breathe it in. Let yourself smile as big as can be and be you, your authentic self.


Some of you may choose to remain here continuing to integrate these energies and playing with them. For the rest I invite you to come back together as a group. As you come back within this group you see coming up the Hologram of the Earth. The Hologram is changing. It looks different than it has in the past. It is becoming more transparent, but this one in particular is infused with like a crystalline pink energy, pink of love, pink of intrinsic. But it’s also representing the balance of you knowing yourself and each one of you send that into the Hologram. As you let it flow through your consciousness all of the transitioning that you did tonight just send that down into the Hologram. There is all of which you are aware plus more of what you are unaware and everything finds that flow and that balance.


As it becomes illuminated we released the Hologram. It moves down. There is that part that goes out to the universe creating that balance within the universal light. The remainder goes down into the Earth. As it goes into the Earth it anchors within the center of the Earth. It mixes with the Crystals, the Gases, the Granite and it all comes up. It’s like it goes out in concentric circles, all of the energies and all of the vibrations of integration that took place so your own energy comes up within you. It comes up beneath you. It comes up through you lower root centers, your chakras. Coming up and moving into your heart center and then it expands outwards through your mental, emotional, spiritual being.


Allow this to integrate in a very conscious way within you. You’re letting go of your thoughts. You’re letting go of everything that’s cleared out in the All That Is and instead you are integrating much more of your own divinity. So too it comes up throughout the entire world clearing out the collective consciousness and giving potential for the infusion of light.


So too you reach back up bringing down from the All That Is the remainder of your consciousness. You just have that intention of bringing it down into you. You flow through your divinity. You flow through your higher self, and as you breathe deeply you just bring it all the way down grounding yourself back within the physical presence. As you do so take a moment and feel who you are. Take a moment and consider your life through the eyes of love and the divine. You let all of that stay within and around continuing to integrate.


Here you are in your life. Here you are expressing your divinity as the person that you are. Here you are considering the many experiences that have made up this reality. Take a moment and consider what reality you want to be the most predominant within your life.


Choose what feels happy, choose love, choose excitement, choose that which is the expression of you as your authentic self. Authentic meaning for you within expressed through your everyday reality.


Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: