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Love and the Equinox, Kara Schallock, 23 September 2017

Posted on September 23, 2017 at 8:05 AM

As I write this, tomorrow is the New Moon/Equinox. Certainly much is occurring within us and within Gaia. With all that is happening, I refer to it as the Grand Awakening. This Grand Awakening will shake folks (literally) out of their comfort zones and complacency. Those of us who have already awakened, awaken more to who we are and how we may serve others from a place of Divine Love. We are in a very accelerated Moment of receiving and sharing high dimensional Light downloads. I say “sharing” because as we receive more Light, we automatically shine it out for others; not in a controlling way, but we shine because that is our nature. As we honor the Love that we are, we do not push, seek or strive, for these are a part of the old. The New is about allowing and accepting

Rather than complain, resist or react to outer events, welcome it all without judgment. When you are in Acceptance, the upgrades integrate. When you fight against anything, you set up resistance and the dualistic nature of 3D takes hold. Duality is a judgment of “this is good; this is bad.” etc. Don't go there. As you embrace these downloads of Love, you rise higher in consciousness and are more aware of what is still playing out in your life based on old beliefs and patterns. One belief that many may still have is that “I have to work hard in order to be abundant.” Replace this old belief with having Joy, Passion and Ease in your consciousness and watch what happens.


Take care of all 3D business you have created. This is important as completing all things begun in 3D helps you anchor the New. Take Responsibility for all your creations. Pay your bills and take Responsibility for all in your life...own it. Just don't own others' choices; simply take care of your own.


Our bodies are transforming. Many experience this as sleep disturbances, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion and many other manifestations of Transformation (notice I do not use the word “symptoms,” as symptoms indicate that something is wrong or that you are sick; this is old and limited thinking). Words have Power; they are energy like everything is; words create. I personally have experienced all the above manifestations along with others for years now. I flow with it all. Yes, our physical bodies are changing and processing all the shifts we've experienced emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every part of us is accelerating vibrationally. We are shifting from being told what to do and who we are to being powerful sovereign beings of Creativity. This is quite a shift and our physical bodies feel it. We are adjusting from giving our Power away to truly knowing we are the creators of our lives...there is no-one else to blame or credit. We are IT! Meditate, connect/merge with your Soul and Source, keep your vibration high through who you are with, where you go, what you eat and what you read and watch. Honor your Integrity; be who you say you are. Honor your Discernment; there are many illusions and lies attempting to seduce you back to sleep. Stay awake and aware. Stay in the Moment and do not judge whether something is “good” or “bad;” all is transforming. Be of Divine Service for others, be in Nature, walk a Labyrinth, and be kind to yourself and others, including all the 2-leggeds, the 4-leggeds, the 6-leggeds and the 8-leggeds...all of Nature benefits from your Love.


As you move more strongly into recognizing your multidimensionality and Unity Consciousness, you may notice how everyone and everything around you is a mirror. Why? Because we are all One. I have noticed this getting stronger. One example is that when I observe others' writings, they seem to mirror what I have written in the past or what I am experiencing in the Moment. I find it all fascinating. We are closing the gap of separation. Every person and event mirrors something to us; whether we are conscious of that or not; and all that we attract holds a message within it. Once you realize that we are all connected; even to governments and 3D constructs; you realize we are also helping transform the old and empowering the New.


When you meditate, you empower your Heart, which empowers Source, Soul and your Heart-Knowing as you. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower chakras (ego) and the higher chakras (Soul); just as you are a bridge between Heaven and Earth. There is no separation between Soul and ego, as in Truth and when all is aligned, ego is the expressor of Soul. As above, so below; as within, so without. Being multidimensional, we navigate through all dimensions and see how all is related. There is no real separation between chakras, mind, body and Heart. Yet, let your Heart lead. Heart leads through feelings and Intuition (Guidance). All flows as One.


While I have shared above that we navigate through all dimensions, I refer to the higher dimensions. Any dimension lower than the 5th Dimension carries great duality within it. The 4th Dimension carries old karma, old thoughts, patterns and beliefs passed down through ancestral lines; entities that can mess with you; all that is not Love. The higher dimensions are of Love only. Of course, if you want to clear yourself of old 4D dynamics, going into the 4th Dimension can be helpful; protect yourself fully if you do so. Personally, I stay away from this dimension. Follow your Guidance with this. If it doesn't resonate, use your Discernment and ignore what I have shared, for I honor where you are along your Ascension Path. And perhaps this is just meant for me.


You are not your family; you are not dualistic. The Truth of you is that you are Love and One with and as Source. As you follow your own Guidance (Soul's Guidance), you are perfectly guided for your highest evolution. When you are creative, spend time in Nature, and meditate, you open your Heart and you find only Love and only Oneness. Be still, feel and Be. Stop all your heady busy-ness. Open your Heart, feel the Peace and be Kindness and Compassion. Let your Heart lead your mind.


As we move into the Equinox, Heart-know that the Soul Essence for the Equinox is Balance. As we honor all that we are and stay balanced, we honor all of life. We live and give in a balanced way. What does Balance mean for you? For me, it is all about grounding Love in all I say, feel and do. It is being congruent Heart, mind and body as I follow the absolute Guidance of my Soul. Balance is expressing Love/Source/Soul mentally, emotionally and physically. It is walking my talk. It is Divine Service. It is staying in the present moment. It is keeping my vibration high and being aware of the words I use, so that I can serve as a Lighthouse. It is staying out of drama and chaos. It is recognizing old patterns and beliefs when they surface within or around me. It is being authentic and honest. It is being accepting of all peoples, even if they appear to be different than me. It is loving myself unconditionally as I love others. It is being grateful for all in my life; the simple and the challenging.


I love my body by feeding it only organic food and pure water. I listen to her when she tells me something is out of Balance or I am downloading high dimensional Light that is too much for her/me. I love my mind by always honoring my Guidance, by reading only uplifting books and I love the Wholeness of me by meditating, possibly inspiring others through sharing and practicing self-care in all I do and feel. I could go on and on about Balance as me; I won't, for it is up to you to create Balance in your own unique way. Since the Equinox is also empowered by the New Moon, how will you create more Balance in your own life?


All that I choose to experience only brings me closer to Me. All that you experience brings you closer to You. Love is who We are. Be Love!


Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.


Radical Trust, Shanta Gabriel, 23 September 2017

Posted on September 23, 2017 at 8:05 AM

Dear Ones,

In every moment, you are being guided on a path to Oneness with All That Is.


There are times when the lessons on the path may feel more difficult than others. You may question if you have taken a detour off the path of your Soul Purpose. You could even wonder if you are doing something wrong.


There is a sure-fire way to discover the answer to these time-honored questions. The answer lies in Gratitude.


It can be necessary to give thanks for the challenges, difficulties and obstacles on your path. We know this is a very difficult thing to do. You may worry that giving thanks will make you receive more of what you are currently struggling with. Feeling angry for what you are experiencing gets stronger, and resistance to What Is may suddenly take over your consciousness. This idea of being thankful for circumstances that seem unfair and monumental does not sit easily for most people.


It is just at these times that trusting that you are being guided and cared for in every moment is necessary. You are on an accelerated trajectory and all that you need to be in harmony with your greatest Soul Reality is being provided moment to moment.


This is the time of Equinox when darkness and light are in perfect Balance. This is an example of your most beneficial emotional state as well.


When you can release the attachment to outcomes, as frightening as that may seem, you are demonstrating the required neutrality for Life at this time. Your Soul is asking you to rely therefore on Radical Trust, even if it means leaping empty-handed into the Void.


Every step you take, bless it. Ask to be in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Purpose on Earth. That sets the stage for Divine Orchestration of all that is required for you to be in perfect Harmony with that prayer. It will be chosen by your Soul with all the lessons, experiences and challenges provided in perfect timing, all in Divine Order. Trusting this process may be one of your greatest challenges.


So on this day of Equinox, step into the Equanimity that allows you to offer all outcomes to the Wisdom of your Soul. Ask to expand your Faith and Trust in the process. Remember you are not alone, ever!


As you open your heart and mind to Gratitude, trust that you are being supported by a Love that never ends. All is well. And so it is.


Shanta Gabriel for

Archangel Gabriel


A Note from Shanta


Leaping empty-handed into the Void in total Trust seems to be a theme in a lot of people’s lives right now. I know a surprising number of people who are leaving town. Some say it is because our Mt. Shasta winter was too big last year to handle after four years of mild drought winters.


I am sure that is true for some, but people all over the world are being called by their inner spirit to move to new places. My guidance has said that people are being moved by their Soul to where they most need to be right now. Some I know are in resistance, feeling as though they just got settled, but are aware of an essential movement inside their hearts taking them to a new life. I know several people who are selling or giving away everything they own, showing Radical Trust in their commitment to their inner spiritual guidance.


I know I have been in this situation; more than once surprisingly. Usually, it occurred just as I was beginning to feel settled. Sometimes I stayed in one place for as long as 3 years, however, it as also been as frequent as every 2-3 months. It has always been hugely frightening! Every time I needed to mark it as a demonstration of my willingness to follow my heart even when it meant giving up all I had ever known.


It is not an easy thing to give thanks in a time of tumultuous upheaval Changing our lives is often burdensome, always scary, and may require a letting go of many things, people and pets, in order to follow the next step in our Soul’s growth. Deep breath!


And for some people, if they were not willing to follow the inner nudges of their hearts to make a change, the Universe may step in and take it all away in a heartbeat. This has been in evidence very recently. My guidance says no matter how it looks, there is a Divine Plan.


What I also noticed, however, was a tremendous sense of adventure that would leap unbidden into my heart when my journey was finally underway. Often as I began my drive, there would be a rainbow or a cloud that looked like an Angel on the horizon. In some way, I am usually shown that I am being guided and protected. I even like to think that my willingness to trust is being celebrated by my Soul’s guidance.


It is a powerful time to be alive and we are being asked to stay in Balance and Equanimity as much as we can. Equinox can give us a true inner sense of that place within us.


It is a step by step process, relying on the Inner Gyroscope of our Soul to bring us back to center. We would never find ourselves in such a position if we were not being held in loving wings of Pure Light, protected and cared for, guided in every moment.


I believe it is an Act of Faith.


Thank you for your Courage and Willingness to participate in New Life.


Love and Blessings, Shanta


September 22, 2017


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

Prepare for Equinox, Selacia, 20 September 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 2:10 PM

With Equinox arriving Friday and the New Moon of September 19-20, here is a helpful process you can do now to benefit fully from both celestial events. Continue reading for the process and a few suggestions to help you use the energies of this week in the highest way.



We have a Virgo New Moon this week that signals new potentials while also inviting us to contemplate the path ahead. It is useful at this juncture, for example, to consider what may be preventing forward movement now that we are sitting in new, more fluid energies since the August 21 Solar Eclipse. We had an energy upgrade then, helping us to connect with our quantum nature - which is limitless and vast. The beneficial effects are unfolding over time, and can be accelerated with inner work and contemplating conditioning that continues to block the way forward.


One focus of our Equinox meditation Saturday is addressing this conundrum - already existing as a quantum being, now having the energy upgrade, yet continuing to be influenced by our linear fear-based conditioning.


One of the most visible signs of the gap between quantum and linear is in relationships. When they are dysfunctional, there is something to learn. It is through relating to others that we express ourselves and evolve. Approached in the highest way, each relationship teaches us something about ourselves and this reality. As we are open to learning, and apply what we learn, we are renewed and can go forward with more lightness of being.


Our current energies are catalyzing a deeper look at the dance of relationships. They are the jewel that helps us to see ourselves clearly. Use this process to help you clarify a relationship - as you do that, you can prepare for Equinox and set in motion some nice breakthroughs this week.


New Moon Process


Since the theme of Equinox is balance and new starts, use this New Moon process to identify where you are out of balance, especially in relationships. Include the relationship you have with yourself and any other key relationship that comes to mind.


Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you as you consider the following questions - trust the first responses that come to you. Allow each response to show you imbalances and potential corrections or new starts.


FIRST, when you consider the concept that you indeed are a quantum being with limitless potential, what part of you doubts this and what is it saying?


SECOND, when you consider the key people who you surround yourself with regularly, how is being with them supporting your vision of how you want to live and evolve?


THIRD, when you think about the key person who pushes your buttons and gets you off track, what is the main thing that he or she is currently teaching you?


FOURTH, when you have a conflict with someone, to what extent do you feel comfortable setting boundaries and addressing the issue in a direct and authentic heart-centered way?


FIFTH, who in your circles are your key role models and supporters, helping you to grow and take smart, intuitively-guided steps forward?


Follow-Up on Process


I suggest that you work with this process at the New Moon, then come back to it during the week or on the weekend. The purpose of the return visit is to gather additional insights likely to come to you when you do the process a second time.


For now, trust that with this process you have set in motion a fruitful transformation that prepares you for Equinox and new adventures with quantum manifestation potentials.


Remind yourself daily that you are an eternal being with boundless options to shine your light and make a difference.


Copyright 2017 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

The Balance of Equinox, Rebecca Couch, 20 September 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 2:10 PM

All is always new again! It is the great blessing of the awesome power of nature that constant renewal is at hand. Take advantage of this time to reset your own clock and intentions to comply with nature. Equinox is also a perfect time of the year to choose that same equilibrium and balance in your own life. Take a deep opportunity to access what is not in balance and choose that it be corrected, as all influences are lined up to support it. It is so much easier to go with the flow of nature!

Most importantly, you must also remember how powerful you are. You think it is easier to forget this, but it isn’t! Knowing your own true power is the greatest strength you have and when it is applied for the highest good and for your deeper life experience, it resonates out to others. Many have assumed life is out of their control and have settled into the place of victimhood. If they only knew that the power has been within them all of the time! Choose what team you play on, choose how you show up, choose how you play and whom you play with, choose the perspective with which you experience life…there is oh so much more about the game of life that is within your power and reach, that to choose to be a victim is like choosing nothing (in a candy store!), when in reality most of the power is actually in your influence. Why not work with divine providence, and not against it?


If there is an area of your life that you know is stuck - simply by intention, expect that it will be changed. Intend that what is broken will be fixed and that light will shine on it. Intend that your broken heart will be light again. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose happiness. It is all within your control. Choose to want to have a different perspective, one that lightens you up. Choose to be shown another perspective, even if you can’t imagine what it could be in this moment. Find the keys to unlock your own prison…all things are possible if you choose the thoughts and perspective that feels good…you can lighten your load, your mind, your heart, your life. Do it!


Balance can be defined differently for everyone, but it is the same intention: holding that peaceful centre point where no forces are pushing or pulling otherwise. It is the neutral fulcrum, the point between movements, the point between breaths where magic happens…the sweet spot. The equinox zone. Nothing can take you from your centre, your powerful bull’s eye, unless you let it. Remember where your power lies and choose to live from there!


This is a sweet and simple message for the new moon equinox, and for all days, and all moments.


You ARE that centre, and we always join you there.


The Council of Light Within


© 2017 Rebecca Couch, Dean Noblett and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart. -

Copies of this message may be made for non-commercial purposes through distribution in any media as long as nothing is changed, the author is credited and this copyright notice and web address is included. Publications and websites interested in carrying this information as monthly columns or special features are encouraged to do so. If the material must be shortened in length, please state that it is an edited version and refer the readers to the original full-length version on or

BE Love & Crystallia, Shelly Dressel, 20 September 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 4:15 AM

This channel is two weeks after the total solar eclipse that cut through the earth clearing energy from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The collective consciousness is that part of the world filled with both conscious and unconscious experiences of all the people on earth. Some of those emotions and experiences are what has kept people stuck in old energy or the lower vibrations. The solar eclipse cut through that old energy releasing it and allowing new crystalline energy to move in. This raises the vibration and is based in love.

The more that we express ourselves as love, the higher our vibration will be. Many times it’s easier to feel love for others rather than for ourselves. As you consider that, it’s the representation of society. We were taught to put others first, to listen to what others say or to even not love yourself. Society is shifting from thinking that self-love or good self-esteem rather than a negative thing is actually the foundation for a healthy life.


It’s not enough to look for love in others; it’s about being love in all that you do. If this is your focus, your life will change considerably.


Crystalia is one of the Universal Light Beings that I channel. She represents the omniverse and the crystalline vibration that coming into earth. She spoke at length about the new vibration and how the crystalline energy is in alignment with love. There will be more and more available thereby making it easier to be love!




Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya


I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you inviting you to come and be present with me at this now moment. The transformation has taken place, now is the time for integration!


There have been so many physical changes upon the earth that sometimes people are struggling to keep up with; what is your reality, what is your focus, where are you going to go and what are you going to do? Some of these physical changes and some of this physical reality is going to begin to shift in very subtle or unconscious ways.


When there is a transformation like what took place with the Total Eclipse it cleared out energies from the collective consciousness. Therefore all of that unconscious energy that everybody gets caught up within is now going to shift into something that is of a higher, lighter vibration. So when people speak about a change taking place upon the earth that will bring in more and more of the heart center this is one of the ways in which it is going to come about.


Not everybody needs to be open. Not everybody needs to be following their spiritual path. It is truly about where your focus is within your life as you continue to basically live and have your life experience. For some of you it may be that you will notice changes and that things may come to your awareness that will cause you to either question; question yourself, question the people around you, question your beliefs.


If you’re in that space then the number one thing that I suggest for people is to learn first and foremost that alignment between you as the human and you as your divinity. Your divinity also known as your I AM presence, also known as your God Source, is that part of you that lives on lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime. Therefore it is your biggest resource for anything that is happening within your life. It is your leap you might say or your platform that takes you to other spaces, or other time space realities.


As you allow for that open flow to become a part of you, you will feel it in many ways. If you are feeling an emptiness inside it will be filled with your divinity. If you’re feeling confusion the answers are within your divinity. If you are wondering what your purpose is in life the answer is in your divinity.


Not everybody has the same purpose. Not everybody has to be on a spiritual journey. It is about you being the authentic person that you can be and you living your life from your heart, from a space of joy and from a space of love. Yes! Those are the keys to living a rich fulfilled life upon the earth.


Now for this journey I invite you to take a moment and just breathe down and one more time breathing into your heart, but this time send the energy down into the Earth. As you send your focus and your consciousness into the Earth you breathe down through your energy bodies and that beam of light moves into the Earth. As it stretches out in two different directions you are anchoring yourself within Gaia.


Already you can feel that rich support and flow from the energy of Earth as it moves up within you. From there you allow your consciousness to come back up it goes out through the top of your head and it just naturally finds its space within your Higher Self.


Your Higher Self is that place that is the blend of your divinity and your human. It is that place where you can let your consciousness go and it expands, because there is more there for you. It gives you that overview of your life. If there are old projects so to speak, or old things that you were seeking, they have become cluttered, ~whew~, clear it out. Clear it out and allow yourself to create a new beginning.


From there you allow your consciousness to stream even further. It moves up into the space of the Soul Plane. It just follows that thread of energy that is your link from you as the human into your divinity. As you find yourself merging within this space you are automatically blending with in your divinity. You may see it a particular way, feel it, sense it, and know it. Howsoever you allow yourself to open to this alignment this is that part of you that I was speaking about a few minutes ago. This is something that the more you connect with it the more you follow that stream-of-consciousness. The more you will know who you are and the more it expands that flow of light that comes from here all the way down into your human reality.


I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you as the person you are in this lifetime, but as the immense person you are as your divinity. As our energies merge that blend allows us to transition into the space of the All That Is. The All that Is is a vibration of pure love consciousness. The All That Is is a place that is separated from the Earth because it is a higher dimension, but it is also a place where many of you come in a very unconscious manner.


Look around. Perhaps your group is here waiting for you. By your group I mean your Angels, your Light Beings. Feel what this presence is for you. As you find this space I invite you to settle in because I wish to speak of love. Within the All that Is, love is the foundation. It is the intrinsic vibration. Within you your divinity love is also the foundation and while you have had lifetimes in which love was not the focus, it may have been anger, fear, controlling. It is a place where you might have had experiences that are accepted through the space of love.


May I ask a question? How much a part of your life is love? As I’m listening to your answer I’m hearing quite a variety of things. From; everything I do is from my heart; love is what I strive to have; love is one of the most important things in my life. I am also hearing I wish for more love in my life. If love were the focus of my life how would I be different, or would I be different. This is a significant transformation.


Consider what direction your life might lead if everything you looked at was through the eyes of love. So let’s start by inviting you to perhaps bring up some of those things that are of key importance to you right now. For some it is many things, but pull up that that is most important to you that you would like to transition. Now as you look at it how does that make you feel: frustrated, sad, angry, excited, happy, joyful. You emotions are the trigger for how your mind and your belief system will react. This is the way that a large number of people interpret things.


There are another group of people that may look at a situation, and rather than feeling and emotion about it that drives their mental body, they actually go into analysis or they have an analytical reaction, which then triggers the emotions or there may not be any emotions at all. There is no right or wrong. There is only that which your emotions, your thoughts or beliefs impact your life and they do so by creating the vibration that in turn manifests what you seek to have.


Take this moment, opening up your heart and feel the love of the All that is. Feel the love of I the Goddess and God. Feel the love of your own Divinity; let it just wash over you filling up everything within you. As you do so let it tweak those old thoughts or beliefs. Let it tweak those emotions that might hold you back. Simply BE love.

And as you are experiencing that, have the intention that I am working with your consciousness that you can be love in all situations, and I am also sending it to your unconsciousness and it will then trickle into your physical reality.


Take a moment and look around once more. How do you see those things in your life? Do you have that exact same reaction that you just had? When you are loved, or love is the primary filter through which you live your life, it tempers everything. It fills you with compassion, for yourself first and foremost, and then moves out to everything else. It fills you with a sense of acceptance for those things that you just cannot change. When you move into a space of acceptance you can then shift and find another way to deal with it. Feel all of what this is.


Are there certain things that are coming up for you, that even with that integration of love, continue to remain in a place of resistance? If so allow that to come into this moment as if you were holding it in front of you in your hand. Look at it. Understand what it is that is causing it to be resistance at this level. As you do so that love and that compassion begins to transform, first on an unconscious level, and then it just very subtly or very gently works through your emotions, works through your thoughts and your beliefs, so that you can then look at that same situation with an open heart and a new perspective; whatever that perspective maybe.


As you can feel these energies moving through you I invite you to take a moment and look essentially in front of you, but I invite you to open up to the awareness of Crystallia. She is a universal light being who works with Shelly and she represents the Omniverse or the crystalline vibration that continues to integrate into the Earth. She would like to speak with you as we begin this new phase of life upon the Earth.


Crystallia Speaks:


Greetings, welcome and I thank you for choosing to come and share this time with me. I am known as Crystallia and yes I derived my name from the crystalline vibration. Many of you are already aware of what that is and how that affects you in your life. But whether this is your first time meeting me or we have met many times before this is an opportunity for you to open to the higher vibrations as they come into the Earth.


You have heard about the universe in which you live and in the Omniverse is the representation of other universes that live distant to the one in which you are familiar. Within the universe you have galaxies. Within galaxies you have planets and stars. This is true and repeated in various forms throughout the Omniverse. The reason for the differences are species not all people, not always people, but species and people enjoy the experience of different lifetimes and living in whatever way it may be.


So let us speak about what is happening upon the Earth at this time. I know that Shelly always gets very emotional when we speak about the most recent transformation and in part of it is because she is aware of the many, many times that this has been attempted throughout your history. There is a difference right now.


There are what you might call Eon’s that have come together. It’s like a layering effect that have all completed within the last 15 years. Seems crazy doesn’t it? Those who work with the planet upon which you live, and those who work with the universe, specifically brought together this transformation within a certain period of time so as to have this opportunity.


What does it mean that Avalon has returned? What does it mean that with the complete Solar Eclipse it cut through the energy of the Earth? It means that old ties, old pathways, old energy has been well and truly disconnected. With the Solar Eclipse it was an immediate release. Those that were of the deepest, lowest, or how so ever you want to think about it, vibrations of negativity were cut. There will be another planet upon which it will manifest; perhaps within your Universe perhaps within another.


As that was cut there was as an immediate influx of vibration through the crystalline energies. I was there. I was part of it and so were you. Those of you who have an interest in this, whether it is at the exact time as taking place or sometime in the future, it is now all the now moment. It is all here because we have all chosen to come together to create this truly amazing transformation.


Your Earth is going through adjustments. The weather patterns will be shifting. There will be earthquakes. There will be hot and cold that transforms. But allow me to say to you that the best response to any of these things is to embrace love. If you see something or if you are in the midst of something and you experience it as fear stop, take a deep breath, and embrace love. When these things happen it gives everyone the opportunity to communicate and support and love one another; whether monetary, physically, there are many different means in which you may open up to this. One person opening to love creates a potential for 50 to open to love.


I cannot say enough the Importance and the strength of what love can do, not only on your personal life but upon the Earth. Love begins within you and love is not about judging yourself, or questioning, or thinking I have to change this, or I need to fix that. Love is being. You just are love and if you are hard on yourself then let it go.


You’re human experience is about your reactions to things that happen in your life. You are not controlled by any one thing upon the Earth. Instead, you are constantly choosing reaction, upon reaction, upon reaction. Be love.


With the transition and the Solar Eclipse, there is already a much greater amount of the crystalline vibration that is flowing within and around you. The crystalline vibration is what will raise the vibration of the Earth and as it’s doing so it’s going to create potentials and you may flow up and down within those potentials at any given time. Feel how that is for you. It’s exciting.


A key portion to allowing yourself to be love is letting go of control. Control has been the foundation for people’s lives for eon upon eon and control may be something huge, as if you’re trying to control every aspect of your life, your family’s life, your work life and everything else so that it all comes into something that you can understand. Control may be someone somebody else saying, “This is what you have to do. This is how you have to do it. This is what has to be done.” So it can be outside of you or it can be within you. Sometimes it’s very helpful to understand the source of control, but you need not. In the new energies let your focus simply be upon love. Let the natural vibration of love transform everything.


I Crystallia have not had much opportunity to be in alignment with the Earth. I am therefore learning from you as you will be learning from me. It is a lovely thing!


Take a moment and feel who you are here in the All That Is. Look at who you are the immensity of all of you and know that through the illumination of the crystalline vibration. Everything in life will become clearer for you. That clarity may come in the form of needing to make a decision. It may come in the form of acceptance of realities. It may come in the form of Aha I get that now. Allow yourself just to feel that transition for all that it is. Become a part of the crystalline vibration by allowing love to be a part of you. I will be present more and more fully and I am inviting each one of you to reach out to me if you so choose.




I the Goddess return. Crystallia is such a beautiful energy and light. She is from someplace else, but she also is a representation of what is going to become more and more available to you upon the Earth.


You can shift your vibration as we’ve been speaking about through your thoughts and your emotions. You can shift your vibration through the foods that you eat; working with your body to have it in an optimum working conditions through the minerals, through the energy that you consume. As you do so open up and listen. Your intuition will have those answers for you for what is right for you. It doesn’t mean everybody has to be vegetarian. It doesn’t mean everybody has to have a particular type of diet or lifestyle. It simply means that each one of you has your own unique way in which to nurture yourself. Open up and experience that for what it is.


I invite everyone to return coming back together as a group. As we do so look around, feel the love that is here, see the transformation that is already taking place and even just for this evening what is available right here. As we come together as a group with their focus of love and the crystalline vibration from Crystallia we see a hologram of the Earth coming up. As this hologram comes up within all of you each one of you infused the energy and the light of what it is to be love into this Earth.


As it becomes infused you release it. You have a sense of it seeing it as it flows through. An aspect of it goes out into the Universe finding the balance of the planets, and the other energies of the Universe thrust down into the Earth. As it does so it moves through the collective consciousness. See the difference from what it has been. Feel it as this hologram goes through. It moves with greater ease and even so it just clears out anything that is no longer serves. It goes down into the center of the Earth mixing with the crystals and the gases and the rocks, and then Gaia sends it outwards.


Each one of you bring up within you all that you did and the transformation in the All That Is. You are bringing up what it feels like to be loved and I invite you to let go through your physical body going into every cell within you. It moves through your mental, your emotional, your spiritual bodies and even into your light body allowing everything to find its balance within you. It also comes up through the water, the trees, the rocks, the grass, the flowers, so that it perfuses everything upon the Earth.


As you take this time to anchor consciously send your thoughts back up to the All that Is and gather up more of your transformation. You can leave behind anything that no longer serves you. You tap into your consciousness bringing it back into your divinity. You bring it back through your Higher Self and you bring it back into your heart center and you allow for all of your consciousness to come back into you sending it down into the Earth. Take a moment just breathe, feeling the balance, feeling who you are in this now moment.


Alright beloved so as this evening draws to a close I give you a mission that you may experience for the next day, week, hours, whatsoever it may be. That mission being that you, as many times a day as it comes to your awareness, you step into the place of your heart. You pause and take a deep breath breathing into your heart with the energy of love. Not to direct it. Not to use it. Not to put any sort of restraints upon it but simply breath in love and as you do so with that open-ended energy it will move through you in all levels and in all consciousness.


Beloved family, know that I am always with you and I am within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

A New Cycle~ Contracts of the Heart, Steve Rother, 20 September 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I have come in this day to help you mark your time. As I have mentioned many times, dear ones, time is circular in motion. From your perspective, it moves as a line which is why you call it linear time. Human perception can only focus on one item at a time. Therefore you see past, present and future in a straight line with future becoming the present and the present becoming the past. You see yourself moving down a line of time but in reality, it is much more like a spiral. That spiral of time gives you the opportunity to create the highest experience in each moment as you move through the spiral. That repeating motion is broken into cycles. If you are able to create the highest harmony in an experience when it returns on the next cycle you move through it effortlessly. If it was unfinished, you will have the chance to harmonize it again through different circumstances as the spiral cycles again. These cycles return in a variety of times, some taking days, others taking many years.


That is the beauty of the human illusion of time. Humans repeat emotional cycles over and again, usually in multiples of seven. This is done to allow for harmonizing between the head and the heart, or as we would say spirit and the human. When that is harmonized you then move to a new cycle and a new experience. That is the game you are playing on planet Earth. You are playing the game of pretending to be a human and hide your perfection in order to play that game on a planet of imperfection. You have hidden it in many dimensions of time and space but today, we tell you, you are completing a large time cycle in the collective of humanity. That is why very soon this whole energy will start to change again. You will find a new base of energy which you can start building anew.


A New Cycle is Beginning


Over the next several months, you will start to see what you call natural disasters, road blocks and changes in the game that will make you reevaluate your path. In these changes new opportunities will arise very quickly because you are in the spiral of circular time. In reality, you create the illusion yourself with your own torus around your being, again in multiples of seven. That is how humans ingest time-space. You look out upon yourself and your surroundings, looking for signals from Home. You look for things that are familiar to you in some way and rarely is it found where you expect it to be. You see what you expect to see rather than what is actually there. Confusion is made worse since you are conscious creators and often end up creating what you want to see rather than harmonize what is before you in that moment. No one said it was easy, dear ones.


What we are telling you that even though we have given what you may consider to be bad news, we tell you, wait until you see what is coming. You are starting to step into a whole new cycle of time and that is incredibly exciting. In reality, you are starting to return to a whole level of reality and a whole level where a multidimensional experience can harmonize together as one. This will be a profound shift in the human experience and the path of evolution. Keep in mind that although this new cycle will bring a heightened state of existence, letting go of the old state will be difficult for many. For that reason, many transition experts have incarnated on Earth at this very moment and many of them are reading this message right now.


An Elevated look at Imperfections


In preparation for the new cycle we will be giving you the tools needed for this shift. These will give you the opportunity to see yourselves as empowered beings of light. Yes, it is difficult because your reality does not reflect that. Your reality reflects your limitations and your imperfections. It is your judgment of those imperfections that we would like to start working on this day. Truly, your imperfections are at the base of what you perceive as beauty. Oh yes, we know, it is very difficult for you to see that. Lightworkers often look at the norms of the collective and often see themselves as different. Yes you are different and that difference it at the base of your unique beauty. Human evolution is attained when the head and the heart are harmonized. Once that is done, to change oneself to be like everyone else is actually a step backwards. As a transition expert of Earth, at this time, your unique beauty is needed. An interesting note is that once a human takes pride in their uniqueness they often become beautiful to others.


On this next cycle, dear ones, when you are fully grounded in a new timeline, you will start to see much more diversity in the human experience. That will widen the collective definition of beauty. It is your memories of Home that you are trying to recreate on your planet. Even when humans see something nearly perfect, it does not register. It is not as beautiful as something slightly imperfect. Elrah is part of the group and he works with rhythms. Rhythms are beautiful because humans replicate rhythms through speaking, through walking, through actions of all sorts and even thinking is done in a rhythm. These rhythms also are repeated in the spiral of time. If you look only to music and the rhythms used to create music you will see this point. Recent advances in technologies allow for the creation of a near perfect beat contained in some electronic music. We tell you that musicians of such music are now becoming aware that even slight variations of the perfect beat are much more appealing to the human ear.


Humans find things that seem to be perfectly symmetrical are not grabbing their attention as far as beauty is concerned. Examining a human face closely one will see that none are perfectly symmetrical. Find the most beautiful face to your liking and examine it closely. Soon you will see what we call the perfect imperfection of light.


Challenge yourself to exude the beauty that you create, rather than to reflect the beauty that you see around you. Start redefining your own ideas of beauty and where you are right now. Wait until you see what is coming. We know you are getting tired of hearing that, but we cannot tell you enough. This is a move forward, not a move backward. Strive to be the perfect imperfection of Light.


The Earth is Re-balancing


Yes, the Earth herself is feeling the strain of having humans on it for humans have left an indelible mark on the Earth. Up to this point the collective has largely worked to find harmony with themselves instead of harmonizing with the mother. As such, the Earth is roughly 1,000 years ahead of schedule on her next transition. Due to recent events many are starting to awaken to the importance of harmonizing the actions of society with the environment of the Earth. Even though a new cycle is beginning please keep in mind that all things repeat in circular time. Thus, it is now more important than ever to harmonize the actions of the collective of humanity with the Earth. Now is the time to harmonize with Earth and perfect that relationship so that it does not need to repeat in the next cycle. Even though we say the Earth has now crossed a line of no return that means that it is critical to perfect that relationship so that it is not carried forward in the spiral of circular time. The next four years are critical to this turn and right now humanity is making great strides in that direction. This will make it easier for everyone to transition smoothly and comfortably.


The current conditions of Earth will create many challenges. Hurricanes, super storms, earthquakes and volcanoes are all on the rise in the years ahead. They are going to continue for a while because they are part of the balancing of the redistribution of water on your planet that is necessary for the Earth to find a new balance. You can be more profound in this change than you can understand. Awareness of the Earth must come to the forefront of human thought at this time. One of the most effective ways is by admiring the beauty of what is all around you on Earth. You can travel to wonderful spots where you cannot hide from the beauty. You can also step out in your own back yard and find incredible beauty if you only look at it. You will always find that it is imperfect, for you are playing the game of pretending to be imperfect yourself. Soon we will start telling more of the stories of Amor, to start grasping some of the basis of what happened during a beautiful time of Lemuria. This was also a time when humanity witnessed a new cycle of the Earth and now you are all dealing with a very similar situation. .These stories tell how you walked through it together and ascended into the light. In truth, those beings, those parts of you, are waiting for you now. Do not lose sight of that for in every moment that you can see beauty; you imprint circular time, creating it in your future.


5th Dimensional Reality


The other piece that we ask you all to grasp is that you are clearly now in a 5th dimensional reality. Yes, if one looks at the news it could be said that humanity is taking steps backwards in evolution. You are still in a collective state of separation rather than unity. Yet, we tell you that this is a natural reaction to fear and can also be considered to be the farthest reach of the pendulum of human advancement. Sometimes it takes steps backwards to refocus on what is important. Do not fear dear ones. Remember that the transition experts are in place already and are awakening from the dream to take their power. Use what you have this moment. Yes, there is much coming, but do not wait. Step forward to find everything that you can about the human experience that you are currently in. You are even going to re-member the pain of change as a beautiful human experience. Step forward and find those little pieces first. Take the small steps that lead into the big ones and watch as the beauty gathers around each of you.


It is with the greatest honor that I greet you in these ways. I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.


Espavo, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.




Greetings, dear ones. I am eM.

I join you this day with your game well in progress. Oh yes, you are riding the waves, both physically and energetically. We are very proud of you. You are working through all of your own ideas. Walking through the paths you have laid out for yourselves, before you came into planet Earth, this day we would like to share what that looks like from our perspective. What happens when you come in and awaken from the dream? One of the greatest things that happens is that each person sends out a unique vibration, similar to a radio wave that attracts others of like kind that are attuned to that exact frequency. These are contracts of the heart.


All of you have them and in those times when you feel alone. You see them in those times when you are moving through these incredible transitions not only of who you are yourselves, but in every aspect of your world around you. There is so much that you can do here by connecting to those contracts of the heart. Many times they are not what one would expect. At times they are contracts with self or a collective of others. Other times they are with an individual spirit. Let us tell you the story of a young woman finding her path on planet Earth.


Contracts of the heart: the story of Noranna and Nikoliah


Noranna is her name and she just loved to be around children; she loved to work with them all of her life. It brought her great joy to be able to see herself in their eyes and that brought her more than she gave to them. Even with this gift in her life she needed more. She needed a connection because sometimes, speaking with the children did not give her the feedback, the support, the connections that she needed in her own life. So Noranna kept continually looking and trying to find that one person to connect with. Of course, she believed it was all about a person she would meet who she would pair up with and change their lives and walk together in harmony. Thus far in her life that was not the case. You see, before Noranna came in to become a human in this incarnation, she made a contract with a being she had been with several times prior. They had been friends, business partners and lovers, but they never had an opportunity to build something together in the way of a family that she so dearly wanted. They made a contract to meet and step forward together. Noranna found herself yearning for this elusive connection. Most of her friends had found lovers and she felt there must be something wrong with her that she could not find hers. She had a clear picture of his energy. She knew perfectly well what that being felt like. She even had pictures of what his face would look like, with dark hair and deep dark eyes. She even had a name she imagined that she would refer to him by. It is rare that a human would have that clear of a memory of a contract made before her birth but she felt it so strong that she just had a knowing. She was open to the possibility of meeting him with a different name or features but she knew his energy well and spent much time feeling the emptiness that he would fill when she finally met him in the physical.


His name was Nikoliah and he did not incarnate in the same dimension that Noranna did. Even though they were on Earth looking constantly for each other they just missed each other over and over again. Each of them had times when they got close to the other one and they could feel that. But they were in different dimensions of the same time and space. They walked the same streets at times but would never see each other. They had made a contract to take their relationship to the next level. They made a beautiful contract of the heart even though they ended up incarnating in different dimensions.


Noranna started to fall into a depression. She tried to shake it off and stop dreaming. She then looked to the children that she loved and worked with every day to try to find that beauty again. They were wonderful to her and she was able to teach them, to share about life and beauty, but they did not feed her the same way and were not able to give her the arms that she wanted so much to be around her. Besides the obvious physical connection she wanted someone to walk beside whom fully understood and supported her. So, she dreamt of Nikoliah and even though she did not know his name, she could feel him across time and space and occasionally she would feel like he was getting close but look as she may, she was never able to completely find him. After a while Noranna stopped trying. She concluded that it was all in her mind, wishful thinking she called it. It was a beautiful dream but not reality.


One day in his own dimension of time and space, Nikoliah met someone, fell in love and started what he considered to be his first serious relationship. She met all of his expectations that he was taught and he believed he was learning what love is. Even his parents loved her. It was not long before they married and started building their own family. Two children soon came and the second, a boy was named after him. Since his birthday fell close to Christmas his father lovingly called him St. Nick. The family became very busy as life seemed to take every minute. Nikoliah and his wife were “happy” but so busy there was little time to develop their own relationship. Nikoliah became a dedicated husband and father but something was missing. Nikoliah became wrestles in his comfortable life and talks with his wife only brought him to the realization that they had different visions for their happiness.


It was at this time that Noranna felt the strong pull once again. She could not stop thinking and fantasizing about the mysterious stranger she felt all along. Noranna felt a vacancy because they had made a contract to come to Earth and to meet one another. Because they had incarnated in different dimensions of time and space, they were not able to connect at this time. Even though the contract remained very valid, they were not able to physically find that connection that both so longingly wanted. Again, thinking that something must be wrong with her, Noranna quietly shut off the world around her.


It was at this time that Nikoliah noticed the widening gap in his own relationship with his wife. They decided to stay together for the children’s sake but that did not last long and soon they divorced. It took all the courage in the world for him to leave that relationship at one point because he was supporting a family and felt that he should have been there forever because of his belief systems. One day, Nikoliah felt that huge vacancy himself and tried to fill it in any way he could but then it was not long before Nikoliah was taken out of the game in a fatal car accident and he was released; he returned Home. He returned to “All That Is” before he was separated to play the game of pretending to be a human. He was hit by an automobile as he was crossing the street with his boy. He was able to push his 5-year old son, St. Nick, out of the way and take the brunt of that energy himself. He left because his broken body would no longer support him. He went Home and as spirits do when they go Home, they often look at the many different dimensions of time and space.


He was worried about his children growing up without a father, not being able to be there, not being able to show them the balance of what he wanted to teach them fully, but it was not long before he saw them making choices and his own children showed evidence that they had in fact learned from him quite well. Even though there was a great grieving process, it also released his wife to go on and find love and fulfillment in an area which he even had a hand in. He was even opening doors to other people so she could meet someone else which is not normally something you would see on planet Earth.


During his incarnation he was unaware of the contract he had with Noranna but now that he was home he could see it all. Suddenly he knew about Noranna and the contracts unfulfilled. He was able to be around her at that time, like a guide on her shoulder. Noranna did not know what to do with it and at first; it felt very painful because she felt the love and the connections. She was very empathic and able to feel between dimensions many times not quite knowing what it was. She had a difficult time because she would pick up on other people’s emotions in other dimensions of time and space thinking that they were hers and she had a difficult time making sense of the brain even though the heart was fully on fire. Noranna tried to keep everything in place. She continued to work with her children and tried to do everything she could to find fulfillment and also to feel those arms around her which she so longed for.


One night as she slept, Nikoliah came to her in a dream and apologized for not being able to complete his contracts. It was no one’s fault only the way it was. He found himself in a totally different place, a totally different set of circumstances than he thought. He felt her but was never to find her until he released the physical body and went Home himself. Just like working with his wife who he had left behind, he asked Noranna permission to open some of those doors and to connect her with some of the people that he would love to be able to have her feel. That sounds very strange on planet Earth because on earth you play the game of twosome. Humans have played the game in duality for so long that you think there is still a right and a wrong, an up and a down, a light and a dark. It is all shades of gray, dear ones and the truth is that love is love is love and even though Nikoliah felt great love for Noranna and tried to send her that he knew he could not fulfill her. He also knew that if she loved another it would not take away from what they had. Even though he hugged her tight during the times when she slept and released her consciousness long enough for her to visit him, he knew that she needed that physical connection and someone to walk with. During one of these beautiful, intimate times as she slept, he asked Noranna to please let him go. “Will you please release me? We will be together again in another time, that I promise you. Even as you look for another, you look through the eyes of someone who is looking for me. We made that contract long before we came into this Earth and even though we tried to connect, it was not possible during this one lifetime. I promise you, if you let go, we will complete it another time and that will open the door for me and many of those around you who care about you. All the spirits on this side of the veil want to help open those doors for you.” She grudgingly said, “Yes, I promise Nikoliah, I will let go. I will let go of that longing, of that wanting, of that part that I think I am missing in myself.”


That next morning Noranna awoke with a clear head. She couldn’t stop laughing. The next day she went to work with the children. One of the new boys in her care caught her eye and stared at her for the longest time. Finally she asked him what was wrong and why was he starring at her. He quietly looked up and said, “You have much coming. Let go and allow, and expect a miracle.” That was strange for a 5-year-old child to say to her. But there it was and then she started to let go, she started to release. She started to laugh again even laughing at herself always trying to force something, trying to create something that was not fulfilling or coming easily. She simply let herself be blown in the wind for a short time. It was not long before she met the father of one of the girls she taught. Oh yes, the father had recently gone through a divorce and was searching for answers himself. And although his energy was nothing like Nikoliah’s, he made her smile and that is really all she needed. It was wonderful to feel someone else there that could understand her and reflect her in a way that she wanted. In truth, dear ones, relationships are all about how you feel about yourself as you are looking through the eyes of someone else and she found that refreshing. Even though she was able to do this to the children all the time, able to reflect them in the highest potential, she now started to realize that she had that same gift with many others, not just one.


Noranna changed her life. She started dating. She dated this father and he was not the only one. She dated many and enjoyed herself without expectation. She started reaping the benefits of life. She started laughing hysterically sometimes at absolutely nothing. She would suddenly find a wave of energy coming in and get a smile on her face that she could not stop and she allowed it. Even though it did not make sense to her brain, she started being very spontaneous and letting whatever it was she was working with come out of her mouth. It was not long before another came along and she started a whole new life even though she had missed a window of opportunity to create children, it made no difference. Even though she had gone through that whole young period of her life expecting to find a mate to build a house and family with, she found someone full of joy and they created a life together. Nikoliah looked from afar and he smiled. He knew that she needed to have that connection and he released her as well from the contract they made together.


Noranna stayed with the children as they brought her love and meaning in the life One day she approached the 5 year old boy that struck her heart that day. He did not remember the conversation but she told him how magical he was anyway. He responded, “That is what my father used to say.” Then he told her stories of his father who had passed. From that day forward she called the boy St. Nick.


Dear ones, on planet Earth, you have so much taking place now, so many ideas that are starting to change, and so many contracts that are starting to shift. The contracts of the heart are about you—never about another person. It is how you can feel about yourself, about how you can see yourself in the world around you. Sometimes reaching out and making a difference, sometimes connecting with other people, sometimes just laughing alone in the dark knowing that you are never truly alone.


And then came the day when Noranna left her body. Fortunately for her, she never wanted to be sick and had very little illness in her entire life. One day she took ill and in a matter of weeks, she was gone. She released her husband of some 12 years at that time, for they had built a life and had grown together in ways that you cannot imagine. Although they did not have children themselves, they created a beautiful life where she was able to reach out and touch the hearts and souls and spirits of many of the youngsters that she so graciously touched including St. Nick. When she went Home, Nikoliah was waiting and though she did not have a conscious memory of him, when she opened her eyes on the other side of the veil she saw him and it took a while for that memory to return; it took a while for her to know but soon it all returned. He reached out and touched her in spirit and said, “You did well. You released me from my contract as well and that was beautiful. Noranna, you have become the highest you could have become in that lifetime. You have touched many spirits including my son and even though you are here now, your light lives on through many of them. I am so happy that you accepted the gift that I gave you. You made something very special of that even beyond what we had planned together. You created something very unique, very special and beautiful by your willingness to let go of your old ideas and the old contracts that we made. We share that joy with you and when your husband comes to join us, all of us will dance in a beautiful dance in the light. There is no polarity on this side of the veil and love, is love, is love.


You are never alone


And so it was with Nikoliah and Noranna. They continued over many lifetimes and yes, they were finally able to have that great time they wanted together but only because both of them were willing to let go at times and follow the flow of natural energy. They were willing to follow the path of least resistance that was laid out in front of them. Dear ones, you are never alone…ever. Even though some of you go very deep into a depression, they are always around you…always. If you allow it, they will be there for you to connect in any way that they can, to open the doors of light so that you can see yourself and to hold you in energy until you can find someone here and reflect that light. Create a miracle. Create something magic in your life and Noranna and Nikoliah will be smiling upon you.


It is with the greatest honor that I get to greet you in these ways and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.


I am eM.




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The Rupture and the Rapture, Jennifer Hoffman, 20 September 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 4:00 AM

Ascension is an energetic movement in to new frequencies and dimensions, and not a return of heavenly hosts or the end of humanity. Rather, it is a turning point when the buildup of the 3D/5D integration reaches sufficient strength that it creates a rupture, or a break, in the dense flow of 3D energy. Those who believe they will see Jesus descending upon the earth may be disappointed, as will those who believe they will be lifted to heaven. These are powerful energy shifts and while the rapture is occurring, it is an energetic shift that is felt internally and externally as a break from 3D control.

Humanity is in control of all aspects of its journey on earth and how it manages and responds to 3D energy. The presence of density is now balanced by the higher frequencies of 5D energy which are quickly being integrated into the Earth’s energy field. This has been your mission for many lifetimes, first to bring this light to humanity’s awareness, and you have been rejected many times for this, and now to be containers for this energy as it pours onto the planet.


This time you are successful in every way, holding the light for the 5D energy, receiving the energy and grounding it into the Earth’s grids, and sharing it with vast numbers of people who are ready to ascend into higher frequencies. But rather than creating a blessed rapture, this is first creating a challenging rupture in the earth’s energetic grid which is being experienced by all of humanity.


As humanity receives and integrates more of the 5D frequencies, the polarity is shifting, which you are seeing as the physical wobble of the earth today. This polarity shift is creating a rupture in the 3D energy field, creating openings in the once closed and impenetrable veil that separated humanity from its Source and sources of light, energy, and multi-dimensionality. That is what you read in the bible as the temple veil being torn in two, this is the rupture. It is followed by ascension, the movement into your Christed Awareness, and access to your true divine nature. This is the rapture. Before we explore the rapture though, we have to transcend the 4D bridge and this where much of humanity is now.


Ascension requires transcension, moving into new frequencies by crossing through the gaps in the once solid 3D energy field. For some this will be like paddling upstream against a swift current; it will be challenging and require all of their energetic resources. For others, this will be like a ride down a wild, fast-moving river. While there is no danger of tipping over, it is not a smooth and calm ride. For all, it is a rapid movement through a series of energetic shifts that require release, forgiveness, and acceptance, all of which are humanity’s greatest lessons in alignment, resonance, and integration.


The movement into higher frequencies you have been anticipating is here but do not be dismayed or think you failed because it is not happening smoothly and easily. Every step of ascension requires your intention and active participation, nothing about it is done for you. The Universe works with you, not for you, and it supports you in every way but you lead the way.


Ascension is a path that includes destruction, rebuilding, and integration; it is not easy but it leads to ease. It is not graceful but it leads to grace. It is not always clear but it leads to clarity. Your soul mission of healing karma, bringing light, and allowing ascension to proceed in this lifetime is being fulfilled so maintain your vision of an ascended world, bless the rupture and be prepared to receive the rapture. This is the fulfillment of your many lifetimes and you have done everything right and done well. Do not let fear or judgment dilute your ability to celebrate your progress and continue moving forward into the grace, ease, and bliss of the expression of your multi-dimensional Christed Awareness as divine humans.


Copyright (c) 2017 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to

NEW MOON/EQUINOX UPDATE 9-19 & 9-22-17, Lena Stevens, 18 September 2017

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Tuesday, September 19 at 11:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

For many of you the new moon falls on September 20. Focus on what is new, what needs to be new and how you can support what is new. Sometimes the clarity comes from recognizing what is old. This is a great day to clean your house, your fridge, your closet, your garage, your car, your files, and to purge anything you are done with. The more clearing you can do before the Equinox, the better advantage you can take of the change of season to reflect your own change. Take some time as well to reset, refine and adjust your intentions to reflect the completions of this time frame.


The Equinox is on Friday, September 22 at 2:02 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a marker for change. The death of one season and the birth of another. We always recommend honoring any change of season through a ritual or ceremony of some kind. Bring in all the elements of fire, water, earth and air to support you. This equinox is not necessarily a communal time but it can be. If you are with community it would also be good to take a little time alone to do a personal prayer or practice. It is a powerful time and it can really give extra fuel to what you are changing in your life.


Blessings, Lena


Pat Liles, our astrologer, is out of the country right now so we do not have a specific New Moon astrological forecast here. However, she did discuss this time in her last Moon Update here. 


© All rights reserved.


You may make copies of this writing and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it or alter it in any way. You must credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. While the text may be shared, no audio files including lectures, music and/or sound meditations may be posted on any site for any reason without written permission from the Power Path.

Inspiration for the Week - Connecting to Your Enlightened State, Shanta Gabriel, 18 September 2017

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world and any question can be answered.


People seem to be filled with questions nowadays as life has taken momentous turns that most of us were not expecting. There seems to be an ongoing need for not just clarity, but an enlightened perspective to help put our minds at ease. From within our busy lives, this ability seems fleeting at best, and sometimes hopeless.


For me, there is no way I can receive the answers I am seeking from an outside world that is changing so quickly. I have to purposefully take the time and make space to slow down, take very deep breaths, and consciously create prayerful alignment with Source energy to open my mind and heart for new awareness.


Because scientists have discovered the cellular intelligence of our hearts to be greater than that of our brains, I have found that placing my hand on my heart brings me back into integrity with myself very quickly. Deep breaths into my heart allow me to open up to a more expanded way of thinking. Prayers to receive guidance and wisdom bring a new opening to my mind. Then I need to give myself time to align with the Highest Source of Light in order to create a bridge from Heaven to Earth within my being.


If I am sensitive to my energy field, I notice that when I take the time for this connecting process, there seems to be a more expansive Light field around me. Indeed, I feel much lighter, perhaps even more enlightened. From this place of expansiveness, my questions will either be answered or dissipate in the greater awareness this opening provides.


Most of us use worry as a part of our planning process for life. I have spent hours and sometimes days worrying about an outcome that is clearly unknown. How much more resourceful it is for me to spend even half that time with a receptive heart. Slowing down seems difficult when my life is speeding up, and yet that is what is called deepening and attunement with the most eternal, divine and enlightened aspect of my being.


Divine Presence,


May I seek your guidance first before I allow fear to take over my mind. Help me to remember to slow down, take deeper breaths, and offer to you all that weighs me down.


As I call forth the Light from the Highest Source there is, I invite this Light to fill my mind and heart, bringing me a deeper connection to Divine Wisdom and Guidance. May I allow Creative Solutions to abound and lighten up all areas of my life right now.


I am grateful that I am gaining more Faith and inner knowing that all my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I am cared for eternally. Thank you for bringing me all the answers I need to live in Harmony and Peace. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages Book #32


When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit and any question can be answered.

Dear One,


You have within you an enlightened state of mind where Truth prevails and Divine Love empowers you, filling all the dark places. Give yourself the gift of finding this place, and become so familiar with it that you are able to connect there with a breath and a thought.


This enlightened state within you is beyond normal waking-consciousness and can even be called “super consciousness.” It is the expanded place of Light, Peace and all Wisdom. It is possible through prayer and meditation to connect deeply with this beautiful, enlightened state within your mind.


It only takes a few minutes to sit quietly and breathe in Light and Love. When you do this and ask for guidance, you provide a fertile ground that can be planted with seeds of Joy, Peace and Divine Order in every area of your life. When you bring a question with you into your expansive, enlightened mind, the answer will become obvious. Even if it does not seem to be clear when you are sitting in your meditation place, it will “pop” into your mind as you go through your day if your intention to know the truth is strong.


Every day you can give yourself this gift and create a personal relationship with this enlightened state within you. From this place the Divine Mind is accessible and the Angels will inspire you. A feeling of Peace in your heart will be the result. In this enlightened state of mind, you are filled with Divine Light and know truly that all is well.


Remember your message from the Angelic Dimensions for today:


When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit and any question can be answered.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

Courage and Joy are Evolving, Brenda Hoffman, 18 September 2017

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Dear Ones,

It is time to address your need to comfort others despite your discomfort in doing so. Perhaps you label such actions as caretaking. While such is true to a certain extent, more importantly, doing so is an indicator of how you dismiss your needs in relationships.


In 3D, you were taught that love, compassion, and the nurturing of others is necessary to continue your community or familial role. You have taken that role far beyond what was intended by the phrase, “do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.” For many, that phrase now means, “do unto others more than you do for yourself.”


This concept of negating yourself is not new – we have discussed it in a variety of ways throughout this transition. The difference is you are no longer human. So it is time for you to re-evaluate your beliefs, goals, and achievements.


Before you initiated this transition, saving another at the risk of your own life would have garnered you kudos from humanity and yourself – patting yourself on your back for your bravery despite all. You are no longer that person.


You are now a god/goddess/leader of the Universes. So it is you must protect yourself, as well as others. Many 3D acts of bravery were the result of 3D karma. You did what you did not only for kudos but also to pay back, as it were, some piece haunting you from a former 3D life.


There is no 3D karma remaining for those of you of 5D and beyond. You new vital roles have nothing to do with past 3D lives.


You are a fundamental cornerstone of New Earth, and you have prepared for this time for eons. An early transition or death as you most likely label it, before completing your 5D or beyond role is much more disturbing for all New Earth beings than you running into a burning building to save someone just because you think you should.


As is true for much of New Earth philosophy, such a seeming lack of heart or courage appears counter-intuitive. And it is if you follow 3D dictates. But for those of you who have passed beyond that, who have climbed your clearing mountain and stepped over the 5D Rubicon, it is not. For new you is similar to a leader of a country in that without your input, your directions, the battle might be won but the war will be far from or never over.


You are an elite being – for now. For as more and more follow your lighted path, others will become creators as you are now. But for now, not one of you can afford to be lost as a result of caring for another more than yourself.


Perhaps this concept upsets you for you feel you must care for this person or that philosophy. And maybe you must – but only if it gives you joy doing so.


Bravery is rapidly becoming less rewarded than joy – and you are initiating the drums of change in that area.


So it is that you run into a burning building if you must. But do so in joy instead of for the reward you receive from society for your bravery.


Most likely, you question our line of reasoning for you cannot imagine a time when risking your emotional or physical life to save another would not be rewarded. But then, you never imagined many of society’s shifts. From heating with whale oil to electricity. Or how the inventions of airplanes, automobiles and personal computers would change the Earth.


Perhaps slowly in your mind, but most definitely rapidly in ours, you are shifting pieces that once seemed cast in stone.


So it is that joy is now to be rewarded just as caring for another more than yourself once was.


But what about children, disabled adults, the poor and the needy? If it gives you joy to care for them, that is your role or part of your role. If you are doing so because you feel you should, it is not your role.


Many in 3D society go through the motions of what they feel they should do and be, even thought they do not have a sense of personal rightness while doing so. It is time for you to change that. So you will – one joyful experience after another.


You perhaps think that no one wishes to enter a burning building, but they do so out of the love of another human. Or is it? Is the need to caretake someone other than yourself greater in 3D because of social conditioning or because of personal joy? Such is something you need to clarify for yourself. Who are you? Are you the result of social conditioning or a 5D or beyond being who accepts the crown of New Earth creator?


Many of you are now wondering how this information meshes with the concept, “we are all one.” How indeed? That is something you must discover for yourself. But as you do so, you must include yourself as part of the equation – something you have been trained to deny for eons.


What gives you joy is your starting and ending point. For joy has become your summit and goal. So be it. Amen.


Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:

Who Gets to Board Your Boat? Jennifer Hoffman, 16 September 2017

Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:30 AM

One of our great worries at this time of the 3D/5D integration and ascension is the fear of leaving others behind as we strive to complete our karmic cycles, soul contracts, and life lessons by creating the most peaceful, loving outcomes. But that is not something we can control and our karmic lessons often end with hard feelings and outcomes that do not meet our expectations.

What we are seeing is the exercise of energetic sovereignty for everyone, where we all set our energy boundaries and let others choose what they are able to do and are capable of. Sometimes that’s less than we think they can achieve but that is neither ours to judge or control. What we do as an expression of our energetic sovereignty is to decide who gets to be in our energy field and ‘come aboard our boat’ as we move into greater levels of 5D expansion and awareness.

New choices are coming around again as we decide what is right and best for us on our ascension path. Who is going to be in our energy field, in partnership and in relationship with us in this next phase of our journey? We hope it’s everyone but it won’t be. Those who will be allowed to ‘board our 5D boat’ will include everyone who is ready to move into their own highest frequencies and energies that can align with ours. Our ‘love and light’ view of ascension and higher frequencies have caused us underestimate some very important ascension facts – that it is an individual path of humanity’s collective journey, and everyone is not on the same page or path, even if we would like for them to be or think they should be.


If you’re worried that you are going to have to start policing all of your relationships, don’t be. Energy speaks its own language that everyone understands. Those who find your energy field and boundaries uncomfortable are just as glad to walk away as you can be to see them finally go. Since 2004 I have been teaching and writing that this l lifetime is the end of our many karmic cycles and we are at the point where they are ending now.


This time, though, as never before, we are ready to cut those ties because we have another paradigm awaiting us. We are not walking into the void of emptiness, we are creating space for the new integrated 3D/5D paradigms to become our new reality. This is the Light Age that we are embracing. It does come with a few restrictions, the biggest of which is energetic alignment with everyone in our circle. So as those karmic partners arise and invite you to stay in the karma dance with them, decide what you want in your life and who you want to allow to ‘board your boat’. Then honor their choices and invite someone new to step into the space they have vacated.


This week’s newsletter includes a video on how to set energy boundaries for who ‘boards your boat’. I hope you find it helpful on this stage of your journey.


Copyright (c) 2017 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to ;

What to Do until Life Moves Forward Again, Shanta Gabriel, 16 September 2017

Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:25 AM

Do you feel a sense of plateau, as if you should be doing something but you’re not sure what? You may even feel like there is an impending event and you are waiting around for it to happen. Some people are experiencing a sense of internal restlessness running through their energy system.

These are all sure signs that you are about to take a leap into greater expansion in your life. New openings are about to occur but the timing is not in present time as yet. This is one of those moments that Archangel Gabriel has said, “Without patience, you will never know the meaning of Divine Timing.”


The elements are almost but not quite in place for a change in your life. It can be a frustrating time.


What shall we do until Life feels like it has gained the momentum to move forward again? There is a suggestion from astrologers and others that after the Equinox there will be more forward movement.


For me, while I wait, there is only one thing that I can do, and that is a dedicated Spiritual Practice. This is a powerful, time-honored way of creating a positive energy within me while I surrender to the flow of Divine Creation.


Obviously, if we could do it differently we would. It is just not obvious what is an appropriate step at a time like this. When I put the excess restless energy into doing mantras, affirmations and prayers; when I do conscious breathing exercises; when I create a list of clear outcomes even if they are only feelings without forms, these raise the vibration of my energy system. They fill the empty space with high frequencies, and calm down the restlessness that has pervaded my nervous system.


Spiritual practice is a powerful tonic that can open doorways to new inspiration. It connects us to our most Divine, Eternal Self and allows our intuition to blossom. Even if it is not obvious right away, these powerful activities can become a catalyst for positive change. Using a spiritual practice is a surprisingly simple yet powerful tool for new energy to take root in your life.


Because of my background, Sanskrit mantras are my choice for spiritual practice. With the popularity of Hatha Yoga, more people have been exposed to Sanskrit words and phrases that add new energy to many a life that has felt flat.


Even some medical doctors, like Kelly Brogan, M.D., have discovered the efficacy of Sanskrit mantras as they have been used purposefully for thousands of years. Here is what she said in a recent blog:


Change Your Life in 12 Minutes.

Mind, Body & Soul Transformation


You’d probably think I was running an infomercial if I told you about a simple intervention that:

• Reverses memory loss 
• Increases energy levels 
• Improves sleep quality 
• Up regulates positive genes 
• Down regulates inflammatory genes 
• Reduces stress in patient and caregiver 
• Improves psychological and spiritual well being 
• Activates significant anatomical areas of the brain 
• Increases Telemerase, the rejuvenating enzyme that slows cell aging, by 43%, the largest ever recorded 
• No side effects, no cost


…especially if I told you the intervention takes 12 minutes out of your 1440-minute day. 


For centuries, Eastern spiritual traditions have recommended people live together in spiritual communities to assist in their evolution and consciousness. These communities provide the best opportunity to focus busy minds on spiritual goals and keep inner aspirations alive. In a way temples, churches and pilgrim centers serve the same purpose. They bring together people of various backgrounds and help them strengthen their resolve to pursue a life of greater purpose and inner virtue. Our spiritual aspirations are strengthened through a sense of community with people of like-mind.


In the same way, bracing a newly planted tree allows the trunk to grow stronger, so it can withstand the winds and weather until it can stand on its own; Doing spiritual practice with a group strengthens your inner spirit so that it is easier to keep a divine focus in daily life.


There have also been numbers of studies that have proven that people practicing meditation and other spiritual work can raise the vibration of the area in which they are located. The power of group mind was also demonstrated at times like the 9/11 attacks when the world was focused in the same direction. In these challenging times, it has become more important to work as a group to create more peace and harmony within us.


In modern times, people have difficulty leaving their busy lives so they can have the benefit of spiritual community. For that reason, since the beginning of 2017, I have been creating opportunities to do a spiritual practice in a group that is dedicated to a specific purpose for 11 days every quarter. My guru called it an Anusthan and it has been a powerful spiritual catalyst in my life for 40 years.


Spiritual practice opens the way for an inner awakening of divinity within your life. Simple tools when practiced in a group of focused energy can be a powerful catalyst for change.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

Heavenletter #6130 Daylight Savings Time, Gloria Wendroff, 16 September 2017

Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:25 AM

As much as you might like to, no one can be all things to all, do you agree?

However, you can be everything to Me. No, better than that, you are all things to Me. There is no shadow of a doubt. You are a dream of Mine come true. I cognized you. I created you. I did not create you for nothing. I created you in a physical body for greater than your physical body yet also for you to exist in the illusion of the physical for a little while.


I created birds to fly, fish to swim, lions to roar. I created you to soar. I created you to give what is yours to give. Not sometime, but now. Not later but sooner. Not tomorrow, but today. In Truth, only this moment between words exists.


Even as time does not truly exist, you are Prime Time, Beloveds. You hang out in the fantasy of time. If you live in the U.S., it may already be tomorrow in Hong Kong and so forth. Daylight Savings Time pretends to exist in many states and countries, yet not all. How can it be said that Daylight Savings Time actually exists or Standard Time either?


Nevertheless, this non-existent time makes the world go round. Willy-nilly, in the world, you go by the clock. The world rules you. That is, you accept the dominion of time. As erratic as time may be, you look at your clock; you set the alarm; you tell time frequently. Of course, you aren’t telling time anything. Time tells you.


It is time that tells you when to get out of bed and when to go to bed. Time represents or misrepresents the rising and setting of the Sun and the Moon and where and when you are to believe you are. Indeed, time pulls your chain. Time became a consensus that overlords all.


You are a subject to the ruler named time. This ruler makes you fit to be tied.


Let Us not blame time itself as if it existed!


Time is fiction. It is made up, thought to be a convenience of sort, even as it belies Truth.


Of course, you yourself did not make up the Rising and Setting of the Sun etc. You did not make up the existence of Night and Day. You did not make up the Seasons of the Year. You did not make up the template for a span of a year. You did make time a way of keeping track. You define all this, and then you accept all this as a masterful accounting method.


In Creativity, you escape the illusion of time. In Love, you escape the illusion of time. When you escape time, you are in Infinity. Infinity is truly where you exist, and where you exist no matter what you or anyone else may make of where you are or when.


This which you call the real world does not exist. What you call the real world is where you do not exist. The so-called real word is make-believe. Nevertheless, make-believe is very much believed in. You entrust yourself to make-believe and establish yourself in make-believe. You may wear the unreal make-believe as a badge of honor. You will do anything to prove its existence. You will bleed. You will swear. You do swear your fealty.


This is the lay of the land.


Light does exist at the end of the tunnel. Truth be known, you are Infinity-born. There is nowhere else for you to be. You exist in Infinity. Everything else falls away to make room for Infinity even as Infinity takes up no room at all.


I am the God of Infinity that you and I share and have ever-shared. For a while you sleep on Earth. Indeed, there is Beauty on Earth, so gather the rosebuds while you may. There is Joy and Purpose in this semblance of time. Any way you slice it, you are blessed.


Copyright © 1999-Now Heavenletters™


Although Heavenletters are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, use as a signature, make bumper stickers, skywrite with them – whatever you like, and please include the Source! And, of course, do not charge for them!

Managing Fire of Emotions, Selacia, 16 September 2017

Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:25 AM

Feelings & Tensions Riding High

Feelings and tensions are riding high in these moments ahead of Equinox. The emotional content of conversations, on and offline, is escalating as people from all walks of life attempt to cope with our changing and increasingly unpredictable world. Continue reading to understand what this means for you, and some things you can do now to ease the tensions.




Energies have become more intense in recent days, in part because of planetary line-ups but also related to the accumulation of emotional distress felt across the planet. Some of this distress is directly linked to natural disasters occurring in places like the USA, Nepal, and India.


When we have large-scale disasters such as these, you can feel distress even if you live far away. You don't need to have lived through such a disaster to feel empathy for others coping with them now.


DNA-Level Memories


Here's another factor. Seeing what others are coping with after a hurricane also can stir unconscious DNA-level memories of a past life when you faced a disaster. You don't need to be consciously aware of the memory for it to impact you in the present.


We've all had experiences with disasters in some lifetime, and when memories of these get triggered in present time, they bring up our very basic survival issues. As we process those, we can feel anxious and on edge. When our brain processes thoughts and memories, a chemical reaction happens in our body - regardless of whether the thoughts and memories are real in the moment, something we imagine might happen to us in the future, or something that we experienced in a past life.


When I'm working with someone in a private DNA session - processing survival issues as noted above - they will show up in the akashic field around the DNA. Brought to awareness, they can be understood and healed.


Helping Yourself, Helping Others


Consider this. At the mass consciousness level, we are interconnected in a quantum way.


That's one reason why when you heal something in yourself, you can help heal your ancestors and even the whole of humanity.


Similarly, when humanity's ancient survival issues are catalyzed by disasters and wars, you sometimes can feel these survival issues arise within you. The feelings, which may not make logical sense, can seem to come out of nowhere and throw you off track.


Emotions that you didn't even know you had can erupt like a volcano, sometimes at a very inconvenient time.


One way you can help yourself and others is by being more mindful of thoughts. A disturbing or unsettling thought can stir a whole pile of destructive emotions like anger. Strive to self-censor thoughts more during these volatile times. Only you in the moment can notice a thought and censor it before it backfires in your emotional body - becoming a weapon that can hurt you or someone else.


When destructive emotions arise despite your best efforts, take the time to diffuse the feelings before you speak or send your next text.


The more that you can find your calm zone on any given day, the greater help you can be to others around you. Most likely you have noticed that tumultuous emotions like anger, when expressed 1-on-1 or within a group, can be "catching." Ever noticed after spending time with someone expressing anger that you feel an emotional disturbance?


Couple Share an Angry War of Words


Here's an example of something I experienced in my usually quiet neighborhood - I live at the top of a high hill with homes down below. Sound carries, so sometimes I can hear things far away.


I was meditating one evening during a recent Full Moon. A couple living in a house below me began having an angry war of words. I don't know the couple. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them. I'm sure that they didn't realize anyone could hear them. While I tried to block it out by shutting the window, the shouting was very loud. I could intuitively sense that the man and woman in the argument were partners and that they had had the very same argument many times.


The woman said, for example: "You never change. You leave me a mess to clean up. I pay all the bills and you just ran up my credit card to the limit without asking." The man, who said very little the whole time except expletives, at one point said: "I won't take this, I'm leaving." And he slammed the door with a loud bang.


I could sense that before the argument began, both the man and woman were upset - most likely in part because of things having nothing to do with one another. The more angry words that were exchanged, the more intense things became. It was like a fire out of control.


This is an example of emotional outbursts that can arise during these crazy times. A couple like the one referenced above may already have some incompatibility issues. However, the intensity of energies can escalate things, amplifying the distress people feel.


If one or both of them had become mindful during the exchange of angry words - self-censoring and changing the dialogue - there could have been a better outcome.


Here is what I did to regroup energetically after witnessing the angry couple, disturbing my peaceful meditation. I closed the door to the room I had been in, going to another room away from the sounds from neighbors below me on the hill. I applied spiritual practices like I teach in the Divine Changemakers courses, then did some meditation. I came out of my process calm and peaceful, then had a restful sleep.


The Big Picture


Always keep in mind the big picture. There often are energies playing out having nothing to do with you personally, yet they can impact you.


The people you engage with regularly have the same dynamic occurring. Your partner, after having had a stressful day at work, may be more sensitive than usual. Things can be taken the wrong way. Things can be said that cannot be taken back.


All you can ever do is your part. What you can do - and what you must strive to do in order to create harmony - is to do your best in each situation. Be mindful, open, and willing to allow for mistakes you and others make.


If you feel judgment arising within you, acknowledge it, then let it go. You cannot proceed in a positive way when you judge. If you feel anger arising within you, acknowledge it, then let it go before you act on it. This will save you countless hours of needless confrontations and re-dos, and help you to avoid suffering.


Factor in the energies of a day. We live in times when energies of a Full Moon or Equinox can bring intensity along with mega opportunities for spiritual transformation.


Come back in your focus daily to the love that you house at your core. Focus on this love and do your best to apply this love to yourself and others. This is how you change - yourself, dynamics with others, and the world.


Copyright 2017 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

Inspiration for the Week - Accepting Your Incredible Differences, Shanta Gabriel, 12 September 2017

Posted on September 12, 2017 at 5:30 AM

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

Your Way to Freedom is by Total Acceptance of Your Incredible Differences.


Growing up in the military, it was never cool to be different from everyone else. Try as I might however, I could never blend in as was required of me. I tried to be like a chameleon changing my color to please everyone, but it never worked. For most of my life, I felt as though I was strangely different than other people.

The awareness that I could not fit into other people's agendas, and that I did not think or feel like others, plagued me and lessened my self-esteem. I wanted so much to be loved and accepted as I was. Underneath it all, I was the one who was judging myself the most harshly for being different. In the wisdom of my soul, the separateness of this experience drove me to the spiritual path.


When I first started being coached by Archangel Gabriel in 1990, I was flooded with a new kind of love in my heart. It helped me to feel that it was my own acceptance and love of myself that could change the course of my life. I was shown that the qualities that I felt others dismissed in me were, in fact, the ones that allowed me to bring my gifts and talents forward to empower my life.


Many highly sensitive souls are especially aware of the often monumental ways that they are different. It often causes severe issues with confidence and self-esteem, and yet it is these unique and incredible qualities that the Earth needs right now. In fact since 2012, we are being amazingly supported by the Universe to be our most authentic selves and people seem to be more open to our gifts now.


Only you can offer your special gifts to the symphony of all life. Those aspects that may have most embarrassed you throughout your life are the ones that life is calling you to bring to the world. These qualities are your soul gifts that you have developed for lifetimes.


No matter what it feels like, you have beautiful qualities and inspiration to offer to the world. With patience and an open heart, these gifts are springing into your awareness. Do your best not to judge yourself. This is a time when the innocent being within you is asking for your loving acceptance.


With your own loving-kindness and compassion for yourself, trust opens within you and more gifts are able to surface. All is in Divine Timing. Your support system is coming together on all levels to assist you. It is an especially important time for you to relax and receive. Know that all is well. And so it is.


Divine Presence,


May I know in my heart and mind the special gifts my soul has brought into this life for me to use. I ask for greater Trust in myself and Faith that I am being inspired and guided in every moment. Help me to receive the inspiration within me at a deeper level than ever before. I ask for the strength and the courage to use my soul's gifts as a blessing to the world.


Please assist me to hear the song within me that makes my heart sing, and give me the confidence to share it with others in appropriate ways.


I ask to see the Beauty that is opening within me. I want to be a radiant Light to the world and use my gifts and talents to serve in beautiful ways. May all that I do be in harmony with my Soul's purpose.


Thank you for blessing me so I remember that it is safe to expand into new levels of Love, Success and Abundance in every area of my life. For these and all my gifts and blessings, I say thank you God. And so it is.


The Gabriel Messages Book #30


Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.


Dear One,


You have all been trained on this earth to fit in, to be a part of the way things have been, and to not go out of your way to change “what is.” This is the training and yet, deep down most people know the truth — that it is only by being different that great changes can occur. Creativity lies in not being the same as everyone else. It results from listening and moving to a different tune — the one within, not outside, yourself.


So many people go through life feeling like an outcast as if there is something wrong with them because they are different from other people. We are saying that these incredible differences are your gifts to give to the world. It is time to accept these differences and follow the lead of your creative self. Trying to fit in stifles your spirit. Freedom comes from knowing that those parts of you that are different from others hold the key to the joy and success that you desire.


It is in the acceptance of all of yourself that you will grow. You cannot love only that which you consider good and reject the other parts of yourself. Those other parts have purpose also. Understanding this will lead you to the place of wholeness that you long for. Wholeness means feeling total joy and love within yourself, feeling connection with your God Source and all of life. This is only possible if you can love and accept all the different parts of your personality and human make-up.


Self-criticism is one of the biggest factors in causing personal pain and slowing growth. So it would seem helpful to find a new role for your inner critic. There are many situations where this type of voice can be useful. Simply tell this side of your personality that you do appreciate its efforts to make you a better person, and keep it busy by sending it to work in those areas where you need more order and organization in your life. When you set judgment aside, you will begin to feel an expansiveness in your mind that allows inspiration and creativity to enter. You do have these creative parts of your personality. These are the parts of you that strive for expansion and are linked to your Higher Power and to the Angelic energy.




If you call upon the Angel of Inspiration and Creativity to show you ways to expand and enrich your life, a powerful focus of energy will begin to work in this direction. As you begin to use this new creative flow, it will become stronger and stronger. Creative Solutions will appear where they were not apparent previously. You will begin to break through old patterns of thought that hold you back, and doors will open to bring more joy, prosperity and originality into every area of your life.


When you can accept all parts of yourself as unique and special in their own way, there will be a sense of peace within you. There will be less fear in following your inner guidance and intuition. You will begin to trust yourself and to express your uniqueness. Remember that all the humans who are revered and considered great by the world, are highly valued for their differences, not for their sameness.


Keep this as your intention. Choose freedom and expansion instead of fear and contraction. Ask yourself what you would do if you could do anything? What would make your heart sing? Then ask for assistance from the Angels to create your vision for the good of all, and know all things are possible. Miracles are the natural order of the universe. Be willing to have things change in your life for the better. Be willing to see the good within you and accept the incredible differences that make you who you are. And always remember, you are greatly loved — just as you are.


Your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:


Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.


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With or Against Nature? Brenda Hoffman, 12 September 2017

Posted on September 12, 2017 at 3:40 AM

Dear Ones,

Let us address your need for shelter within yourself. Perhaps such a thought seems counter-intuitive given the number of earth-based events you have experienced recently.


While it is true you are all one, it is also true that someone needs to know how to swim before attempting to rescue another. So it is that your fears and need to caretake or create victims are not productive during this earth shifting process. Your joy and self-love are.


How it is possible to feel joyful when others appear to be suffering? We are not speaking of dancing in the street, but instead that those affected by the storms, fires, military movements and other happenings throughout the globe now have the ability to reclaim their lives in ways most right for them – and nature.


Your fears are based on 3D models of what is important, what needs to happen. Instead, earth events are part of your new normal. The earth is shaking and rattling to remove the debris from its being, just as you did during your dark night of the soul.


Of course, such a thought produces, even more, fear within your being. For you fully understand the need for 3D clothing and shelter, but not that this earth-shaking is forcing new creations that will be used by all.


This is a new earth in a new age. So it is that which was acceptable or the model of being is shifting also. Perhaps you will better understand if you review natural housing structures no longer in common use – the sod shanty of the United States plains, the mud huts and moveable tepees of some American Indian tribes, or the thatched roofs and mud/shell structures of England.


Even though such structures were once considered viable, most of you would not live in them today. Not because you are that different from those who once called those structures home, but because you have accepted more convenient and sturdy homes as the norm. That norm is what is being destroyed in so many ways throughout the globe. What was is no more. What is has not yet been.


So it is you are being encouraged to create a lifestyle that includes the needs of both the earth and humanity – no longer expecting the earth to follow humanity’s lead.


Much of the destruction the past few weeks is the result of creating homes and lives counter-intuitive to earth’s needs and natural protections. Grasslands, forests, reefs, Everglades, aquifers, deserts, and on and on have been bulldozed to create just the right human home or industrial site.


Your natural disasters are about human hubris – not creating a unity of humanity and nature.


Cities, homes, water distribution and even recreation sites most often are designed counter to what is natural in any particular area.


The dreams of those who build new homes or communities have little compatibility with nature. So it is many of those structures have been or will be destroyed by natural forces.


Such is not punishment, but instead an eye-opener to reality.


Perhaps you experienced something similar when you were moving through your dark night of the soul. That which was once familiar and supposedly loving did not appear so once your blinders were removed.


So it is now for the earth. The earth accepted humanity’s need to control it. From rain-making to preventing natural forest fires to building on flood plains and ocean fronts. Trees were cut, land paved, and homes and industrial sites built in places not natural to earth or humanity. So all could realize the 3D dream of living in a house in a United States desert that looked the same as a home in the northern part of the US.


Throughout the world, similar activities can be noted. The difference is that buildings and activities in other countries negated the earth’s needs in ways most valued in that country.


That is not to say that you should return to sod shanties, but to learn to live with the earth instead of trying to control it with the results you have been noting – earthquakes, forest fires, weather anomalies, the extinction of certain plants and animals, pestilence, and illnesses.


Your need to control the earth is backfiring in ways you could not have envisioned even a few years ago. A need that has expanded to space – with used weaponry and satellites floating aimlessly about, just as is true for the human debris found throughout the oceans and water systems.


What can you do? Let us return to your joy. Instead of fearing the future, think in terms of how you and others can create harmony with nature. Neither humanity nor nature was created to suffer. Yet, most humans have not thought of nature’s needs as they try to ensure human comforts financially, emotionally or spiritually.


How can new housing be economical and yet blend with earth instead of creating another gray or beige home that reduces or eliminates nature’s freedom to care for itself?


So it is that the joyous part of the recent earth shifts is that they encourage those excited by thoughts of new designs and processes to create that which flows with humanity AND nature. Unlike the designs of the past, which catered to humanity and negated the natural healing powers of the earth.


Allow yourself to heal as you do the same for and with the earth. This is a time of new creations – that is your joy. Not the destruction of others’ lives, but instead the call to action to create better and more harmoniously than ever before. So be it. Amen.


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